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Hi friends , this is another story after hot booby pushpa and Brahmin mother series…pls mail me ur comments on [email protected] m dying to hear about my stories.

This is the top secret inside our family that is between me and my mother. We are living in India. My father is in army so most of the time he is away from us. I am twenty four and my mom is forty eight. She has given birth to a child now (my last sister ). I don’t know why my parents have waited long for this child. My father came home for the child birth. I just now finished msc and start searching job. My father asked me to stay at home for at least three months and help mom. I said its okay. So he went back to work soon.

So stayed back at home and helped mom. I did everything mom wants and took care of my sister. My sister sleeps most of the time so we two sit together and watch TV. Usually I masturbate once or twice a week and I am not very much interested in that. One day when I opened the door of my mom’s room , she was feeding my sis. I turned back immediately. My mom called me loud and asked me to come in. My curiosity to watch that scene again made me to go back to her room. When I opened the door this time she invites me with a smile. She said ‘common in my son, rinku, and its nothing wrong in it’. I got in and sat by the side of mom and started to watch that scene.

Very first time I looked at my mom’s cleavage and breast with little lust. I don’t know why??? She is having a large pair of boobs. Its 38c, I think. Till today I didn’t ask her the size of her boobies. Very smooth skin. At the age of 48 this smoothness is highly impossible. Nice cleavage. My mom noticed me that I am staring at her. She asked me ‘what are you looking at, I fed you the same way I do now, my pyare rinku beta..’. I got tensed. The suckling sound made by my sis made me nervous. My dick started to get live. I just laughed at mom to make the situation ease and asked ‘ how this milk tastes’. As soon as I asked only I felt that I asked a wrong question, but my mom didn’t show any anger but she laughed and said ‘I expect this question from you for a long time’. I said ‘ what do you mean’ mom replied ‘nothing’. Mom was feeding my sis with just one boob exposed.

I just kept quiet. Suddenly she asked ‘do u like to taste’. I simply replied ‘only if you allowed’. Mom said ‘cool my son,,, common taste it now rinku ..taste it my beta ..’ I asked ‘really’ and she said ‘ of course’. I got up and sat on my knees in front of my mom’s chair. My sis is still sucking. I asked ‘shall I’ she said ‘mmmmm’ I took my hand and opened the other side of her blouse, button by button, and it fell on the floor. Now she was dressed inside in her matronly floral white bra. I reached for my mother’s milky white cleavage over the bra and fell those spongy melons of lust for the first time. I touched her boob and looked at her, she closed her eyes. I just pressed it and milk started to ooze from it. I slowly put my tongue on her nipple and licked the drop which oozed out. She gave a sound ‘ha-ha’ I put my mouth on the nipple and started to suck. Its really taste it I got tensed and started to suck and massage fast. She put her one hand on my hair and said ‘please slowly, my dear rinku, you may hurt my chuchu’ and I replied ‘sorry mom’, I sucked continuously. Till her breast got dry. When I got up I noticed my member is erect and pushing front of my shorts. My mom noticed it. She smiled and got up from the chair and put my sis into the cradle. She came directly to me and put her hand on my dick it’s already erect. She asked me ‘shall I remove your shorts so that you will feel comfortable’ I looked into mom’s eyes and told ‘okay’. She started to pull my shorts down.

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My 9” dick came out like a bullet from the shorts and stand like a stallion. She holds it in her hands and said ‘mmmmm is bigger than your dad…. I like it’ . I didn’t reply . Now her boobs are hanging freely and she wore only a dress which normally Indian wears under their saris. I put my hand on her boob. She asked ‘ how do you feel this’ I said ‘very nice and soft…., I like to touch it long’… she said ‘your sis left some milk.. You like to finish it up’ I said ‘yeee’. She left my dick and sat on the sofa. So I went to her and sat on the sofa next to her. She pulled my head and I fall on her lap. She guided her boob to my mouth. I started sucking again at the same time she put her hand on my freed cock. She moved her hand front and back. I sucked and sucked…. Like a baby while she gave hand. She didn’t shave her armpit , little hair was there and it gave me a smell. That smell made me mad I bite her nipple and she cried loudly….. Pushed my head away and said ‘your sis needs this, don’t hurt that…’ I said ‘sorry’ and started to smell her armpit . I kissed her pit and put my saliva there , so it became slippery. I did the same thing to the next armpit and made it sloppy. She holds my dick and massaging it while I did all these.

I slowly put my hand around her neck and pulled towards me. We kissed passionately on the lips. She released from the kiss and said ‘ I gave you milk to drink, now give me back the milk I gave for me’ I asked ‘how’ she said ‘ I will show it to you’ she got up and sit on the floor. She took my semi hard dick in her hand and put it in her mouth and started to suck. She sucked hard and my dick got lives and become rock hard. I don’t know what to say but I like that. In excitement I pumped into her mouth lots and lots of cum . She drank it madly and left my flaccid cock from her mouth. She said ‘ thank you for the milk you gave’ I told ‘thanks mom’ both kissed again and slept in the floor.

In the morning I usually drink black tea. Mom use to prepare tea for both. When she gave me tea I said ‘ to day I am going to have milk tea’ she was surprised and asked ‘ do you want me to bring the milk bottle’ I said ‘ no not that milk but yours…’ her face became red and said ‘’’cheeeeeeee’ I pulled her towards me and made her to sat on my lap and started to open her gown. Pulled her boob out and ask her to put some milk in my jug…. She pumped some into my tea .. I mixed up and drank… it gave a different taste…

After breakfast she asked me ‘ we both are alone in home and why do we wear dress in side hom’ I agreed with her. Thereafter we two never wore dresses in side home and she allowed me to suck her boobs at anytime I want and I too allowed her … to do me…or suck me…

When I asked her to fuck she asked me give her time… because she just now gave birth to child . I am waiting for a good fuck…

When and where, give me ideas and your comments at [email protected]…..please treat are as a short quick work. and excuse some mistakes. tell me what I need to do more