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Kiren Lofar : I completely get your idea, Anuraj. This is the best time to make an Adult Film starring A-List Actors. They are all keen to stay relevant, and they will all agree to be a part of this Project. But what I don't understand is why you want these Stars to portray Characters with Names that are identical to their Original Names.
Anuraj Kashmal : It will excite the audience more, Sir. Cognitive Ease will be a great advantage for the Movie.
Kiren Lofer : I am not sure the Actors will be convinced… Especially when it is full of Incest!! Look… Based on what you have told me, Madhavi Doshi is required to play Madhuri, the mother of the Protagonist, who is also sexually involved with him… I am worried if that could be a problem, as she has the right to be bothered about the audience confusing her Role with her Real-Life Persona… She is somebody who is loved by the entire nation, right now… Of course, she has done very raunchy things in the past, and she still is a very very saucy woman… But, I don't know if she is daring enough to readily display her naughty vulgar side on screen, anymore, particularly in scenarios filled with everything considered Taboo!!
Anuraj Kashmal : Sir, just how you are the only Producer in Indian Cinema who can fund a Big Budget Multi-Star Project, and just how only you can bring all these Top Actors together on board, you are the only person who can make them accept anything & agree to everything!! They respect you so much, Sir… They will never say NO to you!!
Kiren Lofar : Well… That is indeed true… Yeah!! See… I can try, Anuraj. But… I am not promising anything.
Anuraj Kashmal : Thank You So Much, Sir.
Kiren Lofar : So, the full Script is ready?!
Anuraj Kashmal : Yes, Sir!!
Kiren Lofar : Have you also made a List of the Actors you need??
Anuraj Kashmal : Yes, Sir… I have noted it down on top of the Script – Along with the names of the Characters they are to portray.
Kiren Lofar : Good!! Good!! And… This Story will be Narrated by Prabath… Right?!
Anuraj Kashmal : Yes… Prabhas!! I mean… Prabath plays Prabhas in this Movie, and he has the Lead Role… It is his story, being told from his Point Of View.
Kiren Lofar : Okay… Perfect!! He is the right choice… I know this Character needs to be someone really strong, and he is an expert in making himself look extra powerful… Fine… Let me see what I can do!!
Anuraj Kashmal : Only you can make this possible, Sir…
Kiren Lofar : I will try my best… I promise you that, Anuraj… Let me have a good look at the Script!!
Anuraj Kashmal : I hope you like it, Sir…
Kiren Lofar : I will!! I like such stories… You know… Also… An Over The Top Sex Drama that has Zero Logic is just what the people want now… Something comical & nothing serious… And very honestly, I really want this to be the 50th Project from Dharmik Productions!! I trust you with the execution!! Hopefully, everybody will find this idea exciting… I will call you!! I will be reading the Script, straight away.
Anuraj Kashmal : Thank You, Sir… Thank You So Much… In that case… I think… I will take my leave now… Happy Reading!!
The thrilling fast paced story of a young boy bull, who fucks everybody in the family – Not just his family, But all the families!!
Prabath as Prabhas (Also the Narrator)
Madhavi Doshi as Madhuri
Komal Devgann as Kajol
Malavika Aroyyo as Malaika
Sushma Sen as Sushmitha
Sreevidya Kapoor as Sreedevi
Kinaara Kapoor as Kareena
Sana Ali Kaif as Sara
Namritha Singh as Amritha
Harika Motwane as Hansika
Amithej Bajwa as Amitabh
Abhinav Bajwa as Abhishek
Nivya Nandan Bajwa as Navya
Jyothi as Jyothika
Ajay Joseph as Vijay
Keerthika Nair as Karthika
Varshika Bharat Kumar as Varalakshmi
Madhurima Shah as Madhoo
Seena as Sneha
Hridhaan as Room Boy (Debut)
Yug as Receptionist (Debut)
Azad as Auto-Rickshaw Driver (Debut)
Hima Manasi as Hema (Guest Appearance)
Eshika Deol as Esha (Guest Appearance)
Ahisha Deol as Ahana (Guest Appearance)
Anuja Sharma as Anushka Sharma (Guest Appearance)
Kapish Sharma as Mr. Sharma (Guest Appearance)
Anuja Shetty as Anushka Shetty (Guest Appearance)
Rohan Shetty as Mr. Shetty (Guest Appearance)
Chilambaras as Silambarasan (Guest Appearance)
Dinesh as Dhanush (Guest Appearance)
Kunal Hassan as Kamal (Guest Appearance)
Yashmika Anand as Yashika (Guest Appearance)
Divya Balan as Vidya (Guest Appearance)
Tabita Fatima as Tabu (Guest Appearance)
Reena Mukerji as Rani (Guest Appearance)
Anashwara Rao as Aishwarya (Guest Appearance)
Jhanu Kapoor as Jhanvi (Guest Appearance)
Arya Bhatia as Alia (Guest Appearance)
Bhama Patekar as Bhumi (Guest Appearance)
Urbashi Rowtale as Urvashi (Guest Appearance)
Rajakanthan as Rajinikanth (Guest Appearance)
Though I had been fucking my mother and 4 of my aunts for more than a year, it was only after my 5 on 1 session with the ladies, that they officially declared me as the Family's Fuck Boy.
My mom, Madhuri, took my cum inside her pussy 3 times that day – My aunts, Kajol & Malaika, had a load each in their butt-holes, while my other two aunts, Sushmitha & Sridevi, preferred to swallow my juices.
"Prabhaaassssss!!" they had all moaned, giving me a lot of pleasure in the process!!
We were all in Ooty for our annual family holiday, and with my dad & uncles completely wasted drinking, I was very well the only man around.
The women had gulped down a few glasses of vodka themselves, and it was just a matter of time before my mom confessed to my aunts that she was getting laid with me.
And when the wives of my dad's brothers – Kajol Aunty and Malaika Aunty, too shed light on their encounters with me, my dad's sisters thought it was only fair that even they conceded about getting a share of my meat.
In-fact, Sushmitha Aunty & Sridevi Aunty already always had their holes filled by me, in tandem, but unlike the other three who preferred the ecstacy of feeling my jizz shoot against their sensitive interiors, it was the taste of my thick cum that the sibling duo seemed to enjoy the most – And I gave them all plenty of it throughout the weekend!!
Once back home, all the 5 mothers started finding ways to be on my bed, at the same time, making sure that they made me fuck them enough times on their husbands's beds, as well.
My seeds were inside all of them, and they were all literally walking cum buckets!!
However, it still took me 3 more months to get the full respect I deserved, and be called a true Family Fuck Boy, like I always wanted to be addressed as!!
It was only after I fucked Malaika Aunty's best friend, Kareena, and her college-going daughter, Sara, that women started talking about me, and began taking me seriously!!
Very soon, I was the secret they loved to share – I was their special partner, and I was gladly referred to as the man of their fantasies!!
A few more visits to residences occupied by joint families, with plenty of female members, and I was unanimously proclaimed as the one who would fuck every pussy in the household – I was The Family Fuck Boy!!
Indian women lived & died wondering how good a time the other women in their house had on the bed – They had rated it top in their means to measure happiness, and the news of one's happy sex life often caused a lot of hurt!!
It was this very egoistic complex that was proving to be my biggest advantage – Their sad weakness was definitely my biggest strength!!
Because with me, all the women in the family could be sure that they were getting equally filled, and equally pleased, and equally forced to orgasms.
The problem caused with different men of different carnal capabilities, satisfying & not satisfying their respective partners, would not exist if these women hooked up with one single person – So as long as they were all being taken by my tool, they were all going to be getting the same deal, and it was a huge attraction!!
Well, one could say I was being a little too humble there, by glorifying the factors that made my task simple, but my 14 inch long mega cock also helped!!
Soon, I was being asked to drill my way inside every hole in the city – There were so many ladies I had to fuck, I did not have time for my own mother!!
The last many months had made my mom addicted to my monster – And, she was rightly very very upset, just like the other mature pussies in my family, that I was not only theirs anymore!!
Kajol Aunty who cursed her luck for having a husband only two inched, and moved out of his house hoping I will enter her whenever she wished for, had shamelessly already returned to him – She had started thinking something was better than nothing!!
The other trio of aunts, in the meantime, almost asked their own sons for a good time, before deciding on satisfying themselves – They all finally settled on stuffing big thick bananas, boldly writing down my name over the smooth yellow surface, before pushing the natural dildos deep inside their horny twats!!
It did hurt me that I was letting down my dearest admirers – I was not proud of the fact that I was giving them reasons to stray, especially when I was sexually super active!!
However, the happiness that was clear on the faces of every female shareholder of the society, including my neighbor, Hema Aunty, and her two daughters – Esha & Ahana, easily justified my actions!!
It was one such day that I got a call from Sara, asking me to come over, and the moment I reached, she told me she needed a big favor.
I had almost confirmed that it was a private session she was hoping for, because all the 6 times I had sex with her, was in her lusty mother's presence, and the young lass was not very comfortable with her female parent not giving her enough opportunities with me!!
I was definitely going to say YES to Sara, even though it was going to be against my Sexual Policies, of taking part only in group activities – After all, she was hot, well mannered, pleasing, and also the youngest among the pussies I had penetrated, so far, and she really was a welcome change, considering the long list of mature ladies I had been satisfying, of late!!
But surprisingly, it wasn't for her that she wanted to book my appointment, and she started to tell me her story!!
Sara was actually Kareena's step-daughter – Well, I always did wonder if the latter was a little too young to be the former's mother, and now I knew what the truth was!!
Her biological mother, Amritha, had been leading a lonely & unsatisfied life for long, and Sara was worried about her.
The divorcee was now the Owner of a Chain of Restaurants, and she had everything a normal woman would want – But the fact that she did not re-marry, after her early separation, meant that she did not have another child!!
She was all alone, and she was tired of it, and seeing her pity state, her girl decided to bring happiness back into her mom's life.
Sara wanted my help here – She wanted me to impregnate her mother!!
It was an unusual demand, and I was taken aback – Yet, the request she put forward was one filled with compassion!!
I soon met Amritha, and it did not take much time for me to understand that she was very close to being severely depressed.
I knew it right then that I had to do it for – There was no way I could let her rot, and I gladly took up the job.
I was even ready to let go of the money offered, as a token of appreciation, but Amritha insisted I had to accept it, in advance!!
We talked about a lot of things, but the only question she really wanted an answer for was when I was going to shoot my seeds inside her womb – And I replied I was going to do it that very moment!!
"Let's start, Ma'am!!" I told her as I positioned myself just inches away from infiltrating her vagina.
"Call me Amritha… Amritha will do!!" was her immediate reply, and that was also the only set of morally right words she said for the rest of that day!!
We started on her bed, and ended inside the luxurious swimming pool in her courtyard – I had drilled her mature pussy for 7 hours that day, cumming inside her love-hole 26 times!!
Five weeks later, I got a call from Sara, informing me Amritha was pregnant, and that she was very happy with my service.
"It is yours, Prabhas!!" Sara said in a low yet ecstatic voice.
"You are the father to my mother's children!! I so wish I was telling you this as you humped me!!" she was definitely excited.
"And, you know what?! You gifted my Mom not one, but three… She is expecting triplets!!" Sara revealed, leaving me amused.
"We should meet soon, Prabhas!! I never really had the whole of you… I don't know… I just wish you do me & my real mother, together, some day… Both of us want to reward you for your support, and also get rewarded ourselves!! Hehe…" she concluded, with a giggle, also adding that I really should do a lot more fertilizing, than just meaningless hardcore banging!!
Before I even knew, the word had spread – My sperm count was too high, and that was the reason it fused with multiple eggs, inside Amritha's reproductive system, despite her being an older and sexually inactive women.
Ladies now started to call me for not just sexual pleasure, but also to conceive!!
While some of them were housewives from conservative middle-class families, who despite years of marriage, and struggling efforts, could not become pregnant, the rest were the modern rich hot-wives of today, who simply wanted to be bred by a bull, to make a cuck out of their loving husbands, for the rest of the his life!!
"Do it, Prabhas!! Do it, Son!! Maybe, this is your destiny… Maybe, this is what you are born for… But, always remember you have to come back to me!!" my mom, Madhuri, blessed me, as I bent down and touched her feet.
She continued to give me confidence, by reminding me of my unbeatable stamina & drive, even as hot cum leaked down from inside her pussy, to her naked milky thighs, to her lower legs, and then, on to my own hands – I had only just finished fucking my mother, when I told her about the new offers, and seeked her unconditional sanction!!
As expected, I had too many cases to attend to, and the term 'partners' was rightly replaced by 'clients' – I was not just having fun anymore, I was indeed working, and earning money, travelling around the country!!
If it was Dr. Sharma's married younger daughter, Anushka, from Mumbai, who booked my services in the morning, it was Hyderabad based Industrialist, Mr. Shetty's unmarried elder daughter, Anushka, again, that blocked my time for the night!!
They all repeated they only want my semen, and thereby, a successor, but the way each of them had their legs wrapped around me, obviously stated that they needed a lot more than just that – And by the time I left, I had deposited my fluids not just inside their unhappy pussies, but also deep down their newly gaping butt-holes!!
My world had completely changed, and it happened so quickly, and everything was so perfect, that I myself could not believe if it was all really true!!
However, I also started to feel worn-out, thinking I had no more time to fully live my life, and was slowly finding it difficult to be entirely happy!!
But fortunately for me, I fell in love with a Tamil girl, just around that time, in the most unusual circumstances!!
I had gone to Chennai to inseminate the very young wife of a middle-aged Movie Producer, and that is where I met Hansika.
The thick chick worked as a cock-stroker for the rich client's 75 year old dad, Amitabh, and I fell in love with her at the very first sight.
The care she took when wrapping her fingers around the senior man's penis, made me go crazy about her – She was the one, and I knew it right away!!
The feelings were mutual, and I fucked Hansika for 4 straight days, in her house, on her bed, neglecting all my prior commitments!!
Amitabh's son, Abhishek, searched for me in vain, and by the time he finally traced my location, his teenaged wife, Navya, had completely lost it.
The shockingly dominant & stunningly demanding 19 year old homemaker, had spent so much time picturing being bred by the bull in me, she had a reached a stage where she believed she would survive only if she felt me inside her highly untouched & hardly stretched honeypot!!
Her desperate older husband, seeing me not keen on fulfilling my promise, was fearfully disappointed, and even put forward a new proposition that no longer required me to make his partner pregnant, but only needed me to fuck her very hard!!
However, I still said NO!!
I knew I had broken all Terms of Sex, I myself had written, and was well on my way to completely stop being a fuckboy, and I wanted to remain addicted to Hansika – But only until her own mother unexpectedly expressed that she too wanted a piece of her future son-in-law!!
Jyothika Amma, my lover's mom, was just too sweet, and there was no way I could not say no to her – It was after all only with her support that I could stay hidden inside their house, and make love to my girlfriend.
Hansika too was of the opinion that I had to give her mother what she wanted, and I gleefully stripped the chubby shy mother off her traditional attire, wasting no time!!
It was supposed to be a quick one-time arrangement, but three hours into fucking Jyothika Amma, I knew she was well worth two full days – I could sadly not afford that with her husband around, and so we booked a room in a hotel!!
"Vijay Baby… I am going to Madhoo Amma's house… Okay?! Hansika is also coming with me. We will be back only after two days." she lied to her man that she was visiting her sister, as she got into a cab, along with her daughter!!
Once inside the hotel room, I made the conservative mature lady ride my cock, continuously, not stopping even when the Room Boy came in.
She did say once that she badly wanted to pee, and take a break, but before she paused, she had already started squirting – It was the first time any women in her family, up till her generation, was spraying!!
In-fact, the very first women to ever squirt in her entire family, was her daughter, Hansika – And, only a couple of days ago, and after my intervention, was this feat achieved!!
Hansika, meanwhile, was getting bored watching me fuck her mom, non-stop, and at one point of time, she even asked the Room Boy to fuck her hungry aroused pussy, when he came to serve her dinner.
The rookie youngster did try his best, but she could hardly even feel him – I had made her holes too big, and even her once tight asshole could now easily accommodate a full fist.
Still, being a Service Provider herself, she knew most tricks of the trade, and was confidently adamant that she would get herself satisfied!!
Without any second thoughts, she asked the Room Boy to bring anybody he could find to team up on her, and fill her!!
And finally, the Room Boy along with the Male Receptionist and the Driver of an Auto-Rickshaw parked nearby, worked together, to stuff their inexperienced pricks inside her, at the same time, to even make her suspect that her pussy was being touched!!
That very moment, Hansika realized I was the man among men – She was upset about her current wretched misery, but also made proud of her boyfriend's stamina & skills & specifications!!
She stroked all the three men to orgasms, giving them due respect, but was not ready to let them waste time inside her vagina – She explained to them the difficulty of being the owner of a torn & destructed pussy, and the lucky triad understood!!
Hansika was now back to desperately waiting for her turn with me, and reclaim what was rightfully hers – She was relentlessly hoping that her mother simply fell unconscious on the bed, and the relief & excitement was evident on her face, when she finally heard her mother shout that she was exhausted and could no longer go on!!

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