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“lets go in your mothers room.” I said to Sarah. she was 12 and my next door neighbor. I was babysitting her for her mom, Jane Meese who was 32 and divorced. I was 17 and very horny like all 17 year old boys. Mrs. Meese had told me she would be gone for about 3 hours. she was a good looking woman with a nice body and nice firm looking tits. she wore short dresses and she was bleach blonde I got a hard on just watching her. I had often jacked off watching her out my bedroom window. she called me now and then to watch Sarah. we went in to Janes bedroom. “why do you want to come in here?” asked Sarah. “Just curious,” I said. I was already getting hard. “you ever hear your mom getting fucked on this bed?” I asked as I opened the vanity drawers and found her mothers underwear and took a pair and smelled. I thought of me putting my cock in her mother and fucking the shit out of her. I couldn’t smell any thing on the pair of panties. then I noticed a cloths hamper in the corner I went and found a dirty pair that had shit and piss stains in them. I inhaled deep. there it was the smell of a grown woman. “damn, I’d like to fuck your mom, I’ll bet she’s got some good pussy.” I told Sarah. we had talked about this before and she had promised not to tell her mom. Sarah had a crush on me. I found some shit stains in the panties and sucked on them. I undid my belt and unzipped my pants and pulled them down. my cock was sticking straight out, rock hard. ” suck my dick Sarah, while I smell your mothers pussy.” she got down in front of me and and put my cock in her mouth. I had taught her to suck my dick about a month ago, and she was getting good at it. I hadn’t fucked her yet but that was coming. I pushed her head deeper on my cock. she gagged. “take it all Sarah if you want to be as good of a fuck as your mother. that’s it make me cum, you little slut.” I fucked her face and shot my load in her mouth. “fuck that was good, your beginning to take good care of me. you’ll be my good whore. Sarah swallowed my load and stood up I kissed her. “will you eat my pussy now Wayne will you it feels so good, please.” I laid her down on her mothers bed and pulled her pants down. I ran my tongue up and down her slit. I took my finger and pushed it in her hole and finger fucked her. “your starting to loosen up Sarah I fingered her harder, turn over so I can eat your ass. while I finger fuck you.” she got on her hands and knees . I ran my tongue up her ass while I forced two fingers in her cunt. her shit tasted good, I could just imagine what her mothers shit would taste like. I was getting hard again. “I’m going to try to fuck you again Sarah I want some of your pussy. if your going to be my whore.” I told her. “alright Wayne ,try but if it hurts like it did last time you tried promise me you’ll stop.” she said. “I will but I think your lose enough now, we’ve stretched you quite a bit. I’m going to start stretching your ass hole too. I want to fuck you in all your holes. I’ll bet your mom takes it an all of them.” I said. “you think one day you’ll fuck my mom, Wayne, maybe you can fuck us together take turns on us.” Sarah said. I took my hard cock and rubbed it in her slit. precum was dripping from my cock I coated her hole with it. I eased the head in her. I heard her yelp. “Fucking get your legs apart, bitch open up for me.” I hissed. I shoved in her. she yelled. “that hurts, Wayne stop.” I shoved deeper in her god it felt good she was my first piece of ass. “Wayne you need to stop that hurts bad.” she pleaded. ” you can take it, you’ll like it oh fuck take it bitch.” and I gave her all of me. she loosened up and started fucking me back. ” I felt the cum swell up in my cock I rammed deep in her. “how do you like my cock in you Jane.” I yelled. my cock exploded inside Sarah, fuck I couldn’t hardly stand it I didn’t think I was going to quit shooting in her, cum was running out her cunt on to the bed mixed with a little blood. I had her pussy stabbed on my cock god it felt fantastic. we both collapsed on the bed, panting. I got her mothers panties and cleaned myself her and the bed.” Fuck your some good pussy Sarah, and fucking you on your mom’s bed, that was hot. I’m going to fuck you everyday. don’t go giving anybody else your pussy. your my slut now.” I told her. “you called me Jane while you were fucking me. you’d still rather fuck my mom than me.” she was turning into a bitch right in front of me. we went to the living room, I had Sarah lay across my lap I pulled down her pants. and stuck my finger up her ass I finger fucked her ass hole taking it out now and then and sucking the shit off. my cock grew again. we heard her mothers car pull in the drive. I lend over and licked her ass hole and pulled up her pants. her mother came in. “well what have you two been up to?” she asked. “oh not much Mrs. Meese just playing.” I said. she went over and sat on the couch. her skirt slid up and she opened her legs a bit I could see her yellow panties. I was wondering if she had been out getting fucked, a fine cunt like her needed to be taken care of. she opened her purse and took out some bills and handed them to me. “that’s three hours I owe you Wayne thirty dollars right?” she asked smiling. I’ll bet my cock could put a smile on her face the fucking whore, probably made thirty bucks with just one blow job. I imagined her face with cum running out of her mouth. “yes mam, thank you very much.” I smiled and took the money. fucking her little girl was free. I rubbed her hand when she handed me the bills. I told Sarah bye and went home to jack off she had turned me on opening her legs. she shut the door and rubbed her nose. she sniffed again her hand smelled of shit. she asked Sarah how things went and Sarah told her fine we had played she went to her room to wash her hands and change. Jane noticed the bed was ruffled and had a reddish spot on it she rubbed her finger on it , a salty taste. then the hamper was open she saw her panties on top of the pile they had a red hue and what looked like cum on them. they tasted salty. that night when Sarah went to bed she got Sarah’s panties same thing. Jane had the suspision that her daughter was getting fucked, by the next door neighbor’s son. she took Sarah’s panties to bed with her she laid and masturbated smelling and licking her daughter’s panties. thinking of that young cock pounding her daughter’s pussy. and all that cum it was everywhere the boy must be full of it. she rammed three fingers in her cunt till she climaxed. oh fuck what she could do with that hard young cock in all her holes. she thought maybe she should be mad that Wayne was fucking her daughter, but she herself started getting fucked when she was 12 and she loved it. she remembered the guys in school taking turns on her, sucking the cum from their cocks and how it tasted salty as she swallowed, and the shit smell as she sucked them after they fucked her in the ass. she rubbed her clit and cum again. she thought of her husband. he just didn’t understand that she needed to be fucked constantly. she wasn’t cheating she just needed a cock in her. it felt good. and she loved the taste of cum. fuck she hadn’t had a cock in her for so long for fear Sarah’s father would take her from her. but now it seemed both her and Sarah could get fucked. she went to sleep smiling. Jane got up early the next morning she got Sarah up and they went shopping when the stores opened, she bought her and Sarah new outfits and they came home. she called and asked if I could watch Sarah that after noon around two for a few hours. “sure Mrs. Meese, I’d love to” I told her. and I’ll fuck the shit out of her too. I thought. I didn’t jack off any that day saving my cum for Sarah’s fuck holes. they came home and ate lunch. then Jane took Sarah to her bedroom and did her make up and hair then told her to put on her new outfit. Sarah asked why. “you really like Wayne don’t you honey and you want him to notice you, I promise he’ll be over here constantly.” she said. Sarah put on the new tube top which showed her budding tits and let her nipples poke through then she had on a very short pleated skirt with see through panties white stockings that stopped above her knee and high heels, all which were red. Jane looked Sarah over, and smiled. she looked like a young whore, even her own father couldn’t help but fuck her. Jane put on a see through blouse a mini skirt with no underwear stockings with a garter belt and high heels. if she had gone out she would’ve got fucked in a minute. but her plan was to use a young cock and keep it all here at home where nobody would know. at two I showed up Mrs. Meese let me in, god she looked hot I could see her tits under her blouse and her big round nipples, she had on a mini skirt it was all I could do to not rape her right there. she told me to come in and sit down she sat across from me and spread her legs. I could see her clean shaved cunt. she told me she would be late so I had plenty of time to do what I wanted with Sarah. She bent over in front of me to put her high heels on I was so close I could about smell her shit. her shit hole was beautiful, and her pussy lips made my mouth water. my cock got hard. she turned back around and reached and rubbed my hard cock. “you take good care of my baby, and give her what she needs.” She yelled for Sarah, said goodbye and left. as soon as the door shut I took out my cock and started stroking it, I couldn’t believe what I just saw and heard. Sarah came in the living room. my jaw dropped god she looked hot and like she needed to be fucked. I put my arms around her and kissed her running my tongue in her mouth. “wow, Wayne you’ve never kissed me like that before, I bet you want to fuck me.” she said. “yes yes I do I want to use all your fucking holes.” I kissed her and squeezed her little hard nipples. “you want to fuck me as much as you want to fuck my mom.” she asked. “yes I can say I do I want to fuck both of you, in fact after I fuck you, you help me rape your mom when she gets home, I want all of the both your holes tonight, no more fucking around. now get on your knees and suck my cock slut.” she took my cock in her mouth. I fucked her head hard. “your slut mother showed me her cunt today and I want it. I wish she was here to see what I do to her daughter.” I pulled her up and kissed her sucking up her slobber and my precum. I bent her over the leg of the couch and licked her pussy and ass hole. “fuck Sarah you fucking taste good, you want my cock bitch?” I asked “yes oh yes Wayne fuck me I want you to fuck me.” she cried. “beg me slut beg me to fuck you if you want it ” I hissed. ” oh please, please fuck me Wayne I can’t stand it I need you to fuck me now, please give me your cock, put it in me, please, I’m begging you.” she pleaded. “and you’ll help me rape her.” I said. “yes I’ll help you rape her, I’ll help you rape her until she gets pregnant if you want just give me your cock damn it.” I slid my cock in her wet cunt, precum was gushing from me. “oh god that’s good fuck me like that god your cock is big today, fuck me oh yeah fuck me.” she begged. I hammered deeper into her I could feel her stretch. I was in her up to my balls I put two fingers in my mouth and got them wet then shoved them up her ass hole. ” fuck I’m going to cum oh my god oh fuck, Fuck yeah. she yelled. I could feel her cunt tighten around my cock. “that’s it whore cum on my cock use my fucking cock, get off on it slut.” I felt her juice’s release on my cock.” oh fuck Wayne your amazing I’ve never felt nothing like that, fuck , my pussy is yours forever.” she cried I pulled my fingers out of her ass and rammed my cock in her shit hole. “oh fuck your going to make me cum again.” she yelled and started bucking on my cock. “oh fuck me, fuck me, like you want to fuck my momma.” I pushed deep into her ass I felt her cum again as I let go of my load deep in her ass. “fuck I can feel your cum shooting into my ass, fuck yeah it’s so warm she gasped. we laid on the couch for a while. “suck your shit off my cock bitch.” she put me in her mouth and licked me. “after you fuck me Wayne even my shit tastes good. I rolled her over and told her to squirt my cum out of her ass. I caught it as it run out and fed it to her. we spent some time rounding things up and putting them in her mothers bed room. we went through her drawers again and found a new dildo still in the package. “mom must have bought that this morning while I was trying cloths on she was gone for awhile and came back with that bag.” Sarah said. I got next to the bed on my knees and had Sarah lick my ass hole, she tongued me deep, then I had her take the dildo and fuck me with it while she jacked me off. I was about to shoot my load when the bed room door opened. I looked up it was Mrs. Meese standing with her legs apart. I could see cum running out of her cunt. what are you two doing in my bedroom. then see saw the dildo in my ass and Sarah jacking me off. I stood up and pushed her on the bed Sarah grabbed her arms. I took a pair of her dirty panties and shoved them in her mouth we took ropes we had found and tied her arms to the bed. she fought .we spread her legs “look here Sarah, your mom’s been out getting fucked.” we took turns eating the cum out of her. damn she was good. I ripped her blouse open and sucked her tit’s. her nipples got hard her eye’s were wide watching me. “that’s right slut I’m going to rape you. she watched as I reached in her cunt and feed her daughter what cum was left in her. Sarah licked my fingers clean. my cock was hard. “I guess I’m going to have to settle for sloppy seconds thanks to your whore mother.” I told Sarah. “it doesn’t look like she’s been fucked in the ass tonight at least you can rape her clean ass.” Sarah said. we tied her legs to the foot of the bed I got between her legs and put my cock in her. it slid right in. “how is it baby is it good.” Sarah asked we were making out while I was fucking her mother. “fuck yeah honey. she’s still good after being fucked.” she was fighting and giving me a good fuck I pulled my cock out of her cunt and told Sarah to suck it clean and put it in her mothers ass hole. “Fuck baby momma’s ass hole is tight a real good fuck.” I grinned at Jane I took cloths pins and attached them to Janes nipples. there Jane that’s for getting fucked before I could rape you bitch. I can call you Jane now that we’re fuck buddies right.” I smiled and said “and I can call you mother fucker now that your fucking my mother “Sarah said. I pulled my cock out of Jane’s ass Sarah licked it.” Here let me taste your mothers ass.” I kissed Sarah “damn that’s good. I got down and licked and ran my tongue up Jane’s ass. I felt her body tighten and her hole contract. I drove my cock deep in her cunt and pumped hard. Jane started making muffled sounds her body was coming up to meet me I could feel her hole tighten trying to milk the cum out of me. she was forcing me deeper in her. “that’s it whore that’s what you want isn’t it, you want that cock in you now. take and use it cum on it.” I felt her juices gush on my cock her body shook, she spit the underwear out of her mouth. “fuck me, fuck me damn it don’t stop. give me that young hard cock god it’s so good fuck me Wayne fill me up I want you to cum in me fill me up get me pregnant give both of us your babies.”

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