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Hi readers I am Rahul this is my first story in iss. I live in Chennai. This happened when I was around 18 and my aunt was in her mid 30s, she lived in Bangalore and I in Chennai, every year during vacations we visit kerala, coz my grand parents used to live there, on special year when we went to native something happen so surprising that would remain in my mind forever, it was a usual night all of us had dinner and was going to sleep, in my native its a small house, 2 bedrooms and a small hall and a kitchen, and once we reached native the house was full and we had to adjust in that house, my mom, dad, grandparents occupied a bedroom, my brother and cousin brothers took the hall and me, my aunt and her husband had to share the other bedroom.

I and my uncle used to sleep on bed and my aunt sleep on the floor, all lights were off, it was almost midnight when I woke up and felt like going to the toilet, so I got up and went to the toilet and while returning I accidentally stepped on my aunt waking her up, she got up and asked me what happen, what are you doing, I said I had gone to the toilet and while returning I accidentally stepped on you, she said ok and went back to sleep and I also went to sleep, after a while I felt a something crawling on my leg, I slowly put my hand to check what that was and I touched a hand which was immediately removed from there, I got suspicion and got excited together, after sometime I felt the hand again but this time much higher on my legs, it was getting close to my dick, I thought I will not react and watch till where this goes, just as I thought it reached my dick which was rock hard by then due to the excitement, she slowly kept rubbing my cock and after that she removed my zip and pulled my underwear down and started creasing my dick, I guesses that she already knew that I know what was going on, so I slowly went down and caught her hand.

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She came close to my ear and said come out we shall go to the terrace, and then she got up and went, I silently without waking anybody followed her to the terrace, as soon as we reached the terrace she hugged me and gave me a smooch, a deep one, she was almost inside my mouth, wild kiss, her tongue was fully inside moving from one place to another, I pulled away and asked her, do you think this is right, she looked at me and said I was the one who started this, I was surprised as asked what did I do, she said that I touched her boobs while she was sleeping, then it occurred to me that when I came back from the toilet I accidentally touched her boobs and woke her up, anyway I was happy that it turned out like this, she then said it was ok, no matter what we know that what we did is wrong and we have already done it, and also we know what we want too, and she came and hugged me and kissed me again.

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This time I put my hands into her blouse and was exploring, she asked me to strip her and I did it slowly, oh my god it was a beautiful sight I was enjoying every bit of it, I felt that the night should never end, as soon as her boobs where visible I started to suck it like mad, she was exploring my dick, she striped me after that and kissed my dick, I asked her to suck it and she told she does not like it, I said it was ok coz I did not want to spoil the fun, I made her lie down with spread legs and gave her pussy nice little sucking which she enjoyed I guess coz the moans which she was giving out, those noises where making my dick explode and out of control, she was making sure the sound would not be loud which was making it more sexier., she was making sounds like mmmmmmmmmmm….. Rahullll… Oooooffffffffff….. After that I did not wait a bit I took my rod which was 7inch and inserted into her sweet wet pussy, it went in smooth and she could not control her sound so she closed her mouth with her own hand and the other had was near her pussy helping me to go on,

I went on and on thrusting in and out in full pace, until I was ready to explode, I removed my dick and exploded all over her body, she and me was exhausted and happy, we lie there on the terrace for some time and then we went for a second round and after that we went down slowly and took our places and slept, we did never have sex again after that, and I also have never had sex after that, I am 21 now still having the memory of that night with which I can still fantasize and masturbate, if any woman in Chennai wants her desire to be satisfied can contact me [email protected]