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By AlabamaSlamma When Creg’s wife becomes cold in the bedroom, her mother will do whatever it takes to keep them together.

Greg is a 37 year old who is married to Debra who is 36 years old. They have been married for 12 years and have two small children. Greg has a great job and provides well for his family. Over the past couple of years Debra has gotten colder and colder in the bedroom.

When they first met they fucked like rabbits multiple times a day. Even after they got married it continued but as she had the first child it slowed down and after the second one it was even less. During the times they did have sex she would just lay there.

Now she refuses him 99% of the time. Greg has grown frustrated with her and is thinking about getting a divorce but he loves his kids and coming from a broken home, he knows how hard a divorce is on the children.

Peggy is Debra’s mother and she is 54 years old. She actually doesn’t look a day over 45. She has a gorgeous body with 40DD tits that always gets Greg’s imagination going. She has a gorgeous bubble butt as well. Her daughter didn’t take her body after her mother as she is small in the tit and ass department.

Peggy and Greg always got along great and would often talk about different things. Peggy was a widow as her husband and Debra’s father was killed by a drunk driver before Greg married Debra. One day while the kids were at school and Debra was out supposedly shopping, Greg was sitting at home when Peggy came for a visit.

She could tell something was wrong with Greg. She knew that they were having some issues in the bedroom as Greg had mentioned it before. She asked him if he was OK.

“Actually I am not OK Peggy. I have tried everything I know to do to fix our problems. I have suggested doctors, councilors, retreats and other things but she just doesn’t want to do anything especially in bed. I can’t take it anymore and as bad as I don’t want to, I am seriously thinking about getting a divorce from her!” He said as he looked at the floor.

Peggy truly cares for Greg and can’t understand why her daughter is the way she is. She has tried talking to her and it has fallen on deaf ears. She has a cold heart and a cold personality for whatever reason and she can’t see the problem.

Peggy doesn’t want to see her grandchildren suffer from a divorce as she has seen it all too often. Peggy has been giving something a lot of thought in the past year since she first learned about there problem.

She has missed sex since her husband died and she also knew that Greg was not a slouch in bed as Debra had once told Peggy about their sexcapades. Now Peggy knew what she needed to do, but she had to figure out a way to get Greg on board.

She was going to take her daughter’s place in their bed. Of course Debra would never know about the arrangement. And hopefully it will keep Greg from seeking a divorce.

She looked into his eyes and said “Greg I believe I have a solution for your problem!”

Greg looked at Peggy as he sat there.

“What is your solution?” He asked

“Well I know that you have had a keen interest in my big tits! I have caught you on more than one occasion checking these puppies out!” She said as she lifted her tits up in her hands.

Greg blushed tremendously and knew that he had been busted. He thought that he had been discreet enough but apparently not.

“I know that you have needs that my daughter is neglecting and to be honest I have missed sex a lot. My proposal is that you can fuck me anytime you want to as long as you don’t seek a divorce from Debra!” She said as she could feel her juices start flowing.

Greg looked at her trying to figure out if she was serious or was she trying to set him up? He sat there stunned by what she had said and she could see that he didn’t know if she was serious.

“Look Greg, this is a legitimate offer. I am serious about it and I would never dream of telling Debra or letting her find out. We will work something out so that we can find time to be together if only long enough for you to fuck me. What do you say?” She said.

She noticed that his cock had grown hard and was tenting out his pants. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around the shaft as he moaned. She slipped down onto the floor on her knees and opened his pants. She reached into his underwear and gripped his hard throbbing cock and pulled it out into the open.

Her eyes sparkled as she saw his 8 inch fat cock for the first time. She slowly stroked it as she moaned. It throbbed angrily in her hand as a big glob of pre cum appeared at the slit.

Greg laid his head back against the couch as he gave himself over to the incredible feeling of his mother in law’s hand wrapped around his shaft.

“OHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS BABY WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COCK YOU HAVE!” Peggy moaned as she leaned over and sucked the glob of pre cum into her mouth. She swirled it around with her tongue and swallowed it before dropping her mouth down further onto his cock.

Greg groaned deeply as he felt her hot wet mouth sliding down his shaft as her tongue swirled around the fat purple head. He placed his hands on her head and she moaned again as she felt herself being pushed further onto his cock. It bumped the back of her head and caused her to gag slightly.

It had been a while since she had a cock in her throat. She eased her mouth down further until the head slipped into her throat. She heard Greg grunt and she started swallowing around the shaft as she reached the base with her lips.

Her drool ran out of her mouth, down his shaft and pooled under his balls. Greg began to thrust upwards into her sucking mouth as he felt his cum boiling up. He knew that he was about to cum as it had been a while since he had anyone touch his cock besides himself.

“OH GOD I AM GOING TO CUM!” He groaned deeply.

Peggy doubled her efforts of sucking his cock as she massaged his balls. Suddenly she felt his cock throb angrily as his cum flooded her throat. She gulped everything down as she continued to milk him for everything that she could get. She continued to stroke his cock and suck on the head getting every single drop.

When she had finished draining his first load she looked at him and smiled a wicked little smile.

“Mmmmmmmm you taste amazing! I hope that there is more where that came from!” She moaned as she continued to stroke his cock.

Peggy reached down and grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head and tossed it onto the floor. She reached back and unhooked her bra and pulled it off her massive tits. They swung back and forth as she tossed the bra onto the floor.

Greg reached out and grabbed a tit as he rubbed his thumb across a hard throbbing nipple. Peggy moaned as he continued his assault on her tits. She enjoyed having her tits manhandled.

Greg’s cock began to swell as he played with her tits. She stood up and stripped off her pants and underwear leaving her exposed to his gaze. She had a patch of hair right above her fat pussy.

She straddled him as she pushed her tits against his face and placed his cock against her smoldering wet pussy. She slowly pushed her pussy down onto his cock. She hissed out loud as she felt herself being spread open by his fat cock

When she was about half way down he grabbed her hips and drove her down onto his cock. She yelped as her ass slapped his thighs. She sat there trying to get accustomed to his cock as he began to maule her tits with his hands and mouth.

She moaned as she began to bounce up and down on his cock driving it balls deep inside every stroke.

“OH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS! FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR COCK!” She moaned as she grabbed his neck and drove her pussy down onto his cock.

Greg was thrusting upwards as she crashed down. Their bodies were slapping together loudly as she moaned and whimpered loudly. He grunted and groaned as she milked his cock with her soaking wet pussy.

She was tighter than Debra and she fucked better than Debra. She definitely had a better body than Debra and if she wanted to give him access to her body in place of Debra then who was he to refuse?

Peggy was cumming over and over again as she rode his cock like a bucking bronco. She felt his cock throb angrily as his orgasm approached him. She knew that he was about to fill her pussy with his seed.

“PUMP YOUR CUM DEEP INTO MY PUSSY!” She screamed as her orgasm slammed her body at the same time as his cock exploded inside her hot wet tight pussy.

“HOLY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS!” Greg groaned as she worked her pussy up and down his spewing cock.

After he had finished cumming deep inside her pussy she climbed into the floor and sucked his cock clean.

“Do we have a deal now?” She asked as she smacked her lips after pulling her mouth off his clean cock.

Greg could only nod his head yes.

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By AlabamaSlamma #Cheating #Incest #Mature