My Baby Girl – Part 2

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By drunkmike Parent/teacher night leads to sex in the school bathrooms

This happened a few months into this new relationship between my daughter and I (if you haven’t read part 1, feel free to check it out).

It came that time of year when the parent/teacher interviews were happening and so I joined Kylie one evening after school to go meet with the teachers and see how she was doing in school. I am a laid back dad and haven’t really cared too much for academics and so this was just out of neccisity that I was actually doing such interviews.

The interviews wrapped up around 7pm and we walked out of the large hall they were held in. The sun had set and most kids and their parents had alreayd left. We were walking back to the smaller carpark at the back of the school when Kylie said she wanted to use the bathroom. She walked in to the toilets and I waited outside for a minute or so before the crazy idea popped into my head.

I surveyed the area and checked if there was anyone around and luckily not a soul in sight. I switly walked into the girls bathroom and called out Kylie’s name. She answered from the far cubicle and so I walked to it and told her to open the door. She frantically finished her business and opened the door only for me to barge in and lock it once more.

“Daddy what the heck?” she questioned as I pushed her against the cubicle wall.
“Sorry Kylie, daddy’s gotta relieve some stress,” I replied. She immediately knew what I meant and questioned back.
“Here daddy? Are you sure?”
“Yes baby, right here,” I replied undoing my pants and letting them drop to the floor. Kylie struggled onto her knees inside that cramped cubicle and began stroking my shaft with her hand, smearing her saliva onto it. I was already erect having had a long day at work, she was my stress relief now.

She sucked on my shaft, her little mouth barely able to take length. She stroked me with one hand while her other hand gently rubbed my balls. By now she knew how to make daddy feel good, she had been developing her skills over the past few months and she knew all my weak spots.

I threw my head back in pleasure, my body somewhat slumping against the door and her head bopped up and down my cock.

“Ohhh Kylie, you’re doing so well baby,” I moaned. She giggled with her cock filled mouth and looked up at me, making eye contact as she attempted to take my full lenght, gagging and coughing as she failed to do so. She had gotten better, but she sti;l had room for improvement.

By now I could feel my orgasm building and so I lifted Kylie to her feel and brought my mouth onto her sloppy lips, pushing my tongue into her mouth as we kissed.

“Open your mouth for daddy,” I quietly demanded. She did as I asked, and opened her mouth. I collected all my saliva to the front of my mouth and spat it into hers. “Good girl.”

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I had taught her to be fully obedient to whatever I asked and although she would question some things, in the heat of it all, she always did what I asked.

I turned her around and leaned her against the toilet, lifitng her skirt up and pulling her undies down to her kness. Her pussy was dripping slightly as I brought my dick onto her slit, rubbing it gently on her folds and teasing her teen pussy.

“Tell daddy how badly you want it,” I demanded. She moaned and turned her head around to face me.
“Please daddy, I want it so bad,” she uttered.
“You’re gonna have to beg a little more sweety,” I said smugly.
“Oh daddy I really want your cock, please give it to me, please put it in me,” she uttered.
“Good girl,” I said.

I pushed my head gently into her pussy as she muffled her moans using her shirt.
“Ohh Kylie,” I moaned unable to keep to myself as inch by inch my cock got absorbed into my daughter’s hungry cunt. I felt her warmness wrap tightly around my cock, gripping me as I sunk in.

My slow pumps soon became thrusts as she loosed around me, her pussy welcoming my dick now. I grabbed her hips and ploughed into her bottoming out as I felt her cervix against my cock head. It had barely been 3 minuted but I felt myself hitting my limit. The feeling and the setting was making me unbelievably hot and I felt my orgasm nearing.

I pulled out of Kylie’s pussy and stroked my wet cock, pushing myself over the edge as I came hard onto her teen ass.Ropes of thick cum exploded onto her, some overshooting and landing on her shirt and on the toilet seat. I threw my head back as the final few ropes shots out. Something about fucking my daughter in her school felt so satisfying and I was still on an immense high even after climaxing.

I scraped the cum off her ass using my hand and fed it to Kylie, letting her lick it off my fingers.
“Good girl,” I said. “Now, clean the rest of it up.”

I pointed to the cum on the toilet seat and I expected her to question me but she didn’t, she knelt down onto her knees once more and brought her face onto the seat, sticking her tongue out and carrying out the filthy task I had given her.

I watched with intent as her pink tongue slid across the toilet seat, collecting the tick blobs of cum that lay on it. My dick hadn’t even had a chance to go limp before I began getting hard again, watching my daughter lick my cum off the dirty toilet seat. Once she had collected it all into once area, she brought her lips around the blob and sucked it into her mouth before turning to face me. She opened her mouth and showed my the cum within, swirling it around with her tongue before swallowing it.

“Oh Kylie,” I whispered. I picked her up and kissed her cheek and had her get redressed. We both got home and went for a few more rounds that night.

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