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I wrote this true story based on the recent experience of Chesty, my Internet friend in England. All people in the story are 25 years of age or older. The story is too good to not share. I hope you enjoy it.
My husband was busy doing stuff one cold day in January of 2020 so I just had him drop me off at Fran's house at about 3PM. She has a nice little two-story brick flat about a mile from our place in a quiet village not far from London. I love my husband of 17 years, but I also like other women, especially older women. Being swingers, it is not an issue in our marriage. It is a different story entirely for my friend, Fran.
Her family is a more conservative or you might say, "Normal" type of English family. Her husband is the kind of person who would absolutely flip out if he knew what his wife and I had been doing off and on for the previous year or so. I am the only one she has had sex with other than the occasional quickie with her husband. Like any 60-year-old woman, including myself, she has needs. It did not take more than a few minutes after my husband pulled away for me to start fulfilling her needs.
We started with the normal kissing and petting on her living room sofa. She was taking charge and undressing me and about 15 minutes later we were mostly naked with her nose deep in my pussy giving her tongue a workout. I was watching her work and lightly holding her head as waves of pleasure passed through my body. Then, suddenly, there was a penis in my face! For Fran's protection we are very discrete. The door had been locked and she had made sure that no one was expected.
The surprise visitor was her own 25-year-old son. Her married son with two young children I might add. It was his thick 6-½ inch fully erect dick pointing at my face. Apparently he had used his own key to enter the house and had been secretly watching us play for several minutes. Fran looked up startled and I grabbed some of my clothes to cover myself. We all just looked at each other for a moment and then Fran asked in a slightly defiant and angry voice,
"What do you want?"
While still holding his shrinking dick, he replied,
"I want to join in."
"What?" said Fran in disbelief.
Steve, her son, replied, "I want to join in and fuck you both."
Fran moved up to sit on the sofa next to me with her boobs hanging out and told him, "No, we can't …"
He cut her off saying,
"I'm going to fuck you or talk to dad about what you and your friend here do when he is out."
As I listened to their conversation I realized that if he told her husband about this it would be a major family scandal for her and might even lead to divorce as well as becoming the talk of the village that could be very bad for me as well. She was quiet for a moment and I think she came to the same conclusion that I did. Then she reached a hand out to his neck gently pulling him close and kissed him on the cheek. His response was immediate as he put one hand around her, the other on one of her tit, and kissed her back on the mouth, with tongue. There was no more conversation.
I was watching in absolute fascination. Fran and I locked eyes for a moment as she was making out with her son and I think I caught the glint of a smile. I wondered if she had been fantasizing about this for a long time. He probably had also and now they were doing it for real and right in front of me. I could not stop staring at them.
Then she stopped kissing him, he was on his knees and she pulled at his jeans so he stood back up as she undid and pulled his pants down. He moved his feet to get his pants all the way off while his mother was stroking and petting his dick. It looked like about a six incher, circumcised, and with a big head with thin blond pubic hair. I looked away from his dick up to his face and then rose up to my knees on the sofa so that my clothing fell away. He leaned down toward me and we kissed. I felt his tongue penetrate between my lips and then I pushed my tongue into his mouth twirling it around the base of his tongue. I had a small orgasm right at that moment.
It was kind of a shiver of pleasure. I backed off and looked down just as Fran, his own mother, started kissing the tip of his dick. He stood a little straighter in order to accommodate her and I just watched as the head of his dick disappeared into her mouth. It swelled up to full erect, not huge, but a nice size. She was taking about ¾ of it into her throat and obviously having a good time doing it. All the time he was reaching for and squeezing his mother's boobs with one hand and mine with the other.
It was about this point that we changed positions and she sat him on the couch spreading his legs wide and, without a word, guided me between his legs. I moved in and took his cock in my mouth and all the way into the back of my throat until my nose was pushing into his pubic hair. He arched toward me and pressed his hands on the back of my head. I could feel pre-cum in my throat, but could not taste it or breath. He released my head and I pulled back to get a breath. His mother was on the sofa and leaning over his leg. She started sucking as soon as it was out of my mouth. So I went down and started licking and sucking his balls. The whole thing was so erotic that I had another mini-orgasm while doing that. Fran was helping that time because she was reaching around my ass and had three fingers in my dripping wet pussy.
About that moment I heard a noise and looked up to find Fran was off her son's dick and was taking pictures. She smiled and I smiled back with his dick in my face. She took her wet fingers out of my pussy and put them in her son's mouth. He just opened his mouth as if he were a baby being fed by his mother. As I watched I started sucking his dick some more. I could tell he was not going to last much longer and Fran had changed from an ordinary grandmother to a full-blown porn star.
If you saw her out walking or in a shop you would never suspect she was anything other than an ordinary grandmother. Even her family, with one obvious exception, suspected nothing out of the ordinary. I knew her for a year before ever talking about sex. That is when I let her know that I liked both men and women. While at one of our local pubs on New-Years-Eve 2019 we had kissed. A few days later while visiting at my flat I told her about a 70-year-old woman that I had recently seduced and when I was nearing the end of my story Fran was squeezing my thigh. That was our first time having sex so this incident was probably the third or fourth time we had met up for sex and every time was fun.
This visit, however, was a whole new level of fun and interesting. I wanted that dick in my pussy so I climbed up to straddle her son while he was sucking on one of his mom's tits. Reaching down I guided his cock to my pussy and slowly sat down on it. I love that feeling when a new dick is sliding in for the first time. Then I started riding him. We were all picking up our phones to take pictures and then putting them down again. Then he started arching and making sounds like he was going to cum and Fran gently pushed me aside. As I slid off his cock she moved her head down and took him in her mouth and cupped his balls at the same time. He immediately grunted and I saw some of the cum leak from around her mouth, but she caught it and swallowed it all so that his dick came out of her mouth shiny clean.
I leaned down at that point and kissed her passionately. Steve had his head back on the sofa looking completely relaxed and his dick was shrinking. Fran said,
"Lets move this party to the bedroom and see if he is up for round two."
We all got up without speaking. She put Steve on the bed and went right to work sucking his dick and licking his balls. I started kissing him again while he was groping my boobs. His dick started swelling up again and as soon as it was stiff Fran climbed on top and sat right down on it. I got up on my knees and started kissing Fran and Steve started fingering my pussy so I moved over a little to give him better access. I was about to straddle his face, but then he sat up and, hugging his mother, switched positions so that she was on her back.
Then he took hold of his dick and started rubbing it up and down on his mother's pussy for a long minute as I alternated between watching that and kissing her. I watched as he slid into her as deep as he could. She made a sound of pleasure and he started thrusting against her in that high energy fucking that young guys do so well. I snapped a good picture of that just before he turned her over to do doggy style.
While she was on her hands and knees getting pounded from behind I moved behind him to get a better view of the action. I wetted my finger in my own pussy and then started poking it in his asshole. He seemed to like it so I got me head up in there and started riming his ass with my tongue. He paused when I did that, but didn't say anything and then started moving again. He was pulling out slowly against my face and tongue and then thrusting aggressively in. Each time his mother made a noise like half way between a grunt and a cry, but obviously in ecstasy.
After several minutes of that he made some grunting sounds like before and pulled out of his mother's pussy. I saw his balls shrink up inside and I could tell cum was shooting out as he withdrew. He stroked his dick a couple of times and two more pulses shot out on Fran's asshole and started slowly running down her pussy.
I wanted to clean it off this time and, as he rolled over to his back with a big sigh, I started sucking cum off of his dick. He was too sensitive by this time though and gently pulled away while blocking me with his hand and making kind of a laughing sound. I was a little bummed and told them I was thirsty. As I walked to the kitchen to get a drink of water I kept playing the whole thing over again in my head. I must have stood at the sink thinking about it for a couple of minutes. When I walked back in the bedroom, Steve was gone.
I looked at Fran and then turned as I heard Steve shutting and locking the front door. I just sat down next to her and said,
"I can hardly believe that just happened."
"Me either", replied Fran and added,
"I just had sex with my own son. If anyone found out about this …"
As she drifted off with her sentence I just blurted out,
"I have thought about having sex with my son since he was a child. I never actually did though. Just thought about it. Now I wonder if it could happen."
"Well, I guess it could." She replied.
We smiled at each other and I moved in and kissed her. Then I kissed my way down to her pussy and licked up all the semen that I could get. I held some in my mouth and kissed her again. She held the back of my head and I held hers with faces pressed together and our tongues dancing and swirling. It felt so good. We rubbed each other until we both had intense orgasms.
After lying quietly for a moment, we went to the shower together. I know the whole thing lasted for about an hour because my husband, Frank, was due to pick me up an hour after dropping me off and he showed up knocking on the door just as we were getting dressed.
"Did you two have fun in there?" Frank asked me with a smile on his face.
"I need a few minutes to process what happened, let me tell you when we get home." I replied.
It was only about a two or three minute ride to our flat. Once we got inside I sat down and told him what had happened. I went through every detail of what we did and I had his full attention. I could see by the bulge in his pants that his dick was also at full attention.
"That is one of the hottest things I have ever heard you tell me." He said.
We started kissing and then his face was in my pussy and then his dick and some of the best sex we had done in months. I haven't been back to visit Fran since then because of the whole Covid19 thing, but we have spoken on the phone a few times. Apparently she has had several private visits with her son since our threesome. She said she was worried about being found out, but no one seems to suspect a thing and her relationship with her son is better than ever. So now I frequently spend time thinking of ways that I might improve my relationship with my own son.

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