Mother & daughter bond

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Mother & daughter bond
Veronica lay on her bed and watched as Anita slowly undressed in front of her. The 53-year-old women mesmerized her daughter by gentle exposing her barely contained breasts under her bra. She eventually removed her demin jeans and allowed her daughter to see her fleshy camel toe bulge under her white panties. Anita’s slightly wrinkled skin glistened in the morning light perfectly exhibited her mature figure and this sight was clearly exciting and yet frightening for Veronica.
Anita noticed a slight reaction from Veronica and chuckled “Not bad for an older woman V? – Trust me you are going to love what I have planned for us later..!”
Veronica clearly blushing didn’t know how to react or what to say but one thing came to her “Mom are you sure I am going to enjoy this?”
Veronica and Anita had a close relationship and even though there was a sizable age difference between. Veronica was Anita’s oldest c***d and Veronica’s b*****r was only a few years younger. To an outsider they were all very different yet had some similar attributes that made them generally argue about everyday occurrences.
The two women as mentioned had grown close as Veronica entered teenage hood and eventually they bonded as a mother a daughter would do over typical things like make-up, gossip, dating and sex. As the years went by they would appear more like two long lost s****rs than mother & daughter. Anita was always quite cheeky with her c***dren and could always find a way to get under their skin.
It was easier to get to Rick than it was to Veronica. Anita in general could at anytime diffuse any tension in the household by embarrassing her son by talking dirty to him about sex or porn. Either would work and he would always do an about turn when it got too risqué for him. On the other hand Veronica found this sort of ribbing to be quite good fun and eventually mother and daughter could fire off various sex-based joke/insults at each other.
Masturbation was always a strong topic for them both and Anita decided to head off any attempt of Veronica to lose her virginity early. Her mother knew that V was masturbating vigorously nearly everyday by the crumpled sticky underwear on laundry day. They often talked about it and this finally culminated one evening in Anita’s bedroom.
“V come and sit down next to me, I want to show you something”
Veronica soon sat down to her wearing very little apart a short strappy nightgown. Both women didn’t like to wear too much and Anita likewise was only wear a tank top and a pair of thin panties – It barely covered her large breasts and her cameltoe.
Anita’s daughter peered at the bed and was taken aback for a split second. “I know you considering you have a birthday coming up and I have loads of spare sex toys I haven’t used for a while so go ahead and pick out a few you want.
Veronica’s eyes almost popped out her skull looking at the sheer choice available. “Mom you are really letting me have as much choice as I want??”
Anita: “Yes missy choose whatever toys you want”
After a few minutes Veronica had picked out a few select toys. “Well I’ve never had a G-spot orgasm before so I would like that one and that double anal/vagina vibrator looks like a good one, maybe a rabbit.
“Heheh check out my daughter already doing reviews of sex toys. I’d recommend a one my G-spot toy’s, very deep penetrating vibrations directly onto the g-spot and if you are lucky you might even…squirt.
Veronica laughed “WOW I’d love to squirt – it’s never happened to yet but I have felt the signals but damm mom I’m kinda shocked –I didn’t think we would have so much intimately in common. She picked up the g-spot toy and turned it up to full power “That’s got some serious juice mom and by looking at the angle it’s going to be directed straight onto the G-spot!!”
Anita jokingly said to her daughter in “Why don’t you press the end onto your panties and see what it feels like. V already excited from the all choice did exactly that and got a sudden jolt of vibrations to her clit, which came alive in seconds. Her pussy started to ooze juice and it soaked the centre of her grey panties.
Her mother looked down at her daughter’s panties and saw that that she was clearly getting aroused watching her daughter’s breathing was getting heavy. “I will definitely be adding this one to my collection,” replied veronica as she turned off and placing back on the bed.
At the exact same time Veronica happened to look down at her mother’s panties and saw that there was a little sticky mass building exposing her protruding pussy lips.
“Umm mom I can tell you are getting a bit excited – (looks at her mother’s wet panties)
Anita: “Hmmmm Yeah I guess so missy, you don’t mind if I started right now with some of my favourite toys. If you really want I can give you some hand on tips on how to give yourself a mind-blowing orgasm with these sex toys. There are plenty of ways to get yourself off.
Veronica “go ahead mom and if I’m totally honest I’d love if you could help me – maybe I could watch you masturbate with those toys.
Her mother thought about what was being said “Well hey if it’s just us two then what could be so wrong with that and if I’m going to scream my head off it may as well be in front of my daughter. I warn you I can be quite loud.
Anita sauntered up closer to the young girl watching as Veronica’s eyes were popping out her skull at the prospect what was to come.
“Right why don’t you sit on the end of the bed and I will take my panties off and spread my legs.
Her mother pulled her panties off and then spread her legs in front of her daughter. Her meaty pussy lips parted and Veronica could glimpse deep into her mother’s glistening vagina. The sweet aroma of her mother’s pussy caught Veronica by surprise – she hadn’t expected the sweet aroma of her mother’s pussy to be strong.
Anita brushed her warm hand over her stomach and dripped a thick murky liquid along the edge of her favorite G-spot toy. She then began to slowly push dildo into her very warm pussy and slowly turned up the power on the vibrator – it sputtered to life with a whine. With the other hand she started to caress her sagging but double DD breasts.
The spectacle of her mother so wet and aroused was a massive turn on for Veronica and to be so close was breaking huge barriers in her mind. Her heart raced listening to her mothers gently moans under her heavy breathing. The Vibrator high-pitched whine was starting to mix with fleshy spattering sound.
Her mother then started to mutter a few words. “V it’s right on my g-spot…urhhh I think I’m going to cum”. Veronica looked down at her mothers as left leg as it started to tremble. I’m going to cuuuuummmmmm uuuurhgggghh”
Within moment Anita let out a massive and chronic scream deep from within her lungs. The screaming orgasm’s reverberated around Veronica’s ears feeling it deep inside her. He body seemed totally possessed as her back involuntary arched off the bed. The screams and her mother’s body seemed to be completely in sync. The screams dropped in pitch as they became guttural. Veronica was watching something so totally foul and vile but she couldn’t look away from the sight.
“uuuuurgggggggg ohhhhhh my gooooodddddd” screamed Anita as her eyes sunk to the back of her skull. Veronica looked at her mother’s expression as the bl**d flowed to her face. She started to scream heavily again for the 2nd time. Her mouth was stretched wide open exposing her teeth, as vile sounds seemed to be forcing themselves out of her body. Veronica was utterly shocked at the sheer brutality of her mother having an earth shattering orgasms in front of her.
Anita’s back finally recoiled back onto the bed as the crest of her second orgasm passed. She looked up at her daughter clearly sweating with a sexual adrenaline. In that same moment she looked down on her open legs and extracted the dildo from her pussy.
She then motioned to her daughter “Why don’t you lick the pussy juice off the toy, it’s yours after all. Veronica licked the base of the g-spot toy to the head with her long tongue.
Anita passed her the g-spot toy and motioned to her if wanted to try it out chuckling up under her breath. “Do you want a go little Missy??

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