Mothers Curiosity

This is the first time i have posted here or posted anything this long so please forgive me if its a bit of a difficult read, im not very good and writing stuff down. So this is told from my perspective (the son).
Before i start with this story let me give you some details about my self and my mom. I was 24 when this happened, i normally have light blond hair but had dyed it dark brown at the time. I have blue eyes and i am an average body build. My mom was 43 at the time, she is tall has long blond hair and blue eyes. She has medium sized breasts. We live together in a small apartment, it has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a small open plan kitchen / lounge. My father has never been around my mom had me when she was 19, and my father ran for the hills as soon as he discovered she was pregnant.
So before this all happened i had never thought of my mom this way, not even once. It was a hot summers evening, a Saturday if i remember correctly. I had been out with a couple of my friends to play a game of hockey and my mom was putting away some shopping she had just got from the local store. So far everything seemed normal, i told my mom that i was going to take a shower as i was all sweaty from the game.
So i entered the bathroom and got in to the shower, and started to wash my self. As i got out of the shower and wrapped my self in a towel my mom knocked on the door to ask if i was done as she needed to use the bathroom. So i opened the door to come out and to let her in. I walked to my bedroom and started to dry off, while i was drying my self my mind wonder to this girl i knew, Kelly she was called. I liked this girl and she was just at the game cheering me on. The more i thought about her i started to get an erection. At this moment my mom knocked on my bedroom door asking if she could come in a moment. I panicked a little put the towel around me and told her to come in.
As she was opening the door i realized i had a tent in the towel so i turned my back to the door. As she entered she had my cloths in her hand and she said i had left them in the bathroom. I then realized as she knocked to enter the bathroom i rushed out and left them. So i asked her to put them on the bed. She had to walk up to me practically to put the cloths on the bottom of my bed, whey did i not ask her to put them on the floor near the door i thought to my self but it was too late. As she put the cloths on my bed she could see the tent in the towel side ways on.
She stopped for a moment, then put the cloths on the bed and she said with a smile “seems your growing up down their” at this point i knew their was no point in pretending like the tent was not their so i turned to face her. Not sure what came over me but instead of trying to avoid the conversation i thanked her and said “well i have grown a lot from when i was a little boy” at this point she responded with “well it has been like 13 years from when i last saw your little guy. He sure was small back then.”
Now i should not have responded, but i felt a need to represent my self here. So i answered “well i have done a lot of growing and im much larger now” as the words left my lips my mom smiled and said as she glanced down at the tent “well i can tell you have grown up, hes almost begging to be freed. I must admit im now curios to see whats making that tent stand out. Just how much have you changed?”
At this point i think i had lost all my sense of normality, maybe it was because i was horny and a girl was talking about my penis. Even if it was my mom. So i responded by saying “well you have seen it before,” then she cut me off and said “yes i have, so why not let me see again just this once, so i can see how you have matured.” So i deiced what the hell. “Ok mom, you really want to see here you go” and with that i dropped the towel and now my erection was pointing straight up in plain sight for her to see.
She gasped and said “well you have grown, much larger from when your were little.” I then asked her what she thought of it. “hes beautiful, hes very big. any girl would be lucky to have that thing to play with.” i blushed and thanked her but i said she has to say nice things about me as im her son, she answered that with “no i meant it, you have a very nice penis. im not just saying that.” I thanked her again and she was about to leave after getting her look but i stopped her to ask her a question.
“Before you go can i ask you something.” She turned back around and said “sure.” I told her that only 2 girls had seen me naked before and that they both said i was big but i never believed them, i always though i was an average size (8inch hard). Then i lead in to the question “one of the girls said my penis felt warm, is that normal?” She laughed a little and respond “their is no normal every penis feels different, but in my opinion a warm penis would feel nice” Once she said that i could not stop my self the next thing i said just came out “can you feel my penis? tell me if you think she was correct and that it feels warm?”
She looked at me for a moment and said “im not sure, i only wanted to check how you had grown. its one thing looking at my sons penis but its another touching it.” i was a little disappointed by that but i was not giving up “please, just this once i want to know if she was correct. You was curios to see and you said that i had a beautiful penis. So please just this one” At this point she said “ok, if your sure. I guess it cant hurt to have a feel, and if shes was correct it will feel nice i guess” So she walked back over to me and reach out and she wrapped her hand around my stiff cock. She gave it a small squeeze and rubbed up and down once. “well she was correct it feel warm. It feels as good as it looks.” then she let go and said “i will leave now im sure you want to take care of that.” implying i should masturbate.
I must admit her hand felt nice on my erection and i got a buzz from seeing her hand on it too. So i asked the question “Do you want to take care of it, this once?” she again looked at me and said “i cant! im your mom. I know i have just looked at and felt your erection, but that was curiosity and to answer your questions.” So i responded “please just this one time, you did say in your own words that it looked beautiful and that it felt nice, and before you said any girl would be lucky to play with it. So why dont you be lucky this once time and play with my penis.”
She still looked at me like i was wanting the impossible “i dont know, your my son i cant give you a hand job can i? i mean yes you have a big beautiful penis and yes it felt really good, but to masturbate you!” she stopped and neither of us said anything for a moment, i was ready to give up and take care of my self when she spoke again. “hmm, well i should not do this but. I will. Just this once, i mean it was nice of you to show me when i asked and you do have a nice one so just this once i will, as a thank you for showing me. plus as you say i can be lucky too.”
and with that she walked over to me and she reached out garbed my stiff cock and began to stroke me up and down. It felt so good, i loved seeing her hand move up and down on my hard cock. I kept moaning saying mom, i was really getting off knowing it was her. I think she liked doing this too, as i was nearing the end she said “its been so long since i had a good cock in my hand, this has been fun.” with that i blew my load, all over her hand.
After that i got dressed, and she left to was her hand.
We never had sex, but i did get another hand job and that time she was topless. Maybe ill tell that story later if people like this one.

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