Mumbai Trip Seduction With My Staff

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This is my first story in this category have been thinking to write this for quite some time my real life experience, anyhow did not have the time and the thought to write this. Now that finally I have decided to write and tell the world what happened and how did it happen. Hope you would enjoy this adventure. Well I am working as a senior manager Distribution and Purchase in a reputed company with the increasing of work load.
I had been asking for an additional staff who could handle different distributors in different regions. Since it was a backend operational job, I had to handle to many queries pertaining to various paperwork’s, invoicing etc.  With lot of request I was made available a trainee, as I was informed. I was quite upset with the fact that I was assigned a trainee. I clearly remembered that I had a strong fight with my boss saying I am looking for a responsible position but I had been given a trainee.
He wanted to calm me down, by saying just check if she is able to cope up properly. My first reaction she, you mean she is a girl? Do you think she would be able to take such pressures? Don’t jump to any conclusion, See if she is able to help you with a deep sigh I left his room, thinking that it would not be much help to me in next week I was given to understand she was joining us. Unhappily, I was thinking that what I can do.
Next week Monday, I saw a beautiful girl on my workstation. I asked yes? She told that she was required to report to me. I was impressed with the overall presentation. She was dressed traditionally, with a height of about 5’7” approx. I asked her to take her seat. She took a seat near me. I got busy in my usual routine work, to only realize a soft voice asking me, Should I wait or get my routine procedures done in the meanwhile. I again got impressed with the thought that she was focused.
I said ok. She immediately had given me one form to be signed. This form contained the details about her workstation, office stationary etc. I had glanced at the form. Her name was written as Riya Sharma nice name I had thought inside me. I signed and she disappeared. That entire day she was busy in fixing up her workstation, mails, telephone etc. Next day onwards, I started to give her some work mainly paper work.  She was quick to work on all of it.
She was dedicated and in no time she had picked up her work. Some times she would ask about some dumb questions which were primarily asked by some distributors, and some time new distributors who would want to sign up with us. Since I was busy sometimes I would joke with her on the distributor’s mails.  Soon we became good friends. Now that she was taking more and more responsibilities, I had made her to work independently.
I heavily relied on her by the next year she was a permanent team member. Her trainee status was made executive on the company level we had decided to assign entire Western region to her as a part of our annual meet, now I had to take Riya to Mumbai and introduce her to various distributors. I asked Riya to come to Mumbai along with me for the distributors meet. It was a chilly Delhi morning, when we took the flight to Mumbai. 
Once we landed in Mumbai, the warmth in the air had given little relaxation. Is this your first trip to Mumbai? Yes Riya replied Ok, we go to the hotel first and freshen up and then do our meetings towards the Town Company had arrange Hotels for both of us. Since our entitlements were different, I had downgraded in the larger interest (not the one you are thinking) so taking our hotels in a 3 star hotel at suburb. 
We checked in our rooms were 601 and 602.  She entered in her room and I also entered my room. I was ready in half an hour. Since she was in her room, I was not able to gauge how much time would she require getting ready. Finally in one hour my patience had given up, I decided to call. I called up on her extension. She picked up the call and told that she would take another 15 odd minutes. She told if you wish you can come to my room and if you are all ready.
I locked my room and knocked her room. She opened her room. I saw her with her wet hairs and a fragrance of the freshness of the toiletries’ she would have used. I had first time looked at her beauty which I had never paid any attention. I had seen her in a western outfit with a skirt revealing her legs. I made assumption, probably, she comes from a traditional family and when she gets an opportunity, she makes the best use.
I had various kinds of analytically thoughts and in some time she got ready to wake me out of the analytical thoughts. Ready oooooh I said post I heard her voice. We came out. It was a long day from suburbs to town, hearing various comments from distributors. I came back and was tired at 7 PM we both entered our rooms. I knew that I had to action lot of mails as during the day I had been completely focused on meetings. 
I thought that I would finish the dinner part first. I called up Riya on her extension. I had a thought that we would have dinner at the restaurant and then go back to work with this thought I was calling Riya. The call went unanswered. I imagined she would probably be busy after a day long work in some time I hear Knock on my door. I opened the door, and found her standing, with another changed dress. She looked gorgeous with her black top which did not completely cover her body.
I could see her naval clearly for the first time with a blue jeans, she looked gorgeous. She asked that common lets go out and enjoy the night life of Mumbai. I was bit puzzled. I told I am not feeling like going. She came put her hands into my hands and dragged me. Oh! I have to go now, with the feeling, I finally decided to go. We went out, walking on the busy streets of Mumbai.
We took an auto and went to Band Stand.  She was sitting beside me on one of the rock. She was quite playful in her approach. That evening was wonderful. We came back to our respective rooms. We had taken dinner on the way only. At 10 PM we went to our rooms respectively. At 11 PM again there was a knock. I opened the room again. It was again Riya. She was wearing a night suit. I had a question look on my face, but she forced entered the room.
I asked what happened. You are not planning to sleep? She replied in her playful manner, not feeling like sleeping” then adding to it she whispered, actually I am scared. She came to my bed and she told you keep on working, I would watch some TV and then sleep. The room had now the fragrance of the perfume she had used during the day. My laptop was opened, but now feeling working. I must confess I kinda liked her.
I closed my laptop lid and started watching. I don’t know about her, but a feeling of women around on my bed, for the first time making me horny. I had this guilt conscious that she would not even know about my feeling internally. However in some time I started asking personal questions, do you have a boy friend I had one when I was in MBA but he was cheating on me and I had dumped him and she said.
Did it hurt? I asked yes very much.
I looked in her big eyes actually she went back into time; I could see her little upset. Sorry did not mean to hurt you with this and he said its ok? I heard her making a nasal sound. I went near her, took her hands on my palm, I said you would get someone who actually deserves you. You are beautiful; your eyes are amazing with this I had removed her hair side locks which were coming on her face. I was staring at her face, lips, and cheeks.
I could feel her warm breath; I was so close to her. I don’t know what had happened. I had a magnetic attraction. I came towards her lips and kissed her. She did not object to me instead she closed her eyes. I knew this night would be memorable for me. My hands which were on her palms changed position. Now my right hands were supporting her head so that I could kiss her deeply both our saliva mixed and we both were enjoying it.
I sucked her upper lips and then lower lips very easily I would have kissed her for about 15 minutes. Then my hands were now on her breasts. Their breasts were quite small, just like a teenager. She had again no objection. I knew she was ready for a grand sex session. I started to kiss her neck, throat, and she was all supportive to me. Then finally I made her lay down. She was now all open for anything which I wanted.
Now manhood wanted a grand sex. I was all poised for it. I continued her to kiss deeply and did not want to break it. The only fear was that if she comes out of the mood and realise that it was not moral, my feast would be over. I slowly kissing her hands reached her armpits. Her top of night wear was not giving me a complete liberty to lick her body. Slowly I removed her top and her black bra was visible with no time her black bra was lying on the floor before throwing the bra on the floor.
I took a deep smell of it. She loved every bit of it. Now I looked at the beauty of her breasts. She had a milky color with black nipples popping up to be tasted. I brought my mouth towards it but stopped in between. She was now aching in pleasure as she wanted her body to be tasted by a man every time I would bring my mouth, she would raise her body a bit that I could taste it. Finally I gave her the pleasure of tasting her nipples.
She was now moaning in pleasure. Then I decided to explore her further. While I was licking her from top to bottom, I inserted my tongue in her naval. She again raised her body in anticipation of the pleasure. Now I had slowly taken her panty down. I again kissed her panty before dumping on her bra which was already lying on the floor.  Now I was kissing her thighs and she was waiting for the penultimate moment while I knew I was teasing her.
She also was enjoying completely when I licked her Gspot, she oozed honey. She had reached the climax and her love juice was oozing out. I tasted her love juice and she loved it. She again whispered, please don’t tease me now. Give me your manhood now without further making me wait. I knew that I finally had now inserted my manhood. She was enjoying to full. I realised that she was not a virgin. I asked you had experienced it earlier too.
She told nothing of this sort. Now I was pumping her pussy like the piston. She was also going with the rhythm. She was making wild moaning sounds. The wilder she became, the more aggressive I also became. Finally I also oozed my white fluid in her pussy. She also came again. She had a satisfaction on her face that her day was made. We both remained naked for the night.
We had a wonderful sleep after the aggressive sex. In the morning when I woke up, I saw her lying naked besides me. That made me believe the kind of sex we had last night. Looking at her naked body my manhood again sprang up. I again had a quick round of sex with her after that we had sex quite a number of times after some time I had left the company and I know she is married now. I had attended her marriage. I am still in doubt that did I love her or it was a casual sex.