Mrs. C Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooMrs. C Ch. 02

The next morning was terrific, Jack woke at six with May massaging his cock and balls. They showered at ten; the four hours flew in, May introduced Jack to anal, she loved it. Jack gave her two vaginal orgasms, the head of his cock was stimulating her G-spot, May said, "Jack, I have never had that before, I liked anal now I love it."
May also introduced Jack to doggy style; she loved how deep his cock could go. May was explaining in great detail how to give a woman pleasure; Jack was absorbing everything that she said. After breakfast, they started to clear the wardrobes of the clothes. They nearly filled four boxes, they then drove to a charity shop that May had contacted in the nearest large town. On the way back, May said, "Jack, on Wednesday the Easter holidays start, that'll be good because Dot will be at work during the day, you can come and visit me every day. We will have to be careful when Dot's around; I'm surprised that she is not dating anybody, she's a beautiful woman, that's a good firm that she runs, some so many people use her firm."
May stopped at a supermarket on the way home; she stocked up everything for her kitchen. May made a light lunch when they got back. After lunch May put on a top and leggings, she said, "There's a lot of old rubbish that must go, I have a bin for household rubbish and one for plastic, do you know when they're emptied?"
Jack told her didn't know as mum handled that, he would message her and fond out. Jack messaged his mum; he said to her that he had helped Mrs C with the clothes. There was now a lot of general rubbish, what day is the waste collected? Mum replied five minutes later, she wrote, "General rubbish is every second Tuesday, Plastic every second Wednesday, general will be away on Tuesday, you can also use our bin as we don't have much. There's a packet of heavy-duty black bin bags in the kitchen under the sink. Fill those with any excess, and they will take them away. I'm bored to tears here; I will be home around six, is the Chilli finished? We can walk to the pup for a pup supper tomorrow night, would you like that? Love, mum."
Jack replied that he had shared the Chilli with Mrs C; it was gone. Mrs C was cooking his dinner tonight, and He would love to go out to the pup tomorrow night. Jack wondered if mum would invite Mrs C, but he didn't suggest it. Jack then got his bin and the black bags; they started working, May was getting rid of a lot. They had filled the two containers and four black bags; they were nearly finished, May was bending over a table reading an old newspaper, her tight ass was in the air, it looked so tempting.
Jack went behind her, he cupped both of her massive tits, she was braless, he started playing with her hard nipples, May said, "Jack, you are getting to know how to arouse me, do you want to fuck me doggy style over this table?"
Jack didn't reply, he brought his right hand down and slipped it inside her leggings, his middle finger found the top of her cunt, he put his finger inside her cunt flaps and started to rub it up and down her very wet cunt. May spread her legs to give him better access, May's pussy felt so good, she was ready for him, Jack pulled her leggings down, May stepped out of them as she took off her top, her massive tits were swaying beautifully,
Jack took off his trousers; his cock was rock hard, he teased May's hard clit with the head of his cock, she loved that. He then positioned the head of his cock in the middle of her long sex slit, a gentle push and his full length disappeared inside her wet pussy. May said, "It feels wonderful Jack, you fill me beautifully, I was thinking next week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, my last class finishes at two, I can be home by two-fifteen, can you visit me at home then? On Friday we finish for two weeks. I'll be down here for all the Easter holidays."
Jack had now a great rhythm going, it felt good, he said, "Tuesday and Thursdays are good for me, message me your address. Mum will be home at six tomorrow so tomorrow afternoon I will look after you until Tuesday. Mum doesn't want to cook tomorrow night, so we are going to the pub for supper."
May laughed then said, "I'll have a pizza and bottle of wine tomorrow night. I will go to bed early as I will leave early on Monday morning, will you put all these bags out on Tuesday? Jack, we've done a lot this weekend. I have loved every minute of it."
Jack told her that he would do everything, May's tits were bouncing, they looked incredible. Jack was now stroking May's clit as he pounded her doggy style, he knew that May was getting close to cuming, she always gripped his cock tighter when she was close. Then she had a body-shaking climax; May said, "Jack, you go so deep, you were hitting my cervix, I love how you can do that, let me lick your cock clean now, I need to swallow some cum."
May then went down on Jack; she was sucking and licking everywhere around his cock and balls if there was a blob of cum anywhere it was gone quickly, soon his cock was licked completely clean. May then cum kissed Jack, her cum, as ever, tasted so sweet. May said, "I'm glad that I decided to move down here, this has been a great weekend, it's now five o'clock, your mum will be back in twenty-five hours, we can do so much in that time."
In the next twenty-five hours they did a lot, they slept for seven hours apart from eating they were making love. The lovemaking had been so varied, May said on Sunday afternoon, "Jack, it's amazing what a difference three days make, Friday afternoon, I just looked at your magnificent cock, and you came. You are now in total control of yourself. If I have given you confidence, then I have done a great job with you. I'll miss you tonight. We have had two excellent nights together. I think that we should shower now, we both smell of sex, if your mum were close to us, now she would smell it for sure."
Jack gave May a long tender kiss then said, "May, on Friday I was a naive sexually inexperienced young man, you have changed that, you have taught me so much in such a short time, it has been so intensive, but you have made me realise what good sex is like, I love what you have taught me. I'm looking forward to Tuesday afternoon."
They kissed again then they showered, they both washed the other's bodies so carefully. May said, "I'm going to eat early then get to bed, I'm exhausted, if you had said to me on Friday that we would have a weekend like this, I wouldn't have believed you. I haven't felt this good for a very long time. I'm looking forward to Tuesday too."
They kissed again; then Jack went home. When Dot arrived home just after six, Jack was fast asleep on the sofa. Jack awoke when he heard his mum come in; Dot said," "Jack, you were sleeping so peacefully when I came in, did May work you too hard?"
"Mum, great to see you, we did a lot with Mrs C, there's so much work done. I like her; it's so easy to talk to her. We have cleared a lot from the cottage; we filled four black bags, that was a great idea you had. How was your Congress?"
Mum smiled and said, "Boring, it was so boring, they were talking about things that may happen in the next budget. All hypothetical, imaginary crap, I need a glass of wine, I haven't had a drink since Thursday, I decided to have no alcohol at the Congress. I was in my bed early every night as I couldn't listen to any more drunken drivel. Will you join me for a glass? I don't know what to wear tonight, have you any suggestions?"
Jack's mum dressed for the office in unflattering business clothes, a year ago when they had been at the pub. Mum dressed like she was going to a wedding, Jack said, "I'd love a glass of wine, mum, please dress casually for the pub, Sunday night is quiet, put on a nice top and leggings, I'll go just as I am, being casual as you relax is the way forward."
Mum smiled then said, "A voice of wisdom is speaking, what you say is correct, I need to buy some more casual clothes, I only buy things to wear to the office, smart top and leggings it will be tonight."
Before mum went for the wine she kissed Jack on the cheek, Jack felt the weight of her big breasts on his chest then said, "Mum, I'll be your fashion advisor if you want? I'll tell you one thing; your skirts are going to get a lot shorter, your legs are too nice to keep covered up."
Mum laughed then went for the wine; she was still smiling when she came back, she gave Jack his glass and said, "Jack, you're right, I'd love you to advise me, I'm wearing clothes that my mother would have worn, I'm going to change now as I had no lunch and I'm starting to get a bit hungry."
Jack sipped on his wine; he couldn't believe it when mum came back into the lounge, her top was tight, her tits looked enormous, she must have been wearing a push-up bra. Her leggings were tighter, her Camel's Toe was gorgeous, Jack doubted if she were wearing panties as her sex slit was long and perfectly formed, panties wouldn't have made it look so perfectly formed. Mum did a little twirl and said, "Is this better? I certainly feel more comfortable wearing this."
Jack was surprised and impressed, he said, "Mum, you have a gorgeous body, for your age, considering you don't do any exercise, it's amazing, can I call you Dot tonight when we are out then people will think who is that lucky guy with that gorgeous woman? You look stunning."
Mum topped up their glasses and said, "I love it when you compliment me, Jack, I don't know why it is, but it makes me feel good, I've been on the shelf too long."
"Mum, why haven't you dated any men, you've been alone so long?"
"I've had a business to run and you to bring up. That was a lot, but it's getting easier now as you can look after yourself a lot better now. I get my needs and urges. I've had to learn to look after myself. I couldn't be annoyed sitting with some stupid guy over a meal with him telling me how clever and intelligent he is, that's not for me. Let's go and eat; I'll put the wine back in the fridge then we can have a drink when we get home."
Before they left mum gave Jack a hundred pounds and said, "You pay for the meal my handsome and interesting date, please call me Dot as I want people to think, who is that handsome guy with that older woman?"
The meal was fantastic; the pub had a new cook, they both enjoyed the meal so much, their conversation just flowed, mum said, "Jack, you are so mature in what you sat and how you think, you've developed into a very sophisticated young man. I'm enjoying the evening with you. We must do this again, Jack, leave a good tip, the service has been good, and they'll remember us next time."
They walked home; they were both so happy, everything had been so natural, mum's tits so took Jack, her nipples had got hard three times during the meal, he thought of her gorgeous Camel's Toe, he wondered how mum would be in bed. She was younger than May, was that a good or a bad thing? They got home; mum got the wine, she gave Jack his glass then raised her own and said, "Jack, thank you for a marvellous evening, it was so relaxing. Thank you."
They toasted each other; they were both looking into each other's eyes, mum cuddled close to Jack, their mouths were so close, everything was so natural and loving, they both leaned forward and kissed mum, pulled Jack closer to her as they kissed, mum burying her tongue in Jack's mouth. They kissed and touched for several minutes, mum's tits were as big as May's, mum was purring with pleasure as Jack played and squeezed her tits. Mum found Jack's rock hard cock; she stroked the outline of it still in his trousers, Mum said, "Jack, have I caused this? I will be so happy if I have."
Jack replied, "Mum, you have, just looking at your gorgeous body arouses me, playing with your beautiful tits has made me so hard."
Mum had Jack's cock out of his boxers and trousers in seconds; she was stroking his cock with so much affection, mum said, "Jack, my period started on Thursday, I checked this evening when I changed, there was still a little blood around. I want our first time to be special, can you wait until tomorrow? Tonight, I will give you relief in another way."
"Mum, I want it to be special too, tomorrow night will be exceptional."
Mum then took off her top and bra; her tits looked magnificent, she then said, "Jack, you're so big, you cock is magnificent but let me see how much I can get in my mouth. Hopefully, I'll get all of it in."
Mum then went down on Jack, her tongue teasing everything it touched. Her hand massaging Jack's heavy balls as her mouth took more and more of it it. It felt so good; Mum was as good as May, they both knew what they were doing. Jack was playing with mum's tits; this excited him then mum managed it, her lips were now wrapped around the base of Jack's cock, the head of his cock was banging against the walls of her throat. Mum's head was now bobbing up and down on Jack's cock; mum had a marvellous rhythm going, Jack felt that he was close, he said, "Mum, I'm going to cum soon, this feels so good."
Mum's head just kept bobbing up and down, as the first squirt exploded in her mouth, Jack said, "Mum, keep some in your mouth, I want to cum kiss you later."
Mum grunted in agreement as Jack shot his load into her mouth and throat. When Jack had emptied his balls, mum came off his cock, and they cum kissed. Mum's tongue was busy transferring her cum into her mouth; they both could taste her. They both swallowed then mum said, "I've never cum kissed with anyone in my life before. Jack, I'm so happy that I did that with you. You gave me so much cum; you must have needed that. Don't worry; I'll give you relief anytime you want."

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