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This is a story about my mom Sandhya. She is 42 and fair & lovely with a sexy figure which any man would crave for. She wears sarees and her navel is well seen. She seemed too hungry for sex as she would speak to men in our building always.

The scene I can never forget was when dad had gone to Chennai to oversee our house construction work. We are at Bombay. She had taken me into confidence and told that she wanted to have sex with Suresh uncle our neighbor.

I had seen a noted sea of change after that. Whenever dad was not there she used to wear sleeveless blouse and sit outside our house doing some work like cleaning the rice, wheat etc. At that time her pallu would be down & her cleavage used to be visible. Our neighbor Suresh uncle used to talk to her often. One day I saw him coming close to mom, pick up some rice and put it in her blouse. Mom just blushed but she just allowed him to do that. I heard Suresh telling Nalini that she is very beautiful & he would love her to make her his wife. Mom said, yes she would love too but she is already married.

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Then mom said that anyways they can live like husband & wife, when dad is not here or he has gone to office. She started looking sexier, wearing sexy dresses. That day when I saw her being horny started like this… She was wearing a yellow colored blouse and a black colored bra & a yellow colored petticoat inside again a dark colored panty. She was preparing for her d-day. she was looking very horny & hot, seemed that she wanted to get raped by a gang. She wore her saree & went near the door. Suresh was waiting in the common balcony. Mom gave a sign and asked him to come home around 10:30 P.M. She said my son will go to sleep early, as he has to go to school. She told him that she will keep the door open and @10:30 and he should not ring the bell. Mom asked me to sleep in first room and she said that he will come to make love to her. She said that I should not tell dad anything I see & she kept the bedroom door open.

Suresh uncle came as decided at the fixed time. He was wearing only a towel around his waist. Mom took him to the bedroom. The light was on but it was the night lamp. Then uncle took mom in his arms and embraced her. They both hugged each other and then he planted a kiss on mom’s lips. Both of them were sucking each others lips as if they were just waiting for this moment for years together. Then he started kissing mom on her neck and shoulders. Mom said, Suresh you can do everything you want. I love you and what not…Then uncle removed mom’s pallu, there mom seemed too horny. She was looking like a sex angel. Uncle slowly removed mom’s saree. Mom was in her blouse & petticoat. He kissed her on her breasts her navel and was moving his hand all over.

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Then he started removing mom’s blouse. Mom had a front open blouse. He removed her blouse and was kissing her breasts which was not fitting her bra. Mom was just enjoying ever instance of his touch. She wanted more of it. He slowly removed her petticoat. Mom did not seem ashamed but was needing more action. They were hugging & kissing each other wildly.

He removed mom’s bra & let her breasts loose. First he cupped her breasts & later started squeezing her nipples. Mom was moaning…uhhh ummm…He slowly held her from the back and started sucking her nipples. Mom could not even stand and was bending backside, but uncle’s strong arms were holding her. He went on sucking her breasts like a baby. Mom was saying please…don’t … but she wasn’t pushing him away but allowing him to suck her. She was turning hot. Mom removed uncle’s towel and his hot iron rod was dangling waiting to pierce mom’s hot pot. Uncle was sucking & mom was holding his penis. She was enjoying every moment.

Then they both lied down on the bed. Uncle was next to her & he was just sucking her breasts, kneading them like a dough. Mom was turning hotter by the minute. Never seen her like that before.

Uncle slowly went kissing downward & slowly pulled down her panties. She was nude with him for the first time. A moment she was waiting for long. Slowly she parted her legs to give uncle the full view of her hot honey pot. Suresh uncle started fingering her cunt…Slowly he went down and started eating her cunt. She was lifting her waist towards his mouth, her hands moving around uncle’s hair. She was enjoying every instance of it. I never seen mom so hornier. Later uncle got up asked mom to lick his rod. Mom took it into her mouth and sucked it like a chocolate lollipop. Then he made her lie down again and spread her legs wide. He asked mom to guide his rod into her honey pot. Mom guided him and was one her journey of love & pure sex. He fucked her hard. Mom was moaning and lifting her hips towards his cock and enjoying each & every moment.

Later uncle asked her that he wanted to fuck her from behind. Mom said it would pain, but there was no stopping to Suresh. He just wanted the hungry bitch. Mom was on her fours. First he inserted his rod into her cunt made it wet with her honey and slowly started fucking her ass-hole. Mom was crying with pain but there was no stopping for Suresh. He seemed too desperate to fuck her all holes. Mom was moaning & saying please it’s paining. He told her that pain & pleasure are both sides of sex…

Again he started pumping her hot pot & it seemed like they both were coming. The sounds of sex was filling the bedroom. They both moaned like a pigeon…& then he loaded his cum into her honey pot…Mom too had a great orgasm. They slept like that nude till early hours… I masturbated seeing them enjoy. It was a scene I can never forget.