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tagIncest/TabooMom's Secret is Uncovered

My name is Mike and I am 19 and live with my parents. Dad is a reverend and mom is involved with several charities and both are well respected in the community.
One day dad asked me to put some things away in the attic and to straighten it out, which wasn't a big deal. He told me there was no rush as he was going to a week long conference out of town.
Mom was out so I took my time and brought the stuff up to the attic and checked things out to where I was going to put them. I moved some stuff around and put things in their place and the attic looked pretty good now with no more clutter.
As I was rearranging some boxes, a small box the size of a shoe box fell and the rubber band around it broke and a couple of items fell out. I looked at the cover and it had 'mom/personal' written on the cover. When I went to put the stuff back in the box I got the shock of my life. In the box were pictures of my mother when she was younger, maybe in her 20's and she was nude. There must have been more than a couple of dozen pictures, all of her naked with guys, not one of them dad.
She was sucking cocks, getting fucked and more. I almost passed out.
This was the first time I saw my mom naked and I have always fantasized about her when I jerked off. As I looked at the pictures, I got a hard on.
My mom is now 40 and she looks the same as she did when these pictures were taken.
As I looked at the pictures, I was wondering if my dad knew about them and I guessed that he didn't.
So, now I have a dilemma. What do I do… I could do nothing… I could confront mom… or I could work it out so I could live out my fantasy with my mother. I immediately decided to see if I could live out my fantasy.
I took the photos with me and finished in the attic and went downstairs. I relaxed and kept looking at the pictures and wondered how I was going to present this to my mom. As I was thinking I heard the car drive up and knew it was mom. My heart raced as I heard her come in.
"Hi Mike. Did you finish in the attic?"
"Yeah mom. Everything is in order and put away."
"Everything all right up there?"
"Yes & no."
"What does that mean?"
"As I was moving some boxes around, a small box fell and the rubber band around it broke and contents fell out. Nothing broke though. They were just pictures mom…your pictures."
My mother looked at me and she had an expression of fear on her face and she said, "Did you look at them?"
"Yeah mom, I did. I'm sorry"
"Mike, I can explain."
"Mom, no need to. Does dad know?"
"Baby, your father doesn't know and he can't find out."
"Well, maybe we can work out a deal."
"Deal? What kind of deal?"
"Dad is away this week, so I'll forget about the pictures if we can do some of the things you did in your pictures. Do we have a deal?"
"Mike, that's blackmail."
"Mom, it's my price for silence and dad will never know. It will be our little secret."
"I guess I have no choice…my own son blackmailing me…"
"Now mom, care to explain?"
"It was just before I married your dad. I was a bit wild and my friends and I went to a party and I drank too much and things got out of hand and I did a few things, quite a few things that night that I regretted. My friends took the pictures."
"So, why did you keep them?"
"As a reminder of how stupid I was and I hid them and actually forgot about them. I should have burned them because if your father saw them he would divorce me."
"Have no fear mom. Your secret is safe with me."
"So my son wants to fuck his mom. When did you decide this?"
"Mom, ever since I could remember, I always fantasized about you. Just about every time I jerked off, I thought about you. You are so beautiful and I don't think dad appreciates you enough."
"Well son, if you must know, your dad and I don't have a good sex life at all and I am sure he is getting his pussy from someone else, not me. We haven't had sex in a long time."
"Gee, I'm sorry mom. I'll make it up to you. I promise. I love you."
Then I went to her and kissed her, not as a son though. Surprisingly, she returned my kiss, slipping her tongue into my mouth. We hugged & kissed for awhile and then I led her to her bedroom.
We stood in front of the bed and I started undressing my mother. God, she was so beautiful. When she was naked I said to her, "Mom, you are so beautiful…more so than in your pictures."
I hurriedly undressed and when my cock popped out my mom looked and said, "My baby isn't a baby after all. He's all man. You are much bigger than your father. Your cock is beautiful."
We hugged and kissed…her nakedness pressed up against mine. Her nipples firm and erect. My hands roamed over her body as she moved her hand down to my cock. I could feel the softness of her hand on my hard cock.
"Mike, your cock is so big."
"Mom and for this week it will be all yours."
Mom then knelt down in front of me and without saying a word wrapped her mouth around my cock head and slowly moved her mouth down my shaft until she deep throated me. She even played with my balls. I was in heaven.
As she sucked my cock, she looked up at me and smiled and said, "Is this as good as your fantasy?" Then she went back to sucking my cock.
"Yeah mom…this is much better than my fantasy."
After a few minutes I told her I was going to cum. "Mom, do you swallow?"
"Is that what my baby wants from his mom…to swallow his cum?"
"Yes, mom."
A few more sucks and my cock exploded with streams of cum filling my mother's mouth as I watched her swallow every drop.
"That was amazing mom. You're terrific."
"You know son, when your dad gets back we won't be able to do this."
"I'll figure something out unless you don't want to continue. I'll help you burn the pictures too."
"We'll see…I think we should get in bed now, don't you?"
"Anything you say mom."
We got on the bed and made out like there was no tomorrow. My mom was like in heat as she tried to devour me. Our hands were all over each other. My mouth found her nipples and I sucked on them. My mom pushed my mouth down on her nipple making sure I had it in my mouth.
"Bite my nipples baby…they like it rough…do it baby, bite them."
I got her nipple between my teeth and gently bit them as she screamed out in pleasure pain. She dug her fingernails into my back and arched her body up from the bed.
"Oh God, baby that feels so good… don't stop."
I bit one then the other as she started moaning…"It's time baby, fuck me…fuck your mother…get that cock in me and fuck me."
I pushed my cock into her slit and I slid it in easily until it was completely in her. Before I even had a chance, she started fucking me. I picked up the pace and started fucking her hard and fast. "That's it baby…harder…cum in your mother… give me your cum."
After a few more thrusts, I told her I was going to cum. A few more thrusts and I shot streams of cum into my mother's cunt. Then she yelled out, "Oh God, I'm cumming…my son just fucked me…Oh God…Yesssss." I rested a few seconds then pulled my cock out. As soon as it was out, my mother moved her mouth down to my cock and started sucking it, getting every drop of cum from my balls. We finally fell to the side spent.
I hugged her and gave her gentle kisses. She hugged me back and kissed me and said, "Mike, that was the best fuck I ever got. Thanks son."
Then she confessed, "Mike, that story I told you about my pictures, that was a lie."
I looked at her "What do you mean?"
"Mike, there was no party or me having too much to drink. The fact is that I was a whore and had a gang bang that night and I loved every minute of it. I couldn't get enough. Your mother is a whore."
I was dumbfounded and weakly replied. "Mom, I don't care. I love you and always will, no matter what."
"I love you Mike and I know this is wrong but I want you and will do whatever you want. I am yours now son."
We hugged and kissed and fell asleep in each other's arms.
I woke up first in the morning and quietly headed to the shower. As I was washing, the shower door opened and it was my mother. "Want company?"
I smiled and said, "Sure. I never turn down a beautiful sexy woman."
We washed each other in between the kissing and feeling each other up. My mom knelt down and with the water cascading over her, she gave me a blow job and I came in her mouth. She got up quickly and kissed me, sharing my own cum with me. We finished and dried off and mom said she was going to make breakfast.
I went and put a pair of running shorts and my mom went and put on a sheer neglige and nothing else.
As we had breakfast we discussed where we go from here. I suggested that when dad came home we get together whenever we can secretly. Mom said that is ok for the short term but it might be better off if she divorced my father, this way we could be together without a problem.
I told her I didn't want her to do that but I told her I would be ok with whatever decision she made.
For the rest of the week we acted more like husband and wife than mother & son and neither one of us felt any guilt.
Finally, it was the day my father came home. He had taken a cab from the airport. As soon as he came in he said he had something to tell us. As we sat in the kitchen my father said, "I love you both but I can't live a lie. I am in love with someone else and have been for awhile and I think it best that we get a divorce."
I looked at my mom and she sat there in disbelief and was stunned. After a few seconds she replied, "Well, it isn't something I did not expect. If that is what you want, then I'll go along with it." With that my father said he will be packing a few things and leave and he will get the rest of his stuff later on. He assured us that we will be well taken care of and apologized for everything.
He went upstairs and packed a few things then came down and said his goodbyes and left.
I looked at my mom and she looked at me, took my hand and went to our bedroom. She turned to me, kissed me and said, "No more problem. Bring your stuff into our bedroom and hurry. I am going to fuck you all night."
I looked at her and said, "I will but you have to promise me something."
"What baby?"
"I want you to tell me everything about when you were a whore…everything."
"Everything? Ok…I will after we fuck first and bring the pictures."

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