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My 40th birthday was a couple of months away. I didn't really care too much about it—I only felt old because I was supposed to. In any case, I wasn't thinking much about it because I was preoccupied with my wife's 40th two weeks later. I wanted to surprise her with something special, but since we both work so much, neither of us has much in the way of hobbies. After some discussion we decided to plan a trip, just the two of us, to somewhere warm with beaches and umbrella drinks, and that was the end of birthday talk, which made me pretty happy.
When my 40th rolled around, my wife surprised me with an arrangement for our daughter to be at a sleepover. She took me out to a quiet, fantastic dinner, plied me with some rare bourbon, and reminded me why I love her so much. She wore her standard slinky black dress, and at one point made me aware she wasn't wearing underwear. I found it difficult, especially after bourbon, to forget this, and my dick kept standing up and sitting back down all night. She surprised me further by stopping me next to the car in the somewhat empty parking garage as we were leaving, dropping to her knees, looking both ways, and then fishing my cock out of my slacks. After a few strokes she took me into her mouth and sucked me furiously, bobbing her head back and forth. I was shocked to see her doing this in public. She's quite reserved, though game in bed. I was overwhelmed by her fantastic mouth and the adrenaline rush of being in public, and I knew I would come soon if she kept it up. Just as I thought I would be feeding her a sixth course, she pulled away and stood up. My cock was still standing hard as stone in the cool night air, and she pressed her crotch into it as she put her mouth to mine, kissing me hard. I could taste my cock on her lips. "Let's get home." She purred, as she opened my door and pushed me into the passenger seat.
She drove us back home, every now and then reaching over and stroking my erection, which I had not put away. After the garage door closed, she took me by the cock and led me upstairs to the bedroom. I wasted no time undressing, but she lit a candle on the dresser first, and then unzipped her dress and hung it up. She kept her strapless bra on, which I thought was odd. I took her by the shoulder and turned her to me, taking her in my arms and kissing her, pressing her silky breasts and hot skin against me. She pushed me back towards the bed and down on to it, on my back. Somehow the comforter had already been removed. Once I was on my back, she straddled me and slid her pussy to my face. I rose to meet her and began exploring her with my tongue. She leaned forward over my head and moaned as I licked and probed her. Her straddling me was for more than her pleasure, though, as she secured my wrists at the corners of the bed with the Velcro harnesses we keep under the bed for occasional bondage play. She likes to be tied down, but was reversing our roles for the first time. She turned around to secure my legs and I rose up to keep licking her—first her pussy and then up along her cleft to her ass. She shuddered when my tongue touched her anus but quickly pulled away to finish her job. My legs were secured, but quite free to move around. I wasn't going anywhere, but wasn't glued to the mattress, either. Next she slid a soft blindfold over my eyes and then sat down next to me. She took my shaft in her hand and languidly stroked it.
"You're not as good as you think you are at clearing your document history from the computer." She began. "I found your story folder."
I quickly grew queasy. I had been writing porn stories for myself for a long time, and I had told her some of them while we were making love, and she really enjoyed them. But I hadn't told her everything. I hadn't told her of some of my wildest, most secret fantasies. Over the years we had begun to share our fantasies with each other, of course I was more willing to share than she was, but still—they had the desired effect, usually. And I had grown more comfortable in 17 years of marriage and had told her things I didn't think I would ever have told anyone. Some of these confessions led to searing hot sex, and new frontiers had opened for us. I discovered that my demure, professional wife likes to be tied up and whipped, and she learned that her schoolteacher husband likes to get on his knees and suck her strap-on dildo before she fucks his ass with it. But just as I am sure she has fantasies she is afraid to tell (and she has implied this herself), I've got a few in the vault that I hadn't planned on disclosing. But I wrote stories about them. In fact, some of them involved her. But some did not.
"There's quite some variety in there. You seem to like gang bangs, as I read the two stories you wrote about me. In case you're worried, I was originally offended, but actually decided I would probably have done a lot of those things under the right circumstances." Her hand slid gently up and down my cock, which was painfully swollen. "The stories about you, though, were, um, interesting."
I decided she was referring to a pair of stories I had written about being gangbanged by several men. I'm definitely heterosexual. I love my wife and don't generally find men attractive nor do I find myself thinking about men romantically the way I do women. But I'm very interested in gay sex, and not only would love to try it, I have had some wicked orgasms imagining it, often with a dildo up my ass and my cock pointing at my face, shooting my load into my mouth and painting my face and chest with my come. My cock grew even harder, though I couldn't imagine how.
"I decided that I knew what to get you for your big birthday this year. I talked to some people and found several friends of friends of students, gay and bi men, who found the idea of screwing a straight man, a virgin, interesting. So I asked a couple of them to come over tonight and, um, indulge you. Their names aren't real, but you can call them TJ, David, and Paul. I'm going to sit over in the chair and watch." Her hand left my cock and the bed shifted as she stood and left. But soon I felt two new weights deposit themselves on the mattress, one to my right near my head, and the other between my legs.
I was certainly surprised by stubbly skin rubbing against my inner thigh. Moreso by the stubbly chin against my balls which was followed by a hot, wet mouth engulfing my rigid cock. My cock had never been in this mouth before—my wife was the only one who had ever given me a blowjob. Besides, this mouth was nothing like hers: strong, muscular lips locked around my tool and slid up and down my shaft. A rough, firm tongue swabbed my balls and swirled around the head. And it sucked—oh, did it suck—as a thick thumb and forefinger encircled my shaft and pumped up and down in sync with the intake. I was being blown by a strange man while my wife watched. The only reason I didn't come right there was because I knew that I might get my own chance at cocksucking later and didn't want to lose my nerve.
That time came quicker than I thought it might. I felt heat near my face where the other weight had dropped, and soon I felt the source: a long, thin, searing hot cock slid across my cheek. Its owner gripped it and dragged it up and down my face, sliding it over my nose and around and across my lips. I made kissing motions as it passed my mouth the first time and stuck my tongue out the second. Apparently this was what its owner was looking for. The cock hovered above my mouth as I tried to lick it, and soon it slid down my tongue and entered my waiting mouth. I couldn't believe it—a real live cock! I had fantasized about sucking one for so long. My stomach convulsed as if I had been punched; I was so overwhelmed. This had the added effect of pushing my mouth forward and soon it was halfway into my mouth, the head past my teeth. I tried to give it the respect it deserved but I couldn't with my hands tied and lying on my back, blindfolded. Its owner saw my troubles and helped me by gently fucking my mouth as I lay there. It was great, but I wanted something more.
The mouth on my cock slid up and off, and a voice I didn't recognize spoke up. "You know, the thing with a gang bang is that the person being banged doesn't really get to decide what to do. You should just lie there and the three of us should use you as we see fit."
I said nothing. I was secretly in favor of this. My fantasy was to be completely owned by these men; to have them do to me what they wanted and to make me do what they wanted done. But there was no way I wanted to admit this in front of my wife. Of course, she had already read my stories, one of which had me tied up and roughly fucked by four men. So what was there to lose, really? My dignity, I guess.
Another voice: "Yeah. I'd like to see him on his knees." This voice was from across the room: not one of my current partners. The cock in my mouth popped out and slapped my nose as its owner pulled out and shifted himself, reaching over and ripping the straps from my wrists. He left the bed. My legs were untied and I was roughly pulled off the bed onto my knees on the floor. Then the blindfold was pulled from my eyes.
I knelt in front of three men. David stood to my left, closest to me. He was six feet tall, tanned, with tousled brown hair. He didn't have the build of a gym rat but was in good shape. To his right was TJ, a shorter, thin blond kid. His slight build made him seem young. His cock, long and thin, stood out in front of him like a weathervane. He was shaved. Then, to his right, hung a massive tool. I didn't measure it, but Paul told me later it was ten inches long. Eventually I looked up and noticed that Paul had a face and a body, too. My eyes kept returning to his dick, though.
"That's something, isn't it?" TJ asked me. I could only swallow. I sat, paralyzed, fixated on the three-cock tableau in front of me.
David took control. "Well. Why don't you get started? You've got three cocks to suck. And slut it up, too. Your wife says it needs to be nasty. What's the word?" He glanced over at my wife.
"Irresponsible." She said. That's what I always say when I get drunk (or pretend to) and go totally uninhibited. I usually embarrass myself, but it's so good at the time. The last time I used that word I wound up begging my wife to let me come in her mouth so that she could snowball me. I lapped it up like a kitten.
David presented himself to me and I leaned forward, wrapping my right hand around his shaft and playing with it, slowly and gently stroking it up and down. This was the first real grown-up cock I had felt
(since grade school experimenting) and I was drinking in the sensations. I took David's balls in my hand, weighing them, tickling the sack; I rubbed his dick and tugged at it, watching it throb. Then it was time. I brought my tongue to his head and ran it over and round the spongy mushroom. I licked up and down its length, kissing it along the shaft. Soon I took the head into my mouth and began sucking in earnest. It was my first real cock, but I had seen enough movies and played with my dildos enough to have a pretty good idea how to suck a dick.
David seemed to agree, as he moaned and thrust himself forward into my mouth. He paid me my first cocksucking compliment: "Are you sure you've never done this before?"
The buzz of the bourbon and the buzz of my own lust conspired to make me lose my balance a bit, and David's cock popped out of my mouth. I scooted forward and hungrily took him back. After a few minutes of me bobbing my head up and down, trying to take as much of him as deeply as I could, he pushed away.
"Ohhh…" David groaned. I knelt there, my own cock standing straight up, stiff as a board, as TJ stepped forward to take David's place.
"Dude. That's so good." TJ said as I swallowed his dick. I really got into it with TJ and soon had my hand and mouth complimenting each other. Apparently it worked very well, because before I knew it TJ was shooting his load into my mouth. I felt his cock swell and then TJ's hand took the back of my head and pulled me forward. His load was hot and slimy and salty, just as it had been when I'd tasted my own come, either from my wife's mouth or from licking myself clean. It's certainly an acquired taste—it took some practice before I could regularly swallow my own loads. I started by going down on my wife after coming in her pussy. Today I do this nearly every time—either shooting directly into my mouth (truly slutty, as I usually end up spraying my face, hair, and chest) or into my hand and scooping it all up. But TJ's was the first load I had ever taken from another man. I gulped and gulped and managed to keep up with him, getting every drop.
As I backed away, Paul explained that TJ was a quick cummer, but always recovered quickly and then was good for a long time. I hoped he was right. It made me wonder about the relationships between the guys, though. I didn't ponder that long, though. There was a more important task at hand.
Paul's anaconda beckoned. I took it in two hands, jacking him with one while simply holding it up with the other. After a few pumps it began to swell and firm up. Soon I was licking it like an ice cream cone. Then I decided to tackle it: I stretched my lips around the huge head and took him as deeply as I could. I sucked his huge cock like that for a few minutes but eventually my jaw began to hurt. I changed strategies: I ran my mouth along the bottom of his shaft to his large balls and took them in my mouth one at a time, sucking them gently. Then I surprised everyone: I crawled around behind Paul and put my hands on his ass. He leaned forward and stuck his butt out to meet me, knowing what I was about to do. I took his cheeks in my hands and spread them, and leaned in and gave Paul a long lick up the cleft of his ass, from his balls to his back. Then I slid down, swirling my tongue around, until I reached his puckered anus. I licked Paul's asshole with gusto, every now and then driving my hard tongue up inside him, fucking him with it. He groaned his approval. He began to rock himself back against my mouth, and I soon realized that this was because TJ had started sucking his cock. TJ and I double teamed Paul for a few minutes, and at one point I looked past Paul's ass to see David standing next to my wife, and she had his cock in her hand, lazily stroking him while she watched me debauching myself. I slid back around in front of Paul and sucked his balls again while TJ continued to blow him. Then I slid my tongue up his shaft toward TJ. The two of us sucked the sides of his cock like we were eating an ear of corn, trading sucks on the head. During this time TJ's hand migrated to my cock and he started jerking me off. We had established a nice rhythm on Paul that had him panting, but somehow we got out of sync. Suddenly I found myself face to face with TJ on opposite sides of the head of Paul's cock, and before I knew it TJ's tongue was in my mouth and his hand was around my head, pulling me into him. I had never kissed a man before, and honestly wasn't interested in doing it. But now that his mouth was on mine and his hand was on my dick, I was pretty into it. TJ and I kissed for some time, and soon Paul was complaining about his lack of action. TJ broke the kiss and shoved Paul's cock back in my mouth. He slid down my chest to attack my nipples with his tongue, lips, and teeth, all the while still stroking my cock. I was trying to concentrate on Paul's monster tool but TJ's attention was heavily distracting me. I gasped when TJ bent fully over and took my cock in his mouth, and Paul's popped out of mine. My jaw was aching again so I returned to jacking Paul off. TJ sat up and put his hand on mine, and we jerked Paul's dick together.
"Oh, man." Paul groaned. "I'm gonna come." I could feel his dick stiffening in my hand and he pushed his hips forward toward us. TJ gripped my hand tighter and forced my hand up and down Paul's shaft. TJ's other hand twisted my nipple under his fingernail. I was staring at Paul's cock, waiting for him to ejaculate, wanting it on me, on my face and chest, just like a porn starlet. TJ knew it, too. Together we jacked Paul off. With a shout a jet of Paul's semen shot through the air between us, hitting my chest. The second blast hit me in the cheek, and the rest sprayed across my face, chest, and forearm. He soon stopped shooting but his come continued to bubble out onto my hand, which was soaked with his sticky load already. TJ leaned toward me and licked the come from my chest and face, kissing me again and sharing Paul's load with me. I returned the favor by licking my hand clean and kissing TJ back, hard on the mouth, feeding him the rest.
When I finally looked up for air I watched my wife take David's cock into her mouth and suck him. He hand his hand between her legs. I went to the bathroom to get a towel while Paul sat down on the edge of the bed. TJ's cock was hard again. Watching my wife suck a strange cock was exciting to me, too, and I watched while I cleaned up. It wasn't long before David pulled away from her and returned to me.
"Was that slutty enough for you, ma'am?" He asked my wife while putting his hand on my shoulder and pushing me to the bed. "I thought it was pretty fucking hot, especially for a straight virgin."
"I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it." She replied, deadpan.
"Well, the night's not over yet. The slut still needs to satisfy me, and then everyone else. Don't you agree?" Paul and TJ assented, and David looked at my wife.
"He does want to be fucked. Don't you, honey?" She asked me directly. Could I answer her? I was pretty fucking horny at this point, certainly a little drunk, and I had already debased myself.
"Yes. I want to be fucked." I murmured.
"By whom?" David continued.
"By all of you." I stammered. I lay back and enjoyed my buzz a little. David stepped up to me and pressed his slick fingers against my asshole, gently rubbing them around and slowly inserting them one at a time. Soon I felt his index and middle finger stretching me open, sliding in and out. And then it came.
David pressed his cock against my anus and slowly slid it into me. I groaned and tried to take him—I was not well practiced at this. After a few minutes he had slid up into me far enough that he thought I was ready and started to drive in and out, gently but firmly. My cock stood straight up as David took hold of my calves and leaned into me. He fucked me with confidence and authority, but was obviously trying to make me feel good. My cock slapped against my stomach as it flipped back and forth with David's thrusts. He pushed my knees back into my chest with one hand while the other reached forward and grabbed my cock, jerking me off as he drilled my ass.
TJ climbed up onto the bed and crawled over to me, swallowing my dick for the second time that night. I tried to return the favor by playing with his cock and balls. My hand found his ass, too, and soon I had my middle finger inside him. He gasped and his head came up off my cock. Soon he pulled away and knelt next to me. Up on his knees, he tore open a foil packet and rolled a condom on me, then straddled my chest and slowly rocked back to mount my cock. He squatted down slowly until he sat on my stomach. Soon he was bouncing up and down while David continued to fuck me. TJ leaned back against David and David's arms snuck around his chest to pull on his nipples. Their double attack on my cock and ass was blinding me—I was seeing stars. I gave up a long moan of pleasure and squeezed my rectum on David's dick. David grunted quickly and cried out, and I felt his cock swell as he came.
After a few strokes David pulled out and fell back into the armchair. TJ continued taking my cock, and I tried to help by driving back into him. When I looked to my left I saw my wife kneeling in front of Paul, her eyes closed as she explored his size. When I caught her eye, I nodded, and she returned to him with gusto. TJ climbed off of me and took David's place between my legs. He easily slid into me and resumed banging me where David had left off. Paul, my wife having given him up, stepped over behind TJ. TJ leaned over me and with a small shifting of his weight took Paul's huge tool up his ass, connecting the three of us. Paul fucked TJ, which drove him into me. Within seconds TJ shot his load into me. Paul kept fucking him for a few more strokes, but soon pulled out as TJ backed away from the bed.

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