Mother Punished By Policeman

The train whistled and my mum lifted me and ran towards the door. We made it just in time before the train could gain speed. My mum sighed in relief and started searching for our seats. We found it without much ado and kicked the luggage under the seats. My mum had taken too much trouble for this; she hadn’t packed her bags last night building up a lot of shouts and anxiousness this morning.
MUM: ‘’beta come and sit on my lap.’’
I had been looking out through the window at the racing meadows and grazing lands. As my mum said I ran to her and sat on her lap and she planted a kiss on my cheek.
ME:”Mamma, when are we going to reach there?”
MUM:”In three days beta’’
We had boarded the Kerala express and were going to our native place. Soon it turned dark as evening swept in. Yet nobody was there in the compartment except us. I leapt out of my mother’s lap and sat on the opposite seat. And hereby my habit of fooling around started. I jumped from seat to seat and climbed the upper berth which gave me immense pleasure. My mum scolded me and I as usual didn’t listen.
Nothing used to scare me when I was of that age as my mum still recalls. The only thing she used to scare me with was the police. She used to show me the policemen in TV with guns and I used to obey every command. But now the TV was far away and I had no reason to worry.
But that night at a station our train stopped and a well built police man came in our compartment. He was grim looking at first so I swiftly climbed up. But to my utter surprise he smiled. Can they smile? , I wondered.
The policeman talked with my mother the evening and they continued their boring talk occasionally laughing. When my mother told him about my fear for the police he immediately pulled out his gun and allowed me to touch it. I was enthralled and lost my fear for the police too.
MUM:”You shouldn’t have done that”
She said smiling and the guy smiled back.
They continued talking and I fell asleep.
Next day the police guy changed into his clothes and was looking neat.  I played with him whole day and my mother remained staring at us with a lopsided grin on her face. My dad was a businessman and never played with me so much. It was mesmerizing; the feeling that man had created in me.
2 days were left and now we were supposed to reach Kochi by Monday morning as my mum said. We ate dinner with the police man and I slept on the upper berth opposite to my mum’s and above the policeman’s. With the singing of the Christian passengers in the other compartment I slept early.
That night was the time I learnt about a thing called sex…
It was nearly midnight, the singing had died down and I woke up. The train had stopped at some station and light was pouring in. I bent my head and looked through the window. The station was isolated with not a single soul moving. I lay back again cursing the lights. I didn’t sleep for maybe 20 minutes.
And after that he turned and saw the policeman on his knees beside my mum. I wondered what he was doing and leaned forwards looking down with my eyes nearly closed. He bent over my mum’s head and looked straight into her closed eyes. I was frozen for a very long as was the policeman. I continued staring wide eyed wondering what he was up to!
Then I nearly shouted out as he kissed her violet lips, it wasn’t a gentle one but one with a little force. I thought for a moment whether he was biting her now, it looked like that then I understood that he was kissing on the mouth. Till then I had not known about a kiss which was planted on the mouth, I used to think that kiss was something that his mother gave him daily which always involved only her mouth and my cheek or forehead. But this new kiss was something he needed to try.
Soon my mother woke up and tried to get up but he stopped her and made her lie down again, this totally confused me. I wondered what my mother had done and what he was going to do to her. Now my mother was lying back again. He kissed her again and bit her lower lip, and then he pulled her lower lip with his teeth and kissed it.
I could see all this as the lights from the station illuminated everything. I adjusted and made myself comfortable (my right arm was hurting as I didn’t want them to know that I was awake).
Then he lifted his left leg and climbed over my mum. He parted her legs and kept his front part between them. Now he lay over her and started kissing her again. He was kissing her very fast and I wondered why he was doing so! I never liked kissing my mum (on the cheeks) more than once. But I continued watching and saw him plunge his tongue in her mouth. I observed as I saw his tongue disappearing in her mouth and coming out repeatedly.
He was punishing my mum, I decided.
Slowly my mum’s hands moved above his back and then slowly through his hair as he continued kissing her. After some time he lowered and moved towards her breasts (I used to think those were fat chest my mother had) and started squeezing them over the dress. He tore the front part of her dress with a lot of noise and her boobs sprang out. I looked at them and wondered why they were so fat.
He was silent for sometime as the tearing had caused a lot of noise. But soon he started whispering in her ear and smiling. Then he started sucking her erect nipples which were red in colour then. I cannot remember exactly how the boobs looked but I think I can give a fair explanation.
They were kind of pointing upwards with a really round base as though all the fat part had been collected there. The nipples as mentioned above were red and there was a small pointed thing there (that is what I called an erect nipple then).
He circled the nipple round and round with his tongue and bit her nipple. My heartbeat which had started to slow down again sped up as I watched him biting her nipples.
The train had started moving again now and down there the police man was squeezing her right boob while licked her left boob. It was darkening now and I could hardly see anything. So I turned away and slept thinking of my poor mother who was being punished (as I had thought).
I woke up little later and turned to see whether the sex (punishment) was over but as I turned I saw him punishing her more severely. His hand rolled her saree and petticoat upwards till it uncovered her beautiful vagina. Then the man removed his underwear and my mum removed hers.  Whoa! I thought as I saw his penis. It was quite big and thick but mine was very small then. Maybe policemen had huge cocks, I thought.
He kept it between her thighs and gave a push. My mum cried out and relaxed. Then the actual game began, he inserted his dick in her and kept fucking slowly for some time. Then he increased his speed and mum closed her eyes. He was ramming into her legs and pulling out endlessly. As you all won’t fancy me talking about all this in terms of punishment let me tell it exactly.
He was fucking her now like he had never fucked any woman before. His dick was thick enough to give my mum immense pleasure. She was moaning in a very low voice occasionally crying out silently with the sum of pleasure. He lay over her hugging and kissing her and while pumping continuously.
Her boobs were crushed against his hairy chest. She had her eyes and lips closed being pushed backwards with the force of the thrusts given by this real man. He moved his fingers over her bare boobs and squeezed her erect nipples and she heaved in excitement. Then he caught her around the back and lifted her in a sitting position. Both of them caressed each other’s back and kissed like lovers.
If I was grown up I would have understood what he was doing, he was actually doing stop and start method. Pumping for almost 5 minutes then stopping and kissing my mother so that he neither ejaculate early nor lose his erection.
Then he pushed her against the window and started pumping again. My mum’s bare back was against the window and it was lucky that the train was moving or people at the station would have seen them.
Suddenly their speed and breathing increased and they ejaculated sharing their juices with each other. Then my mum pushed him away and he started dressing up. In an instant I saw a boy of the other compartment who was sleeping adjacent to the window move a little and disappear. That meant I wasn’t the only one to see this scenario. My mum dressed up changing the torn dress and wearing another one without the bra.
They looked at each other in the darkness and suddenly the guy lifted her from the seat and kissed her. Then he brushed his lips against hers softly and said goodnight.
I turned to the opposite side and slept in an instant. Morning drew in few hours and I was woken up by the policeman. I was reluctant to play with him as I was scared whether he would punish me the same way he had punished my mother in the dead of the night. But sooner I forgot the last night’s events and enjoyed the day with him.
Only thing that had changed was my mum and his behaviour to each other, they weren’t talking much but occasionally said yes and no for silly reasons.
T.C came in that afternoon and checked our tickets. Then the Christians started singing in the other compartment by evening and the policeman followed my mum out of the compartment to the door.
I never knew what they talked about or anything but when they came in again they seemed quite relaxed. Then we ate together and the police man and my mum wanted to sleep early so they made me sleep as soon as possible.
It was their last night together as we were going to reach Kochi by next morning. The policeman made sure I was asleep and by some time I really slept. It was 11 0 clock when I woke up and found that the lights of the other compartments had just turned off and ours was still bright till the police guy switched it off. I was wide awake and saw the guy sitting under my berth waiting…
It was half an hour later that everything was silent as the grave. Then there was ruffling sounds beneath and I looked at them. There he was lying above my mum devouring her lips with his mouth. He was a maniac in my view; I guess mum would have wasted at least one full stick of lipstick in these two nights.
After he was satisfied; he made my mother suck his dick. The policeman was sitting with his dick pointing straight upwards and my mum slid it in her mouth and started to fellate him. He grunted in pleasure and mum had her mouth shaped in a comical O as she continued to fellate him. The policeman squeezed her nipples making her move faster. Then after a few more strokes the fellatio was over and she lay on her back over the berth.
Then he removed my mum’s dress with ease as he simply pulled up her dress up to her neck and caressed her stomach. Then he crushed his mouth against her armpit and started licking there, mum was merely breathing heavily with slight moaning as he pinched her round nipples. I wondered what pleasure he got in the mouldy hairy armpit. Then like a dirty man he kissed her mouth sharing the smell.
Then he knelt on his knees and removed his trunks. He threw his dress away and inserted his cock in her and kept it there for some time to warm up in her hot pussy. Meanwhile I turned to confirm something and I was right. The man or boy who had witnessed yesterday’s events was watching again.
But down there my mum had started twitching frenziedly; she had her hands pulling the cushions and waist being banged.
MUM:”Yes, little left…hmmm…yes’’
The policeman turned his dick in her pussy left to right sometimes right to left, and even up and down as my mum continued giving instructions. It was the first time either of them had spoken during these two night fucking.
POLICEMAN:”ah…what a chute! I hate your husband!’’
I looked over to the other guy as he shook his hand over his waist faster than them below. But down there mum and the police guy didn’t bother. They continued their fucking continuing with the constant shaking of their bodies with the train.
In sometime the policeman grunted again and came in her vagina, they breathed very heavily and continued to caress each other lovingly. They made their lovemaking a good experience for each other to remember forever and then the night prolonged with lovely kissing echoes from below and died down by morning.
The policeman bid us farewell and kissed me on my cheeks and then on my mother’s. My mum lifted me and we watched him. As the train started whistling in the Kochi station and departing; mum started walking to and auto stand and I unsuccessfully tried to kiss her on the lips, thereby receiving a slap from her.
MUM:”Have you gone mad!!!’’
I cried and retorted
ME:”Why can’t give you kissii just like the police uncle was giving?’’