My Awesome Family Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooMy Awesome Family Ch. 02

Picture this: A motel room. One bed. An unplanned overnight stay. It was the only option left to us. When we went to bed to sleep, neither one of us had any idea how the following morning would play out…
So, this is the beginning of the huge change to my life. I still feel nervous putting it all down on paper, so to speak, but I have been given the confidence to do it from all the positive feedback I have had to my first installment. I was 19 when it happened, almost 20 years ago now, and I'll try to tell it as it happened but I may digress a bit to explain anything I feel I need to.
Mum and I had been visiting relatives who lived in a small town about three hours drive from where we live. We'd gone there initially to drop off some things they had left at our place when they'd first moved there. Mum had been planning to go alone but when she discovered I had the day off work, she asked if I would like to go with her, if only to keep her company on the drive. I agreed and offered to drive up if she drove back.
The journey there was pleasant enough, the day being bright and sunny and with minimal traffic on the road. We stayed for lunch, so it was pretty much late afternoon when we set off for home, Mum doing the driving as we had agreed. We'd left later than originally planned so it began to get dark about half way home. The closer we got to the city and with at least an hour's drive ahead of us, we came across some sort of delay that had us crawling along at a snail's pace. Suddenly, Mum swung the car onto a side road that led to a motel, saying, "I'm over this! I need a good bath and a hot meal."
Apparently, many others had had the exact same idea because there was only one room available with a queen bed, which we agreed to take. After checking in and reaching our room, Mum phoned home to let them know we'd be back in the morning and then we went out for food. Hunger satiated, we settled back on the bed to watch TV until tiredness began to overtake us. I wanted a shower, having worn the same clothes all day and then it suddenly dawned on me that neither I nor Mum had anything to sleep in except our underwear. I wasn't worried for myself because I slept in my underwear anyway and when I mentioned it to Mum, all she said was, "I'm cool with it if you are and the bed is big enough to give us room to ourselves. Besides, we've all seen each other in our underwear before."
So I showered, put my jocks back on and jumped into bed while Mum went for her shower. I must have fallen asleep pretty fast because I never even heard Mum finish her shower, let alone climb into bed.
In the early morning, with the sun just beginning to light the room, I awoke and discovered that during the night, I had sprawled myself across Mum. I was cuddled up to her with my left arm thrown across her right shoulder, my left leg thrown across her waist and my head buried into her neck. I was completely comfortable lying there until, when I moved my hips, I suddenly became aware that I was rock-hard. Not just stiff, but achingly hard. And pressing into Mum's stomach.
I froze, if you could call it that, and I must have held my breath or did something that alerted Mum to the fact that I was awake. Because, I remember hearing her say, quite distinctly, "It's been like that for at least half an hour, hon." I was about to move when she placed her hand on my arm and rubbed it gently back and forth, adding, "Must have been some dream. You've been throbbing like mad."
In fact, I'd been dreaming about my brother, about a camping trip we'd been on last Easter. It had been just the two of us as it usually was because we were the only ones in our family who liked camping. There had been a moment between us the second night, and although nothing came of it – then – it lit a spark in me deep down.
I mentioned needing to go take care of my 'predicament' and she laughed softly and said, "When it's your father lying there I just jack him off."
I'll never forget that one sentence as long as I live. It was said in all innocence, an off the cuff remark, but the effect it had on me was electric. My cock pulsed three times and a jolt of ecstatic energy shot through me. I know she felt it, because her hand froze on my arm. I wasn't sure what to do. All I knew was, my cock ached with hardness, and although I needed to bust a load, I was extremely comfortable lying there and I didn't particularly want to move.
My legs felt very hairy all of a sudden, as I slowly moved the leg that was across her, down a little. I pressed my hips down and allowed my cock to throb against her, this time pushing slightly forwards. I remember breathing silently and evenly, my heart beating so hard in my chest I thought it would burst out. The atmosphere in the room suddenly became ripe with a possibility that had never crossed my mind before now. I wanted her to jack me off like she said she jacks my father off.
Her fingers started moving on my arm, playing with the hairs. I felt her hand start to move along my arm in the direction of my crotch. I ground my hips onto her again, causing the head of my cock to spring from the top of my jocks. I hugged her closer to me, letting her know, I guess, that I had no intention of moving away.
Her hand slid further along my arm until her fingertips brushed my abdomen. Another jolt shot through me and my heart beat even faster if that were possible, as we both became aware of what was about to happen. I moved my arm higher up and she moved her hand lower down. I swallowed (nervously?) as her fingers came into contact with my cockhead. It throbbed twice and I moaned softly into her ear.
She slid her hand inside my jocks, taking hold of my hard hard length, wrapping her fingers around it gently. It pulsed in her hand and I thrust my hips forward, my cock sliding along her palm, letting her know without doubt, that I wasn't going to stop her. She gripped me and squeezed, forcing a groan and a shudder from me.
No words were spoken as I began to thrust into her hand. I remember throwing the sheets off and pushing my jocks down, feeling her explore me, my length, my balls, my pubic hair. She traced her fingers all over me, lightly brushing my skin, gently massaging my nuts. And then she closed her hand around my throbbing rod, gripped it like a vice and began to masturbate me.
I cuddled her and hugged her, holding myself to her as she pleasured me. My own mother. It felt so good. So so good. I layed there and enjoyed every stroke, exhaling deep breaths into her ear.
It didn't take long for me to cum. I groaned as I felt the orgasm start to build. She felt it too and slowed a little, only to squeeze me, forcing another deep groan from me. She moved her fingers to the head of my cock, rhythmically jacking the bulbous head (I'm cut, as is my brother and father), and I began to tremble with ecstatic pleasure as she took me over the edge.
My body stiffened and I growled into her ear as I gripped her shoulder with my hand and said, "Fuck, I'm gonna cum." I groaned and groaned and groaned as I shot hot cum all over her. To this day I can remember the sound it made as it landed on her: Sploot, sploot, sploot. Sploot, sploot. Sploot. It felt like gallons of semen pulsed out of me in the strongest orgasm I'd ever had.
Mum continued gently jacking me, easing me through the last ebbing feeling, until eventually I relaxed and just lied there, my head buried in her neck.
We stayed like that for, I don't know how long. Minutes probably but it felt like hours. She kept ahold of me, keeping my softening cock in her hand as I continued hugging her to me. The smell of semen filled my nostrils and then I heard her say, the first words spoken since she slid her hand into my jocks, "Well, you certainly shoot as much as your father does. I'm covered in it."
I rose up on my elbow and surveyed her body. She wasn't wrong. She was coated in my cum from neck to stomach, almost a long continuous stream of my thick white cream.
"That, was the greatest orgasm of my life," I said, still feeling the after effects. "Man I needed that so much."
I could make up some conversation that might have happened from then on but, to be completely honest, I don't really remember exactly what we said. I know we talked about it before leaving the motel, and I know I told her I didn't regret any of it. I couldn't lie. My mother had given me the best orgasm of my life up to then. I don't remember feeling awkward about it. I do remember knowing that I enjoyed it immensely. If anything, I didn't feel that much different at all. There was no shame from either of us. I needed to be relieved and she was happy to do it.
I do remember the drive home though. We didn't speak much, mainly because we were both lost in our own thoughts. I know I looked at her a couple of times and when she asked me what was going through my mind, I told her how slightly weird it was that she now knew how much cum I shot, and how I sounded during orgasm and how it felt to have her hand wrapped around her son's cock. I said she was probably the only woman to ever have the privilege! And that's exactly how we dealt with it. As a privilege. A wonderful thing that we'd experienced together. And then we laughed at the fact that as a gay man I'd enjoyed the best orgasm of my life with a woman!
Go figure.

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