Mother and Son On Vacation

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Mother and Son On Vacation
Adam and his mother, Sarah, were taking a summer vacation across the county visiting f****y and friends. They were going to drive to save money and enjoy the scenery as they drove around. They left the day after Adam last day at school. They knew that they would take the drive easy and only spend about six to eight hours a day driving.
After the first days drive they got to the hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel was sold out of two bed rooms and only had single bed rooms available. So they had to take the single bed room. While they were bringing their luggage in the room, Adam was somewhat concerned because he slept the best naked. With his mom in the bed, that might not be possible.
As they were both getting ready to sl**p, Sarah asked Adam if everything was alright. Adam told his mother the dilemma he was having about sl**ping naked. His mother interrupted him and told him that she knew about him sl**ping naked and figured this might be problem. She told him that she herself like to sl**p naked.
However, she did have a solution for the problem. She told him to strip naked. Adam was a little hesitant at first. She explained to him that it would be the best for both of them since that they will both get better sl**p. He agreed and started to take off his pants and boxers.
When he was naked he tried to cover himself with his hands. His mother walked up to him and told him to put his hands behind him. She knelt down and opened up a box. Adam could not really see what she was doing, but he felt her put something around his penis and balls. When she finished she told him to look down.
Just as he looked down she clicked a lock. He was baffled at what he was looking at. His penis was covered in a clear plastic sheath and his balls were being pushed out from his body. It was comfortable but he was still confused. His mother explained to him that it was a chastity belt so that they could both sl**p naked comfortable.
She started to take her clothes off to get ready for bed. Adam was standing there naked…except for his chastity belt watching his mother take her clothes off. When she was naked she put on a necklace with a key on it. Adam asked his mother what the key was for. She told him that it was for his chastity belt.
He was still kind of confused and asked why had to where this, while grabbing it. As he was asking this he was starting to get hard. His mother told him that was the exact reason why he was wearing it, to keep him from getting hard. She told him that she would keep the key while they slept in the same bed.
They were both getting pretty tired and when to bed; both naked, except for a chastity belt and key necklace. They both slept great since they were both naked. Adam woke up first around 7am with his cock rock hard, well as hard as it could get. He tried to get his penis out but to no avail.
Sarah woke up around 7:30am and quickly got into the bath room to get ready for the day. She completely forgot about the key around her neck until she was in the shower. She quickly put it together that’s why Adam was up early. As she was getting dressed she wanted to see how far she could push Adam. She put on one of her bras that gave her the most cleavage. She knew for her age, many of Adam’s friends considered her a MILF.
When she got out of the bathroom, Adam looked at his mom and his cock started to twitch. Sarah noted his cock filling out more of the cage, and scolded him for looking at her that way. She told him that because of this he would continue to wear his chastity belt.
He got on the shower and looked down at his locked cock and balls. He was somewhat frustrated since he had not cum since the past week before finals at school. He was hoping to relieve some pressure soon after school. However, with the chastity belt firmly secured and his mom holding the key he knew it would not happen.
He got dresses and they loaded up the car, all the time staring at the key resting in his mother’s cleavage. She noticed her son staring at the key and her cleavage and smiled knowing that it was getting to him. They drove around the city for awhile before hitting the highway.
After driving for the day they got to their next hotel for the night. She got the room and requested a one bed room for the night. When she went to help Adam with the bags she told them that all they had was a single bed rooms available.
As soon as they got into the room Sarah stripped naked to be more comfortable. She encouraged Adam to do the same too make himself more comfortable. As Adam was taking off his clothes, his cock was starting to twitch in his chastity belt. Even though it was his mom naked in the room with him, she had a great body and with his blue balls it did not matter.
For the next few weeks this was the same story…all the hotels had single bed rooms only. After a few visits to some of Sarah’s old friends, and most had daughters around Adams age, his balls were swollen and very sensitive. Soon they were on the road again and looking for a hotel.
When they got in the room Adam begged his mom to let him out, he could not take it anymore, and his balls were full. For the past week he was leaking precum out of his cock in the morning. Sarah thought about it and told him to go take a shower while she would consider it.
After his shower he found his mom naked again, except for the key. She told him to spread his legs and put his hands behind his back. She quickly tied his hands behind his back. She reached for the key and put it in the lock and, “click” it unlocked.
She pulled it off of his growing cock and removed the ring around his swollen balls. Adam smiled in relief and thanked his mother for removing the chastity belt. After she inspected her sons cock and balls she told him to keep standing with his legs spread.
She stood in front of him and told him that after she was done tonight that he would have to put the chastity belt back on. She explained to him his two choices. First was either that she bust his balls for four hours, he would get to masturbate and cum while his mom continued to torture his balls, his chastity belt would placed back on, and the next morning he would have to present his balls to her for 10 more kicks. Or she would bust his balls for two hours and his chastity belt would be put back on. With the first choice there is a one week waiting period to ask again; however with the second choice there is no waiting period and he would be asked again tomorrow.
He looked at his mom in shock; his cock was cock hard and dripping precum. He did not know what to say. His mom jumped in and told him he better make the choice quickly. She walked up to him and gently grabbed his balls and bounced them up and down a few times. This cause more precum to drip put of Adam’s cock.
She looked him in the eyes and told him he had ten seconds or she would pick for him. His mind was racing. He looked down at his balls being held by his mother and then back to his mother who was smiling and told her that he would take the first choice, option number one. Sarah smiled and asked him why.
She let go of his balls as he said that mostly since he had not cum in over a month. She smiled and told him to spread his legs and say, “Mom, my balls belong to you. The cum that is in them is your cum. Mom, please let me cum. Mom, my balls belong to you.”
Adam looked up to his mother and repeated what she told him to say. She smiled and thanked him. She brought her foot back and kicked her son square in his balls. He grunted in pain and almost fell to his knees. Sarah was so excited. She laughed and told how fun this is, and said that he must be having fun also since his cock was still rock hard.
She kicked him again, this time bringing him to his knees. Sarah helped her son up and sat him on the bed. She played with his balls while she planned out the next four hours. First she wanted to continue the kicking both with him standing and kneeling. Then some standing and crushing. Then some punching, slapping and squeezing. After that we will she where we are on time.
Ok, it is 4:30 pm. Until 8:30pm I will be busting you balls. She told him to stand up spread his legs in front of the bed. She started to slowly tap his balls with her foot over the next 30 minutes she increased the f***e of the kicks. Soon Adam was cringing in pain. She stopped for a minute and told him to kneel down with his legs spread.
As he was kneeling down, his mom told him that he must like this still since he was still hard and dripping precum. Once he was kneeling his mom proceeded to kick his balls. She liked this best since his balls were at the perfect height to her top of her foot. She was getting pretty f***eful with her kicks when she was starting to get tired. She looked at the clock and it was nearly 6:00pm.
She told him to get up and place his balls on the table for crushing. Adam got up and limped over to the hotel room table. It was at the perfect height for his balls. He laid them out on the table, his cock was pointing straight up still. Sarah was happy for this because it gave her more access to his balls.
She started gently at first just using her toes to crush his balls. However, slowly she started putting more weight on his balls. It was not to long that she used her heels on his tender balls. She tried to put all her weight on his left ball, but just as she lifted her foot off the table the ball rolled out of the way.
She tried again but this time with the right ball, again it rolled away. She went in one of her bags and got a rubber band and looped it around his scrotum and in such a way to make each ball in a sack of its own. She was happy now since each ball had nowhere to roll away.
She got up on the table again and placed the heel of her foot on each of her son’s balls. She slowly lowered herself on to his balls. She felt them compress under her weight. Adam’s balls having nowhere to escape they were f***ed to hold up his mother’s weight.
She bounce up and down a little and looked down to see Adam’s cock slowly pumping put precum with every bounce. She laughed and commented that she could squeeze all the cum out of his balls as an alternate option in the future. All Adam could do was groan as his balls were compressing under his mothers feet.
After about 30 minutes she stepped off his balls. The table, Sarah’s feet, Adam’s cock and balls were covered in precum. Sarah gave her son some time to recover while she cleaned up. She licked most of it up off the table noting to Adam how good it tasted. She went over to him and licked the precum off his cock and balls and removed the rubber bands
She looked at the clock again and it was 7:00pm. She told him to stay standing while she was sitting under him. She balled her fist up and started to punch his balls like a punching bag. His balls were swing back and forth with each punch. When she finally stopped, she commented that this was a great upper arm workout.
She grabbed his balls and f***ed them to the bottom of the scrotum and started to slap them. She was going at it for a while when she forgot to check the clock. She looked up while still slapping his balls to see that it was 8:00pm. She stopped slapping his balls and took hold of each of his balls in each hand.
She started to squeeze his balls harder and harder. She would pulse her squeezing and sure enough his cock started to drip more precum out. She was ecstatic at the sight of the precum coming out. She started to lick it up while still squeezing his balls. She was in awe of how much precum was coming out.
She looked up at the clock and it was 8:45pm. She let go of her son’s balls and told him that she was sorry that she was 15 minutes over. She gave him 15 minutes to recover. She untied his hands and told him to not touch his cock or balls yet. They belonged to her.
She gave him permission start masturbating and to tell her when he was ready to cum. As he was rubbing his cock his mother started to flick each testicle with her fingers, alternating between his left ball and right ball. If it was not for this, Adam easily would have cum in less than one minute.
As he was getting close to an orgasm he told his mom he was almost ready to cum. He continued to stroke his cock. His mother stopped flicking his balls. She quickly placed her right thumb and index finger behind her son’s left ball and her left thumb and index finger behind her son’s right ball.
She felt for the cord connecting each ball to his body. As her son was still masturbating and nearing orgasm she started to slowly squeeze. Sarah prepared herself for an orgasm of her own, not the first time for the night. She felt the tubes grow large as he was about to cum.
She did not squeeze hard on them to stop them but enough to know when he was going to cum. Just as she felt the tube expand she let out a moan as her son started to moan as well in orgasm. Before she let go, she gave the tubes a good pinch. Adam yelped in pain.
After he had finished cumming his mom was started flicking his balls again. The pain was twice as intense after his orgasm. She continued this until his cock went flaccid. When she stopped she let out a sigh of relief. She told him to go take a shower and not waste any time.
He enjoyed the hot shower and washed himself. When he came out of the bath room him mother was standing there with the chastity belt in her hand. She told him to put it on. He reached for it and started to put it on. He had it all the parts on and just needed the lock.
His mother handed him the lock and told him to lock it in place. There was an audible click. She thanked him and told him to put the key back on the necklace. Once he did, the key was back between his mother’s breasts. Soon after, they both went to bed.
The next morning his balls were very sore. He woke up after his mother who was watching TV. Soon after he got out of bed, his mother looked at him and hinted at what he needed to do. He knew what needed to be done.
He got down on his knees and with his one hand lifted his balls up to his mother and told her that his balls belonged to her. She smiled and said thanked him. She told him to count the kicks. She brought her foot back and, 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10. He held his balls as his mother went to take her shower.
When Sarah got out of the show Adam was still hold his balls. She walked up to him and told him to stop holding her balls. Adams looked at his mother with a questioned look. Sarah let out a little giggle and stated that his balls belong to her now. Still laughing she thought to herself how her son forgot so quickly what he said last night.
Adam got up and went to take his shower and get ready for the day. They were on the road again stopping to visit Sarah’s friends. As before most of them had daughters around his age and they themselves were good looking. This only caused more pain and discomfort in is balls.
After a week they checked into a hotel and as usual they only had one bed rooms available. When they got settled in Sarah started to get naked as did Adam shortly after. Sarah walked up to Adam and told him that it had been a week since his release and that he had to make a choice.
Adam thought about while his mom massaged his balls. This time he chose to not cum and only have the two hours of ballbusting. Sarah, still massaging his balls, asked him why. He looked down at his mom and told her that his balls were still sore from the over 4 hours of ballbusting and he felt that he could go a bit longer without cumming.
Sarah stopped massaging his balls and tied his hands behind his back. She then removed his chastity belt. His cock was hard and a small amount of precum was forming at the tip. She told him that she hopes he would not cum for as long as possible since she liked the taste of his precum.
She ordered him to spread his legs and present is balls for her and to repeat what she said, “Mom, my balls belong to you. Mom, my cum will be kept for you. Mom, my balls belong to you.” Sarah thanked him for giving his balls to her. She looked over at the clock and noted the time at 6:00pm.
Sarah started with some squeezing of his balls. As she was squeezing her son’s balls she told him that she hopes he will start to drip more precum for her. After some time Adam’s cock started to drip some precum, much to his mother’s amusement. She let go of his balls and gave them a quick smack and headed into the bathroom.
She came back with some plastic cups. She placed a cup under Adam’s cock and started squeezing his balls again. It only took a few seconds to start hearing Adam’s precum drip in the cup. Sarah kept squeezing his balls filling the first cup. She looked up at the clock and it was 6:45pm.
Sarah was content with squeezing his balls to get as much precum as she could out of them. Adam filled up the second cup by 7:30pm. Sarah was ecstatic with the amount of precum she was getting out of her son’s balls. She started the third cup squeezing much harder this time to get more out.
When the cup was finally full she looked up at the clock and it was 8:15pm. Oh well she noted, I got three full cups out of your balls. She took the first cup and started to drink it slowly, taking in the taste. She started the second cup and some was starting to drip down her chin and landing on her breasts.
At the sight of his mother drinking his precum, Adam’s cock was getting rock hard and starting to drip again. Sarah’s noticed her son’s cock getting hard and dripping again. She decided to give him some more torture, but not directly to his balls. She picked up the last cup of precum and poured it on Adam’s cock.
She proceeded to lick the precum off her son’s cock. Slowly up and down not missing a drop of it. She focused on the head of his cock, which was a lovely shade of purple. All the while more and pre precum was coming out of his cock. Sarah loved it, knowing that his balls were just getting fuller and fuller with every minute.
Finally when Sarah had enough precum and Adams was exhausted, she stopped. However, Adam’s cock was still rock hard and needed to be locked back up. Sarah had an idea to get him back down to size.
She opened the hotel door and looked down the hallway and listed for anybody. She closed the door and explained to Adam that he was to go to the end of the hallway and get a bucket full of ice. She also warned him that every minute over one minute that he takes will result in 5 kicks to his balls. She united Adam’s hands and pushed him out into the hallway.
Adam looked around and tried to cover up his dripping cock and swollen balls with the ice bucket. He briskly walked to the end of the hallway right past the elevator and around the corner where the ice machine was. He got the bucket full of ice and turned around and heard the ding of the elevator coming to his floor. There he was holding a bucket of ice with a pulsing cock and swollen balls.
The elevator door opened and two people came out with their luggage. From what he saw it was a father and daughter. He was in shock at what he heard. The daughter told her father to not worry that she will go easy on his balls tonight and let him cum. As he watched them get into the room at the other end of the hallway he remembered that he had to get back to the room ASAP.
He hurried to his room door and knocked on it for his mom to open it. She opened it to see her son still rock hard and dripping precum. She asked what took so long. He said that there was a father and daughter who were in the hallway when he was getting ice so he was stuck. She told him that was no excuse and he took a total of four minutes to get the ice, it was actually four minutes and 24 seconds, but I rounded down.
Sarah gave Adam a choice; either take the 15 kicks now, ice down your cock and balls, and lock yourself back in the chastity belt, or seven kicks now, ice down your cock and balls, lock yourself in the chastity belt, and present your balls tomorrow for seven kicks plus one kick for “interest”. Adam thought about it and picked the second option
Sarah asked why since that one had one more kick. Adam answered that his balls were sore and having 15 kicks tonight would have been too painful. So Adam assumed the position with his legs spread and his balls hanging before his mother’s foot. Before she started to kick she told him to count them out for her.
1…2…3…4…5…6…7. Sarah then got a hand full of ice and started to rub it around his cock and balls. It did not take long for his cock to shrink. She quickly put the chastity belt on and handed the lock to Adam and told him to lock it. With an audible click he was locked up again. He helped his mom with putting the key back on her necklace.
After a good night sl**p both Sarah and Adam got up around the same time. Sarah went to the bathroom while Adam was watching TV. After she got out, Adam knelt down with his legs spread and presented his balls to his mother. She thanked him and told him to count out with the kicks.
1…Sarah stopped. She told Adam that they did one through seven last night. However, since he started at one we have to get through to 15. Now count them out. 2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10…11…12…13…14…15. Adam was in pain as him mother went to get ready for the day. Once again he was on the floor holding his balls.
They got on the road again and were at their next hotel. Sarah asked him again what he wanted. He picked the second one again since he could not take four hours of ballbusting right now. His mom said ok as she tied his hands and removed his chastity belt. His cock sprang to attention as the clock hit 7:00pm.
Tonight she told him we are going to work on my kneeing. However, first he had to repeat after her, “Mom, my balls belong to you. Mom, my cum will be kept for you. Mom, my balls belong to you.” She told him to stand and spread his legs so she would have easy access to his testicles. She placed her hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eyes and bam. Her right knee smashed into his balls.
She loved the look in her son’s eyes as she smashed his balls over and over. She tried her right knee, her left knee, quick hits, digging her knee in, and lifting him on her knee. After an hour she was getting pretty tired and his balls were getting pretty sore. However, his cock was still rock hard.
For the last hour she wanted to do something different. She went into her bag and pulled out her curling iron. She plugged it in and while waiting for it to heat up she placed some rubber bands around her son’s balls. She made each ball have its own sack again. By now the curling iron had heated up.
To make sure it was not to hot she touched it against her breast. It made her jump and turned her skin read, but no burns. She opened up the curling iron and placed it on Adam’s right ball. He jumped in agony from the heat and the squeezing. Sarah kept it on for about 15 minutes before placing it on his left ball.
After each ball had been properly “curled” she noted how red and warm they were. She glanced over at the clock and it was 8:50. She agreed to end early since she was tired. However, he needed to get back in the chastity belt. She told him to go get ice again from the ice machine at the end of the hall and every minute over one minute that he takes will result in 5 kicks to his balls.
He ran out the room and to the end of the hall to the ice machine. As he turned the corner, the machine had a broken sign on it and noting that the other ice machine was on the third floor, above them. He went back to the room and explained to his mother that he would be longer since the machine was broke. She said well then you better hurry up, it has already been two minutes. Adam ran out the door again, with his cock rock hard and sore balls.
He took the emergency exit to get upstairs hoping to avoid people. He opened the door and saw the sign for the ice with an arrow pointing to the right. He looked around and saw nobody. He found the ice machine and started to get the ice. The machine was extremely slow which gave him time to look out the window.
The pool was right below the window and was packed with girls playing the pool topless. His cock was getting harder and dripping again. He would have stayed there longer but the ice buck was finally full and overflowing. He grabbed the bucket and dashed to the stairwell. He got to the room and knock on the door.
His mom looked at him and told him that it took him eight minutes, so 35 kicks to his balls. Once again he had the choice of 35 now or 17 now 18 tomorrow plus 2 “interest”. This time he chose to take the full 35 now. She told him to spread his legs to let his testicles hang better.
After the 35 kicks, she iced down his cock and balls and put him in his chastity belt. She gave him the lock and click he was locked in. He put the key on her neck and they both went to bed. The next morning they were on the way to her mother’s house, his grandmother, Nicole.
Sarah woke up early to take her shower and get ready for the day. She was kind of disappointed that she was not going to bust some balls in the morning. Adam woke up when his mother was in the shower. His balls were still sore from the beating they received last night. When Sarah came out of the bathroom, Adam was bent over his suitcase with his balls hanging in their chastity belt.
Sarah could not stop herself; she walked up to him and gave his balls a nice firm slap. Adam jumped forward in surprise. Sarah apologized and told him that she meant to hit his but cheek to get him to hurry up. Adam limped into the shower and quickly got ready for the day.
As they were driving to Nicole’s house, Sarah asked Adam if he wanted option one or option two tonight. He looked over to his mother and told him option two and not to cum. She asked him why and his reason was to do it quickly at his grandmother’s house and get it over with.
They arrived around dinner time and they ate dinner with Nicole. She was happy to see them. As they sat eating dinner all he could think about was Nicole. Even though she was older than his mother she was still attractive. Under his pants his cock was dripping precum.
After a few hours of talking after dinner it was time for bed. Once again Sarah and Adam shared a bed. Soon after the door was closed Adam began to strip for his nightly ritual with his mother. She tied his hands behind his back and unlocked his chastity belt. His cock was rock hard and dripping precum.
Sarah told him to be quite tonight to not disturb Nicole downstairs. She noted the time was 9pm. She told him say his saying, “Mom, my balls belong to you. Mom, my cum will be kept for you. Mom, my balls belong to you.” She thanked him and told him to kneel on the bed.
Sarah laid down between his legs and instructed him to lower his balls into her mouth. She opened her mouth as he lowered his balls past her lips. She closed her lips around his balls and started first with licking his balls with tongue. Soon Adam was leaking precum and it was rolling down his cock and balls into his mother’s mouth.
After some time of licking she started to chew softly on his balls. She used her molars to grasp each testicle. She began to chew harder on his sensitive balls. She was bouncing her teeth on his balls. She took her sharper front teeth and was trying to slice one of his balls in half. All the while precum was still flowing into her mouth.
She sucked his balls deeper into her mouth. She used her teeth to grind the cords against her bottom teeth. Adam was wincing in pain as she was doing this. Finally, what seemed like an eternity she stopped. She took his left ball and started to suck on it. She pulled back while sucking causing his ball to pop out of her mouth with an audible pop.
Sarah continued to suck and pop his balls for the remainder of the time. When she was done her face was covered in precum and his balls were bright red. Now it was time to get Adam back into his chastity belt. She untied his hands and told him to go the kitchen and get a cup of ice.
She opened the door and reminded him to be quite since Nicole’s bedroom was downstairs near the kitchen. Adam quietly walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. He turned on light so he could see. He was franticly looking for a cup, opening up just about all the cupboards. Finally, he found the cups.
When he turned around to get the ice, Nicole was standing there with her bath robe open and staring at her grandson’s dripping rock hard cock. She signaled him to be quite and come over to her. She asked him what he was doing. He told her he needed some water. She looked him in the eyes and scolded him for lying.
He looked down at his throbbing cock and back to his grandmother and told her what it was really for. She then took his balls in her hand and said that he needed to be punished for lying to her. She took off her robe so it would be easier to move around. She opened a draw and pulled out something.
Nicole ordered Adam to bend over and use a chair to support himself. He bent over and spread his legs with his cock still rock hard and his balls hanging freely for his grandmother to punish. She told him that she was going to use a wooden spoon on his balls. For lying he would receive 50 smacks with the wooden spoon on the back of his balls.
Nicole started to hit his balls with the wooden spoon. Adam cringed in pain with each smack. He tried to keep count of each hit but quickly lost count. Nicole continued to smack his balls with the wooden spoon. Little did either of them know that Sarah had snuck down and was watching the whole time. She was keeping count and was happy to see her mother go past 50 and stop at 62 smacks.
When Nicole stopped, Sarah went back up stairs. Nicole grabbed Adam’s balls and rubbed them softly to bring them back to life. She helped him get a cup of ice and sent him off upstairs to be with his mother. When he opened the door his mother clicked the stop watch.
Sarah noted that it took him just over 10 minutes. She gave him the option of 50 kicks now before the chastity belt went on or 25 tonight and 35 tomorrow morning. Adam’s balls were sore from the wooden spoon that his grandmother had used on him. Now his mother wants to kick his balls. Sarah all the while knew that his balls would be extremely sore from the wooden spoon.
Adam reluctantly chose the second option to give his balls a chance to recover overnight. Sarah asked him why, knowing herself, but curious what he would say. Adam told her that his balls were sore from the chewing. She ordered him to bend over with his legs spread and his balls hanging freely.
After the 25 kicks Adam’s balls were extremely sensitive and swollen. Sarah handed him the chastity belt and lock. He clicked it shut and put the key around his mother’s neck resting in her cleavage. They both went to bed knowing that tomorrow they had to hit the road again.
In the morning Adam woke up first and knelt on the floor next to his mother waiting for her to wake up. Sarah woke up seeing her son present his balls to her for the other 35 kicks from last night. She smiled and thanked him. She started kicking her son’s balls 35 times. Adam’s cock was dripping precum out of his chastity belt with every kick.
After they both got ready for the day, they were saying goodbye to Nicole. Sarah went outside to put her bag in the car. Nicole called Adam over and asked him how his balls were doing today. He was shocked to be asked a question like that from his grandmother. He told her that they were doing better. She was happy to hear that and told him to spread his legs for one last kick from his grandmother.
He spread his legs, even though he still had his pants on the kick was one of the hardest he had ever had. He was sitting in a chair recovering when his mom walked in and yelled at him for not loading his stuff in the car. He quickly grabbed his stuff and tossed it in the car. They left shortly after.
When they arrived at the next hotel for the night Sarah ordered him to get naked. While he was undressing so was his mother, Sarah. As soon as they were both naked Sarah began to tie his hands behind his back and unlock his chastity belt. She took hold of his balls and told him that he had some different choices to make.
The first option was 3 hours of ballbusting, followed by 2 hours of edging, and then locked in your chastity belt. The second option was 3 hours of ballbusting, locked in your chastity belt for the night, then 1 hour of edging in the morning. Sarah stopped to watch her son’s reaction to the new choices while she played with his balls.
Adam got concerned when none of the options allowed him to cum. Sarah added one more choice. Your last option is if you want to cum. First is 1 hour of ballbusting, then 1 orgasm, then 3 hours of ballbusting, and then 5 orgasms. Finally, you are locked back in your chastity belt for the night then 1 hour of edging in the morning to refill your balls and 10 kicks for letting you cum.
Adam did not know what to say, it if was not for his mom who gave a quick squeeze on his balls to get his attention, he would have been dumfounded. Sarah asked him to make his choice, 1, 2, or 3. Adam looked at his mother holding his sore balls. He took option 2. Sarah asked why. Adam told her that it was because it was less edging.
Sarah said ok and told Adam to lay his balls on the table. Sarah came back and asked him if he had anything to tell her and he said, “Mom, my balls belong to you. Mom, my cum will be kept for you. Mom, my balls belong to you.” She thanked him and placed a rubber band around his balls.
Sarah got up on the table, this time with her heels on. She first placed the toes of her heels on his balls ever so lightly bouncing on his balls. After some time she stepped off of his balls and placed each of her heels on her son’s balls. He looked down at his balls; there was a dent in each testicle where her heel was digging in. He was in agony as she would shift her weight from one ball to the other.
Sarah loved it that his even with his balls in such pain his cock was rock hard and precum was flowing out. What seemed like an eternity for Adam was only an hour when Sarah stepped off of his balls. Sarah examined her son’s balls and remarked how there was a dent in the ball from her heels. She told him to keep his balls on the table while she changed shoes.
Sarah told him that she wanted to make a nut sandwich. She got her sling back heels and placed her son’s balls in the back of each of the shoes. She slid her foot in her shoe and felt her son’s balls on the bottom of her foot. She squared up his balls in the middle of her heel and stepped down. His nuts were flattened between her foot and the sole of her shoe.
Sarah stood there while Adam’s nuts were being crushed. When she was finished she pulled up her foot and laughed when Adam’s scrotum skin stuck to the bottom of her foot. Adam was happy that his balls were free from his mother’s feet. She gave him 5 minutes for his balls to recover.
Sarah told him that there was just over an hour left of ballbusting. She told him to bend over on the bed and spread his legs. She moved a chair so she was behind him and it put her at the right height to go after his balls. She grabbed his balls and told him that before they left Nicole’s house that she gave her a gift.
Sarah started to smack Adam’s balls with a wooden spoon. Adam knew what it was with the first hit. As she was smacking his balls, she was smiling knowing that his balls would be sore. Adam’s barely made it though the hour with his balls intact. When they were finished it was time to put Adam back in his chastity belt for the night.
Even after the hour of the wooden spoon on his balls, Adam’s cock was still rock hard and would not go in his chastity belt. Sarah told him to go get some ice. She opened the door and kicked him out in the hallway with nothing but an empty cup for the ice. He looked for where the ice machine was.
The ice machine was at the end of the hallway he quickly got the ice and made back to the room. He knocked on the door and his mother opened it and was impressed that it only took him one minute, only 5 kicks to the balls. She only gave him the option to kick his balls tonight and not split it up in the morning. He spread his legs so his balls were easily accessible for his mother to kick.
After the 5 kicks she iced down his cock and balls and gave him his chastity belt to put on. She locked him up for the night and placed the key on her necklace. Sarah and Adam both got up the around the same time the next morning. Sarah tied Adam’s hands behind his back and unlocked his chastity belt.
Adam’s cock sprang to life. She started to slowly stroke his cock, focusing on his head. She could tell when he was on the edge by what his balls were doing. When they were pulling up was when he was getting ready to cum. She would slow down or stop completely. Adam would try humping the air for the last stroke to push him over the edge. Sarah counted how many times he was close to cumming.
Sarah never had to use any lube since his cock was leaking so much precum. The hour was almost over and Sarah was up to 50 edges almost 1 per minute. She decided to give him one more edge to top him off. When she finished it was time to get him back in his chastity belt for the day. She told him to go get some ice.
Adam tried to protest since now it was morning and the hotel was more active now then after 10 at night. She told him to bad, and the clock would be starting soon for how long he took to get the ice. She opened the door and heard some voices but they were going in the elevator. She kicked her son out to go get the ice.
As he was running to the ice machine a room door opened and the maid was coming out of the room. Adam tried to hide, but in the hallway there was nowhere to go. The maid laughed since she has seen many d***ken people wondering the halls in the hotel. However, what caught her attention was Adam’s rock hard cock, which was still dripping precum, and his swollen balls.
He continued on to get the ice and she followed him to the ice machine. She asked him if everything was alright. Adam replied quickly that he was fine. She asked him why he was hard and why his balls were so large. Unfortunately for Adam the ice machine was out of ice and had to make a new batch, which took some time.
Adam told her that his balls were busted daily and that he was kept in chastity and teased over and over. She told him to come to the room she just came from to get some ice. The guest left a full bucket in the room before they left. He followed her to the room, about 5 down from where they were staying.
The maid opened the door and the cleaning card was in the room. To Adam’s shock the maid had brought her daughter to work that day and she was in the room watching TV. The maid walked over to her daughter and whispered in her ear. The maid’s daughter smiled and said yes to what her mother was saying.
Adam was looking for the ice when the maid walked up to him and told him that she will give him the ice if he lets her daughter practice kicking his balls. He was shocked at what was going on, he was about to say no when she told him that the ice machine would take about 15 minutes to make the ice. He thought to himself that would be over 75 kicks from his mom.
He asked the maid why she wanted her daughter to do this and how many. The maid told him so she could be better at busting her father’s balls that night. It was her birthday and she wanted to bust his balls and figured that she would be better at it if she had some practice shots on an experience set of balls. She told him 20 kicks from the daughter and 10 from herself.
He agreed and went down on his knees and spread his legs letting his balls hang freely. The maid went first to show her daughter how to bust his balls. She quickly brought her foot into his balls. Adam counted out the kicks and was out of breath by the last kick. The maid told her daughter to stand in front of Adam and kick his balls.
The girl brought her was smaller than Adam’s mothers and the maids. He figured since it was smaller it would not hurt as much. He was wrong her foot was able to fit perfectly in between his legs. His balls took the full impact of her kicks. The maid was happy to be teaching her daughter to bust balls.
When she had finished the maid helped Adam up and thanked him for letting them bust his balls. She told him that her husband’s balls would now belong to their daughter. Before she gave him the bucket of ice she kneed him once in the balls. He cringed in pain as he took the ice and left the room.
Adam arrived at his mother’s room with the bucket of ice. His cock was still rock hard and dripping and his balls more sore then before. She told that it took him 11 minutes to get the ice. This meant 55 kicks to his balls. She told him to get down on his knees and bend over with his balls facing her.
Sarah told him that she wanted to kick him this way since his testicles would be more sensitive on the back side where the cords are located. She began to kick his balls. She did not start out easy on him as she usually would and work her way to harder kicks. All 55 kicks were her hardest kicks she had given her son.
Adam’s balls were extremely sore from all the kicks he had received that morning from the maid, the maid’s daughter, and his mother. Sarah iced down Adam’s cock and balls and handed him his chastity belt. Adam put it on and Sarah clicked the lock shut. She loved the sound the lock made.
Sarah told Adam that they would not drive today since it was so late in the day already. To kill the time she came up with new things that Adam could do. She would keep him unlocked while they were in the room. Adam agreed since it would be nice to not have to wear the chastity belt all day. While they were in the room they had a lot of time to kill.
Sarah told Adam to lie on the bed with a pillow under his ass. She picked up the wooden spoon and placed in on the bed next to Adam. Sarah stood over her son and looked down at him and asked if he knew how to eat a pussy, while point at her own pussy. Adam told his mother no. She told him that he would learn quickly.
Sarah sat down on Adam’s face so she was facing his balls. She told him that if he was doing something good she would stop hitting his balls. She told him she expected at least 20 orgasms per hour. Adams had no clue how to eat a pussy. He started just kissing his mother’s pussy. Sarah took hold of his balls and picked up the wooden spoon and started to beat his balls. Adam jumped with each blow to his balls.
Soon Adam was licking his mother’s pussy trying to his best to bring her to orgasm. With every smack of his balls his tongue flicked hard against her pussy. Sarah loved that feeling. It was not long until she had her first orgasm. Adam did not know it was coming until he was cover in his mother’s juices. She kept smacking away at his balls.
Adam’s balls were becoming very sore after an hour of beating them. Sarah had her 20 orgasms and rolled off her son’s face. His face was covered in his mother’s juices. His balls were on fire inside and out. From the beatings on the outside and on the inside from all the teasing. His cock was rock hard and dripping precum.
Sarah tied Adam’s hands behind him while she went to take a shower. When she was finished dressing she told him to stay in the room while she went to go get lunch for them. Adam lied down on the bed to watch some TV while his mother went to get lunch. Soon after she left there was a knock at the door.
Adam looked through the peephole and saw that it was the maid to clean the room. As he was getting ready to tell her to go away, she opened the door. Adam told her to leave; however, as he was telling her she told him the lady leaving asked her to clean the room while she was gone. She said that she was getting lunch and would be back in a couple of hours.
Adam agreed and sat back down on the bed. The maid once again thanked him letting her and her daughter bust his balls earlier. Her daughter came in the room and sat next to Adam and was staring at his balls. The maid told Adam that her daughter really liked kicking his balls and would like to play with them some more.
Adam looked at the position he was in, with his arms tied behind his back and naked, agreed to let her play with his balls. The maid went about her business and started to clean the room. Her daughter started to squeeze Adam’s balls. As she was squeezing his cock began to drip precum again.
She stopped squeezing Adam’s balls and told him to get on his knees and spread his legs apart so his balls were hanging freely. Adam got down on his knees presenting his balls to the maid’s daughter for kicking. He looked up to her and she had a huge smile from ear to ear. She took a step back and smashed her right foot in to Adam’s defenseless balls.
She reared her foot back again and kicked him again. After about 5 minutes of kicking, Adam finally fell over trying to protect his balls. The maid was almost finished cleaning the room and focused on what her daughter was doing to Adam’s balls. She smiled at the sight of her daughter kicking Adam’s balls.
The maid walked up to Adam and told him that she was going to teach her daughter about some of the finer points of the male anatomy. She grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. As she was stoking it she was telling her daughter how this is how to get a male to orgasm. However, if you stop at the last second you will deny the orgasm and leave his balls full of cum, giving him blue balls.
She stopped stoking his cock just as he was about to cum. She told her daughter to try it. She started to stoke his cock, which was covered in precum. Her mother told her to keep a watch on his balls if they started to pull up then he was getting ready to cum. She watched as his ball pulled up and she stopped. Adam started to hump the air trying to get the last stoke he needed to cum.
Adam’s cock was dripping precum as the maid moved on to his balls. She told her daughter to take his left ball while she took his right ball and follow along. They each took their ball in their hands. The maid told her daughter to feel around the entire ball and gently squeeze it. They both began to squeeze their respected ball. They continued to squeeze Adam’s balls for next five minutes.
The maid told her daughter to feel the back side of the testicle for where the cord is attached to the testicle. She told her that this was the most sensitive part of the testicles. She told her daughter to take the cord between her thumb and index finger and slowly follow it up as high as she could go.
Soon both the maid and her daughter had their fingers going up into his scrotum. They both felt the cords as high up as they could go. The maid told her daughter that these cords are what give “life” to the testicles. They are very sensitive and if you were to clamp or cut them, the testicles would die. This is called castration.
The maid told her daughter to move her fingers to the halfway point on the cords and gently squeeze the cords. The maid’s daughter questioned if this would castrate him. She laughed and said no, it would take a lot more f***e than their fingers could every do. They both started to squeeze on the cords. Adam looked down in pain as they were squeezing the lifeline to his testicles.
After a few minutes the maid told her daughter to let go of the cord and take hold of the testicle again. She told her to grab the side of the ball with her one hand and twist the ball so the back side of the ball was now in front. She reminded her daughter how the back side of the testicle where the cord attached was the most sensitive.
She told her to start to flick the testicle with her other finger where the cord attached to the testicle. With each flick Adam quivered in pain. After over 100 flicks each they stopped flicking their ball. Adam was relieved they had stopped. But that was soon replaces with fear again as the maid told her daughter to trade balls.
The maid pushed her ball behind her daughter’s ball and took hold of the other ball. She told her to give her, her ball back. She pushed her daughter ball behind her ball. This completely wrapped Adam’s cords together in the middle of his scrotum. He was in agony as his balls were being wrapped around.
They each let go of their ball and slowly watched as each ball worked its way around the other ball to become untangled. Adam winced in pain as his balls became free from each other. Almost an hour had passed since they started playing with his balls and it was time for them to get their last kicks in.
The maid told Adam to kneel down for his last kicks. She told her daughter they each get 5 kicks. She looked at Adam and asked who he wanted to go first. He thought about it, the maid had a stronger kick but her foot was larger spreading kick over a greater area. While the maid’s daughter weaker kick with a more of the kick on his balls.
He was still debating when the maid said you are taking too long, it is now 10 kicks each and I will go first. With that she started her kicks. Her kicks were nearly as hard as his mother’s kicks. After a few minutes of recovery Adam was kneel in front of the maid’s again with his balls waiting for her kicks.
Before her kicks, the maid took a hold of his balls forcing them down to the bottom of the scrotum. She squeezed hard making his balls stretch the skin to a glossy shine. She then told her daughter to kick his balls now. She kicked with all her might and Adam nearly passed out in pain.
With her mother holding his balls they could not move to avoid some of the kick. All the kick went into his balls. Adam begged before the next kick to let go of his balls. She told him he had a choice 5 more kicks like the last one with me holding your balls or 2 more with me holding your balls and 20 regular kicks. Adam chose the second option.
The maid let go of his balls and told her daughter to go for the 20 kicks they would do the squeeze kick at the end. Adam watched as the maid’s daughter went for her 20 kicks. After the 20 kicks the maid grabbed Adam’s balls and told him that this was going to be special for her daughter.
She pulled only his left ball down to the bottom of his scrotum. She told her daughter to do the first kick now. Adam’s left ball was now going to take the full impact of the kick. He started to protest and the maid told him to not worry his right ball was next.
Adam watched in slow motion as her foot made contact with his left ball. His left ball took the entire f***e of the kick. Before he had a chance to recover she took hold of his right ball and told her daughter to go for the kick. The maid let go of his ball and gave his balls a light slap and thanked him for sharing in their mother daughter moment.
Adam was lying on the ground when they left the room. He stayed on the ground for awhile to recover. Lying on the ground he was looking down at his beaten and blue balls. His cock was hard the entire time his balls were being busted. His cock was dripping precum the entire time as well.
He started to get up and was on his knees when the door opened and it was his mother. She smiled at the sight of her son kneeling in front of her with his balls hanging freely. She told him that this was great way to greet his mother. She put down some bags of stuff she got and delivered a well placed kick to her son’s balls.
Sarah picked up her bags and started to take out the contents. First was their lunch. Then she reached for the other bag. She pulled out deep heat muscle cream and a new pair of stiletto heels. She locked her son back in his chastity belt and untied his wrists so they could eat their lunch. She could not stop smiling while eating her lunch.
After cleaning up from lunch she took the deep heat muscle cream and told Adam to present his balls for his mother. She took a large hand full of the cream and applied it to Adam’s balls. At first it was not that hot, however, soon Adam’s balls were on fire. He was jumping around trying to cool his balls off.
Sarah told him to stop moving around and his balls might cool down. He stopped and with the heat cream his balls were really low in his sack. Sarah loved the look of his low hanging balls. After about an hour the heat was starting to subside. Sarah took another handful of the heat cream and applied it to her son’s balls.
All Adam could do was stand there while his mother lathered up his balls with the heat cream. Soon his balls were on fire, again. Sarah told him she will do this 4 more times for the next 4 hours. She told him to be happy that this was all she was doing, she could be busting his balls as well. After the last hour, she told Adam to take a shower and really wash his balls clean.
After the shower Sarah explained to Adam that she will be using her new stiletto heels on his balls. She said it would be special since these shoes have never touched the ground. The first surface they will step on and the only thing they will step on will be your balls. These will be special heels for me and your balls. She then locked him in his chastity belt and told him toke his shower.
Adam went in to the bathroom with noting on but his chastity belt. While waiting for the water to heat up he was looking at his balls. They were bright red from the heat cream and hanging low, also because of the heat cream. As he was holding his balls he was thankful they were almost home. He took his shower, paying extra attention to his balls.
When he got out of the shower his mom was on the table waiting for him. She tied his hands behind his back and removed his chastity belt. She ordered him to place his balls on the table. He did so and watched as she placed the shoes on his balls. She then slid her feet in each of the shoes.
She pressed down on his balls and his cock started leaking precum. Sarah was thrilled about her new shoes only touching her son’s balls. She pressed down some more as Adam cringed in pain. After about 10 minutes she took her feet out of the shoes and removed them from his balls. She placed them back in the box for protection.
While Adam was recovering, Sarah went to take a shower for the evening. She came out completely nude and Adam’s cock was rock hard and dripping precum. She walked up to him and took hold of his balls and said they look sore feel full. She give him a quick squeeze and told him she would not make him choose tonight since they were going to be home tomorrow.
They left early in the morning to get home in the afternoon. When they were pulling in the drive way Adam asked if he would be let out now since they would be back to the normal. Sarah pretended she did not hear Adam ask. She told Adam to unpack the car and bring everything into the house.
After some time Adam asked his mother to let him out since they were back home. She looked at him and asked him how old he was when the first time he had cum. Adam stared blankly trying to process the question. He stuttered 13. Sarah was happy he answered the question. Adam did not understand why he was asked.
Sarah smiled and said he has a choice. First is he is allowed to cum whenever he wants but for the next 13 years his balls will not stop being busted and orgasms will come at a price. While he is cumming he will have to submit his balls to his mother for punishment. Or his second choice is he will be locked in chastity for 13 years with daily teasing and edging. His punishment for asking to have an orgasm will result in 24 hours of ball torture.
The choice was his…

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