My 61-year old husband dave died leaving me with my 28-year old stepson johnny

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By Britney My stepson Johnny always wanted to rut and fuck me ever since I married his dad Dave, Johnny is now on the prowl for me since his dad Dave has died.

I was happily married to Dave for five years, he was 61 years old, and he has a 28-year old son John. I was 34 and this was my first marriage, and now not only was I a young wife but a young stepmom to a 28-year old young man. Everything went well with the three of us until six months ago when my husband Dave died suddenly, and Johnny took his death very hard, but since then I have been going out to nightclubs with a few of my girlfriends from work, and my stepson John told me in not so many words that he doesn’t approve and want me going out so there has been tension between us in our house.

The day that John snapped and lost his mind from his deep grief of losing his dad started off pretty normal, it was his first day off from college, so he sat at his computer playing video games that he was pretty much into. John got tense when he heard a knock at the front door, It’s probably for his stepmom Britney and that was never a good sign.

“John honey can you get the door for me”?? He heard my voice call out and he pissed and moaned as he headed downstairs knowing that she was wearing her sexiest lingerie for the strange guy standing at the front door.

John opened it still mumbling to himself and eyed the guy at the door, it seemed she had found another new guy for herself. He looked like he was in his mid 50’s large with a well trimmed beard, he waved to John and asked him, “Hey kid ! is your mom home”??

“Mom”!!!!! John cried out while tapping his foot as he crossed his arms, clearly looking pissed off

I walked downstairs with a big smile on my face while the dress that I’m wearing is tightly hugging my body, my 32-DD tits were practically spilling out the front of it. The guy eyed my stepmom Britney up and down with a sinister grin on his face.

Johnny felt absolutely disgusted. “Johnny !! This is Larry !! My new boyfriend”!!!

“Hey” John said. Larry only nodded in return, completely ignoring my stepson, Johnny.

After the short and extremely awkward introduction, my mom Britney told me that she had dinner ready for me to heat, as Larry and her held hands and headed upstairs to her bedroom.

John being pissed off sat down on the sofa trying not to listen to any noises that their going to make. He was about to turn on the TV when he heard more giggling and the creaking of his stepmom Britney’s bed upstairs. He rolled his eyes knowing that he would have to listen to this all night, so he sat back to listen.

It continued on, the laughing the creaking of the bed, and it was driving Johnny absolutely insane.
He had to see for himself what was going on, so he began to walk upstairs and got closer and closer to mommy Britney’s bedroom, and he was shocked to see her bedroom door is wide open.

He moved closer and hid behind her bedroom door and gripped it tightly as he watched.

Larry was in between his stepmom Britney’s stocking covered legs, rutting and humping her like a wild beast. Britney while being roughly rutted was squealing and moaning his name out loudly in complete pleasure and begging him to ram her deeper and faster. John couldn’t help but to imagine that it was him banging and ramming his stepmom Britney into oblivion, while his dick is rock hard and pulsating as he watched the two of them mating.

He decided that he couldn’t bear to watch them any longer, so he moved out from behind the door and leaned against the wall to collect his thoughts, instead of going back to his room he brought his phone out and video them. He was so scared of being caught but Larry and Britney were so into their lust that they paid no attention to him.

The next morning John tried to act normal as his stepmom Britney told him that she was going to the sports bar for her 35th birthday. He began to form a plan in his head, he spent the rest of the night doing what he usually did watch T.V. and relaxing. When he knew it was close to when she would be coming home to him, so he drove to the sports bar.

John arrived just in time and only had to sit in the booth for a few minutes while waiting for me to say goodbye. As I stumbled and swayed walking in my 5-inch black stilettos drunk to the door, when John reached out to steady me as I turned around surprised to see him.

“Johnny !! What are you doing here”!!? I slurred out and trying to walk steadily, but I had too much to drink.

“I’m here to take care of you mommy Britney”!! John said sweetly and sarcastically to me.

“OH !! You’re the best honey”!!! She said squeezing his cheek with her soft well manicured hand. She was wearing another sexy tight fitting outfit, a long red dress that hid nothing from her body. John was wondering how many men wanted to fuck his stepmom tonight.

Instead of walking to where I parked my car, I led mommy Britney down a dark alley way telling her that I was there to take care of her, when we reached the end of the alley way, I looked back to make sure there was no one there watching before I began touching my stepmom, Britney.

John pressed his hands against my 32-dd tits, that was the first thing that he always wanted to feel, they were so incredibly soft and supple as he squeezed down on them as they spilled out of the top of her red dress.

I let out a moan, “Ohhhhhhhh”!!!!!! As I held onto his arm looking up at him confused.

“Johnny !! What are you doing to me”!?? I drunkenly asked him.

John shook his head, “Oh nothing mom”!!! As he reached down lower and wrapping his two hands tightly around my red dress covered ass cheeks and squeezed them hard like I belonged to him as I gasped out in shock.

“Johnny !! Why are you touching me in this way”!!? I asked him in a strict voice.

“Because you dress up like a whore and you act like a slut in front of me, your own stepson and bringing men into my dead dad’s house and bed !! fucking them over and over again”!!! He yelled out.

“Now it’s my turn”!!!

“He shoved me against the dirty brick wall and pressed his body against mine as he began kissing and sucking on my neck, licking and biting me as he worked his way down.

I shook my head attempting to get the alcohol out of my system to think clearly, but I couldn’t, I drank way too much. I kept on saying no over and over again while Johnny had his way with me.

My stepson John pulled my red dress up exposing my braless tits and both of my sheer black crotchless pantyhose and black lace panties that are worn over them.

“You’re such a slut mom”!!! He said as he moved his hand against my pussy feeling me up over the thin black nylon fabric.

I shook my head, “No”!! As I moaned, “Ohhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!!! I was already juicy as fuck as Johnny groaned out, “Ohh !! yeah !!! that’s my mommy”!!!!!!!

My whitish gooey pussy cum was soaking through both of my black lace panties and sheer black crotchless pantyhose, while John moved my lace panties to the side so he could push his fingers inside of my wet pussy. “Oh fuck !! Mom you’re fucking soaking wet”!!!! John said.

John pushed two of his fingers inside my pussy and quickly began finger fucking me as he pressed his mouth right onto mine as I hit him and the only sound I could make is, “Mmmmmmmpphhhh”!!!!!!!!

As he tasted me for the first time, I refused to kiss John back, but he forced his tongue down my throat, twirling it all around my tongue, “Mmmmmmmpphhh”!!!!!!!!!!! that’s all that I could say.

John unzipped his pants unveiling his uncut, swollen, purplish, bulbous, thick 9-nch cock.

With his purple monster dick pulsating in anticipation of something that he always wanted to do to his stepmom Britney ever since his daddy Dave married her. Now it’s finally my turn he thought as he spun me around and pinned me against the dirty brick wall with my backside and ass facing Johnny.

He forced my sheer black pantyhose covered legs apart as my 5-inch spiked heels dug into the uneven pavement, then he forcefully bent me all the way over and down so my ass was high up in the air, then he lifted up my red dress and pushed it up and over my back, exposing my sheer black crotchless pantyhose and black lace panties, then unable to help himself, he spanked my ass really hard as I yelped, “OH !! OHH !!! OHH !!!! JOHNNY THAT HURTS !!!! OHHH”!!!!!!

He needed to hear the loud slapping sounds echoing throughout the deserted alleyway, with each hard slap that he gave me, he watched my soft and supple black pantyhose covered ass cheeks jiggle underneath him.

As I yelped out loud again, “OHH !!! OHH !!!!” “OH JOHNNY !!!” “OH IT HURTS”!!!!!

But before that I could do anything else, he had me forcefully bent all the way over as he aligned that huge purple monster dick against my very wet pussy lips and said, “Are you ready for me mommy I see that you are wearing your crotchless pantyhose mommy Britney”!!???

As he leaned down and over me, and he whispered that in my ear.


He totally ignored me and with one very powerful thrust, he rammed that purplish 9-inch monster through the hole in my crotchless pantyhose and it went all the way deep inside my pussy.

He held my pantyhose covered waist and hips really tight and continued to screw and pound me hard as he loudly groaned out, “OHH !! MOMMY !! OHH !! MOMMY !! YOUR PUSSY IS SO WET AND TIGHT”!!

Despite me being regularly fucked, I was tight. while john’s fucking me from behind, I’m holding my hands against the brick wall balancing myself from his hard thrusting fucks, as my pussy squeezed down hard and tightly constricted around Johnny’s uncut purplish bulbous big dick, and started milking him, as my pussy eagerly took his entire 9-inch purple monster.

While Johnny’s thrusting his dick into me over and over again. I kept shaking my head back and forth and yelping out, “No ! No ! No ! Johnny Stop This at Once !! It’s Wrong ! I’m Your Mommy ! Oh My God !!

Stop !! Before You Cum Inside Me !! Oh My God Your Dick Feels So Good Baby!! Ohhhhhh !!!!! Yeah”!!!!!

I started to enjoy Johnny fucking me as he completely controlled and dominated me, while I moaned his name out over and over, “Oh !! John !! Oh !! John !! Oh !! John !! John !! John !! Oh !! my baby boy !!

Give mommy all your milk you naughty boy”!!!!

Ater hearing me moaning his name out like that, John gripped down tighter on my black pantyhose covered waist and pounded and rammed me harder and faster as I watched my big tits swayed and jiggled uncontrollably beneath me while I cried out, “FUCK MOMMY FASTER JOHNNY ! FASTER ! OH FUCK”!!!

Suddenly John heard a few voices on his right side and turned to see a couple of young teen boys watching him fuck me, his stepmom Britney, while there’re stroking their big dicks.

A perverted and sinister Idea popped in John’s head, “Hey guys ! You want to join me and my mom”!!??

They nodded and approached us as my son Big John held and lowered me, his lust filled mommy onto his lap with my red dress hiked up, while his huge uncut purplish 9-inch cock slipped all the way up into my wet pussy as he held both of my sheer black pantyhose covered legs with my 5-inch stilettos up high in the air. while he’s thrusting his dick upwards into my sweet mommy pussy, and at the same time one of the teen boys took out his 7-inch cock and walked over to me, and shoved it into my mouth.

I began sucking him off and not complaining about my son Johnny anymore. I began stroking my pussy as I felt John’s wide dick shaft, pumping and thrusting in and out of my pussy, he knew I was close to cumming.

John felt his balls tighten up as he loudly groaned out, “Ohhhhhhh !!!!!! my Goddddd”!!!!!!!!!!

“I’m cumming mommy Britney !!!! I’m fucking cumming”!!!!!!!!!!! Johnny groaned out as I nodded in agreement with a teenage boy’s dick shoved into my mouth, suddenly the two of them came at the same time.

With John exploding and shooting his load deep inside his mom Britney’s fertile pussy, her pussy muscles contracted tightly, milking his large uncut dick like she needed most of his baby making sperm deep inside her.

John continued fucking me as my sexy pantyhose covered legs and heels are swaying back and forth with every pounding ramming thrust that he’s giving me, as I sucked the boy off and letting him spew all his sperm all over my big 32-DD tits.

I was lost in my own lust while John had his way with me over and over again in the long dark ally way with the two teenage boys until the early morning hours. John just smiled and letting me know that he’s the dominate alpha male over me. he picked me up and carried me to his car and brought me home to be his submissive mommy and possible future wife since my husband Dave has passed away. I told him that I have to get a E.P.T. kit and check myself in a few weeks to see if I’m pregnant either with Larry’s baby or his baby.


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By Britney #Abuse #Exhibitionist #Pregnancy #Rape