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I’m a quiet achiever and my family have always been well off, but I was the last, so I had gotten everything. I was doing very well in my own right without inheriting anything, but I inherited quite a lot. At 36 single and the last in the family line, I born to my parents when they were 45 and 39 respectively and so was a only child on the passing of my mother in 2020 at the age of 72 (heart failure) I was the last one left. I quickly realized I had to married and start a family. I’ve enjoyed women over the years, but none of my female relationships were with women I wanted to marry. But I did know what I wanted in a wife and where to get such a wife. I travelled there and found a woman who met all my requirements, but there was a slight problem, she was twin and had 2 other sisters as well and they had lost their parents to the Covid virus in 2020. All 4 sisters weren’t willing to separate. With me being the greedy person, I am saw an opportunity, so I discussed it with the 4 of them. Simple I marry them all if they were willing and after they discussed it between themselves, they agreed. Mutual liability, as it was cemented by a contract signed by all and which said we would have the same rights as if were married and no sister had more rights than the others changing their surnames to mine. That was late 2021 and now we all live together on our family and are raising our five children together. One set of twins and three others, my wives are stay at home mothers and I’ve become less active socially.

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