Mom’s Morning Shower

tagIncest/TabooMom's Morning Shower

I climbed out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Straight into my naked mother. Still half asleep, I'd forgotten she was visiting. And worst of all, I'd walked in stark naked, too.
"Uh, good morning, honey," mom said.
I rubbed at the sleep in my eyes. "Geez, mom. Sorry."
"It's okay. I should have locked the door." After a few seconds of silence, she said, "Do you need to use the bathroom?"
"Huh? No. Why?" I asked.
"Because you're standing there like you need something."
"Oh, wow. Sorry. I'm still half asleep." I started backing through the door.
"May I ask you a question, sweetie?"
"Of course."
She brought her hand up to cover an impish grin. "Do you always wake up with an erection?"
I looked down, and my face went hot. My penis jutted out from my crotch at full attention. "Oh. Uh. Um." I dropped my hand but only succeeded in cupping my balls.
"Relax, honey. I've seen it before."
"When I was two!"
"You forget the times I walked in on your special time," she said. "Although I never had such a majestic view."
I wanted to leave, needed to leave, but my feet refused to move. And standing in the buff with my naked mother only made me harder. "Um, how did it turn out?" What else could I say?
"Not bad. Six inches?"
"A little over," I told her. "Small."
"Not so much," she said. "And the roundness of your shaft and the shape of your glans make it aesthetically pleasing."
Mom's clinical description caused my sack to tighten. "I could text you a picture." What the hell was wrong with me, offering to text my mom a picture of my cock?
"Take it with my phone. I'll put into a folder your father can't get to," she said.
"Sure." Thinking of putting a picture of my hard cock on my mother's phone drove me wild.
"Anything else, baby?" she asked.
"Just, um, you look great, too."
"Me?" She lifted her elbows and looked down at herself. "I haven't shaved my pits or bikini area in a year. And these saggy boobs. Ugh!"
Her breasts hung lower than an eighteen-year-old's, but at fifty, they still sat high and firm. Hard, quarter-sized nipples topped globes the size of navel oranges. And the hairy pits and jungle between her legs made me throb. She kept her legs shaved. All the women I knew shaved everything but their eyebrows. "I like your body."
"Oh, stop."
"Hey, if you weren't my mom, I'd make some moves on you right now."
"Honey, that's a little sick."
"I'm sorry. I crossed a line."
"I didn't say it bothered me," she said.
Didn't bother her? Did my mother just give me permission to hit on her? "Wow, mom. I know it's wrong, but that turns me on."
"Mommy turns you on?"
I nodded.
"Just because I'm naked."
"That helps," I told her. "But I've always found you attractive."
"Mmm. That's normal," she said. "Tell me something shocking."
"I like to think about you when I masturbate."
"Now, that is sick," she said. "How long have you fantasized about me?"
"The last few months," I admitted. "I accidentally found some mother-son porn, and it started me thinking."
"Oh, honey. Pornography?"
"Rarely. Just during dry spells," I said truthfully.
"I can't imagine a boy with a body like that spending much time alone," she said.
"I do okay, but I can be too picky sometimes."
"Hmm. What do you fantasize about?"
"You really want to know?" I asked. She nodded. "I don't know if I should say."
"Sweetie, you barged in on my naked, got an erection looking at me, and admitted you think about me when you masturbate."
"Okay." I took a deep breath. "Everything. Holding hands, kissing, oral, and lovemaking, of course."
"The girlfriend experience? I liked that," she said. "Do you imagine filling me with your seed?"
"I've wanted to, but always chickened out."
"It seemed weird enough to imagine put my penis inside you. Releasing in your mouth and, uh, you know, seemed like too forbidden a line."
"It might surprise you to know that mommy likes cum."
"Wow! Seriously?"
She nodded. "I like the taste and the feeling of it hitting the back of my throat and filling my mouth. And I adore the idea of absorbing a man's essence."
"Do you get a lot?"
"Just your father's, since we got married," she answered.
"I better go," I said, unable to control the urge to jack off.
"Can I watch?" mom asked. "I'll let you cum on my boobs."
"Okay." I wanted to say a lot more but felt lucky to get that much out.
"Let me get my phone for that picture, and I'll meet you in your bedroom."
Mom took pictures of my throbbing member from several angles. She took one from underneath when the pearl of precum sprouted from my slit. She handed me her phone. "Here. Take a picture of me with my hand on it."
"What if somebody sees it?" I asked, shocked.
"No one will. And even if they do, they won't' know whose penis it is."
I took one with her looking up at me, and another from the side. Feeling brave, I suggested using the full-length mirror on my closet door. "We can leave my head out."
"I have a see-through scarf in my bag," she said. "We can tie it over your eyes and the bridge of your nose."
The thought sent a cloud of butterflies through my stomach, but I liked it.
The scarf worked well. Dad could probably figure it out if he saw the pictures, but no one else would.
"Can I put my mouth on it?" mom asked.
"Give me a second." I calmed myself down to keep from cumming right away. "Be careful, or we won't get many pictures."
Mom pursed her lips, I and snapped a picture of the kiss. She took the head in her mouth, and I took another. "Can you handle it if I go all the way down?" she asked.
I could and clicked a picture of mom with my cock in her throat. "How far are we taking this, mom?"
"All the way?"
"Full-on incest?"
"I'd kind of like a picture of you inside me," she said.
The perversity of it appealed to me. "If we go that far, we might as well have sex."
"I hoped you'd say that."
"Geez, mom. Do you know how sick that is?"
"Sick? Because I want the man I gave birth to naturally and breastfed to make love to me?" She chuckled. "I can live with it."
"You know your phone takes video," I told her. In for a penny, as they say.
We broke the fun into clips. First, we kissed and groped. Then mom sucked me, and I took my turn with my head between her legs. She pointed the phone from her point of view as I mounted her and positioned myself. She wanted a closeup of me entering her, and I took the camera for that one.
We put the camera on a chair for a full side view of us making love in missionary position. "Do you want a closeup of the cumshot?"
"Do it inside me."
"Do it, baby. Fill mommy with your seed."
Did she still take birth control? Could she even get pregnant at fifty? Too far along to care, I increased my pace. I kept myself on the edge until she came, wanting to go together. As she moaned, I drove myself deep and emptied wave after wave of gene-filled semen into her womb.
I collapsed on top of her, our sweat squelching between us. "Wow, mom."
"Wow, indeed. You're much better than your father," she said.
Relieved of my lust and a bucketful of jizz, my mind filled with the ramifications of what we'd done. "Is it going to get weird between us now?" I asked.
"I hope it just gets better," she said.
"So, we can do this again?"
"Any time," she said. "And I still want to feel your cum at the back of my throat and taste it on my tongue."
"I never knew I had such a kinky mother," I said. "I hope I don't wear you out."
"No chance. You'll find my picture under nymphomaniac in the dictionary," she told me. "And with your father's slowing appetites, you'll be lucky if I don't wear you out."
That evening, after dinner, we went to a nearby park to watch the sunset. The sky turned dark, and mom took the opportunity to get a mouthful of semen. When she French kissed me with her cum-filled mouth, I almost fainted.
Mom spent the rest of the weekend in my bed. I woke with an erection every morning, but it didn't last long. By the time I kissed her goodbye, she had enough of my DNA floating around inside her to start a sperm bank.
She cupped my balls before she got in her car and told me I had until Wednesday to refill myself.

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