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Hello ISS lovers, Having sexual fun with in-laws can be fun too. I haven’t enjoyed it myself although some of my email friends do write to me a lot about this. The following story is inspired from one of those interesting mails from my friend and I believe you would love this as much as you have enjoyed my other real experiences.

Purnima, my wife has always been a great lover on the bed even while we weren’t married. It was she who made the first towards sexual advancements and I still remember how we fucked like rabbits inside the Ambassador Car which I inherited from my father. She had a pair of tiny loose tits when we dated and it is amazing to see how they have grown in size and density within a couple of years after we got married. Both of us preferred to wait for three years to have a baby for more reasons including our careers and of course, our sexual aptitude. The only problem I faced was about her exaggerated screaming while we fucked especially when she approached her climax. She used to shout ‘Bo ka Shodha’ frequently which I never understood long as I did not know Bengali. Purnima herself told me later that it just meant ‘Mother fucker.’ I smiled to myself as it perfectly suited me as I have done my mother on the bed probably more than my Dad. We lived in a decent apartment in Ghaziabad from where we traveled to Delhi everyday for work. I worked for a Solicitor’s firm in Barakhamba road whereas my wife worked as a Management Trainee in a Consultancy in Nehru Place.

After two years of our marriage, I got an opportunity to spice up my sexual appetite during her mother’s first visit to our place. Purnima’s mother Kalpana lived in Kolkatta working as a lecturer in some college. Although in her late 40’s, she looked well preserved and seemed to be paying more attention about her looks than her own daughter. Purnima had told me that she wouldn’t like to have sex during her mother’s stay as she was convinced that her screams would be very much audible in such a small flat like where we stayed. I hesitantly agreed wondering how my wife would forgo sex for such a long.

When Purnima’s mom, Kalpana, arrived, I discovered that she still looked attractive willing to reveal her sharp features unlike the conventional Bengali women. She had long black hair and looked gracious although a couple of creases were found on her skin. Both of us went to receive Kalpana at the New Delhi Railway Station. Kalpana gave her daughter a long hug and followed it up with another to me while I stood slightly embarrassed. I somehow thought she was more curious to hug me, as her body pressed relatively harder and longer to me. Her breasts felt like being well looked after.

The next couple of days were interesting as visited almost all the places of interest in and around Delhi, getting into shopping frenzy and eating from continental to south Indian. Kalpana appeared flirtatious never worrying about touching as she spoke. She kept tilting her body as if she wanted me to see her flesh portions in the profile view. She would quietly remove her high heels and let her leg teasing my calf underneath the table without fearing that her daughter would watch. I got over my initial moments of embarrassment, started enjoying her gestures as I realized that she was a woman who could be conquered on the bed. I even thought to myself that it would be one great accomplished to have fucked my mother umpteen times before I got married and to be able to fuck my wife’s mother as well if and when it happened. Purnima never seemed to be noticing whatever was going on as she looked excited about seeing her mother and being with her after a long time. I was getting aroused and couldn’t find an outlet as Purnima had refused sex so long as her mother was with us. After a memorable week, finally we woke up one Monday morning realizing that both I and Purnima had to report for duty as our holidays are over. Kalpana wasn’t unduly perturbed about staying alone at home as she assured us that she would keep herself entertained with the help of the TV and a few dvds we had.

Purnima left for office around 8 A.M while I normally leave around 9 A.M. Finally, that one hour turned out to be the beginning of another chapter in my tryst with sex life. Kalpana was wearing a light pink churidar without a bra as my probing eyes discovered her breasts through the thin fabric. I was sitting right opposite to Kalpana on the breakfast table bare chest and in shorts. It was she again who looked like determined to make me fall on her as she began rubbing her feet against my calf very slowly. I preferred to stay still as I was getting aroused. She was daringly looking into my eyes as she spoke.

After breakfast, Kalpana settled on the sofa to watch TV while I dragged my feet behind her and sat very close to her. It was my turn to look into her eyes and soon we started exchanging funny smiles. I broke the ice by winking at her for which she responded immediately. I lifted both my arms and motioned my fingers in the air signaling to her that her tits were worth a hard squeeze. She smiled and blushed to look even sexier than before. I got further encouraged as my right hand reached in between her thighs to rub her elevated mound.

“I wish I can have a go right here!” I whispered. “After all, it gave me the woman whom I fuck every day.”

“Aren’t you content with my daughter?” She laughed.

“Well, I feel the other way around,” I quipped. “It looks as though my horny mother-in-law is not content with her old man at her disposal.”

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“You are right,” She winked at me. “I have once heard Purnima telling her close friend over phone that you are very hot.”

Saying this, she stood up and without waiting for any nonsense, she undid her churidar swiftly and stood like an Angel in the nude.

“Come on; Take me.”

My eyes widened as my lusty hands reached out to feel her smooth silky skin. I began moving my hands all over her body as she kept moving around. Once my hands felt like going again with a firmer grip, her extended hand rested on my bulging crotch and started caressing it. I held her by the shoulders and pulled her onto my chest to hug her hard. Her naked boobs banged against my bare chest as she let out a gentle, ’sssssssssssss!’ My right hand reached to her chin while my left hand went around holding her butt. Our lips found each others, beginning with a peck only to indulge in a much deeper and harder kiss. Kalpana moaned inside my mouth as my grip on her got harder and tighter. Her hands went down desperately to remove my shorts as my naked dick sprang up furiously from the captivity brushing her thighs.

“See how big your son-in-law’s dick is,” I smirked at her.

“No,” She covered her face with her hands as if she was shy of seeing my throbbing dick.

As my hands clutched her tits, the very feel of my palm pressing against her perky nipples drove me crazy as my fingers encircled her hardened nipples to stroke them. Her head tilted backwards as my mouth reached to her tits to work them in alternate by licking her areola, sucking the nipples and gently biting whatever portion of her big tits got inside my mouth. Then, I got behind her hugging her and letting my hands go underneath her armpits to rest on her huge tits yet again and to begin the squeeze of a life time. My erect dick brushed the back of her thighs and bottom of her ass cheeks before settling between her spreading legs. The tip of my dick was hovering over her hairy pussy.

“Ssssss! What a feeling!” She exclaimed. Her right hand reached behind to get a feel of my long hard dick while my left hand descended from her tits onto her crotch. Damn it, I began fingering my mother-in-law’s pussy. After a prolonged foreplay, I was convinced that she was in the right mould for the rampage as I pushed her onto the sofa.

“Your daughter has starved me for a week because of you,” I told her mockingly. “I will ensure that I get back from you whatever is due to me.”

I pounced on her naked body and began by licking her lustfully all over her body. My fingers took over simultaneously as I teased her nipples, stroked her calf and caressed her thighs letting her squirm in arousal. I knew that she was raring to get fucked as she kept squeezing her own tits while biting her lower lips. I pushed her hands away as my mouth resumed on her tits once again to suck her nipples with more vigor than before. She kept moaning like a young girl getting sucked for the first time. My mouth started skidding down through her stomach to settle down on her pussy. I popped out my tongue to lick her vaginal lips for a few seconds before I decided to tease her further.

“Hey, you are my mom-in-law and I am just like your son,” I hissed. “Is it correct if we fuck?”

“Don’t worry,” She screamed. “I wish I had a son like you. If I had I would let him fuck me every day.”

I laughed again, circled her clit with my fingers while let an inch of my finger get inside her moist pussy every now and then. I started licking her pussy, in small circles to begin with and soon I got faster and harder as my tongue lashed her pussy in an amazing speed. I found that a couple of drops of her juice fell on my tongue as she looked like approaching her orgasm. I regained my grip on her by climbing on her naked body and my hard dick wasted no time in discovering where her wet cunt was. She wrapped both her legs and arms around me in sexual frenzy and began gyrating her hips. My dick began rigging in and out of her pussy while she keeps motioning her waist up and down as if she wanted an earlier close to the session. I soon got my rhythm going with my dick pumping her like an automated shaft moving mercilessly. My hands and mouth took turns in abusing her tits and nipples as she started screaming almost like her pretty daughter.

“Yess… Yesss… Yesssss.” She kept shouting as my dick was hammering her pussy with tremendous speed. Although it was late, I realized that I wasn’t using a condom and I wasn’t sure if Kalpana’s menopause. However, my dick was feeling extremely warm and splendid inside my mother-in-law’s pussy that I hardly wanted to withdraw even for a second.

“It’s coming, it’s coming,” She began to blabber as she approached the peak of her climax. My dick was finding its way in and out with incredible speed while the tip of my dick felt hot as if it were to explode like a cracker.

I felt as if my dick was driving my body rather than the other way around as I pumped Kalpana ferociously as if she was the first pussy I got. I soon got on the top of my climax as my dick exploded sending consecutive loads of thick semen inside my mother-in-law’s soaked pussy.

“Bo ka Shodha,” She screamed as my cum splashed inside her womb like loads of lava as she experienced her second orgasm. I was amused hearing this from her although I was gasping for breath after a hectic fucking session.

“Like daughter like mother.” I said to myself as I stared down at my naked mother-in-law whose face was bright in fulfillment.

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