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Shane moved to rent a room in a house in the suburbs, on a long tree-lined street of 3-storey Victorian houses.
It was a holiday weekend so Shane suggested Scarlett come over after work on Friday and stay until Monday evening. He wanted her to see his new place, help with some D.I.Y. and he needed her car to shop for and transport furniture.
The sun was setting as Scarlett parked her car in front of the house and the sky was a beautiful wave of orange and red. She stood outside the gate of the house admiring the red brick, the bay window, the yellow wooden door with the number 61 on the window above it. The lights from the hall and the bedrooms above shone out onto the street like the house was glowing with happiness and Scarlett took a slow breath in and closed her eyes for just a second. She could smell the moss on the path and the Summer evening air tickled her nostrils. She heard the leaves on the trees flutter in the light breeze and the hum of the traffic on the main road as commuters made their way home from work. She made her way up the path and pressed the brass door bell.
The door swung open and a middle- aged woman with dark curly hair and a soft smiling face greeted her in a warm, soothing voice. "Oh hello there, come ahead on in." she said, standing back from the door.
Scarlett hesitated on the step "o-oh ok. I'm Scarlett. I'm here to s.."
"To see Shane. Yes, I know." the lady chuckled. "I'm Jan, 'the lady of the house' as it were. I've heard all about you, come on in and make yourself at home." her soft Irish lilt made Scarlett smile.
Scarlett stepped onto the tan and blue patterned Victorian tiles in the porch and Jan took her coat and hung it up on the peg, ushering her into the hall. Looking up, Scarlett's eyes widened at the beautiful dark- stained wooden floor, the ceiling rose, the dado rail and the pristine cornice.
THIS was the Victorian house of Scarlett's dreams and she'd only seen the hallway so far. "Wow, Jan. Your house is beautiful." said Scarlett, standing back to let Jan indicate which room to enter.
The fire was lit and the heat from the cast iron fireplace hugged round them as they entered the sitting room. "This is Scarlett everyone." Jan announced to the 2 men and 1 woman sitting on the leather sofas in the bay window drinking cups of tea. They all smiled and said hello.
Scarlett smiled and nodded at them each in turn "Hello everyone." she said timidly.
"I'll show you the TV room and kitchen, just through here darling." Jan gestured back out into the hall and through the next door. Scarlett couldn't believe how comfortable and welcome she felt and she delighted in admiring the other original Victorian features as they made their way through to the kitchen.
"This is really beautiful, Jan." Scarlett remarked.
"It had been neglected for years when I bought it so it's been a labour of love for me. The kitchen is quite modern but it fits in well. I think I've managed to give the place its heart back." cooed Jan.
"You certainly have!" laughed Scarlett "I've only just met you and I've never felt so welcome anywhere before."
Jan smiled "Aw you're kind. Well, I just wanted to make a nice home. Most of the people who rent the rooms here are professional people, lecturers, actors and the like who are here a few weeks or months at a time for their work and the city is coming down with grotty places to stay so I saw a gap in the market for something more appropriate. It helps me maintain good contacts for my work at the university, I get to meet all sorts of interesting folks and it's good company too." Jan said.
"Very proactive!" commented Scarlett.
"Now Scarlett…" said Jan in a mothering tone, putting her hand on Scarlett's arm. "…there's milk and butter in the fridge, tea and coffee over there on the side and bread in the bread bin. The bathrooms are on the first floor, the wee shower room is where the hot press is if you need towels or a face cloth or fresh linen and the bigger bathroom has sanitary bits and bobs in the cupboard, cos I know men are useless with all that." Jan patted her arm "Now, upstairs – away to the top of the tree – is that man of yours."
Scarlett thanked Jan and climbed the stairs to Shane's room, they both agreed Jan was the best landlady ever. Shane scoffed as Scarlett talked about being in love with this beautiful house and it's wonderful owner. They spent the weekend shopping for and building flat-pack furniture, eating takeaway food and drinking beer in the garden.
On Sunday evening the house was full but everyone was busy in their own spaces. Shane and Scarlet had bought groceries and Shane cooked them dinner. They danced in the kitchen to the top 40 chart songs on the radio and did the washing up.
They went to Shane's room to watch a DVD and Shane wanted Scarlett to choose the film. She didn't tell him but she didn't care what film they watched tonight, she didn't want to watch it. She had been thinking about it for a week at least and she knew tonight she wanted to finally have sex with Shane.
They settled on top of the bed, Scarlett leaning back on Shane. She always fit snugly into his chest while he rested his chin on her head and unconsciously stroked her arm and the crook of her elbow. She loved the way he stroked her there or her wrist or her neck while she watched TV or worked on her uni work as he read a book.
As the film started she tried to settle but the more she thought about the anticipation of feeling Shane's cock penetrate her, the more restless she became.
"You ok babe?" asked Shane, wrapping his arm around her waist "Can you not get comfy?"
"Yeah, I am comfy." Scarlett lied. How did she suddenly feel so shy.
Shane's breath was warm on her hair, he held her tight around the waist and he chuckled at the film. Scarlett squirmed.
"Are you sleepy babe?" whispered Shane.
"No." sighed Scarlett, that wasn't it at all, she thought.
She sat up and turned round to face Shane, kneeling on the bed. She started softly kissing him, stroking his beard, his neck and his shoulders over his t-shirt. He responded, running his hands through her hair and pushing his tongue into her mouth harder with each kiss. His glasses began to steam up and they both giggled as he took them off to set them on the bedside table.
Scarlett's pussy was twitching in her trousers as Shane started kissing her neck. She panted and moaned at the tickle of his beard against her skin and her hands moved up his back, down across his chest to his thighs. His cock was almost completely hard and he inhaled sharply and moaned softly when her hand grazed against it and she started rubbing it over his jeans. He kissed back up to her mouth and their tongues danced long, wet kisses, nibbling their bottom lips.
"Can I lick your pussy babe?" Shane whispered in between kisses, running his hand up the inside of her thigh. Scarlett stopped and gave an exaggerated look like she was thinking about it and Shane looked at her, puzzled "No? You don't want that just now?" he asked gently "That's ok, babe." He kissed back down to her neck and wrapped both his hands round her waist.
She was breathless when he kissed her neck, it was a unique pleasure she craved and she loved that it made her feel so good being kissed somewhere that was always on show. "I want you!" she whispered.
"Hmmm?" replied Shane.
"I want you, Shane. I want your cock inside me." she whispered.
Shane stopped kissing her and sat back, taking her face in his hands "You want to have sex, Scarlett? Are you sure?" he sounded surprised.
"Yes, I'm sure. I really want to." she smiled and nodded.
"Yeah, ok babe, as long as you're sure?" Shane kissed her on the forehead "but I don't want to rush this. We'll make sure you're nice and relaxed and really wet and if it hurts or you want to stop you tell me, ok?" he looked into her eyes, still holding her head in his hands. Scarlett nodded.
They continued kissing and stroking each other. Shane let Scarlett make the first move to undress him, with each article of clothing she took off him, he removed hers. They giggled as she struggled to unbutton his jeans.
"I'm not helping you with this, you've got to be patient." he teased. Soon they were both completely naked on top of the bed and he gently lay her back and lay between her legs, kissing her softly but passionately.
Scarlett felt intoxicated as she felt his rock hard cock against her thigh and crotch as he kissed her neck. She reached down and held his cock firmly in her right hand, gently pulling back his foreskin and stroking her thumb around the head of his cock, coating it in his pre-cum.
He moaned "Aw babe." He sat back on his legs, gazing down at her pale skin and stroked her pussy with his right hand. "Mmmm you're so wet." he whispered as he slid 2 fingers inside her and they both exhaled slowly.
Scarlett stroked his cock in slow firm strokes while he fucked her pussy with his fingers. The thought of her pussy soon being filled by Shane's cock made her head spin and she closed her eyes as they both moved quicker.
"Ahhh stop Scarl, stop for a minute." Shane hissed. Scarlett looked up at him, his eyes closed tight and his head back, wincing.
"What's wrong Shane?" Scarlett asked, pushing herself up the bed and grabbing his arm.
"Nothing babe, You just got me really close and I don't want to cum yet. I want to make sure you feel good too." he said.
He lent down to kiss her, the head of his cock brushing against her large soft breasts. Then he kissed his way down her body until his head was between her thighs.
She moaned as his tongue lapped at her swollen pussy and his beard tickled her inner thighs as he kissed her gently. She ran her hands through his hair, across his shoulders, under his jaw and up his arms as his hands stroked her thighs, hips, stomach and breasts. Scarlett was so relaxed she could hardly think, her body was buzzing under his touch.
He lapped a slow but firm and consistent pattern with his tongue in her pussy, up round her clit and back again. Scarlett started to buck her hips and her breathing quickened into sharp gasps. Shane knew she was going to cum when her moans became longer and deeper and her hand searched to hold his, entwining their fingers.
He felt a sudden rush of juice from her pussy, she always got that little bit wetter right before she came, her back arched off the bed and she gripped his hand she was holding and the back of his head tightly. The sounds she made when she came always made his cock twitch harder. She moaned loud gutteral groans and gasped "Oh! yes!" in long, breathless moans. Her head fell back with her eyes closed and her mouth dropped open slightly as her brow furrowed. She was beautiful.
As Scarlett lay with her eyes closed, still holding Shane's hand and trying to catch her breath, he moved up the bed to lie on top of her, kissing her cheeks and her mouth and stroking her face and hair. "You're so beautiful." Shane whispered.
Shane's beard was so wet and Scarlett could smell and taste herself on it as her mouth found his. "Are you doing ok Scarlett?" Shane whispered.
Scarlett opened her eyes to see Shane's face above her, with a caring smile across his lips.
She laughed "I'm better than ok now."
"Do you want to have a wee doze or we can have a cuddle?" said Shane.
Scarlett looked down at his hard cock, pre-cum was dripping from the tip. "We don't have to do anything else babe." Shane said, kissing her.
Scarlett looked up at him, disappointed and he laughed, stroking her face "I mean we don't have to have sex tonight. If you don't want to any more it's ok." Shane said.
Scarlett kissed him furiously, wrapping her legs around him and he ran his hands up the back of her thighs, hooking them under her knees and pulling her into him.
"Shane, I want to feel you inside my pussy." she whispered. He looked coyly at her, kissed her and sat up.
"Can we use a condom for this time?" she asked. She was on the pill but she didn't know what to expect when he came inside her, the bathroom was 2 floors below and the house was full of people.
"Yeah, ok." he nodded.
He opened the condom and guided her hands how to put it on but once she pulled back his foreskin she couldn't get it to roll over the tip of his cock, it was so slippery. She blushed and looked down "I can't get it, Shane."
Shane looked down at her and kissed her mouth. "Don't be embarrassed, it takes practice. Shall I?" he asked. Scarlett nodded and in one swift movement Shane rolled the condom down the length of his throbbing shaft. "There." he winked at her.
"Lie back babe, make sure you're comfy." said Shane.
Scarlett did and nodded at him. He started teasing the head of his cock around the opening to her pussy and she trembled with anticipation.
"Are you ready babe?" he asked. Scarlett nodded and stroked his thigh. "Ok, hold yourself open for me" said Shane as he slid his cock inside her wet pussy for the first time.
They both gasped and Scarlett tensed up. "Slow, go slowly Shane!" she felt her pussy stretch and she felt full but he wasn't all the way inside her yet.
"Breathe, babe. Try to relax, I won't go any further until you tell me" Shane whispered. He stroked her thigh and kissed her knee.
She took a deep breath, he felt her relax around his cock and she nodded at him and pulled his thigh to coax his cock further inside her pussy.
He pushed his cock slowly inside her, her pussy clenched as he tried to slide more of his throbbing cock inside until he was balls deep. He groaned "Fuck! Scarlett you're so tight darling, relax, relax."
Scarlett was shocked and thrilled by how powerful his cock felt inside her. From halfway inside her pussy she was surprised and a bit disappointed to realise it didn't feel as sensitive as the first couple of inches. Rather it felt like a pressure or a fullness that she could accommodate. His cock felt so hard and long inside her that she kept forgetting to breathe.
He leaned down and kissed her on the lips and neck "I won't move for a minute babe to let you get used to it, does it feel ok?" he whispered.
She stroked his beard, neck and shoulders. "Yes but go slow please." Scarlett replied. They kissed while his cock lay still inside her swollen pussy. She felt it twitch every now and then, it felt so deep inside her.
He lifted her legs and placed her knees on his shoulders "Tell me if it's too much" he said, pulling his cock out slightly and sliding slowly back inside her as they locked eyes and he built up a rhythm.
He started fucking her faster and she couldn't control that she gasped and moaned each time his cock slid back into her pussy. She felt herself getting wetter but the pressure in her pussy was intense, she was so tight around his massive cock that she felt like she might tear down to her ass. Shane had a wild look in his eyes and he began to groan and talk dirty to her as he fucked her faster.
"Aw babe, your pussy is so fucking tight, I can't believe how tight you are. Oooh fuck yeah it feels so good around my cock. You're so wet. I love fucking your tight, wet pussy. Does it feel good for you babe? Hmmm? Mmmm fuck yeah" Shane growled and fucked her quicker in shallow thrusts, he lifted both her legs and held them together over one of his shoulders and bucked his hips against her.
He closed his eyes and his head tilted back, Scarlett could see he was nearly ready to cum but she couldn't move, his strength on top of her and the sensations taking over him scared her a little.
"Shane, slower, ahh, it's too deep, I can't…I can't… it's sore!" Scarlett whimpered.
Shane immediately stopped and looked down at her "Sorry babe, I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you. Are you ok? Do you want to stop?" he whispered, stroking her legs.
"No, I could see you were close and i want you to cum but I can't move much like this. Maybe can we try a different position?" asked Scarlett.
"Yeah, how about doggy? Then you can move more and I can play with your clit?" offered Shane
Scarlett smiled and nodded. Shane pulled his cock out from her slowly and pussy juice dripped down her legs. There was a massive wet patch under her. "Did you cum??" asked Scarlett, looking at it, confused.
"Not yet babe!" Shane laughed "And sure I'm wearing a rubber. That's how wet you are, you dribbled all over the sheets" and he winked at her, licking his lips. Scarlett blushed.
He got up and put a pillow on the chair by the window, patting it he said "Kneel on this and steady yourself against the table and I can fuck you from behind." Shane grabbed her hips and kissed her shoulder.
"People will see us through the window though?" asked Scarlett.
"No they won't, we're 3 storeys up! I'll turn the light off" said Shane, flipping the light switch.
Scarlett knelt on the soft pillow and found the table ledge in the dark. Shane moulded himself around her from behind and slid his cock slowly inside her pussy. It squelched and dripped and they both moaned in pleasure. Shane started thrusting slow firm strokes into her pussy as he kissed her neck and back, his beard tickled her skin and made her tremble. The heat of his chest against her back made her sweat.
She moaned and leaned forward as he fucked her faster, sliding his right hand up her thigh to find her clit and grabbing her hip with the other hand. They got into a rhythm of moving together though they were both lost in their own pleasure. She spread her legs to let him circle her clit with his fingers as beads of sweat ran down from her neck. She leaned her head against the cold window and shuddered as her nipples kissed it with each increasing thrust Shane made into her. She watched her breath steam up a patch on the window as she breathed harder with each thrust and she felt herself ready to orgasm.
"Shane, I'm going to come, I'm going to come!" she moaned, reaching back to pull his thigh harder against her. "Don't stop rubbing round my clit, I'm nearly there" Scarlett gasped.
"Yeah babe, mmm." groaned Shane. He leaned over her, his breath hot on her neck as he whispered in her ear. "Cum on my cock while I fuck you. Aw I can feel your pussy getting tighter. Aw babe, I'm ready to cum but I need you to cum for me first. Are you ready to cum for me?"
Shane thrust hard and fast into her pussy, feeling her juice dripping down his balls. He circled her clit, focusing on the left hand side which was the most pleasurable for her and careful to avoid the massive swollen bud that Scarlett's clit had become, that was too sensitive.
Scarlett began to moan long, low groans and Shane felt her familiar, pre-orgasmic rush of juice drip out as her pussy started contracting wildly around his cock. "Oh! Oh! Yes! ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh" she moaned loudly and her legs shook as her pussy gripped Shane's cock inside. As she came with his cock inside her, she felt Shane fuck her in 3 hard thrusts, like he wanted to get further inside her and she whimpered.
Shane lost control, he was balls deep in her pussy. The tight, warm squeezes on his cock made his hips buck 3 of the hardest thrusts into Scarlett's pussy as he came with a loud groan.
Shane held her tightly in his arms, his cock still pulsing inside her and kissed her back. Scarlett's forehead and nipples were still pressed against the cold window and her body trembled. They breathed hard together.
"Are you ok, babe?" whispered Shane.
"Yes, are you?" replied Scarlett, her mouth dry.
"Mm hmm" Shane panted, kissing her shoulder. "You're pussy is even tighter now but I need to pull out to take the rubber off, OK?"
Scarlett nodded, breathless.
"Take a few deep breaths babe, try not to tense up" said Shane, kissing her neck as he slowly pulled out of her tight grip. She yelped and shuddered. "Sorry babe, hold on" whispered Shane while he rolled off the condom and threw it in the bin.

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