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This happened on my second work trip to Moscow 2005. A few months ago, I was there. The majority of words a man knows any language don’te close to fully descrig how beautiful and appeag Russian women are. If you walk down the streets of Moscow, it’s hard to d a woman who isn’t either a sex goddess or a beauty. If you don’t count my oion, you still have a hot lot. Back to my story, I looked at furnished flats for rent Moscow before leag my home Dubai because I would be there for a while. Moscow ter Nights.

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After loog at numerous ads and pictures, they decided to settle for a duplex studio the centre of the city, close to Red Square, that was decorated what they call “European style,” or “Evro Remont.” It was owned by a woman called Maa, and we were able to close the deal on the phone for $2,000 per month. The next morg, as I led my way from the airport to the city, I reached Moscow and called her. In November, it was a Sunday morg, and the first snow of the season had fall the night before. A white blanket wrapped around everytg.

Along with the us 6 degrees cold outside, this was starg to make me feel sometg. It was like my first trip earlier this year was stirg sometgside me. I had the whole day off before I had to start work the next morg. I didn’t know if today would be my lucky day. You can buy sex for cash anywhere Moscow, just like you can buy food. You can pick and choose what to buy. But that doesn’t turn me on—it’s dull and lacks passion—slam bam, thank you ma’am.

My goal was to get laid out of desire. I didn’t know that Russia would hold more for me than I thought. Maa answered her phone, told me she’d be at the flat half an hour, and gave the driver directions. After 40 utes, we droveto the porch, where I got out and steppedto the lobby to d a middle-aged woman sitg on a couch. She had fair, perfect s and looked to be her late 30s or early 40s. She was about 5 feet 6ches tall, well endowed the right places, but not more. I looked at her and she nodded back, which was a good sign, I told myself. She led the way to the 10th floor flat I was reng after we said hello.

My concerns about hag to settle for a pricey deal disappeared as soon as I steppedto the studio. It was all white and had modern furniture. There was a spiral staircase the far corner that led to the bedroom. The lig room, bathroom, and open kitchen were all on the first floor. The outside wall was ed with tall French dows that looked out over the Volga River, which flows slowly through Moscow. A side road ran next to the builg. Moscow ter Nights

I handed Maa half the money as agreed and thanked her after I was satisfied. By asg me why I was Moscow and what buess I was, she made a polite conversation. After theitial greegs, she appeared ready to leave, but as we conued talg, she offered to make coffee, which I gladly accepted. I took off my bulky ter clothes and sat down on the sofa as she made coffee to relax for a while.

She came back and handed me my mug before sitg down next to me. She showed who she really was when she took off her fur coat before sitg down. “Not bad at all,” I told myself as I looked at her from time to time. She was weag sny k pants and a tight k jumper. Maa was a beautiful woman by any measure. In the year I had lived Dubai, I had seen some of the most beautiful British, Lebanese, and South African women. I told her I wasn’t married when she asked me dug our conversation. When I asked her the same tg, she told me she was divorced and had a boy who was 8 years old.

Her father gave her this flat before he passed away. She had a second flat the suburbs where she lived with her son and her mother, who was getg old. After coffee, she offered to show me around. She went up the stairs, which led to the bedroom, which was just as well-appted as the rest of the house. I decided not to rush tgs andstead test the waters while keeg my hopes somewhat alive. So far, so good, and I’ve decided to leave tgs alone for the time bg.

After this, Maa was ready to leave, and she asked me if I had registered at the Foreigner Registration Office. She asked for my passport and visa so she could do it, which I didn’t have. I asked her if there would be a fee so I could pay her the money and happily handed over the documents. She said yes, and she usually takes cash, but my case, she said, “I’d be grateful if you could buy me a dk.” Tiger began to growlside my jeans. She gave me her card with her home address on it before she left.

The rest of the day was spent sleeg and explog the neighbourhood around the apartment on foot. While strolg around, I came across Molly Gwynne’s, an English pub, and decided it would be our meeg place. At the start of the work week, I had my usual meegs, number cruncg, and ideas with customers. On Tuesday night, Maa called to let me know that my FRO registration wasplete and that she would be over the next eveg to return my passport. Moscow ter Nights.

The follog day went by with good progress at work and odd thoughts of what lay a head for me bed. I thought about how much seed I would have planted and how many women this country I would have helped by the time I left. Ag, you were wrong; tgs were gg to be different. Around 7, I made my way back to the studio, licked my lips, settled down on the sofa, and turned on the TV. A half hour later, the doorbell rang, and when I answered it, Maa was there. She looked even better than before, with her hair styled differently and long leather boots coveg her legs.

I offered her a dk after she entered and handed me my passport. She wanted to go out for it, but she accepted. That’s what we did. We walked through the snow-covered streets, down to Molly Gwynne’s, and she was a little surprised that I knew where we were gg. We ordered dks and discussed everyday topics like the weather, Russia’s top-shelf history, and its obsession with Europe before turg to relationships. Moscow ter Nights

She asked me my side of the story, and I told her general about the different relationships I had with women dug my time Bombay and Dubai over the last few years. I also told her that I was now engaged and expected to marry soon. Maa told me that she was 38 years old and that she and her husband had divorced eight years prior to when she gave birth to their child. Didn’t ask why because they didn’t want to know. We were sitg at the bar on high stools, part of which we turned towards each other. The conversation kept gg, and as we swung on the bar stools, our knees kept bumgto each other.

She shocked me by stag longer and keeg it to three dks, whereas I had expected her to have her two dks and leave about an hour. The pub closed around midnight, and I asked her if she was hungry. Before she said yes, let’s eat, she gave me that flirty look. We stopped by McDonald’s for a quick meal. Maa told me she needed to get on her way home after ner, so I offered to walk her to the metro station we passed by on our way to the pub.

We rubbed agst each other a few times utentionally as we walked, and I noticed she was walg close to me. I didn’t d. We reached the station, she shook my hand while leag, but she kept holg it her hand and wg it out for those extra seconds before letg go. At the end of the fourth day, a lot of progress had been made with little work. I slept soundly and conued at the end.

Thursday came and went, and by Friday afternoon, work had slowed down. Every Friday at 4 p.m., all work stops Moscow until Monday afternoon. Moscovites are known for their love of vodka, their ability to party lateto the night, and their ability to make friends. I’m from Mumbai or Dubai, where work is everytg, so this seemed strange andappropriate to me. Moscow ter Nights.

I waspelled to return to the flat earlier than usual, and out of frustration, I called Maa to express how I felt about this. So, I heard her grunt at first and then break out laugg as I talked about how I was acg. I learned that this is the norm Russia for decades now.

The cold weather and the desire for vodka and nightlife across the country play a big role this. I didn’t know what I was gg to do over the weekend when she asked. Even though I had some friends with me, tgs seemed better here. There was a nervitation from Maa to her house, which made me happy. I politely accepted without soung too happy. So, I was about to hang up when she asked how I was gg to get there. I answered, “Taxi.”

She begged me a stern voice to take the metrostead of the taxi because it would take half the time and cost tenth as much. She asked me if I knew the way to her house from the station, and I told her I didn’t. Okay, she took care of that by telg me she’d meet me at the station. There wasn’t the usual landlord-tenant or guest-host relationship gg on here. Maa wag across as more of a friend orpanion, calg once a day to see how I was dg, gg out for dks, helg out, and ally asg me home. She was 38 years old, Russian, divorced, and had a child. I was Indian, 28 years old, gle, on a work trip, and reng her studio. Moscow ter Nights

It was both clear and obvious what the answer was. For more than one reason, I decided to talk to her about this a casual way when the chance came up. One, ce I was due to marry a few months, I wasn’t about to start dag. Two, I wanted to know what was on her d so I wouldn’t end up at a dead end or, worse yet, get kicked out of the studio for bg a “lout”! There is no room for another mother figure or “We’re-just-good-friends-who-never-thought-of-eng-up-bed-one-night” types because I already have a mother who loves me and a lot of other friendly female friends.

When I got off the tr and hit the ground, Maa was stang outside bed a column. I walked up to her, we exchanged greeg smiles, and then I began walg to her house. Ag, I noticed her walg close to me, and this time she even put her arm around e a couple of times, as if she were driven by the cold (she was only weag a jumper and jacket), probably because her house was close by. Shetroduced me to her son and mother as the new guest from India and a “kharasho” (nice) man when we reached the house.

Well! Her mother was her late 70s and not very busy. She was just about man enough to take care of the house and her 8-year-old grandson Alex. Maa also worked dug the day as a yoga teacher at the city’s ISKCON Centre. This surprised her because she hadn’t mentioned it before; her mother had. Her friendess was therefore more or less expled by the fact that, like many Russian men, she was veryterested Indian culture, so her attraction to an Indian guest was not particularly surprig. Moscow ter Nights

But then my thoughts turned back to the time and feegs at Molly Gwynne, walg with Maa and the unsaid feegs that seemed to bg through. Were the goals of this trip mag me read too muchto the words, or was there sometg really strange gg on? I put it off for a while because it got too hard and told myself I’d figure it out later. I woke up after her mom “threw” this newrmation at me and conued to act a neutral and polite manner as would be expected of a guest.

By Russian tradition, there should have been a round of vodka or cognac after ner, which Maa served pretty quickly. It was also only 8 the eveg! Still, we ate, and I talked with all three of them over ner. In between, flashes of red would show me what a fool I had been to misunderstand Maa’s behaviour and end up for ner on a weekend eveg at this family home, when I could have been out with my friends or even just by myself, tag the sights, sounds, and smells of Moscow and putg my new camera to some good use.

After ner, we wentto the lig room to relax for a while. Maa asked me if she could go back to the studio with me case I wasn’t sure which way to go while I was chatg with Alex and his grandmother. It was a little after 9, and this offer still didn’t make me feel hopeful. She asked for a few utes to clean up before putg her son and mum to bed after I told her that would be e. I offered to clean up after her and wentto the kitchen with her. As we cleaned up, we talked. After she put her kids to bed, she got dressed, and said, “Let’s go.” Moscow ter Nights.

Walg on fresh snow towards the station, we left the house and entered the bitter cold. The sky was clear, and I loved the smell of the fresh, ter air. As soon as the tr arrived, we jumped on it. When we got to the station, we took the lift up. As Maa was getg on, she lost her balance and grabbed my arm to break her fall. I offered her a dk at Molly Gwynne’s back as we walked out. Her acceptance brought a smile to my face, so we went to the pub and ordered vodka. I thought this was a good time toquire about the reason for her friendess. She answered this question softly and to the pt:

“Most men I meet try to sleep with me when they d out I am gle and there is no man the house.” For a long time, no one has hit on me until now. So I decided it’s okay. I want to date men, but I end up not dg so because I don’t like the idea of eng up bed after a first date. “That makes no sense and is stupid; I’m not my teens anymore to be dg that stuff.” This made a good pt and answered my questions very well. To keep Maa from notig, I turn away from her and face the bar counter when Tiger acts up ag. Probably because she understood, she smiles and looks away.

She answered “two days” when I asked her how much time she had left before she had to head home. The way she said so much with so few words was nice. But just to be sure, I asked her where she was gg after this. She answered back by sag that her brotheres on Saturday morgs and takes her mother and son away to spend the weekend with his wife and kids. She also said that she usually spends the weekend with her childhood friend. “But I don’t have any plans to go to her place tonight.” I asked her straight out if she would like to go back with me because I was tired and wanted to be the studio.

We walked out and backto the cold ter air after she answered the positive and I paid for the dks. As we walked, the flakes of snow made a loud crunch under our shoes. I felt Maa’s hand on e as we walked down the street, and soon her gers were tangled e. She tightened her grip and looked me straight the eye as we steppedto the studio. I was about to release my hand to turn on the light switch. I pulled her close, kissed her soft lips, and tasted the strawberry-flavored k lip colour she was weag. We stayed like that the door way for a while after she responded to my kiss. We had two days till our head, but these few utes had been amag. I was gg to be wrong ag soon here.

As I led herside, I broke the hug, turned on the light, and shut the door to keep out the cold. We took off our coats and shoes, and I sat down on the sofa. Maa went to her bedroom upstairs and left her woollens the closet. She came down a few utes later weag only her skirt and shirt. She sat down next to me and put her hand on my thigh. Hence, came over and sat on my lap with her legs around me. I put my right arm around her waist and pulled her towards me. Her cream-colored white legs were revealed up to her knees as her skirt rose. Moscow ter Nights.

We kissed and hugged, and I could feel her breasts agst my chest – full, firm, and bra. When we started kisg passionately, I put my tongue her mouth to feel how moist and rough it was. I tasted her fragrant and sweet wetness as she responded by sucg my tongue. I had my hands on her back and hers bed my head. So, I slid my hands under her shirt and felt her s, which made us both mad and hungry ag. Her perfume was loose and all over my face, and I could still smell it, probably from this morg.

This went on for about half an hour, and by the end, Maa was sitg tight agst me on my lap and my breast was buried her beautiful breasts. I loved the way her body and deodorant smelled together—it was both sexy and girly. At this pt, we got up from the sofa and I helped her walk up the stairs to her bedroom by putg one arm bed her knees and the other bed her back. I laid her down on the bed, undressed to my shorts, creptto bed next to her, and began slowly undresg her while kisg her. Hence, I took off her shirt first to see her beautiful breasts a white lace bra. I noticed the Victoria’s Secret tag, which piqued myterest and would latercrease my satisfaction. Moscow ter Nights

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As I crept down to her feet, I left her bra on and slid my hands under her skirt to touch her soft, creamy, white legs. There wasn’t a hair on them. Her feet were pretty and well-shaped, and the tips of her toes were pted silver. Because her s was so white, my hands made red marks on her legs when I touched them. I moved up to her knees and kissed her bed them. This is a place on a woman’s body that I d to be very erotic, along with the area just below the breast and on the armpits, as well as the neck and s bed the ears.

A woman also loves to be touched and licked bed the ears and under the armpits, which will make them go mad. I began by climg up to her smooth, silky thighs, kissed them all over, and then reached close to her love hole. I could smell her musty smelg out. At this pt, I took off her skirt and bra and put them down on the bed side. After lag down next to her, I pulled her up over me. Her feet were agst the man, and she put her legs agst the man a way that said she wanted every part of me put agst every part of her.

We massaged her back and buttocks ag, and I discovered that if I rubbed the last vertebra at the top of the partition between her buttocks, she would be very excited. She began moag, and her buttocks became more passionate to the pt of bg violent. She slid off of me to the side, and I took off my shorts, climbed on top of her, and began kisg her from the top of her head down to her neck and face. Licked her bed the ears and drove her mad, then he went back to her throat and kissed her all the way down to her breasts.

I took her left nipple my mouth and slowly sucked on it. She moaned ag, and this time I massaged her right breast with my hand. This made her moan even more. Then, with my mouth and my left hand, I gave her the same treatment to her right breast. Her s was perfect, rich, and soft, and I couldn’t stop notig it. There wasn’t a spot or freckle anywhere. It felt like white and cream rolledto one. I took my men to her belly and then down to her stomach. Maa almost bent over with arousal as soon as I put my tongue ptto her bed, and I had to keep her down on the bed with my hands. I then kissed her navel with my tongue.

I moved down until I kissed her from left to right, just below her stomach and above her crotch. Then I got down on my knees and spread her legs apart, shog a pussy with k lips and no hair at all. Setg my mouth there filled my nose with the strong but sweet smell of her juices, which were now starg to leak out. Her pelvis jerked forcefully a couple of times, and muffled cries of “ughhh ughhh” escaped her lips as I began licg and sucg her clit oris. She gripped my back with her legs, and my penis shot up to the pt where it would break at the touch of her k heels and soft, shapely thighs. Moscow ter Nights

In excitement, I saw her toes spread out very far apart. With her back raised, she moaned as she wrapped her thighs around my neck and shoulders and pressed them together. I brought my hand to her love handles from below her thighs for support and asked her to release the pressure between her thighs so I could get some pace to conue my cunnigus. Her clit was bigger now, which made it easy to lick and suck. From there, I moved a way and began to lick her cunt lips, which were now wet with her juices. The juices had a soft sourness at first, but as they mixed with the softness of her s, they became more and more delicious. Moscow ter Nights.

I licked her lips more quickly and passionately, and then I slid my tongueside her wet, k love hole. Hence, I felt Maa’s thighs tighten around the sides of my head ag after she let out a loud scream. I had to get some air, so I put my hands over my head and grabbed hers. Her grip on my head immediately eased, and she let go and let me go. It drove Tiger and I to heights of ecstasy because my tongue was explog hersides and I could feel her soft, mushy flesh.

When I put my middle gerside to d her g-spot, I found it farside along the front part. A round patch of flesh that wasn’t too wet and had a furry surface felt different to her. As I massaged it with my ger, Maa began to twist and turn on the bed. She gripped my arm, dug her nailsto my flesh, and gave me a p I loved. As I conued to massage her g-spot a circle, she arched her back, jerked her arm, and yelled my name a loud voice that fadedto a whisper. At the same time, she shot out warm spurts of her love juice. She told me afterward that I had brought her to her first climax four years. Her cunt fil led with juices once more, and they had smeared my lips and her cunt hand.

She took my ger and used her tongue and lips to clean it. I licked her cunt and love hole lips till they were clean and dry of all her juices. I loved how they looked. Maa reached down for my face to pull me up with a mixed look of satisfaction and hunger on her face. The taste of her own juices my mouth drove her to ecstasy as we kissed ag and ag. She hugged me tight and told me she hadn’t had so much fun four years. We even licked my face clean. We lay naked bed for a while, with her head on my chest and her legs between e. She kissed my nipples on and off. She reached down for my penis and balls and massaged them with her soft, manicured hands.

This gave me a hard on ag, and I swung backto action to ish gg over her body from head to toe. At the v-shaped jt where the crotch and the thighs meet on either side of the pussy, I began kisg her. She began to moan ag as if this were a joke. I gradually got down on my knees and licked and kissed herner thighs, knees, and the rest of her legs. The t bone at the back, above her heels, and bed her ankles was the best part of her beautiful legs. Her legs grew from that t boneto full, shapely calves just right, and one look at those legs would have made even the most useless men horny no time.

I licked her all over her calves and s and stroked her with my lips and tongue. Her k toes and carefully pted silver toenails enhanced her sex appeal and drove me mad to the pt where I licked every toe on both of her feet. Russian women know how to take care of themselves and, even better, how to get ready for a passionate night with a head massage. When I asked Maa about it later, she responded with a smile and said it was her little secret. Maa’s toes and pussy seemed to give off a fragrance. She can keep it. Moscow ter Nights

We were hag fun for more than two hours, so we decided to take a break. We went down to the kitchen without a piece of clotg on because she offered to make us coffee. The realisation of her beauty hit me like a punch the face as she walked a short distance front of me for the first time. Without clothes on, she looked beautiful, almost royal, and her dark brown hair matched her s tone. When she put her white heels on the carpet to walk, blood rushedto them and turned them k. I felt lucky to be with Maa bed.

She probably turned around and asked me what I was loog at when she sensed me lustfully leecg at her. We climbed down to the kitchen because the question didn’t need an answer. I stood bed her, tag the perfume of her hair, and helped her by turg on the kettle. She sensed it, so she pushed her bed backto my penis.

We climbed backto our love nest after she made the coffee. I lit up a cigarette to go with my coffee, and she asked for one too. We had a conversation about life Dubai while we sipped coffee and smoked. Because Dubai used to be the place where Russian women went to make a year’s worth of money two months and then came back, she knew that Russian women there are only seen as whores. The snow had stopped when we looked outside at night, and Maa, seng my thoughts, asked me if I was up for a walk. Moscow ter Nights

We got dressed and stepped outside agto the cool, crisp air. We walked around Volga till the bridge up a turn, then turned around and walked up to Molly Gwynne’s, which was packed with people enjog themselves on Friday night. They were the unfortunate souls who had to settle for the bog dks with average Russian women a city pub and feel content with it. I looked at the men there and felt sorry for them because they couldn’t imae the pleasure I was getg. My thoughts turned to Maa’s ex-husband. What a “stupid fucker” he must have been to leave such a smart and beautiful woman for another man!

Snow on the streets and bright light signs storefronts created an electric atmosphere. We passed by a “Klubby,” which are caos on the side of the street that can be found all over Moscow. They are ed with slot maces and beer fridges. Stepped for a quick round at the maces and drank a beer each, then stepped backto the street and kept walg till we reached Tverskaya Street, Moscow’s answer to the Champs-Élysées, ed with upscale stores, cafes, pubs, and unique restaurants, and kept walg till we reached Red Square. It was early the morg. But the place was full of people stang, walg, eag, dg, smog, or just stang.

As we stood the middle, Maa turned to face me. I pulled her closer, and we kissed for a long time naturally. Mag out public with other people around and a beautiful woman like Maa by my side was thrilg. I began to enjoy the looks people gave us, particularly from young Russian men, who I imaed would turn green with envy at the sight of Maa. We took a taxi to get back to the studio and pick up where we left off, which renewed our passion. There was no way I could have imaed speng my first weekend like this. Every ute it was getg better. Maa took my penis her hands and slid down on me bed. Moscow ter Nights.

It was her turn to return the favour now, and it had been a while ce she had tasted cum. She told me to lie back and enjoy and not worry about ejaculagside her mouth. She licked the top of my penis, seng shock waves throughout my body. In order to cumg too soon, I made an effort to pace myself down by getg rid of the image I had created my d about her. She put her lips around my penis and took it her mouth. She started to roll her tongue around my head and then gradually took the full length of my penisside and started to give me the perfect blowjob.

Theside of her mouth felt warm, moist, and soft. I couldn’t believe my ears; I was moag, and I was dg it loudly and without any care. Maa went up and down on my penis as I began to massage the back of her head and ears. As she did it, I felt drops of her poop on my legs, so she must have been just as excited as I was. I showed up with a bang. I pulled her close to me and kissed her on the lips, which were naturally k and clean after I licked off all the lip gloss. Moscow ter Nights

Maa lay down on her back, and I came up over her, spread her legs apart, and she put a pillow under her bottom part. I put my penis on top of her clitoris and massaged her with it. She was letg out gasps of anticipation as her clit swelled up ag no time. In a soft way, I pushed my penisside her wet pussy.

She wasn’t as tight as a vir, but for a woman 38 years old, she was pretty tight. Before I could get my headside, it took a little pusg. She screamed and told me to be careful and move slowly. It hurt me, but she hurt more. So I let my ger stay that way for a while and massaged her clit. Then they began to slowly push. Her love hole was made more lubricated by the ger rub, which also helped me enter her more. I gradually went all the way till my entire shaft vanishedside and I could feel her soft, wet flesh all around. Ma’s arms were flapg as she tried to bite the pillow, pull the sheets off, and grab my arms.

To get her used to it, I began strog and out short, gentle strokes, keeg most of my shaftside her. She began to move her pelvis time with my strokes, which brought her to a state of ecstasy. I could feel her cunt’s mouth loosen a little and took that as a sign to switch from short moves to full blooded strokes. And so I did – I began to gently stroke her all the way and then out, till only my head stayedside, and then all the way out. At one pt, I felt as though I was getg close to the climax, so I slowed down my pace but kept the strokes full. Moscow ter Nights

Ma was pang with her eyes closed and appeared to be a s for more by pusg herself towards me. I began hitg her with all the energy I had, hitg herpletely each stroke, all the way and out, once I had returned to normal. Her screams turnedto moans, and then she yelled, “Come on, baby, give it to me!” Give it to me now, and fuck me like a whore. “Ummmm, aaaaahhhh, cummmmm onnnnnn.” No matter how cold it was outside—-6 degrees—we were worg up a sweat, and I could feel our crotches getg warmer than just warm. After slog down for a while, I started hitg her hard ag with all of my energy. Moscow ter Nights

Thump, thump, thump sounds filled the bedroom as our bodies hit each other, broke apart, and then hit each other ag. I felt Maa’s cunt’s tight grip on my penis as I put her legs on my shoulders. Maa ally began to aahhh aaaahhh aaaaaahhh aaaaaaahh – she had reached her climax, and I was getg close to e. We kept gg. After a few seconds, I ally arrived and shot a big load of cumside her. When it was over, I slouched over Maa and she hugged me; my face was led between her soft, sweaty bras. I loved the way her sweat smelled. Soon, I got up, buried my face the pillow next to hers, and slid off of her. Moscow ter Nights

Maa’s eyes were full but she wasn’t crg as I felt salty drops land on my arm while we were still hugg. Even though I knew it, I still asked her why. “I haven’t made love this way a very long time, and I wish that…” was all she said before stopg short of isg the thought. It gave her a way to speak with elegance. The day was about to break at five the morg. Two days later, I decided to let her handle this on her own and keep quiet till we woke up. Once we were done mag love, we fell asleep peacefully. Maa curled up on my side and fell asleep, and I did the same.

There was a talk about last night when we woke up the afternoon. She was over it and back to her usual self, which shocked me. But just to make sure both of us were okay, I asked her if she was feeg any emotions at one end. “Out of sight, out of d” is sometg she really tks, so don’t worry. She had to look outside of home forpany and satisfaction, and I felt bad about that.

Then it was up to each person. We decided to just enjoy our time together without tg too much, and that’s what we did for the next two days: sex, coffee, dk, smoke, food, walks, and Molly Gwynne’s. I went back to work on Monday morg, and Maa went to her house. We made out on the carpet the lig room twice dug the week. It felt just as good as the first time, which was a surprise. We were both loog forward to the weekend. She came to the studio with two bags on Friday eveg. Moscow ter Nights

She jumped at me with joy when she saw the question mark all over my face. Her son’s ter break had begun, and he and her mother were leag the next morg for a month at her brother’s dacha (farmhouse) the country side. She had decided to move with me till the end of my visit! At that pt, notg could have made me happy, and we spent the next three weeks together like true lovers. November 2005 was one of the most amag months of my life, and it will never happen ag. Women over 40 who live this country and understand the value of no-stgs-attached encounters are encouraged to contact me. I live Dubai.

[email protected]

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