My Anu Aunty

My Anu Aunty
There are nine f****y members comprising my grandparents, parents, chacha and chachi, their son, me and my elder s****r and further three servants all living in one old traditional house built by my grandfather. My grandfather’s and grandmother’s order were final and binding to all the members of f****y. As I said our f****y was a very strict f****y so strict that in front of the elders we could never do as desired by us and it felt like living in golden cage. Especially for my mother and chachi life was very hard.
My grandmother always kept vigilance on them just to know when they make mistakes and no matter how small they were she never left any likelihood to make it look like a big mistake in front of my father and chahca to make them say bitter words and torment their wife. My father yet understood and handled such situation considering my mom’s efforts which she has put in towards our f****y but my chacha always use to make a big fuss out of it and create a great ordeal for my chachi. I think he never loved or even wish to marry my chachi.
He simply married to follow orders of my grandfather. Because of such norms in my home I felt that the best place to live in my home was my own room. Where I could be myself behind the close doors of my room. I felt may be my mom and chachi would be feeling the same way. Further my room was on the terrace of our house which made me was like a treat to me as I felt that I was away from my f****y and got lot of privacy. After my 10th grade exams I was looking forward for a wonderful summer vacation and planned things which I could do in my room to please myself.
The joys of masturbation which I learnt a year back. I wished to collect porn magazines containing photos and sex stories to fuel my nights and make me enjoy masturbation sessions even more. I was to get these from my friend just a day after when suddenly I came to know that it has been decided that Rinku my chahca’s son will henceforth sl**p in my room as he grown enough to sl**p without his parents.
That’s it one place which I could call my own was gone. I had to share it with the irritating Rinku whom I knew would go through all my stuff. So now there was no chance taking risk of bringing porn magazines as my efforts to hide them from Rinku would only be futile with him staying with me 24*7. Further masturbation could only be done in bathroom and not in the comforts of bed.
Later at night I felt things have gone even worse when Rinku asked me to take him to his parents room as he was unable to sl**p and was too scared to go downstairs alone. I hesitantly took Rinku downstairs to chacha’s room and knocked their door just to hear chacha shouting as we disturbed his sl**p. My chachi Anuradha(whom we called Anu) came out of the room and said to Rinku “you have to sl**p in b*****r’s room from now, or else your papa will get angry” , Rinku cried “no mummy I want to sl**p with you”. Anu Chachi knew that Rinku will not sl**p alone and would keep on crying.
So she said “ok than mummy will sl**p with you a day or two to make you comfortable in b*****r’s room” she further said “is that ok my sweet son”. Rinku hugged her and was happy that her mother will sl**p with us in our room. I got irritated more as it was not only Rinku but even chachi who will make my night boring as I was not knowing the series of events which shall unfold later that night. We came back to my room and chachi kept humming to make Rinku sl**p while laid head in her lap.
I didn’t know whether it worked on Rinku or not but it surely worked on me. Chachi’s voice was really sweet and I started feeling sl**py and slept quickly. Later at night I woke up feeling something heavy fell on my chest. I got startled and as my eyes began to claim visibility adjusting to the dim night lamb light I saw it was my chachi’s hand which fell on my chest and she was sl**ping between me and Rinku.
At first I got irritated and moved her hands away from my chest and placed them on bed at my side. I stood up and went for toilet. As I came back I saw the scene which changed my way of looking at my Anu chachi forever. Her sarree had moved up way above her knees and her smooth white legs were exposed to my lustfill eyes for the first time. Her legs calf were fleshy, smooth, white and simply inviting to chew them off. I stood there for sometime taking in the mesmerizing view my beautiful Anu chachi’s body.
I moved my eyes further up to see her bare abdomen and blousewhich was left uncovered by sarree as in her sl**p sarree had moved to her side. Her bossoms were amazing. They seemed perfect sized. Two separate hills to mount to, well shaped and scarcely covered by her blouse. The posture in which she was lying facing towards the side where I was sl**ping earlier made her beautiful white creamy breast make a heave out of her blouse making a big cleavage. My
God for the first time I realized Anu Chachi was a beautiful voluptuous woman with curves to die for. She was a bit chubby but her fats were all in right areas but at the age of 30 you cannot expect a woman to be more beautiful and invitingly sexy as she was. One of my friend earlier told me once that chachi is very sexy however I shun this idea as I thought it to be a sin thinking about my mother like chachi in such a way and stopped inviting my friend to my home. However tonight I felt each of his words were very true when I saw this beautiful voluptuous woman lying in my bed.
I slowly creep into bed next to her not knowing what to do next. I surely knew I won’t be able to sl**p with this beautiful body lying just next to me. I slowly moved my face towards her and watched her face. There was a calmness of deep sl**p and a gentle smile of a joyous peace on her face. I was mesmerized by the beauty and innocence of Anu chachi’s face. I looked at her luscious pink lips and felt like sucking them in an instance. I turned my face and cursed myself for having such thoughts for my chachi but I just could not help myself. I wondered what to do gazing towards the ceiling of the room.
Suddenly I felt movement on my left side my chachi turned to face upwards lay on her back with her hands wide apart. This move made her breast heave up more and gave me another fantastic view of her breast. I decided to take a good view of Anu chachi’s body once again. I slowly sat beside her making as little sound as possible.
I checked at Rinku once, and found the k** deep asl**p. Than my eyes begin to do their work. Absorbing beauty of my chachi’s magnificent body as much as possible and this time while just sitting next to her real close. The view was amazing something which I thought I will cherish for a long time. Suddenly Anu chachi moved and I hurriedly went back to my lying position, horrified that she might come to know about my voyeur. She moved to face me again. I tried to sense through her breathing whether she was asl**p or not.
Her breathing was very smooth and calm like before. I relaxed and when I was assures she is deep asl**p I thought about my next moves. I wanted to look at her so I turned towards her in a way as if I am turning in my sl**p. Oooohhh what a beautiful site. A massive white cleavage was right in front of my face. I was amazed and couldn’t believe my luck of seeing cleavage of a mature woman so closely. It was amazing I could actually see that her breasts were heaving up and down as per the rhythm of her breathing.
“I want to touch those” I thought. But how? If she wakes up? If she tells this to other f****y members? What would my chacha do to me?? All such questions stormed into head. I told to myself “come on Sunny think”. Suddenly I got answer “act as if you are sl**ping and move your hands where ever you want”. I gathered courage and started moving my hand forward towards Anu chachi’s breasts as though I am stretching my hands in sl**p. I kept my left eye slightly to open to see that my hands were moving in right direction but that was not enough.
Her smooth white skin and the valley between her breast were inviting me to touch her more and more. My hands finally touched something. My heart was pounding as though it will come out of my body anytime. I pressed my hands further to find something really soft and tender being pressed under it. I was enthralled and excited that I finally touched the marvel made by God. I opened my eyes slowly to see where my hands were. “Yup mission accomplished” I thought. My hands had safely landed on my Anu Chachi’s beautiful mesmerizing breast covered by her blouse.
I kept my hands there for some time. Lay it very softly on her, being careful not to wake up. I moved any finger in circle just where I thought her nipples should be. It felt really good, soft and tender. But now I wished to go further. I wanted to touch the bare cleavage of Anu chachi. I looked at her face calm and quite. Breathing in the same soft rhythm of sl**p. I felt like making a move. I moved my hands upwards on her breast till my hungry hands felt bare flesh beneath. I moved my hands very slowly continuously checking chachi’s breathing.
Her breath was calm and I made my final move. Yup I was in heaven bare white flesh was beneath my palms. I slowly pressed my hands further into Anu chachi’s breasts. They went in deep. These breast were surely huge. My one hand could not cover entire cleavage of one breast. I moved my fingers in circles over her breast. Hmmmmmm I told to myself “damn good feeling” Soon the thought of fear about being caught was over taken by lust and hunger for flesh. Now I wanted to touch my chachi’s smooth legs.
I lifted my hands up from her breast and moving my hands downwards this time straight away laid them on her bare calfs. Hmmmmm that felt good. I moved my hand up down on bare skin of Anu chachi’s right leg. I moved my hands up and up until they came to place just above her knee where Anu chachi’s sarree rested. I wanted to go further up. I wanted to feel Anu chachi’s thighs. I just wanted to press her bare thigh under my palms. I was so sexed up that I quickly started moving my hands up making her sarree move with my hands.
It felt great as my hands brushed on the inner thighs of Anu chachi’s right legs. Oooohhh it felt great I thought to myself. I kept my hands moving up and up when suddenly I felt movement in Anu chachi’s body she quivered a bit and suddenly she stood up and sat in the bed. I got terrified my hands were still under her sarree and touching her bare inner thighs. May be my movements were just too much I thought. It’s all has ended. I will be thrown out of the house after terrible beating I thought to myself. In the seconds when terrible nightmares had griped me suddenly
Anu chachi just looked at me, looked at towards her legs where my hand was and fall back on the bed to lying position as though she was in a total state of sl**p and go back to sl**p. No words exchanged and no expressions exchanged. My heart beats were so fast that I felt I would get a heart attack. My hands were still under Anu chachi’s sarree and on her inner thighs. I slowly removed my hands from under her sarree and turned around facing away from Anu chachi to sl**p. Just praying that Anu chachi will not share this incident with anyone else or else I am screwed.
I lay there cursing myself for doing an act which could ruin my life. Just when I thought to myself my adventure has ended I felt weight on my back. I lay there without any movement and still I felt weight over my back. I thought to myself may be in her sl**p Anu chachi might have moved close to me and moved upon my back. Suddenly I felt a very slow movement in Anu chachi’s body up and down and her body pressed into my back more. I could clearly feel the soft breast of Anu chachi on my back. It felt great. I wanted to feel this more.
I wanted to feel this on my face. I was sexed up again. I thought maybe she just sl**ps like this vey deeply. She might have woke up earlier but yet she could have been in deep sl**p and might not have realized what had happen and where my hands were beneath her sarree. I thought “just turn towards her and act to sl**p facing her and your face would be on her breast.” I gathered courage and turned just to find that my calculations were almost right.
As I turned my face straight away was buried in her neckline. Ooooooh her skin smell was awesome. It was very soft. I laid gentle kisses on her bare neckline. My mind was totally filled with smell of Anu chachi’s skin. Hmmmmmmmmm that felt great. And I kept a careful check of any quiver in Anu chachi’s body and her breathing. As long as Anu chachi breath calmly I could to any extent I thought.
Now maybe if I just move downward a little my face will be on her bare cleavage. As I did slowly as if moving in sl**p my face finally reached where I wanted it. On the cleavage of Anu chachi. Anu chachi’s cleavage felt so great. For the first time I felt a woman’s breast on my lips.. Anu chachi’s breast were awesome. My nose lied on the valley made right between Anu chachi’s magnificent breasts. The smell of her skin here was even more strong. It filled my nose and mind with pheromones that made me crave for Anu chachi more and more. I laid gentle soft kisses on her bare breasts. I wanted more I thought. I wanted to suck those nipples of Anu chachi covered safely under her blouse and bra.
I wanted more I thought I kept giving soft gentle kisses on Anu chachi’s cleavage with my face buried in it. Further Anu chachi’s strong smell coming from the deep corners of her valley fully intoxicated my mind. I want more I thought but I was really scared that my attempt open her blouse will surely wake her up. I moved my face away from her just to see Anu chachi’s smooth white cleavage where my face was buried. I moved my hands upward trying to unhook the blouse.
I tried a lot but failed to unhook it. My inexperienced could not unhook Anu chachi’s blouse. The hooks were too tightly tugged into one another. I thought why to waste this chance of burring my face into her magnificent cleavage. In an attempt to open her blouse she might wake up surely this time and I will lose every bit of joy I am having right now. So I buried my face back into her cleavage and slept with a dream of seeing Anu chachi’s bare breast further with my body totally attached to Anu chachi’s body head to toe. The story continues to other series of nights when Anu chachi slept in my room. If you have liked what you have read please let me know so I would share further events.
I woke up next morning around 8 AM. I looked towards my left those whether Anu Chachi is there but saw only Rinku who was still deep sl**p. Anu Chachi had already left. She usually wakes up around 6 AM every morning just like my mother as they had a lot of morning chores to take care of. I sat in my bed and the last night visions came back to me. Again and again I could see Anu Chachi lying in my bed with her saree above her knee as I gazed upon her flawless beauty standing in front of the bed.
The visions made me horny and I wanted jack off. I quickly went into my bathroom and jacked off think about my adventures of last night, smooth fair skin of Anu Chachi, her breast –so soft so tender, so milky….. hmmmm I thought, her soft inner thighs and above all her intoxicating smell. I jacked off a load of cum as soon as I remembered how Anu Chachi smelled. It was awesome. For a young boy feeling a woman the way I did was more than a dream come true.
However I wanted more I thought. I wished Anu Chachi would come to sl**p in my room again. Anu Chachi did tell to Rinku last night that she would sl**p in my room for a day or two till Rinku gets comfortable sl**ping without her. I just prayed for that to happen again.
I hurriedly perform my morning duties and took bath and went downstairs to check on the scene. There was also a lot of fear in me that “what if Anu Chachi would have spoken about last night events to others?” this thought was horrifying me. But I was bit assured that she was deep asl**p last night and I will not be caught.
As I went downstairs I saw my mother and saw my grandparents in the drawing room. Anu Chachi was in the kitchen preparing breakfast I guessed. The scene was very normal. Anu Chachi have spoken nothing to f****y members about last night I thought. And mostly she herself does not know about events of last night. This relaxed me. However facing Anu Chachi was becoming more difficult than I thought.
First I thought about ignoring her and not to go in kitchen to ask for breakfast. But then I thought it’s important to know what her reaction towards me is. I entered into kitchen with my heart pounding. As I entered Anu Chachi looked at me and smiled and said even before I asked “breakfast will be ready in just two minutes”. Her tone and behavior was very normal and I got relaxed as I knew my adventure has not put me in any kind of trouble.
Throughout the day my mind kept racing with the visions of last night. I just kept thinking about Anu Chachi. I gazed upon her whenever I got chance. She was wearing a bright orange saree in which she looked really beautiful and appealing. I prayed “may be just once more she would come to sl**p in my room” and I eagerly waited for the night to fall. I further thought that Anu Chachi usually wears night gown at night and wished that she would wear a night gown tonight as her blouse was a big encumbrance to my inexperienced hands.
As night fall soon after dinner I moved upstairs to my room thinking about all sought of possibilities the night could bring on to me. The atmosphere became very silent as one by one f****y members went to their room to sl**p. Soon I heard some on the steps leading to my room on the terrace. My heart raced and I wished to see Anu Chachi and Rinku to come in from the door. However my dreams got shattered as the door opened “it was only Rinku who had come up” there was no sign of Anu Chachi.
He came lied to my left. I waited for sometime. I thought Anu Chachi might come a little later. But she didn’t. after 5 minutes of waiting I asked Rinku “Where’s Anu Chachi?” he said “ she’s downstairs in her room” . “I asked him isn’t she going to come up here to sl**p with him?” he said “ I wish the same bhaiya but she has not come, I want her to sl**p here with me” . my devil mind provoked him to go and call her upstairs to come and sl**p in my room. I told him “let’s go and call her” Rinku smiled and said “thank you bhaiya that would be so nice”.
We went downstairs to first floor to Anu Chachi’s room. I knocked the door and prayed to see Anu Chachi wearing a night gown and not sarree and blouse. The door opened it was Anu Chachi wearing night gown. I felt great. I thought “if tonight she sl**ps in my room than I have a chance of looking at real breasts”. I said “Chachi Rinku wants you to sl**p in our room” . she seemed tired and hesitantly said “okay, take him upstairs I will be there in a minute”
Hurray I thought “ she’s coming to my room wearing a night gown.” We waited few minutes and soon the door opened. Anu Chachi walked in and closed the door behind her. This time she also put the latch and locked the door. That enthralled me more. She said “Acha Rinku now go to sl**p mummy is here” she slowly moved into bed and lied down between me and Rinku. She faced Rinku and kept humming and patting him till he went asl**p. I waited patiently on my side of the double bed till complete silence overtook my room.
There was complete silence and I could hear Anu Chachi and Rinku breathing. I looked at clock it was 11.30 PM. Ghosh I thought I had entire night with this beautiful voluptuous woman sl**ping right next to me. All I wanted tonight was to see Anu chachi’s bare breasts. I wanted to see her nipple and areolas. I thought of my next move. I thought to put my hands on her butt till she is sl**ping facing Rinku. I moved my hands slowly towards her butt. I kept a check on her breathing.
She was calm. I gently laid my hands on her right butt cheek covered by her gown. Aaah I felt good. “Her butt cheeks were soft” I thought. I pressed my palms more and her butt cheeks got pressed underneath my palms. “I was in heaven again” I thought. I moved my fingers in circular motion and felt different areas of Anu chachi’s ass. Though her gown was between my palms and her bare skin, it was great for a young boy to feel a mature woman’s ass. My 6’ inch cock began to grew inside my shorts and pre cum started to flow from it.
I slowly started to move my palm where I thought Anu chachi’s ass crack should be. I moved my hands slowly and found my destination. I looked upon her to check if she’s asl**p or not. She was breathing calmly. So I got more courage and I pressed my fingers in her ass cracks from over her gown. Aaah my fingers immediately started to go into deep forbidden areas of Anu chachi’s butt. I was in heaven
I thought. I moved my fingers up and down her ass crack gently being careful not to wake her up. I played in her ass crack like for 5-10 minutes than later again went feel her butt cheeks. All my movements should be very slow as I didn’t wanted to wake Anu chachi up. I gently played with butt cheeks pressed them in my palm a few times. Later I got bored and wanted to feel her breasts. So I went back to my side of bed and waited till she turned to face me.
I felt like God was listening to this young boy as Anu chachi moved and turned to face me soon in like a minute or two. And things became more hot as she had moved closer towards me while turning in her sl**p. Aaaaah such a beautiful face and luscious lips. I wanted to lick her face too. But knew I could not as I could not wake her up in any case. I soon looked down at her breasts. The dim night lamb light was enough for my hungry eyes to see Anu chachi’s cleavage and white skin. The valley which smelled great and fantastic last night was in front of my eyes again. I felt lucky and wanted to touch Anu chachi’s breasts and milky cleavage again.
I looked at her face intently to see any kind of movement in her. She was calmly asl**p and her breathing was very rhythmic. This gave me courage and I slowly moved close to her. I gently placed my hands on her bare cleavage straight away. “Last night had fueled me up with more guts” I thought. Her cleavage was in my palms. “Her breasts looked more bigger than yesterday I thought.
Or maybe it would be the loose night gown which is making Anu chachi’s breast heave up more. I moved my fingers in circular motion on her cleavage. It felt awesome. I wanted more. I kept looking at Anu chachi’s face for any sign of movement in her and carefully tugged my fingers under night gown on her cleavage. I slowly pulled night gown up in the air. It was very elastic and I was surprised and it could be easily moved. I kept looking at Anu chachi’s face and slowly pulled night gown uncovering her breasts down and down.
She took one breath heavily and left out a sigh. I got scared and felt like my heart will just come out. I paused my movements and pretended to be asl**p. My eyes were closed and my right hand was still tugged into her gown. I felt more weight on my right hand and felt it was buried in soft flesh even more. I opened my left eye halfly to see what has happened. I saw that Anu Chachi in her sl**p had moved more close to me and my hand was buried in her breasts even more. I looked at her face and saw that she was calmly asl**p and breathing normally. This encouraged me to move further.
I caught my breath again and restarted my mission to uncover Anu chachi’s breast. I started pulling Anu chachi’s highly elastic gown down and down. Suddenly it snaped out of my fingers and fall back making a small “ thud” sound. I opened both my eyes to see what is position. As Anu chachi laid on her right side her left side was up. Her gown had moved down and it was tugged under
Anu chachi’s left upper breast and her right breast was till covered under the gown’s material. However she was wearing a bra. But the view was amazing and her white milky cleavage looked bigger than ever. As I got sexed up I got bolder and started pulling her bra downwards . I wanted to see her bare breast. But that was too difficult as her bra was to tight. Anu chachi’s bra griped her milky breasts too tightly and I could not pulled them down or open as I didn’t knew how to open these evil things.
However I thought I had enough place for my finger to move in her bra. The idea took me over. The view of her nicely shaped perky nipples under her bra made me bolder and I wanted to feel those. I tugged my fingers under her bra and moved it in. Anu chachi’s soft breast felt great as my fingers slowly moved towards her nipples underneath her bra. I constantly kept looking at Anu chachi’s face for any sign of movement but as usual she was deep asl**p. And finally my thirsty fingers touched something.
Which was not as flat as remaining area of Anu chachi’s breast but it was like a small hill. I knew now where my fingers were exactly. I moved my fingers with excitement around Anu chachi’s right breast nipple. The nipple seemed to give me attention. As soon I touched it I felt it started bulging. It grew a bit fatter and stood more erect I thought. With that bulge in Anu chachi’s nipples bulge in my shorts was on the verge of explosion.
I pressed and twitched her nipple more and more. I constantly looked at Anu chachi’s face and this time I felt her breathing has become bit faster. There seemed small tension on her face as well. I thought maybe she is feeling this in her sl**p and seeing a dream of such happening. I didn’t knew I thought “ as long as her eyes are closed I can go ahead, if she wakes up I will pretend to sl**p.” Perhaps I thought maybe she might like it as well.
I got sexed up and started to pull her bra down. This time with more f***e. I was horny and I just wanted to remove that bra from Anu chachi’s breast. I pulled it more forcibly when suddenly Anu Chachi woke up. I got scared my fingers snapped out of her bra and my hand fell beside her soon as she raised her body to sit on bed. It happened so fast I could not even close my eyes. Anu Chachi sat motionless for a second and started moving out of bed redressing her gown up. I got scared and thought this time she has surely woke up and will go and tell downstairs of what I did to her. My life’s up I thought.
I thought about her stopping her but instead of walking out of the room she went to bathroom inside my room. I silently laid waiting for her to come out and thought about asking for forgiveness when she comes out. Soon the bathroom door opened and instead of moving out of the room Anu Chachi moved into bed and immediately slept beside me. This time she slept even more closer to me facing me. I thought to myself “what’s happening??” My heart was still beating very hard.
I didn’t knew what to do. Suddenly Anu Chachi moved more closer to me so close that her body touched mine. I didn’t knew what was happening? “Was she feigning sl**p herself? Did she want this too? If yes… than why pretending to sl**p? May be she wants it but is scared that anyone would come to know and that why she is pretending to sl**p” I thought. There’s only one way to check. I moved towards her facing her. She was so close to me that I could feel her warm breath on my face and I knew she felt my breath on her face too.
Her eyes were closed, her face looked calm but breathing was heavy. Her fascinating beauty was inviting me to be more bolder. I looked at her face and started moving my hand down towards her cleavage. I looked at her breast and there was some difference. Her cleavage this time was massive and her breast seemed to hung out loosely under her gown material. Further there was bulge under gown just where gown started to cover Anu chachi’s breasts. I got bolder and placed my hands on her breast from over her gown material again.
This time the touch on her breast felt different and I could feel the entire shape of Anu chachi’s breast in my palms. I felt that it was only the gown’s thin material which separated my hands and her bare breast. I quickly tugged my fingers underneath her gown covering Anu chachi’s breasts and pulled it down. While pulling down I saw a bulge made of loose opened bra lying on her breast and I knew now that Anu Chachi went in bathroom to open her bra and after that she came back to me “maybe she wants this too”
I thought. I knew now that Anu chachi’s breast were now only covered by this thin gown material. I got excited as I thought about the view I will get once I pulled the gown material down. As I pulled gown material down I got first glimpse of something more darker than milky white skin of Anu chachi’s breast. It was her areolas. Blue veins on Anu chachi’s white breast travelled till this pink colored areolas and disappeared I got more excited and happy and made the final pull.
The gown material snapped and got tugged under Anu chachi’s right breast. Her white milky breast popped out of it right in front of my face. Aaaaaaaaaah the sight was heavenly. For the first time I saw bare real breast in front of me. My cock started throbbing so hard that I felt I would cum any moment. I quickly lowered my mouth and took those perky nipples in my mouth. Oooooooohhh they surely paid attention to this. Anu chachi’s nipple quickly bulged up once again and became even more fatter and longer.
This made enjoy sucking them even more. I started sucking Anu chachi’s nipple very hard and massaged her breast at same time. Than I felt of doing the same to her left breast too. This time I quickly tugged my fingers under gown material and pulled it down quickly to let her left breast pop out freely. Now both of Anu chachi’s bare breast lied in front of my face and hungry mouth to suck on them and massage them. I was in heaven. Soon the fear of waking her up was gone as
I felt in my inner thoughts she wants this too and that’s why she might have opened her bra in the bathroom and came back as I was not able to open it. This would please her a bit in her depressed life of just fulfilling orders of her in laws and an unloving husband. I quickly moved to her left breast and took Anu chachi’s nipple in my mouth. I sucked them and bite them gently and massage her areolas with fingers. I felt she enjoyed this as her breathing had become very heavy during these sessions.
I am sure when I bite her on her nipple she even let out a light sigh due to the pleasuring pain she experienced. But still she pretended to be asl**p. I played with her magnificent huge breast for long time may be half hour or more and even counted how many blue veins I could spot on her big white milky breasts . Now I wanted to move to her ass.
I thought her ass felt really great to touch when the night began. How it would be like to touch her bare butt cheeks. Oooohhhhh I thought. But for that she need to turn. I covered her breast back up to let her know indirectly that I was done playing with her breast. Moreover I thought “if want her back towards me to play with her ass she would be facing Rinku sl**ping on the other side” so I thought it was necessary to cover Anu chachi’s breast up. Now I thought how to make her turn. I put my hands on her shoulder and pushed her gently.
But that didn’t worked . I don’t know why but I was still scared of acting with f***e one her. So I moved my hands and placed my right hand from over her body on her butt check. This made my hands wrapped around her waistline and my body moved very closed to Anu chachi’s body and I felt really great. I started massaging her butt cheek. As I moved my hand more vigorously on Anu chachi’s ass I pressed my fingers more and more in her ass crack. I tried to reach to the forbidden region of Anu chachi’s ass crack but couldn’t.
I tried to cover entire butt while moving my hand on it but couldn’t reach. Just when I felt frustrated Anu chachi moved and turned away from me and faced Rinku with her back towards me. I thought she is indirectly corresponding to me and knows what I want. Her move surely robbed the look of her beautiful face as she turned around but also present me with good access to her ass. Wow! I thought I am in heaven. I quickly put both my hands on Anu chachi’s ass and started rubbing and massaging her ass vigorously.
Then I started pulling the gown material up, up and up until I could see panties my Anu chachi was wearing that night. I raised myself to sit and take a closer look of her ass. The shape of her ass was magnificent. Her butts just made the perfect curves on her waist line. Her curves made her look really sexy and voluptuous woman. For her age and being a mother of one I thought she was terribly sexy. My hands explored her bare legs, her soft white inner thigh, I felt like I am moving hands in petals of roses as I moved my hand near her crotch and my hand got buried in both of her thighs flesh.
I was still seated beside her. This time keeping a close look on rinku’s movement as I sensed him moving a bit. I thought why to worry much about him and put a blanket lying next to me on him covering his face too. This way I got complete privacy with Anu chachi. I wanted to remove her panty. “How can I do it? Will she allow it ? I don’t know?” I thought. Perhaps there’s only one way to find it. “Make a move.” I lifted her gown material till entire pink panty was visible to me. That was magnificent site. I slowly tugged my fingers under the straps of Anu chachi’s panty lying on her beautiful curvy white waistline.
I started to pull it down. Slowly and steadily as I pulled her panty down, I was surprised to see that there was no opposition from Anu chachi of whatsoever. I got encouraged and moved further. I saw the first glimpse of her ass crack and I knew my goal is near. My 6’ inch cock was throbbing so hard I felt like cumming any second. I made the final pull and Anu chachi’s bare, white fleshy ass was right in front of me covered with nothing not even a straw. I went crazy after seeing ass of a mature woman aged 30 exactly double to me. Ooooh God I thanked I was truly in heaven. Two of her ass cheeks were like fresh buns baked in bakery.
They were so white. She was so fair down here. Sun would have never touched Anu chachi here but now I was going to. I felt great. I buried my face into her ass. I started licking and kissing and gently biting her on both her ass cheeks. Further on seeing no opposition from Anu chachi I felt more horny and buried my face in her ass crack. My nose was filled with highly intoxication smell coming from Anu chachi’s little pink ass whole and warm shaved cunt.
I kissed her little pink ass whole after spreading ass cheeks. I surely saw Anu chachi reacting to this as her entire body trembling and shaking with the effects of my tongue on her cute pink ass whole but again there was simply no opposition from her. I kept kissing Anu chachi there and gave gentle bites as well. Than I pulled her panty which were lying below her ass cheeks totally down removing them making Anu chachi completely naked below her waist line
I moved my hand from her ass crack towards her warm shaved love whole. The juices droping from her love whole and my saliva over her ass crack made movement of my fingers very swift. I quickly moved to Anu chachi’s love whole. At that age I was not aware that when women is hot and wants sex makes her leak fluids out of her love whole. Otherwise I surely would have known that Anu chachi was really enjoying all that was going on that night as her crotch was full of juices that leaked from her warm love whole.
That was sticky warm and allowed my fingers to move freely in that area. As I was rubbing fingers over Anu chachi’s love whole one my finger suddenly got buried into her love whole. Anu chachi laid out a bit loud sigh this time. And I knew she liked it. I quickly put my second finger too in her pussy and explored Anu chachi’s love whole by burning them deeper and deeper into Anu chachi’s warm wet love whole. It was fascinating to see how her thick pussy lip surrounded the fingers and griped them in a soft but strong grip further I moved my face downward near Anu chachi’s love whole and the smell of Anu chachi’s juices truly intoxicated me. I wanted that night to end Never I thought.
I started licking her juices and felt like sucking on her pussy lips. I wondered why there is no opposition from her but went further. I kept moving fingers frantically in and out of Anu chachi’s love whole making her body quiver with each move.I kissed her pussy lips and sucked them and bite them gently again and again. I went fingering sucking Anu chachi’s pussy lips for a longtime and I felt like doing that forever when I suddenly found Anu chachi’s body trembling a lot and her breathing was very heavy.
The walls of Anu chachi’s love whole gripped my fingers very very tightly and began moving themselves I felt. I moved my finger more vigorously and sucked pussy lips even more harder which were swollen like potatoes now. And suddenly a large amount juices started coming out of Anu chachi’s love whole and her body quivered and trembled with exquisite joy and pleasure generated by my fingering and sucking . These juices were filled in my mouth and my hand was all drenched wet due to it. I don’t why but it felt actually great and kissed her pussy lip more.

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