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By HeartShapedPussy A married 58-year-old Highschool volleyball coach and his 14-year-old student allowing their love to blossom.

Hello, I’m David and I’m a 58-year-old married man who works as a volleyball coach at Truesdale Highschool. I have been proudly coaching the girl’s volleyball team for 14 years. There’s not much I can say, until my job got every repetitive. Yes, at first being around almost half naked teen girls was excited but it became dull very fast, that is until April joined the team this year. April was a 14-year-old freshman girl with an amazing attitude towards playing but was all-around a joy to be around. When I first saw her at try-outs, I wanted her on the team just for her beauty but I was quite amazed on how well she played. April was a beautiful girl, but had an even better body. She had beautiful full tits, that I would imagine fitting perfectly in my hands and a big round ass that had any sane man turning her way. The school being majorly white, April clearly stood out for being the only black girl on the team and along with her being very sexy, she got lots of attention which Intimidated the rest of the team but also made me angry. I didn’t realize at first but I was very jealous. Getting close to April was no chore as she was very open with being friends with everyone.

April was frequently come into my office after school hours, at first i thought maybe she just wanted to build a relationship with me just like the other girls but quickly I realized she had other intentions. Truesdale highschool was a uniform school, so everyone basically wore the same thing but whenever she came into my office, her blouse would be button down to the point I could see her cleavage. It didn’t help that her white shirt was see-through so I could always see her laced bras. This turned me on greatly and I would always be blessed that sitting at my desk allowed me to hide my growing boner. I tried to place boundaries between me and her but they fell on deaf ears, a big part of me was glad it did. In November, the day before the students left for Thanksgiving break, April came into my office claiming that her volleyball uniform didn’t fit anymore. When looking at her body, it didn’t seem that she had gained any weight, maybe she lost some to the point her uniform was baggy? Before I could ask any questions, she started unbuttoning her white button-up revealing her bare breast. No words could escape my lips as I was distracted by her brown semi-hard nipples. Before I could snap out of it and discipline her for her inappropriate behavior, she slowly started pulling her already-to-short navy blue skirt to the ground. She was looking directly into my eyes as she kicked her skirt to the side and just stood there in her pink laced panties. My hand immediately went onto my hardened cock hoping it would go away on it’s own but it only got harder to the point it ached. The only words that managed to come from my mouth was a low “fuck”.

She clearly heard me and smile before she quickly put on her volleyball uniform and started complaining about how the top didn’t fit her as tight as she would like. It stunned me how quickly she changed her attitude like she didn’t just undress infront of me. I quickly got her a smaller sized shirt so she could leave but before she did she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek while her fingers accidentally glazed my covered cock. As soon as she left, I unbuttoned my pants and jerked myself off to the image of her. During Thanksgiving break, I was counting down the days I could finally see April again. I was stuck at home with a wife who could never compare to her. My wife was old, out of shape, and would always turn me down whenever I tried to come onto her. It made me resent her and she knew that. Returning back to school, April was in my office first thing in the morning. We were going over how dull and boring our breaks were, she knew about my relationship issues with my wife. I know it was wrong to confide in her as she was not only a student but also a minor. I knew this could get me in trouble but I didn’t care. Months past with me and April getting closer until a few weeks ago.

April once again came into my office, once again in her uniform school showing more then enough cleavage and her skirt showing her black lace panties. She sat in my office and we talked for a bit until she complained about it being hot, the school never cared to fix the AC so I agreed. Before I could change the topic, she started unbuttoning her shirt revealing her matching black laced bra. I was both sad and relieved when I saw she was wearing a bra this time but I knew this was wrong and told her this was very inappropriate and that she needed to fix her shirt. When I looked at her face, it looked like she completely ignored what I said and just smiled at me. She got up from the chair, and headed to the door. I thought she was leaving but no, she went and locked it. She then turned towards me and like before, removed her skirt but also her panties. I couldn’t stop my eyes from going onto her shaven pussy. Her brown puffy lips were glistening with her own wetness which was heavenly to see. I ended up walking towards her as she just stared at me while smiling once again. I stopped when I was a few steps away from her, I noticed she had stopped looking into my eyes but was now focused on my harden cock which was making a tent in my slacks. I walked closer to her and placed her tiny hand into it, she gasped realizing how hard and thick it was which in-return made me smile a bit.

Before a word could escape her lips, I grabbed the back of her head and bashed my lips into hers. Her hand quickly left my cock and was trying to get my hand off her back of her head. I felt as she tried to struggle out my grip but I was much stronger then her, I slipped my tongue into her mouth which caused her to whimper then pushed my body against hers. I then moved onto kissing and leaving small marks on her neck while I held her hands together above her head with my right hand. My left hand went directly to her swollen clit which caused a low moan to escape as I pushed my chubby fingers into her pussy. I looked into her eyes inwhich I saw tears starting to form from all the pleasure. I picked her up and placed her on my black office chair. I immediately got down on my knees and forcefully opened her legs. At this moment, I was able to get a good look at her pussy. Her clit was engorged and a simple touch sent April into pure essence. My tongue quickly made contact with her clit which caused a loud moan to come from her. I quickly shoved my fingers covered with her own juices into her mouth which made her gag. I kept licking and even nibbling on her clit which made her shuffle around trying to escape from me, her eyes filling with more tears. My cock was twitching badly, and I knew I needed to be inside her. I unbuttoned my slacks and pull my penis out of my underwear. She was looking at my cock which was dripping precum with large eyes. I knew she was nervous which only made me more excited. I quickly got her onto my wooden desk, and placed my aching cock at her wet entrance. I slowly starting rubbing my cock over her slick cunt which made cover her mouth and look the other way. The bell for first period, startled us both but we didn’t stop. I put my hand into her face and forced her to look into my eyes as my cock broke her innocence. Her eyes immediately started watering and she tried to push me away, saying that it hurt badly. I held her arms to her side and didn’t stop until all 8 inches were inside of her. I stayed still for a minute so her pretty cunt could get used to the feeling of having a man’s cock in it but then I started going rapid. All the years of being denied any intimacy had taken a toll and I was finally releasing all the pressure. The loud creaking of the desk moving drowned out her whimpers and my grunting. My eyes kept moving from her large tits jiggling from me slamming into her and the site of my virgin-blood covered cock sliding in and out of her pussy. This continued until I pushed my cock deep inside her and buried my cum into her tired body.

We were both out of breath so we stayed in that position until I slid my now semi-hard cock out of her followed by my semen. I glided my finger across the semen that had made it’s way onto my desk, and pushed the finger into her mouth. She moaned as she sucked every drop from it. I gave her napkins from my desk drawer to clean herself up, after she quickly got dressed and ran out my office. Guilt slowly consumed me but quickly faded when I got a text from April saying how she loved me and wanted our secret to continue. Ever since then me and April have been meeting up and fucking Like bunnies, nobody knows yet and we plan to keep it that way.

Author: Hi, I’m a 17-year-old girl named Louise. I made several stories on this website before but I took a long break. Hit me up on kik: coochiesaurus

Feel free to hit me up, even if you have already texted me before.

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