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My Aunt Sally 50 is my aunt by marriage and so my fucking her isn’t incest in my book. But if the rest of the family found out, I don’t think they would agree with me. I first got to fuck Sally as my uncle Donald got really drunk and passed out, Sally herself was tipsy and I was tasked with getting them home. Stay the night at their place and one of them would bring home in the morning. Anyway, I got them both home and Donald was out like a light, I got him to his bed and covered him with a blanket. My aunt wasn’t ready for bed she was very horny and wanted fucking and she didn’t care whose cock it was. I’m 23 and work on the farm with my parents, Sally and Donald live in town, anyway I’m not backward and a fuck is a fuck. Fucking my horny aunt twice before I went sleep and she to her own bed. In the morning Donald was awake and hungover and so Sally was to drive me home. I wasn’t sure she remembered us fucking the night before, but on the way, she asked me straight out would I do her again before we got to the farm. I said I would, and she turned down an old dirt road stopping out of sight the road to the farm, and we fucked in the backseat of the car. Donald works away a lot and Sally started having minor problems at her home and she rang my mother, and I was sent to fix the problem. The problem was always the same a horny aunt, not that I’m complaining I like fixing her problems. Lucky for me Uncle Donald is a bit of a miser and won’t spend any money unless he really has too. So, I get a call every time Uncle Donald go away, my sister said there’s is always a problem when Uncle Donald is away, I replied because when he’s home he fixes them. Adding if he paid to replace the waterpipes there would be no more problems, my sister said he’ll never do that. I must admit there are some actual problems, but I still fuck Sally anyway.

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