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I’m mechanic and I 24 still at home and why not cooked meals and my washing done. I keep my mother’s car running great and she looks after me as always. My best friend married and moved across town and his mother 49 widow still lives next to my parents and I also work on her old car and keep it running for her. Since her son got married, she lives alone, but has family visitors every weekend and not usually on weekdays as she works as a doctor’s receptionist. My parents went away in late April and as I worked on my friend’s mother’s car she invited to dinner with her, which was better than the beans on toast I was planning on. Anyway, we were happy a fun and one thing led to another, and I fucked her, and I can’t say we were drunk as no alcohol was involved. I just kissed her, and it went from there. I could say I was shocked, but I wasn’t Iwas very happy to have fucked her. She was a bit ashamed in the morning, but I got to let me fuck her again and she wasn’t worried about us having sex anymore. I do have a girlfriend and we’re having sex, but the sex with my friend’s mother is great and I try every time I visit her and we’re alone to fuck again. I do get sex, not every time but enough to keep me trying. It a mutual satisfaction relationship. Neither of us would win any beauty contest, especially me.

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