Mother Knows Best Pt. 02

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tagIncest/TabooMother Knows Best Pt. 02

A few months had passed since that first fateful double date. We had teamed up again a few times to entertain clients from my office. Mom was really getting into it all and had taken to working on her figure even more. We had joined a small exclusive exercise group for women only, but had begun attracting the attention of even some of them. Comments were we couldn't possibly be Mother and Daughter, we had to be sisters. At 23, it was more or less expected that I'd be lean, trim and fit, but Mom was getting the looks as she trimmed and toned. She'd had me young, almost too young, and was now only just barely 40. A bit taller than me, her breasts hadn't sagged at all. They still sat firm and high and never really needed to be confined by a bra. She explained that part of the reason was diet and exercise, but also that she wore a bra during workouts and during casual times when they wouldn't be on display. She also talked about a certain secret potion provided by some of her dates over the years, liberally applied fresh and rubbed in thoroughly. I'll admit, I was a bit slow on understanding what she meant.
We began to talk more openly about what we were doing. She explained some about how she'd gotten into it all at a young age when Dad had to travel so much. He just wasn't home enough to keep her satisfied. She didn't mind because of the living standard his job allowed them to have, but they needed to work something out to keep her from getting too lonely. My sister Angie and I had picked up on the times when shes get dressed up and go out 'with the girls', leaving us with our grandmother as a sitter. We saw her go out, but we never saw her come home, yet she was always there the next morning. She said it was hard keeping it from us, but she had no choice. She also told me something I had not expected … that our grandmother knew all the details and openly supported it all. What really floored me what when she said Grandma knew, but had participated a few times, double dating as we had begun. This was all part of what got her started and why she was so anxious to get me out on that first date.
We moved on over time to talk about my husband Bill and how he took care of me. She probed and wanted to know if he was good in bed. I tried to explain without being too specific that he did his duties, but left me a bit less than happy. Getting more graphic, she wanted to know if he was big enough and knew how to use it well. I deferred a bit, not wanting to continue this line too far.
Insistent, she asked bluntly, "Courtney, does he fuck you like Ken did that first night we we went out together? Does he always get you to a satisfied orgasm?"
"Sometimes, but not always. Sometimes it seems as if he's preoccupied or something."
"Do you think he's distracted? Maybe another woman?"
"Distracted maybe by work, or stress, but no, he's not seeing anyone else."
"Maybe he should. Maybe he needs more experience. Maybe a tutor."
"Are you saying I should try to get him to go to a counselor or sex therapist?"
"No, I think he needs a tutor. Some one close that can keep his secrets and yours."
"Where would I find this magical someone?"
"The same place you found the one who helped you out of your shell."
"What are you trying to get at Mom?"
"I'm saying I helped you so maybe I can help him."
"You helped me by going on dates and having sex with men together. I don't think he's into that."
"But would he be into me?"
"What do you mean, into you?"
"Courtney, don't be so dense. He's kind of cute and I've noticed him looking at me recently. Should I approach him more openly? Would that help? Do you think he'd enjoy getting in to me? Literally in to me?"
"MOM!!! You want my husband to have sex with you?"
"No Courtney, I want him to have better sex with you, but I can help by tutoring him in bed. If you want me to."
"This is crazy. Fucking strange men together is one thing, but now we're talking about my husband. Your son in law! Isn't that Incest?"
"Not in this area. I've checked. And I'm not sure I would care. A cock is a cock and if he's agreeable and I can help him learn more, I may have other plans for him later."
"Fuck Mom. I don't care I guess. Do whatever you want since I probably can't stop you anyways."
Nothing more was said at the time, but over the next few weeks I noticed she was spending more time at our place. She was dressing and acting more provocatively too, but I really never saw them alone together. Neither of them said anything. But I noticed he was getting better in bed, paying more attention and taking his time more in some ways. He was lasting longer too and we both ended up more satisfied. A month or so later as he was finishing inside me, I caught something out of the corner of my eye as I writhed in orgasm. It took me a minute to realize it was Mom standing at the door watching us. As we relaxed for a bit, his cock still settled home, she walked towards us and sat on the edge of the bed. She was in a nearly sheer negligee and her nipples were standing out firmly.
"Well, how did he do? Do you think he's been a good student? Have I taught him well?"
We all looked at each other and sort of chuckled as Bill said, "Uh, yeah, your Mom is great in bed and she's taught me a lot."
"So, how many times and when? I never noticed anything."
"Oh, I don't know, a few. I approached him right after we talked about it last. He was a bit hesitant at first, but I talked him into it. And yes, I told him you knew and about some of our times out."
"You told him about THAT too?"
"Yeah she did. I wasn't too surprised that you were seeing other guys, but she kind of caught me offguard with how you both were in the same rooms together."
A few more days passed and they had become more open. I'd come home and find the bedroom door closed. I could hear them going at it, but never entered the room. For some reason, she didn't really want me to see them in bed together. She didn't mind during her open flirting. She'd sit with us at dinner or watching TV with very little clothing on. They'd openly fondle each other in front of me, but when it came time, they go off to another room and close the door. One other thing I'd noticed is that he was almost always nude when she was around. I didn't put it together at the time, but this was part of his training. She was keeping him naked and erect as much as possible. If he started to relax, she'd stroke him a few times to get him hard again. It was almost funny watching his cock pointed straight out and bouncing as he walked around the house.
But whatever she was doing was working. Our sessions lasted much longer. He could fuck for what seemed like hours when before she had started, he might only last a few minutes. She had also gotten him to start working out more and he was getting leaner and more trim, just like the two of us.
One night while Mom and I were getting ready for another of our double dates, she made him sit in the room fully naked. She made him watch us primp and get dressed as sexy as we dared, openly talking about what we would be doing in a few hours. We made no secret of the fact that we would be naked in a hotel room having sex with men we didn't really know. All the while she kept an eye on him, making sure he was still erect and fluffing him if necessary. When ready, all three of us walked to the front door. Before we left, she sank to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. Despite all the nudity and goading, this was the first time I'd seen my mother doing anything explicitly sexual with my husband. The tingling I felt below told me I'd want to see more.
She stood up, pulled a compact and lipstick out of her small bag and touched up her lips. "Let's go honey, they're waiting." She then turned back to him and said, "keep that thing hard and ready. This is an overnight date so we won't be back tonight but I have plans for it tomorrow night. I'll tell you both more about it tomorrow."
The date went as most of the others had. We did many things in the same room in full view of each other. She helped undress my date, then watched as I took his cock into me and rode him while her date fucked her from behind. She did one thing very different though. As soon as my date came inside me and pulled out, she immediately went down on him, licking our combined juices off his relaxing cock. She hadn't ever expressed anything like this and it made me wonder if she wanted something more direct. I hoped not, because I really wasn't up for that. I got more concerned when she directed me to do the same thing later. It was more than a bit odd tasting my mother's juices on a man's cock. Later, when I expressed my concerns, she assured me that was as far as it would go. The men had requested it when I was out of the room and they convinced her to try it, but that it wasn't something she really wanted to do and that it would be a one time extra kink. She stressed that while she had no problem doing oral on women, it would not happen with us. Relieved, I got caught on what she had just confessed.
"Mom? Women?"
"Yes. A few times. Not my main activity which is why I never mentioned it. It's nice once in a while though. Maybe you should try it."
I said something incoherent, not really showing any interest in it, but ending with a non committal "We'll see."
It was now nearly morning and the sunlight was just breaking. "Let's get back out there and let them have us once more before we go home. That last morning fuck can be exhilarating. I love going home right afterwards, feeling still a bit full."
I couldn't argue with that as I knew what she mean and enjoyed it also.
"Courtney, what do say we offer them a switch this time?"
"Sure Mom, whatever you say."
"Keith, would you like to fuck my daughter instead of me this time?"
I retorted with the same question to my date for the night. "What do you think, would you like to fuck my Mother?"
Of course they agreed. Who wouldn't? None of the others had ever refused.
We sometimes carried a little something extra for these dates and decided to employ them this time. We reached into our purses and pulled out very small but tight fitting thongs and held them out of sight as the men entered us side by side. They had fucked us on the same bed earlier too, but this was a little different somehow. We were literally side by side and could feel each other moving in response to the men's thrusts. Her's came first, followed by mine a few seconds later both of them flooding us with their last load of the date. That's when we presented them with the tiny thongs.
"Put these on us, so we can keep it inside until we get home."
The men complied, working them up our legs and fitting them tightly into place, the rear strap disappearing between our ass cheeks. We picked up the rest our our things, put our dresses and shoes on and walked out the door, doing the walk of shame that we were now so familiar with.
Back at home, the first thing she did was check to make sure my husband was still hard. Somehow, he was. We weren't sure how since it had been so long since we left. We had him remove our dresses and then went to shower, separately.
A few hours of sleep did me a lot of good. When I awoke, my husband was not beside me as I expected. I grabbed a small robe and went out in the the living room. There I saw him standing, still naked in front of my Mother, also naked. As I got closer, I could see that his cock was deeply embedded in her willing mouth … again.
"Mom, don't you ever get tired?"
"Oh, I got my rest, but this thing is so good, I couldn't resist".
"Fine Mom, but he IS my husband and you seem to be having him more than I do lately."
"Now, none of that jealously stuff. This is all part of my training for the next step."
"Next step? What do you mean?"
"My friends. He's not quite ready yet for my friends."
"Your friends? You're planning to offer my husband to your friends?"
"Oh, of course. They'll enjoy this just like I do."
"And when are you planning all this?"
"Tonight. You remember I said I have special plans for tonight? That will be his debut."
"I see."
"So will they. They'll see this," she said and she held his cock. "They'll all see this tonight."
"All? You said all?"
"Yes. My women's club meets tonight. Ten of us. You won't be there. Not this time. But he will. They'll all be dressed, but he won't."
"Sounds like an interesting club."
"It is. We each bring a man each month. He stays nude and serves us drinks. There is plenty of touching and fondling. Sometimes some oral action."
Looking up at him, she adds "You'll like that won't you, Bill? Being naked in a room of women, letting them touch or suck your cock in front of all the others?"
"I think I would. If that's what the two of you want."
"Courtney, that leaves it up to you."
"I'm OK with it if you both want it."
"Carol, will you be sucking my cock in front of the others?"
"I might. But maybe not. Do you want me to?"
"Well, we'll see how you do If you earn it."
"So, Mom, these guys you bring. Are they always family?"
"Oh, sometimes, not always. Sometimes they're just pickups. A couple of the girls have brought their sons or nephews. I've taken your father a couple of times."
"What else happens, anything he might regret?
"Not at all. Just as I've explained. But at the end of the evening, one of the ladies gets to take him home, so he so won't be back tonight."
"Not at all?"
"No, we'll have to go pick him up in the morning from whoever's house."

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