Mum, Sis and Bro. Pt. 14

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Mum, Sis and Bro Part 14
I was starting to regret the impulse purchase of the F150, it was a pain to use for anything other than work. Undoing the cargo cover to put shopping and bags in was a nuisance, even with 4-wheel drive it was practically useless in slippery conditions. Fortunately, Beth uses an Audi Q5, the downside is, I am a bad passenger and she is a lunatic! Beth considers the best way around a slick corner is sideways, her hysterical laughter as I hung on for grim death really irritated me. I had never been allowed to drive the big Audi as it was Beth's baby, she was always cleaning the wheels and polishing the gleaming black paint.
As part of my resolve to spend more time with my family, we had been away for a few days to a friend's villa on the shore of lake Como. Forgetting my commitment, earned me a sharp rebuke from Ruth and Beth as I started to talk to the owner of a hire and leisure business. Taking their point, I quickly emailed Jack with the details, asking him to see if it was something, we might be interested in. Although Jack and his team were expensive, the information they provided was incredible, I tried not to think about how some of it was obtained.
Getting to the Marina for 7.00, I watched as several boats were pushed out of the workshops, towards the slips, awaiting final inspection. Chatting with Hans and a few of the engineers I found myself longing to pull a pair of overalls and boots on. Walking back to the offices I grinned, remembering how as an 18-year-old I had worked so hard, trying to prove myself to the engineers and Harry. Finding the office door locked, jolted me back to reality, realising I didn't have a key I called Caroline, her mobile was switched off, the landline number I had, was out of service.
As I started back to Hans office, Katerina arrived, unlocking the door, she smiled briefly before scuttling off to her office. Reading reports from the Immobilien and accountant on the small Marina, confirmed likely costs and profit, together with future operating costs. Deciding to postpone the development, pending further evaluation, I signed off on the site being cleared. An email from Jack, confirmed that a settlement had been reached with Tracy. 200.000 CHF would be in mums account by 12 noon today, Sam's custody would be done by Friday. Shaking my head in disbelief I wondered how Jack had persuaded her so fast. Calling Mum to give her the news, she sounded relieved,
"I am going back to London for a few weeks, need to put this whole mess behind me. Going to stay with my sister, she has never met Sam. How are you feeling?"
Assuring her I was feeling much better, I caught the sadness in her voice as I wished her a good trip. As I worked through the rest of my emails, Katarina carrying coffee and cakes, provided a welcome break. Watching her put a cup on Caroline's desk I thought she must be in the building,
"Would you ask Caroline to come and see me please, also phone Beth and ask her to come for a meeting."
"I am sorry Mike, Caroline is not here, she didn't come to work on Friday either. What time would you like Beth here?"
Pulling Caroline's personnel file up on my Pc, I saw that her address and phone number had not been updated.
"Do you know where Caroline lives?" I asked more than a little concerned as I saw my desk clock indicating 11.45.
"Yes, they moved to a new apartment with a rooftop terrace, about 6 months ago. It's not far from here, I have only been there once, but think I can find it."
Getting into Katarina's Golf, we soon arrived outside a new apartment block, trying not to run, I headed into the building. The door had an electronic lock, fortunately an elderly lady was just coming out. Brushing past her, I jabbed the call button on the lift. Arriving on the 5th floor, Katerina pointed to a door marked 5b. Reaching for the bell, I noticed the door was ajar, pushing it open I surveyed the mess. Pictures laid broken on the floor and 2 of the doors had holes punched in them, telling Katerina to call the police I walked in as quietly as I could.
Seeing more destruction in the lounge and kitchen, the taps in the bathroom were running and the bath had started to flood the floor. The apartment had 3 bedrooms, the 1st a box room, with more smashed pictures and furniture. My relief, as I saw Caroline laying on the bed of the 2nd room, turned to horror as I saw she was unconscious, her body and face cut and bruised. Trying to remember my basic 1st aid training I felt for a pulse, it was weak, but she had a pulse.
"Call an ambulance, go downstairs to let them in the door, Caroline needs urgent medical attention and ring the police again" I instructed Katerina.
Not wanting to move Caroline, I tried to make her more comfortable by moving the debris and glass from her battered face and body. Collecting my thoughts as I heard the ambulance and police arrive, I took a picture of Caroline and grabbed a picture of Karl. Katerina asked to go to the hospital with Caroline, after a barrage of questions the police seemed satisfied that I wasn't involved.
Leaving them to do their job, I was relieved to see Katerina had left the keys in her car. Even though I knew Swiss police were efficient and thorough, I doubted that the punishment would fit the crime. Calling Jack, I asked what could be done, sending him pictures of Caroline and Karl, adding the caption "Don't matter what it costs." I heard Jack's sharp intake of breath as he opened the pictures.
"No bother boy, this one's on Jack."
Starting the little car, I noticed it had a manual gearbox. I hadn't driven a manual in almost 14 years, stalling the car several times, I headed for the hospital. Explaining to the receptionist who I was, she directed me towards the triage area. Katerina said that Caroline had regained conciseness in the ambulance as the Paramedics had been working on her and seemed quite lucid but in pain. I had called Caroline's parents from the car, I knew her father as he had done some work at the Marina over the years. After an anxious wait of an hour a doctor was able to give us a positive prognosis.
"She has extensive lacerations to her head, hands and upper body, 3 broken ribs and her right elbow was dislocated. Her Vagina and upper thighs have numerous cigarette burns, her anus is bleeding and currently under investigation. She has told us she is pregnant, as far as we can tell, the early stage of the pregnancy means baby should be ok. She is sleeping now, you should be able to visit tomorrow."
The news that their daughter was pregnant, came as a complete shock to her parents, maybe providing a slice of joy that the baby was ok. As Katerina drove me home, I was deep in thought, why the hell would Karl beat his pregnant wife so badly? Caroline had told me they had been trying for a baby for years, it just didn't make sense. As we got off the highway, onto the small road that led to the lake, a truck reversed out of a gateway and smashed into the side of the Golf. The impact pushed us into a small culvert on the other side of the road, as the car turned over, my head slammed into the roof, knocking me out.
As I started to come around, the side of my face felt warm, my head and body felt cramped and were freezing. Trying to move I gasped as pain shot through my left arm, as my brain cleared, I realised that the car had landed on its side in a small brook. The cold melt water was running through the smashed windscreen over my head and down my right arm and leg. Trying to move at all was very painful, about to try again, I froze as I heard voices and saw Karl peering through the shattered windshield as a passing car stopped.
As I opened my eyes, my vision was blurry, eventually focusing on the smiling face of Beth Trying to say hello, just didn't work, my mouth and tongue seemed to work, but no words came out. As I tried to sit up, Beth pushed my shoulder firmly back to the bed.
"You are in hospital Mike, you had a bad accident, you can't speak because you have a tube in your throat, go back to sleep, I will be here when you wake up."
The next time I woke, I felt much better, opening my eyes to see broad smiles on Beth and Ruth's face I managed to croak, "Hello." The left side of my body felt strange, I eventually realised my arm and leg were heavily bandaged a lighter bandage was covering my chest. Over the next few days, every time I woke, Beth was there, holding my right hand and talking to me. The next time I woke, something was wrong, I was being held at a strange angle and I could feel water on my body, panicking, I lashed out, my fist connecting with a nurses chest before I passed out again.
30 days after the accident, the hospital reduced the medication allowing me to slowly come out of my medically induced coma. Barely able to speak, I listened as Beth explained what had happened, as she out lined my injuries, I managed to croak
"How's Katerina?"
"Oh Mike, Katerina didn't survive the accident," she said as she turned her head, tears rolling down her cheeks.
I wanted to know more, clearly upset, Beth rushed out of the room as 2 nurses came in. Over the next few weeks, I was subjected to lots of Physiotherapy, the torture of learning to walk, and getting movement into my left arm. As I got stronger, I had lots of visitors, including a fully recovered Caroline, their chatter helping to ease the boredom. Beth had gone home but was visiting every day, as I finished my breakfast a medical orderly came into my room, with a wheelchair.
"You have a visitor, I have been asked to take you to the garden, where he is waiting for you."
It would be the 1st time I had been outside since the accident so didn't complain as the orderly roughly dressed me in a dressing gown and slippers. Pushing me out into the garden, I asked the orderly to stop so I could walk the last few feet to the table where Jack and 2 other men were waiting. Asking the men to step away, Jack started to tell me what had happened since my accident.
"I know you don't feel it, but you are one lucky bastard. Karl beat the shit out of Caroline and tortured her for 3 days, eventually she told him you were the father. Apparently, he knew he couldn't have children as an accident had left him sterile, he was watching as you and Katerina left the hospital. After he smashed into your car, he wanted to finish the job and make sure you were dead. Seeing Katerina all smashed up he panicked as a passer-by stopped to help, lit the petrol that was spilling out of the car and fled the scene."
"How do you know all this, did the police catch up with him?"
Without answering, Jack opened a file on his laptop and clicked play.
"I should warn you boy, it's the way we get things done. He definitely won't be killing or torturing any more women."
The video opened with Karl being snatched off the street, the next scene was of him hung upside down naked. The camera zoomed in to show what looked like a sweetcorn buried in his arsehole, as his genitals were being burnt with a blowtorch. Over the next 10 minutes I watched as his body became raw and bloodied, like a side of beef. As the video faded, the unmistakable roar of a shotgun, left me in no doubt of his demise. Placing the laptop on the ground, Jack poured petrol over it and struck a match.
"Sorry boy can't let you have a copy, if old bill sees it, we would be well fucked. Anyway, that's done, these 2 gents want to talk to you about a bit of business if you're up to it."
Nodding, I listened as the 2 men outlined their proposal. They wanted to buy the small marina and some of the additional land we owned next door, apparently, they had been given outline planning permission for 200 homes on the site. Asking for more detail, they showed me plans and told me that 30% of the development would be affordable housing made available to local people. Agreeing a fee of 1.8 million, I signed the document that Jack had prepared. Even with Jack's normal 20% fee, I knew that 1.8 million was a healthy return on Harrys original investment of 480,000.
Noticing Jack give the orderly a roll of money, I had to smile, it seemed he did everything differently. Hurrying back to the ward, the orderly put me in a chair, just as doctor's rounds were starting. The fresh air had rejuvenated me. Informing the doctor, I was discharging myself, I ignored his protests as I reached for my mobile. Beth assumed I was being discharged and readily agreed to collect me in an hour, I didn't bother to correct her. As a doctor handed me the discharge papers a nurse helped me dress. Wincing as my jeans rubbed and scraped the delicate burnt flesh, I almost decided to stay in bed. Beth wasn't happy when she found out I had discharged myself, Ruth echoed her concerns, "Silly daddy" she retorted.
Beth had arranged for the dining room to be converted to a bedroom, as I still found stairs difficult After a few days, I started to feel a lot better, watching our house keeper bending and stretching as she cleaned my room, my cock was rock hard in seconds. Helga had kept house for us for 5 years, with no problem. I had never really noticed her pretty face, heavy breasts and long legs before. As she bent to pick something off the floor, I thought my cock would burst as her trousers pulled taut into the cleft of her arse.
"Is there anything else I can do for you today," she asked.
Feeling my face redden, as her eyes flicked to the obvious bulge in my bedding, I managed to stammer.
"No that is great, can you ask Beth to come and see me please."
"Beth has taken Ruth to school, she is going shopping and will not be back until this afternoon, she didn't want to wake you as she left at 7.30. She asked me to keep an eye on you, until your nurse gets here at 11.30."
Helga smiled as I looked at the clock, groaning as I saw it was only 8.45. Asking for coffee, I grabbed my iron hard cock as soon as she had left the room. Realising I hadn't had sex in almost 12 weeks, I wasn't surprised when I felt my balls tighten and my cock expand after just a few seconds. Reaching for tissues, I caught some of my load as my cock erupted, a few ropes spattering my belly. Getting more tissues, I mopped the spunk from my belly and dressing on my chest. Helga's heavily accented voice startled me as she giggled.
"Oh Mike, you looked like you enjoyed that, almost as much as I did!"
Helga's face was flushed, her eyes shone as I scrabbled to cover myself up, I felt like a teenager that had been caught having a wank by his mum. I expected Helga to leave as I took the coffee from her, however, taking her jacket off, she sat on the chair opposite my bed. Watching me drink my coffee she smiled at my embarrassment as she relaxed in her chair, her rock-hard nipples protruding through her bra and pressing into the sheer fabric of her blouse.
As Helga took the empty cup from me, I just couldn't help myself as I reached for her heavy breast, I gently pulled her down to the bed. As our lips met, I ripped the button's off her blouse, and released the generous orbs of her breasts from her bra. Quickly moving down to her breast's, I latched onto her swollen nipple. Swirling my tongue around her Areola as my teeth grazed her nipple, caused her to groan, as she pushed herself onto my face. Sliding my hand under the waistband of her trousers, my fingers explored her soaking wet, hairy pussy, spreading her legs I slid 2 fingers deep into her silky depths. Moving up the slot of her sex, she stiffened and trembled as I strummed her swollen clit, squealing and shaking as her orgasm washed over her.
Flopping onto the bed, I stroked her hair as she gradually came down from her orgasm, twitching as small aftershocks racked her body. As her breathing returned to normal, she moved down and took my length deep into her mouth. Reaching across I pulled at her legs, hesitantly, she straddled my head and lowered herself onto my eager mouth. The taste was exquisite as her juices ran from her hole, flooding my mouth with her nectar as I spread her thick, pussy lips with my tongue. Reaching her clit, I sucked the swollen nub into my mouth as I pushed a finger inside her, massaging the spongy area on the front wall of her sopping wet pussy.
Within seconds I felt her cunt tighten as she started to come, pulling back slightly I fingered her clit as I watched her pussy flex and twist. As she came, she howled as her pussy sprayed me with girl juice, flopping to one side she trembled and shook for several minutes as I slowly stroked my rock-hard cock. Recovering, she straddled my hips, causing me to wince as she grazed my left leg. Spreading her legs wider she guided my straining cock into her steaming sex. I had estimated her to be in her late 50's, as I slid into the silky soft depths of her, I thought I was fucking an 18-year-old. Her pussy gripped and rippled around my length as I bottomed out deep inside her. Neither of us lasted long, as I rammed, deep strokes into her grasping cunt. Feeling me start to cum, she reached down and scrabbled her clit, launching into another massive orgasm as I sprayed rope after rope of spunk deep inside her.
"Oh my god, married 30 years, I have never been kissed down there, you are amazing, would you like more coffee?" She asked, kissing me as she dressed.
In between physiotherapy and my dressings being changed, I had lots of time to think as I gradually recovered. After 8 weeks at home, nearly 5 months after the accident, Beth relented and allowed me back to work. Beth dropped me at the Marina, I took a deep breath and walked into the office, Caroline had changed the main office around to allow another desk. Hans had been running the company in my absence but, hadn't felt it appropriate to use my office. Hans and Caroline were excited and surprised to see me as Beth hadn't told them I was coming in. Caroline was heavily pregnant and positively glowing as we chattered, everything seemed to be fine, and I decided to go to thank the Engineering and Marina staff for carrying on as normal during my absence.
Han's phone started to ring, saying he needed to take it, Beth and I, walked the few hundred metres to engineering. I was surprised how quick my legs got tired, and had to stop about ½ way, sitting on the edge off a small boat, I looked at Caroline as she gently rubbed her swollen belly. Noticing my gaze, she grinned,
"Little one seems to be playing football today, would you like to feel?"
Grinning, I nodded in agreement, coming closer to me, I drank in her delicious scent as I felt the baby kick twice.
"Did you know the police, haven't found Karl? I am really surprised as he doesn't have anybody anywhere else, he was born here and rarely, if ever, left Switzerland. Please tell me Mike, I hate not knowing, almost expecting him to come back and finish the job compels me to double lock all the doors and shutter all the windows every night. Is he likely to come back?" She asked, her eyes filling with tears.
"I can guarantee he will never hurt you, the little one or any other woman, ever again."
Ignoring a barrage of questions about Karl, I started to walk towards engineering. Seeming to accept my word, that Karl would not be coming back, she seated me in the canteen before gathering the engineers for a meeting. All the staff seemed as happy as ever, Han's was a popular manager, bookings were up, a nice bonus had just been paid. The only real complaint seemed to come from housekeeping, apparently the interiors on the 5 new boats were difficult to clean and notoriously fragile.
Asking the new head of engineering about Cougar 2, he shrugged and asked an apprentice to bring her from her mooring to the staithe in front of the workshop. Talking to me about a few ideas that he had, to improve efficiency, he was interrupted as the young lad handed him the keys to Cougar 2. Telling him I thought they were a good idea but, reminded him that Hans was in charge, Caroline and I walked over to Cougar 2.

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