Mother, Daughter, and the Old Pizza Deliver man

Mother, Daughter, and the Old Pizza Deliver man
A girls night in, myself the mother, and my daughter, who at f******n was a sexual libertine, a girl whose morality changed with her first periods, and whose body blossomed too quickly, developing breasts and an a libido, in equal measures, a development that even I was surprised by that night, the night she ordered a pizza, and drew me into her sexual web of deceit, poor pizza guy, his cock never stood a chance.
We had some wine, after all we were in the house, so what could be the harm giving your daughter of f******n a glass or two of red wine, I mean the French do it, so why not us, besides, we should teach our c***dren how to drink, only problem was, we have no experience on how they will handle it, especially, as in my case, I was too d***k myself to know what she was doing.
It was past 23:00, that much I can remember, because Pia wanted some Pizza, and I remember remarking I thought it was too late and looking at the clock.
Pia phoned and I dozed off. I don’t even remember the doorbell ringing, or the Pizza being delivered, but I do remember waking up as my panties were being pulled down my legs, by this naked old man, and my daughter standing completely nude, filming it on her iPhone.
My head was in a complete mess, and I was confused, as most of what I was wearing had been removed, ‘Pia’, I said to my daughter, ‘what’s going on sweetheart’?
‘He wants to fuck you, mummy’, she replied, still holding her phone up as she continued recording.
By now my panties had been removed and tossed on the chair to my left, as I propped myself up on one arm, this older man was towering over me, stroking a very large erection, just hovering over my head.
I was still befuddled, in a d***ken stupor, and he was pushing me backwards onto the settee. I fell back with ease, and felt my brassiere being pushed up and his head bending in on top of me, he was sucking my nipples, and my gaze shifted to my daughter, still filming, but now touching herself.
It all added to the surreality of the whole thing, I could feel the warmth of his mouth and saliva, on my nipples, and his fingers in my pussy, thrusting hard, both of which were meeting my own rising sexuality, it had been years since I last had a man, and I could feel the back of his almost hairless head in my hand, I was cradling him as he feasted on my titties.
I could hear Pia’s voice talking, ‘Now he is fucking my horny mother’, and I opened my fuzzy eyes, to realize his position had changed, he was atop of me, between my open legs, and instead of his fingers, it was his cock, he was indeed fucking me, and I was indeed enjoying the illicit liaison, my daughter Pia, was at my feet, no doubt watching his cock go in and out of my hungry cunt, my hips were rising and falling to meet his thrusting.
I don’t know how loud I was when I came, but I do remember feeling an overwhelming wave after wave of relaxation, a sexual stimuli that sent me off into to a deep sl**p, a lightness and a warmth, the later being a blanket being put on my naked body, a darkness, as the light was distinguished, and a naked man walking through a door that was closed, as they went into her bedroom.
I awoke some six hours later, with the joys of Spring in my heart, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I felt I was a changed women, then as I thought, it all started coming back, and I felt between my legs, I was really very wet, and I brought some of the wetness to my nose, the smell was familiar, and the tinge of salinity and acridness, told my it was not a dream from a d***ken binge, this was semen, oozing from my womanhood, I did have a cock inside me last night, I was fucked, and I got up and stood shaking on my feet.
I was naked, and as I looked around the living room, there were clothes everywhere, as if ripped off in passion, mine, my daughters, and a man’s.
I wandered down to my daughters room and the door was ajar, she was in bed, and the man was in beside her, the same man who had fucked me, had also fucked my f******n year old daughter, I was aghast, but strangely connected, he had achieved every woman’s nightmare scenario, fucked both of us, and I stood there naked and shaking my head, a smile on my lips.
I went into the room and stood by the bed on the side where he lay, they lay back to back. I lifted the cover, for some strange reason, I wanted to see my daughters bloom against his aged being, and as I did so, my eyes befell upon his morning woody, it was fat, engorged by bl**d and piss, and lay some nine inches in length.
My daughter’s bed was king-size, so I slipped under the covers and set about his cock, Spring was here indeed, as I sat stride him, this time I was conscious of what I was doing, and did not care a jot as I started humping him, there certainly was something in the mother daughter thing with sex.

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