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Asif sat in the departure lounge of the airport, his mum had just flown out of the airport to their home country of Bangladesh to be with her very ill brother, Asif had wanted to go as well but because his passport was lost he had been unable to go with his mum so instead he was in emergency foster care because his dad was in prison and there was nobody else to look after him. The social worker collected Asif and drove him into central London and to the house where he would be staying with a foster family until his mum returned. As Asif walked into the house he saw Karen who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what he was, Asif knew that Karen could get stroppy but was normally OK and well liked at school, Karen’s mum was in the kitchen and after a long chat with Asif and the social worker Karen’s mum told her to show Asif to his bedroom and where things were, After being shown round the house Asif started to unpack his bag as he did he saw the social worker through the window as she left the house. After unpacking his bag Asif went down stairs for his tea where he learnt that Karen’s mum would be working at the hospital that night but Karen would be looking after him. Later Asif saw Karen’s mum leaving for work, not long after she had gone Karen walked into the lounge where Asif was sat watching telly, Karen bent and picked up a magazine from the floor, as she bent the top of her tee shirt fell forward and Asif saw straight down the inside of Karen’s tee shirt and saw her bra less boobs, this was the first time Asif had seen a white girls boobs and liked what he was seeing, Karen left the room but returned twenty minutes later wearing a hoody, Asif saw the zip of the hoody was slightly down and he smiled when he saw the sides of Karen’s boobs, Karen lay on her front on the floor and propped herself up on her elbows right in front of Asif who looked down at her, Asif’s eyes went wide when he saw that one of Karen’s boobs were on full view, Asif looked at the boob noticing Karen’s nipple was erect, after a couple of minutes Karen knelt up on her knees and bent forward Asif could now now see both of her boobs that had erect nipples, Karen said ” you enjoying looking at my tits ” Asif smiled and told her he was, Karen said ” well do not tell my mum or anybody else ” Asif promised that he would not, Karen stood up and pulled the zip on her hoody right down and took it off, Asif looked at the now topless Karen and admired her naked boobs, Karen smiled and left the lounge, after ten minutes Karen returned, Asif could hardly believe his eyes when he saw that Karen was naked, Asif looked at her love tube thinking nice, Karen sat on the sofa beside Asif and said to him ” you can play with me if you want ” Asif reached out and cupped Karen’s boobs then started to massage them like he had seen done on porn films his cousin had, after a minute Asif started to rub Karen’s love tube and suck her nipples at the same time as he did he could hear Karen breathing heavy and slid two fingers into Karen’s wet love tube and started to finger her and after ten minutes felt Karen cum, not long after Karen left the room as she went Asif admired her cute bum. The following evening Karen’s mum worked again, Asif was sat watching telly when two of Karen’s friends turned up, as Asif watched telly he could hear the three girls in Karen’s room as they laughed, after five minutes all three girls walked into the lounge all three were naked after a few minutes Asif was rubbing one girls love tube another girls boobs and sucking the nipples of the other by the morning all three girls had climaxed, Asif was sat in the kitchen when a naked Karen walked in knelt down under the table and pulled Asif’s trousers down then sucked his four inch erection till he had a dry climax, later Asif was sat in his room thinking I have had three sixteen year old girls who are four years older than me I hope mum stays away a long time, Later that day Asif was standing naked in the lounge looking at the three naked sixteen year old white girls all who had very erect nipples and when his naked classmate Sara appeared Asif eyes went wider. He had liked Sara for ages and was soon on the floor with Sara exploring her body.

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