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If some of you visit other sites, you may or may not recognize my username. Please note that the stories I am posting now are ones that I have written. I am the original author of them. Please enjoy..

This is a romance series, that being said, there is no sex in this chapter. Please keep that in mind. Sex doesn’t start until chapter 2.

Growing up my parents and I moved a lot. It kind of sucked to be honest. The thing that sucked the worst about it was the fact that I was held back a year in high school. I should have graduated a few months after I turned 18. That didn’t happen. Instead I was 18 when my senior year started.

It wasn’t all bad though. Reason being was that I got a head start in my chosen profession. During the Summer break I attended the academy and got my certifications. Once I had all of the needed certs, we ended up moving again. I was getting very tired of it. We moved on average of twice a year. And although I wasn’t sure, it seemed it happened when I started to find good friends and a girlfriend.

We moved to a small city and I got a part time job, and started volunteering for a local fire agency. I was excited as hell. They didn’t hire me part time since I hadn’t graduated high school yet. They knew I had a burning desire to do this and I was 18, so they helped out. They were also very impressed with the fact that I had already finished the required classes.

During the time I attended the academy, I had spent a lot of time and money getting tattoos between my studying sessions. I had saved enough money to save for school and my tats. My real father was Polynesian. My mom was as white as they come. I was very fascinated by everything I found out about the culture I was part of. I spent many many summers with my father in Hawaii and learned a lot about the culture and everything. All of my tattoos were all of family history and such.

When I started at the new high school to hopefully graduate this time, I was told to wear long sleeve shirts and jeans to cover the tats. I had poly tats on my chest, back, full sleeve on the right, half sleeve on the left, my family symbol down my entire right side and and tats on my legs. The chief of the dept I was a volunteer at, met with the school board and principle also. Basically the deal was made that I keep my pager on, and respond to structure fires, or anything major. Anything else I stayed in school. My teachers and principle thought it was awesome to have a firefighter attending school there. The school was 4 blocks long and my classes were all over. They had made quite a few parking spots for me to park in, so I could to get to my vehicle fast should I get paged.

My name is Adam, I am 6’1 and 200 pounds. Since I only had half poly in me I was still pretty white. I was perfectly ok with that. I didn’t play a lot of sports but I was in very good shape. I have dark brown hair and green eyes. I started to work out when I was 14, and kept going. Now that I finally get to finish high school I was excited. If my mom and step dad were to move, I was planning to stay. I didn’t give a damn what they said. My resolve to stay no matter what only strengthened when I saw someone that just seemed to snatch my attention.

The first day of school, I was sitting in the schools foyer waiting for the class to start. As I sat there I looked up to see this girl walk In. She was a petite blonde girl. When I looked at her it seemed like the whole world disappeared. I got butterflies and my palms began to sweat. I could not believe how gorgeous this girl was! Oh my god, I thought as I looked at her. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She started to look my way and I looked away fast. I did see her look at me. It seemed as though she stared at me for a minute.

I started to see her around a lot and just couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. I’m sure you can relate. You see someone, and you can’t help but just look at them. There is just this thing about them that you can’t figure out. All you know is that they have captured your attention and it’s hard to forget them. Anytime they get near you, you get nervous, and you get butterflies in your stomach. The hair on the back of you neck stands up, but in a good way. Yeah, that’s what it was like with this girl. My good lord she was so damn beautiful! I was, for lack of a better word, mesmerized by her. The problem was, I was a nice guy. Guys like me get very nervous, and our balls seem to disappear around girls like her. I didn’t have the balls to even say hi. I was very intimidated by her beauty.

You see there are two types of women. Those that are gorgeous and know it, who guys fight to be with. Some guys are good ones, others, not so much. They are very popular with the male populous of the school and seem to be nice girls. They are the ones that go from one boyfriend to another then another. I’m not saying they’re sluts, I’m saying that they are just that beautiful and confident. That’s a really good thing. They are also the ones who end up with douche bags and are in on again off again relationships for years on end.

Then there are those like the girl that I really like. Their beauty alone can light up a dark room as they step in. The ones who are so gorgeous, yet don’t realize it. They are the ones who mostly attract the big douche bags. Those said douche bags tell them what they want to hear, and as soon as the douche gets what he wants, he shows his true colors. The thing that sucks ass is, nice guys like me are left alone because all men, including us are branded as assholes. And believe me, this girl had a hell of a lot of douche bags trying really hard to be with her. But for some reason she refused all of their advances. It was painful even for me just to watch how blatantly she rejected them. One of them called her a bitch and it took every bit of energy I had to keep from going over there and rearranging his face.

This same girl had a hell of a lot of female friends. As the school year proceeded, I noticed that they started started to follow me around before and after school, at lunch time and some times between classes. At the time I didn’t know it was her, but one day before the “stalking” began I heard a very sweet little voice say “oh my god that’s him. He is so hot!” I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw her and all of her friends looking at me. I even had a couple of her friends come up to me out of no where and ask me what my name was.

During all of this, a new quarter in school had just started and I started my first hour class. My heart skipped a beat when I looked up and watched her walk in. The entire room lit up when she walked in. She sat next to me and my palms started to sweat. What the fuck, I thought. I’ve had plenty of girlfriends, but I have never, ever had a girl affect me like this.

She was about 4’9 and couldn’t have weighed more than 85 pounds. She had long blonde straight hair. She had big beautiful blue eyes. She had the cutest face I had ever seen in my life! She had a very nice athletic little body. She had pale white skin, and god did she smell good. As I sat there, I could see her staring at me through the corner of my eye. She just stared and Looked a way for a few seconds. I got even more nervous. I looked over at her and she smiled. I smiled back. So I decided to grow some balls.

“Hi, I’m Adam.” I said nervous as hell.

“Hi I’m Brianna.” She replied.

She extended her hand to me and I shook her hand. Her hand was tiny, and very soft. I noticed that she was shaking. She seemed nervous as hell. She had the sweetest little voice. She sounded like a little girl. I melted right there when she spoke. My god her smile was so beautiful! Is there anything about her that isn’t beautiful? I thought.

“So are you like, the firefighter guy that everyone is talking about?” She asked with a shaky nervous voice.

“Yeah I am.” I replied.

“Do you like doing that?” She asked.

“I love it.” I replied.

“So why are you here?, like, why are you still in high school?” She asked

“Oh god. It’s a long story. My mom and step dad move around too much. I didn’t get to graduate because of it. I’m determined to get my diploma. I don’t want a G.E.D.. I want my diploma.” I replied.

“That’s admirable, So the fire department is ok with you working for them?” She asked.

“Yes they are. This last Summer I went through the academy, and I applied and have been there since.” I replied nervous as hell, not believing that she was even talking to me.

“That’s like, really cool. All my friends want to meet you.” She said.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Well they just like firefighters”. She said.

We talked until class started. I found out that she was only 16 and she was a junior. She moved up a grade because she was very smart. The class was long and boring but sitting next to Brianna was making it well worth it. Once we got close to the end the teacher let us socialize. Brianna and I just started getting to know each other. But during class, I kept looking at her to admire her absolute beauty. When I wasn’t looking she would look over and stare for a few seconds. Many times during the class our eyes would meet and we would just smile. Once the class ended I started to walk out.

“Hey Adam, wait for me.” She said.

I turned around and she was walking up to me with a big smile. We walked down the hall together. My next class wasn’t that far away, and apparently neither was hers. We chatted the entire time we walked. I walked her to her next class and then went to mine. I could not concentrate. All I could think about was her, her gorgeous face, her hair, and her big blue eyes, her voice, and just how beautiful she was in general. That hour dragged on. I was hoping too see her again. Just before that second period started I just sat there thinking about Brianna. I had a girl to my right who was obviously popular.

“So I saw you with that little slut Brianna. Why are you taking to her anyway.” She asked.

“Woooooww. Do you even know her or even me for that matter?” I asked. With an astonished look on my face.

“No not really, but I know you’re to good for her. You should go out with someone like me” She said.

“Holy shit! Are you kidding me?!” I asked even more shocked by the nerve of this girl.

“No I’m not, look you’re like this mega hot guy, with a mega hot bod and yo….” She said as I interrupted her.

“Look you can stop right there. You were attractive until you opened your mouth, so I am going to make it easy for the both of us. I don’t know you and after today I have no desire to even try to. Brianna is my friend, if you don’t like it then, oh wait…who am I kidding…I don’t give a shit. Who I talk to is absolutely none of your concern. I don’t answer to you.” I said.

“Why are you being so rude?” She asked floored by my response, and looking like she was about to cry.

“What, it’s ok for you to be rude to someone you don’t even know, but no one can be rude to you?” I asked

She rolled her eyes and did the typical valley girl throat thing.

“What ever, you’re not good enough for me anyway.” She said.

“I’m perfectly ok with that. And I would appreciate it if you would pretend that I don’t exists.” I replied.

“Your an asshole.” She quipped.

“Yes…yes I am.” I replied.

What I didn’t realize was, Brianna’s best friend was sitting right behind me. Another thing that I didn’t realize was that she had been texting Brianna telling her everything that happened. Then class started, but I had a hell of a time paying attention to the teacher. Guess why. After what seemed like hours the bell finally rang. I got really really nervous. As I stood up and turned around there was a cute little red head standing there.

“Hi I am Jessica. I’m Brianna’s best friend.” She said.

“I’m Adam, I just met Brianna today.” I said while chuckling.

“Trust me, I know who you are.” She said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yep! Look I’m really not trying to like, ruin anything, and I hope this doesn’t scare you. But, she really really likes you…like…a lot.” She said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Ever since the day she first saw you. She has been like, obsessed with you. She has been like..really bummed because she didn’t think you would ever noticed her.” She said.

“Wow, that’s awesome,” I said with a a big smile.

“Wait..what? Hold on, you like her too don’t you?” She asked.

“Yeah I do, I like her a lot.” I replied.

“Oh my god! Really?!”‘she asked.

“Really.” I replied.

She squealed and jumped up and down. “You’re not lying are you. You better not be lying.” She said.

“I’m not lying, I promise you. I really like her a lot. She is soooo beautiful! I’ve liked her since I first saw her.” I replied.

“This is so exciting!! You better not hurt her. She is an amazing person.” She said.

“I will do all I can to make her happy.” I said.

“You are definitely approved by me!” She said.

“Ok, uhhh thanks.” I said as I laughed.

We walked out of the room and my heart almost stopped. She was standing there with her big gorgeous smile. She was waiting for me. Jessica ran up to her and hugged her. Brianna looked at me with great confusion.

“I’ll leave you with your boyfriend.” She said as she walked off.

“I am so sorry.” Brianna said to me.

“It’s perfectly ok.” I said.

She smiled warmly and we started to walk down the hall. I was amazed at how many jealous female eyes were looking at her. She walked me to my truck and I just stood there not knowing what to do. This girl had turned me into a bumbling idiot. That’s how gorgeous she was.

“Well I have to walk to the other side of the building, my next class is over there.” She said.

“I have to go that way anyway, why don’t I just give you a ride.” I said.

“Wait, you drive from one side to the other?” She asked.

“Yeah, I have to keep my truck close by just in case there is a call.” I said.

“So that’s how you get from one side of the school to the other so fast.” She said.

“Yep. Sure is, so do you want a ride?” I asked.

“Ok. Yeah I do.” She replied.

I am an old fashioned kind of person. I was taught a lot of things by my real father one of which was how to treat a woman. I opened the door for her setting my alarm off. I turned it off and we both just laughed. I was still nervous as hell around her. Once I got in the truck and started driving to my other parking spot, she started looking at all of the switches and the radio.

“What’s all of this?” She asked.

“It’s for the reds and siren.” I replied.

“Oh cool!” She replied.

“Where are the lights?” She asked.

“They are all on the outside. I have some on the side, front, back and top.” I replied.

By then we were approaching my next designated parking spot, which happened to be right next to the cafeteria. I walked her to her class then went to mine. Lunch was next and she and her friends sat with me. Brianna’s arm kept brushing against mine making me feel warm. She kept looking up at me. At one point I looked at her and she was mouthing the words, oh my god, while pointing at me. Her friends just looked at us and smiled.

A few weeks passed by and me and Brianna had grown far more comfortable around each other. I still got nervous around her for some reason, but it wasn’t as bad. We had also become inseparable at that point as well. She still looked at me the same way she did the day we actually met. She seemed to have her hands on me all the time, which I absolutely loved. We were eating lunch at our usual table.

“You should just tell him Bri.” Jessica said.

All of her friends agreed with Jessica urging her to tell me something. She just blushed bright red and looked up at me.

“I will, but not until we are alone.” She said.

“Ok, good enough, c’mon girls. Brianna and her boyfriend need some alone time.” Jessica said.

They walked off and left us alone at the table. She just looked at me and smiled. We nodded our heads thinking the same thing. Her friends were nuts.

“Hey, instead of you telling me what ever it is you’re suppose to tell me now, how about I take you out on a date. It’s Friday so I figured that if you aren’t doing anything tonight I could take you out.” I said nervous as hell….again.

“Ok. I’m perfectly ok with that.” She replied.

“Awesome, I’ll pick you up at 6 then.” I said.

After school ended I walked her to her friends car. I wanted to take her home, but she said it would be wise to wait first, mainly because her parents would want to meet me. So I went home and called my Cheif and told him that I was going on a date and that I would be unavailable until the date was over. I made it to her house before 6 and walked up to the door. I had a long sleeve shirt and jeans on, so my tats were hidden. I did not want to give off a bad impression my first time in. I was nervous as hell and it showed.

I knocked on the door and her dad answered.

“Well hi there, you must be Adam.” He said.

“Yes sir, nice to meet you.” I said.

I went in and was Invited to sit. The next thing I knew I was being hammered with questions. I started to relax so I didn’t look like a total idiot. He asked me about my family, where I was from and all the regular questions. Then he asked questions that I actually felt very comfortable answering. When he started to ask them Brianna walked in and looked mortified. She relaxed when she noticed that I didn’t hesitate to answer any of them.

“Have you ever been in a car accident?” He asked.

“Yes I have, but I wasn’t driving. As far as me driving, no I never have.” I replied.

“How many speeding tickets have you gotten?” He asked.

“None sir.” I replied.

“Ok let me ask this. Most boys your age can’t really answer this question, so don’t feel bad about not being able to answer it yourself. What do you plan on doing after high school?” He asked.

“I plan on working on a career fire department sir, but since the one here is volunteer I can’t. However, the EMS side here is full time I’m going to work for them. I hope to one day hold a high ranking position on a fire department someday.” I said.

“Ok, that’s very impressive. You’re the first one who has an idea of what they want. Have you done anything to help boost yourself towards your goal?” He asked.

“Yes sir, I have, I have already completed the academy, and I am a volunteer for the fire department here.” I replied.

“One last serious question. What are your intensions with my baby girl?” He asked.

“My intensions are to do all it takes to make her happy, and to keep her happy.” I replied while looking into his eyes.

“Ok one last question. “Where the hell have you been, and why couldn’t you have been here when she was 15?” He asked.

“Uhhhhh, I was in Hawaii and I didn’t know her yet.” I answered.

We laughed and he put his hand on my knee.

“Look. She is growing up, fast but, she is still my baby girl. Please take good care of her.” He said.

“You have my word sir.” I replied.

He stood up and looked at Brianna. He walked her to the kitchen and they had a talk. She came out with a huge bright smile on her face. She was absolutely glowing. We got into the truck and left. She was staring at me with that same huge smile on her face.

“What?” I asked while smiling.

“Nothing, I’m just really happy right now. My daddy loves you.” She said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yep, your the first guy who got out of his car to get me, and he says your very mature for your age. Do you want to know what else he told me?” She asked.

“Yes I do.” I replied.

“He said that he feels very safe knowing that I’m with you. He says that there is something about you that he really likes. He just can’t figure out what it is. He said that I better not mess things up with you.” She said.

“Wow that was definitely not expected.” I said.

“I know right?! That’s why I’m like so happy right now. You’re the first guy he has ever approved.” She said.

That night was amazing! It was just dinner and a movie, but it was with Brianna. As we sat and ate dinner I just couldn’t stop staring at her.

“What?” She asked with a partial smile.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t get over how incredibly beautiful you are.” I said.

She stopped eating and smiled.

“No guy has ever told me that before.” She said.

“Were they blind or stupid?” I asked.

“They always told me that I was hot, but never beautiful.” She said.

“Seriously Brianna, you are so beautiful. My god.” I said.

“Well, you are an extremely good looking, handsome man. I’m being serious, I don’t think I have ever seen a guy as good looking as you.” She said.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Hey look, I have to tell you something.” She said.

“Ok” I said.

“When you first came here, I like, saw you and like, couldn’t believe how gorgeous you were. Ever since then I like, have liked you. Like a lot, like you. I just never knew if you had ever noticed me or not.” She said.

“That’s kind of funny because, when I came here and laid eyes on you, I was absolutely floored by how beautiful you were. I still am floored by how gorgeous you are. You know how when you see some one that you think is beautiful, you just feel like your being pulled toward them somehow?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s what you’ve been doing to me.” She replied.

“Well, that’s how it’s been for me. I couldn’t breath when you came into the class room, and got worse when you sat next to me. When I noticed you staring at me thats when I knew for a fact that I really had to at least say hi. I just had to get to know you.” I said.

“I’ve been obsessed with you. Ask my friends they’ll tell you.” She said.

I just smiled. “I kinda like the fact that you’re obsessed with me.” I said.

She giggled. We finished dinner and we went to the movies. Our hands were constantly touching. We eventually ended up holding hands. And my arms ended up being wrapped around her. Yeah, the warm and fuzzies were there bigger than shit. After the movie I took her home and we hugged for a long time. I wanted so bad to kiss her but didn’t. I went home kicking myself for not kissing her. However while I was at the fire station over the weekend we called and texted a lot. She told me that she really missed me. I missed her really bad. Her parents brought her by the station and I gave them the grand tour. Her mom wasn’t there when I picked her up for our date, so I got to meet her. She gave me a hug the minute we met.

“So you’re the guy that has my daughter on cloud nine.” She said.

“Yes mam.” I said.

“That girl is in absolute love with you. You should see the way she lights up when she talks about you.” She said.

“That’s a good thing right?” I asked.

“It’s a very good thing, I have never seen her like this before, and she has had a few boyfriends.” She said.

“The feeling is mutual.” I said.

By then Brianna and her dad came around the corner. I walked up to Brianna and hugged her.

She was all over me the entire time they were there. They met all of the other crews that were there. They even all had dinner with us. When the time came for them to leave, I walked them to their car. Her parents got into the car. I held her and again, like an idiot, I didn’t kiss her. But I had a good excuse this time since our tones dropped. I had to run. She watched as I ran into the bay donned my turn out gear and hopped on the rig. She watched us roll out too.

On Sunday Brianna called me and said that her parents suggested that I pick her up and take her, and bring her home from school. I loved the idea, it just meant that I could spend more time with her. Monday couldn’t have come any faster. I was going crazy, I couldn’t eat or sleep, Brianna had consumed my every thought. I woke up and got dressed. I couldn’t eat breakfast. I had promised her that I would call and wake her up so she could get ready for school. And as promised, I called her. I melted when she answered.

“Good morning beautiful.” I said.

“Hey handsome.” She replied.

“It’s time to get up sweet heart.” I said.

“Ok. I can’t wait to see you.” She said.

“God, I know the feeling all to well.” I replied.

“I miss you.” She said softly.

“I really miss you too.” I said.

“Ok I’m getting up. I’ll see you soon.” She said.

“Ok. I can’t wait.” I said.

“I can’t wait either.” She said.

We hung up and all I could do was sit on my bed. Then it hit me. How the hell am I already in love with this girl? How is it that I have been feeling like this about her for so long? I felt this way about her from the very moment I laid eyes on her. I’ve only really known her for for a few months. I mean, I knew who she was but I didn’t know her. She was a very amazing girl and I knew that I had to kiss Finally, the time came to go pick her up. I got there, parked on the street and walked up to the door. I knocked and her mom answered the door.

“Come in, hey listen, what ever is going on between you two its keeping her from eating her breakfast.” She said with a smirk.

“Well, I can’t eat either so she is having the same affect on me.” I said.

“It’s so cute seeing her like this. Like I said she has had a few boyfriends, but none, and I mean none of them have ever had this affect on her.” She said.

All I could do was smile.

“Listen, you two need to eat, so come on in here and eat, maybe she will actually eat something too before you two go to school.” She said.

“Ok, I’ll try. Is she still getting ready?” I asked.

I went into the kitchen and started talking to her 10 year old brother. He was a special needs child. His name was Corey. Boy did he get excited when he found out I was a firefighter! He asked if I was Brianna’s boyfriend, but before I could answer, her mom answered.

“Yes honey, he is your sisters boyfriend.” She said.

I just smiled. I started telling Corey some stories of what I had been involved in. He was asking a lot of questions and I gladly answered them. I even showed him a bunch of videos several of which I was in. I was so into our conversation that I didn’t even notice that Brianna and her father had been watching us interact for a long time. I was actually enjoying myself. I invited him to the fire house and that I would let him see our trucks and some of our gear. He was excited as hell! I looked at Brianna’s mom and asked if I could take him up there. Her mom looked amazed for some reason. Her eyes were watery as she said yes that it would be a great idea.

I looked over and finally saw Brianna and her dad standing there. Her dad was grinning from ear to ear. Brianna looked like she had been crying. I stood up and walked to her. I had to hold her, I can’t explain why, I just knew that I had to. I said hi to her dad who walked by me, patting me on my back, and grabbed his coffee. I walked up to Brianna and she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me close.

“You never cease to amaze me.” She whispered.

Brianna and I finally ate something. The entire time we ate she was all but sitting in my lap. I loved it! I was in heaven the whole time. She sensed it. So her hands went to my lap. I reached down and our fingers connected. I was again holding hands with the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. We went to school and we walked around like a real couple. Her friends saw us and got extremely excited. They said that we were a very cute couple.

First hour went by and I still hadn’t kissed her. I don’t know why but I had decided to pull my head from my ass and just go for it. Especially since I knew it wouldn’t ruin what we had now. I walked her to her class and hugged her. I started to walk away. What the fuck! I thought to myself. I turned around.

“Brianna!” I said as she had started to walk into her class room.

“Yeah?” She asked as she walked back towards me.

I walked up to her and and got really close to her. I leaned in.

“If I don’t do this I will not be able to focus on anything.” I said as I slid my hand gently on her face and neck using my index finger to lift her head. I kissed her soft lips. I looked her in her eyes. Just as she started to say something I kissed her again. Her hands slid onto my face and neck as she started to kiss back. Her thumb on her left hand gently rested on the corner of my mouth. My tongue brushed against her lips then I felt her tongue brush against mine. When I kissed her again her mouth opened and I slid my tongue into her mouth. She kissed me back the same way. We kissed like this for a minute maybe longer. When we stopped kissing our foreheads rested against each others. She was breathing kind of hard.

“Wow.” She said.

“How the hell am I suppose to concentrate in school today after that?” She asked looking into my eyes.

“I wish I could answer that.” I replied.

“Can I be your boyfriend?” I asked.

“Yes.” She answered without a hint of hesitation.

“Can I be your girlfriend?” She asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

From there I kissed her again and we went to our classes. Her best friend was sitting behind me again. She tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around. She showed me a text that she had just received from Brianna. “OMG!! He just kissed me! Wow! What an amazing amazing kisser!” It read.

“Is this true?” Her friend asked.

“Yes it is.” I replied.

She hit me in my back. “What the hell took you so long?!” She asked.

“I have no idea, but I am so glad that I finally did.” I replied.

“So, is she a good kisser?”‘she asked.

“Oh god yes. I am not lying! She is…wow! That’s all I can really say.” I replied.

The class was dragging on when I decided to send a text to her.

Me: Holy shit, you can kiss! Wow!

Brianna: Look who’s talking!”

We texted back and forth a lot during class. Luckily I have a great memory. At the end of the period I couldn’t get out of my desk fast enough. I walked out of the class room and there she stood with a huge smile. She was again glowing. I kissed her again right in front of god and everyone else. She wrapped both of her arms around my waist and we walked together. We were inseparable unless we were in class. At the end of the day I took her home and we sat in the truck kissing for a very long time. I couldn’t get enough of her kisses. I walked her to her door and kissed her again. We broke the kiss and she held onto me.

“Look I need to tell you some thing. I haven’t been completely honest with you about something.” She said.

“You know you can tell me anything, right?” I asked.

“Yes but I really don’t want to loose you so I’ve been scared to say anything.” She replied.

“Look, I highly doubt that there is anything that you can say or do that will change anything between us right now.” I said.

“Promise me you won’t freak out. I really really need you to promise me. I really don’t think I can handle loosing you right now.” She said.

“I promise you I won’t freak out. You have nothing to worry about.” I said.

“Ok, do you like, believe in like, love at first sight?” She asked.

“Yes I do.” I replied.

“Really?!” She asked.

“Really.” I replied.

“Good because like, well when I first saw you, I just couldn’t believe, how hot you were. I ummm, I like fell in love with you when I first saw you.” She said.

She was looking down and seemed really nervous, or even scared. I lifted her chin and kissed her. I kissed her like I kissed her for the first time. I stopped kissing her and looked In her eyes.

“Then we both haven’t been completely honest with each other. We both fell in love with each other the second we laid eyes on each other.” I whispered.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“I love you baby.” I said.

“I love you too. She said as she smiled really really big with tears streaming down her face.

We hugged and kissed for a little longer. She let go and seemed to have floated into the house. I couldn’t wipe the grin off of my face. I floated to my truck and looked back. She was standing at the window watching me. I mouthed the words I love you to her. She put her hands on her chest and did the same.

That was the beginning of a very good relationship. During the first month I revealed that I had a lot of tattoos. Oh god did Brianna love that! She said that just made me sexy as hell. As time went on we realized that we were a lot more alike than we originally thought. We were both big smart asses and she had an amazing sense of humor. There were more times than I can count that we had each other laughing so hard that we were crying. Hell there were times that I would be driving and almost crashed I was laughing so hard. She had said things that she said would piss any other guy off, but I always played along with it, knowing that she was joking. It was the same way with me. We would act like we were arguing about something really stupid right in front of her friends. One day We were doing it and Jessica asked if we were ok. She was genuinely concerned. Brianna and I just looked at each other for a second then busted out laughing. “You guys are so weird.”Jessica said. It was then that I had no doubt that we were meant for each other. That’s how well we meshed together. We made out A LOT! Oh my god it was awesome! I almost blew my wad in my pants A LOT! God I wish I could describe Brianna’s laugh. It had to be thee sexiest laugh I had ever heard!

My step dad and my mom had planned to move yet again. They fought really hard to force me to move with them. That girl I had it out with in the beginning worked with my mom, and had told her a lot of lies about Brianna. She told my mom things that I knew for a fact weren’t true. I even had evidence proving that they were lies. Every time I got a girlfriend, we ended up moving shortly after. There was a huge difference between those girls and Brianna. I was head over heals in love with Brianna. She was my world. My world revolved around her, and I worshiped the ground she walked on. The problem I had was, my mom refused to listen to what I had to say. She chose to believe that girl more. My mom even tried to get me to break up with Brianna and date this other girl. Mom loved her, but when I refused to do that, because I hated her and she was way too full of herself, she decided that it was time to move. I got into a huge fight with my mom because I made it very very clear that I wasn’t going. I didn’t give a shit. After fighting with her for almost 4 hours, I was still refusing to move. She disowned me and said that I wasn’t her son.

That day, after mom broke the news to me that we…well they were moving again, I immediately went and told Brianna and she broke down. I had never seen her sob so hard. Her entire body trembled while she sobbed. It took me a long time to get her to calm down and realize that I wasn’t going, and that I was staying right there to be with her. I didn’t care what my mom said. All I could do was hold her tight as she sobbed. After I got her calmed down a little, I went upstairs to talk to her mom and dad.

“Um can I talk to you guys for a minute?” I asked.

“Sure, is everything ok?” Her dad asked seeing the look on my face. I’m not going to lie. I had been crying as well. Mainly because of how upset Brianna was.

“Ok um, my mom wanted me to move again. She hates Brianna because of some lies that she was told. She told me that I had no choice in the matter and that they want me to get away from her. Here is the problem, I can’t go. I just can’t go. I want to stay here, I need to stay here.” I said.

“Why can’t you go?” Her mom asked.

“I’m not sure that you really want to hear this, but I have to stay because I love her.” I said as I started to tear up.

Her mom started to cry.

“Look son,” her dad said, “we know. We know that you love her, it’s very obvious in how you treat her, and how you act around her. The thing is, she loves you too. My question is, is she the reason you don’t want to move with your mom?” He asked.

“Yes.” I said.

“So what does your mom think about this?” He asked.

“She disowned me. She refuses to except the fact that I am 18 and can make my own choices. We had a huge fight about it and when she realized that I was not going with them, aaaand she disowned me.” I said.

“I am so sorry Adam.” Her mom said as she hugged me.

“So let me get this straight, your own mother disowned you because you refuse to move, because you’re in love with my daughter? Is that about right?” Her dad asked

“Yes sir.” I said.

He sighed. “Wow, you really love her don’t you?” He asked.

“Yes I do. So much that it hurts. I can’t live without her.” I replied.

He stood up and walked to me. I was absolutely floored when he hugged me.

“She loves you too. You have been the best thing that has ever happened to her, for many reasons. You’re a good man, and I need to let you know that I can’t tell you how much we appreciate what you have done for her. You don’t know this, but you have done a lot for her.” He said as he stepped back.

“Here is the thing. She is so upset right now and I can’t leave her. So I was wondering if I could sleep here tonight. I will be more than happy to sleep on the garage floor or in my truck on the street, just as long as I am as close to her as I can be.” I said.

“No, you’re not sleeping in the garage, let us talk this over and we will come down and talk to you two when we have decided what we’re going to do.” Her dad said.

“Look I know why your mom hates Brianna. There is this girl that you apparently met In class the day that you and my daughter met. Well that same girl started talking to me.” She said.

She then proceeded to tell me that the girl started telling some very bad lies about me. Luckily her mom knew me very well. She got in that girls face and told her to shut the fuck up. She told her that I was absolutely opposite of what that girl had made me out to be. Her mom told her that I was a really good man and that her daughter had a lot of problems until I came along. She said that I was the reason that Brianna was no longer on any medications. She also said that she had never seen her daughter so happy before. In short I saved her daughters life. She told that girl that if she ever said anything else bad about her future son in law, she was going to fuck her world up.

I was shocked, flattered, and surprisingly excited that she had called me her future son in law. So in a daze, I went back down into the basement and as I walked around the front of the couch, Brianna held her arms out wanting me to hold her. I held her as she continued to cry. I kept telling her that it was going to be ok. That I was staying despite what my mom said.

After an hour or more, her parents came down. When her mom looked at Brianna, she started to tear up. She walked up and hugged her.

“I love him mom.” Brianna said.

“I know you do sweet heart.” Her mom replied.

“Listen, this man loves you too. Oh my god does he love you.” She said while she pointed at me.

“Ok so here is the deal.” Her dad said. “Adam, of any man, not boy, man, because that is what you are, you have been perfect for our daughter. I have never ever heard or seen you disrespect her in any way. She has never been treated as well as she has been treated by you. And the major sacrifice that you are making for her is just huge. To top all of that off you have made her the happiest we have seen her in years. For that we thank you. You’ve done more for her than anyone has outside of this family. So we have made some decisions here. Keep in mind that there will be some ground rules, but I do not foresee any problems here. In light of the decision you made to stay here for Brianna, and what you’re going through, you’re moving in with us.” He said.

Both me and Brianna were stunned. We both looked at their smiling parents in total shock! Brianna jumped up ran to her dad and hugged him.

“Thank you daddy!” She said.

“I stood up to shake his hand. He said no, then hugged me.

“You’re like a son to me. I can’t tell you how much gratitude we have towards you for what you’ve done for her.” He said.

We then hugged her mom and said thank you.

“Now, you both have had a very tough night, so in answer to your question Adam, yes, but instead of the garage, you’re sleeping in your bedroom right down the hall there.” Her mom said.

Secondly, you two have to promise, and I mean absolutely promise that you will behave until we get you on birth control Brianna.” Her mom said.

I was floored but so was Brianna. My dick started to swell when her mom said birth control and Brianna in the same sentence. My mouth dropped opened I was so shocked.

“Oh my god….MOM!!” Brianna said shocked.

“Have you two had sex yet?” She asked.

“MMOM!! OH MY GOD!!” Brianna yelled.

“I’m serious.” Her mom said.

“No we haven’t.” I replied.

“So let me get this straight, you have been together for 7 months now, and you have never had sex.” Her dad asked.

“No we haven’t, I’m not ready for that just yet.”

Brianna said.

“And you’re ok with that Adam?” Her mom asked.

“Perfectly.” I replied.

“Ooooo…and without hesitation. That’s very impressive.” Her dad said.

“Ok so are you still a virgin?” Her mom asked.

“Yes I am still a virgin…Oh my god! Why are you asking these questions? You’re my mom and dad!” Brianna said.

“Well we are just curious. You better not keep Adam waiting for too long sweet heart.” Her mom said.

“Trust me, I’ll wait for however long it takes.” I said.

“Goood answer.” Her dad said.

“Ok so we need to get you on birth control as soon as possible because you two will be living under the same roof from now on. So that being said, you have to promise that you two will behave until we get you on birth control Brianna.” Her mom said.

“We promise to behave.” We both said simultaneously.

“Until what?” Her mom asked.

“Until I get birth control, wait…does that mean that once I’m on birth control we can misbehave?” She asked.

“Well Adam is an adult, and you’re turning 17 soon, which is the age of consent in this state. So that being said, there is nothing we can do to stop you two. We will go see the doctor tomorrow.” Her mom said.

“We prefer to not know when you’re misbehaving so try your hardest to keep any moaning and stuff down. We don’t want to hear it.” Her dad said as we all started to laugh.

After a while, they went upstairs. It was just me and her. We looked at each other and laughed.

“So we get to misbehave when I’m on birth control.” She said.

“I like misbehaving.” I said.

“I can’t wait to see how good it feels.” She said.

“You’ll like it I promise.” I said.

“If it’s with you, I have no doubt that I’ll love it.” She said.

“Wow, ok time to change the subject.” I said.

“Why what’s the matter?” She asked.

“Because I’m starting to get…” I said as Brianna finished the sentence for me.

“A boner?” She asked.

“Yes I am.” I replied.

“Yeah I’m getting really horny now. Let’s change the subject.” She said.

She laid her head on my shoulder and snuggled up against me. I looked down to see her looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

“I’m so happy right now.” She said as she started to tear up again.

“So am I. I get to live with my baby.” I said.

I leaned down and kissed her softly. We just sat there and held each other for a while.

“I gotta go get some stuff. If I don’t do it now, I’m afraid I won’t have anything. So I am going to run to my old place and get it over with.” I said.

“Ok hurry back to me baby.” She said softly.

“Ok.” I said as I kissed her.

I went back to my moms house to get my uniforms and some cloths. I was packing when my mom stepped into the room.

“So you’re going to choose that little slut over your own mom then huh?” She asked.

“For your information mom, she is a virgin, so calling her that is pointless. Second of all, don’t talk about her like that. Wether you like it or not, I love her, that is definitely not going to change. I don’t give a shit what you say or think about it. But yes. I am choosing her over you.” I said.

“That’s fucked up, I brought you into this wor…” She said as I interrupted her.

“World and you can take me out. Really mom?! Would you really kill your own son.” I asked.

“If I could I would.” She said.

“Wow, that says a lot about you. If you’re going to kill me then do it. Otherwise leave me the hell alone.” I said.

“You watch how you speak to her young man.” My step dad said.

“Fuck off asshole!” I said.

“See, here is why I choose her over you. She loves me as much as I do her. She actually loves my career choice unlike you. She supports me, unlike you do. She doesn’t call me a failure like you have many times because I want to be a fire fighter. And despite what you think, I will amount to something someday, and she believes that.” I said.

“You’re wrong, you’re worthless like your father. You are so much like him it’s sickening. You are a sorry excuse for a man.” She said.

“Wow” I said laughing.

“That’s rich coming from you. My real dad is worthless, yet he is a multi millionaire, living in Hawai’i. And you know, me being a sorry excuse of man, I’m ok with you saying that because you are the only person who has ever said that to me.” I said.

“I don’t know why you didn’t just date Autumn. She would be so much better for you. If you would have just dated her instead of your little slut we wouldn’t be moving.” She said.

“Oh so that’s what that bitches name is. And again, don’t call her a slut. Everything you have heard from that cunt have all been lies…oh wait who am I kidding, you don’t believe me. That’s ok. Let me make this very clear since you refused to listen to me and apparently you didn’t get it the first time. Period, end of discussion.” I said.

“Where do you think your going then cause you’re not staying here.” She asked.

“Wait, I thought you said that I wasn’t your son anymore. Didn’t you say that to me earlier today?” I asked.

“Yes I did. You’re being selfish.” She said.

“I’m being selfish?! We have moved every time I have found a girlfriend. Every time I start getting happy you pull me away from it. You can’t stand to see me happy. You would rather I live my life exactly how you want me to.” I said.

“That’s right I do! If you would just do what I want and date who I say you can date we wouldn’t be in this situation. What’s the big difference between her and all of the other girls?!” She yelled.

“And you don’t think you’re selfish?! Really?!” I yelled.

“Look this is the last time I am ever going to so much as acknowledge your presence. The difference between those girls and Brianna is an easy one. I am so deeply in love with that girl that it hurts. I will go to the ends of the earth to be with her. I don’t give a FUCK if you like it it not. I’m and adult now, I’m 18 and that is the choice I have made. I am done with you controlling every aspect of my life. Let me go. I’m not a child anymore, you need to come to grips with that.” I said.

“You need to hurry up and get out, and leave your truck.” She said.

“I bought and payed for that truck myself, you had absolutely nothing to do with purchasing, insuring, and tagging of it, so no, it stays with me.” I said.

“Well I’ll just call the police and tell them that you’re having sex with a 16 year old, and tell them that you stole that truck.” She said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit if you did that. That’s fine, I’ll wait for them outside. And we aren’t having sex. Oh and by the way, I work with the police every day. They know me very well, so good luck trying to convince them of your lies” I said.

“I am officially done with you. You’re no longer my son.” She said.

“You made that abundantly clear earlier.” I said.

“Where the hell are you going anyway?” She asked.

“I thought you said I wasn’t your son.” I said.

“You’re not, your just a fucking asshole.” She said.

“Then where I am going is none of your concern.” I said.

I had a bad feeling about staying too long. I think Brianna did as well. She sent me a text asking if I was ok. She said that she was getting a really bad feeling and asked me to go back to her. She all but pleaded. I had already packed all of my cloths and uniforms in big duffle bags, so I left everything else behind and booked it out the door. On my way there I noticed that my step dad and mom weren’t in the living room. They were out of site. Just as I got to my truck I threw everything into the bed of my truck. I hopped in and left. I had no idea why we had that bad feeling, but I wasn’t about to wait and find out. I called Brianna just as I left at a high rate of speed. I let her know that I was on the way back. Some how her parents had that feeling too. Her dad asked if I was ok. He told her to have me park my truck in the garage in the back. Once I got there her dad was in the garage waiting for me. I pulled in and he closed the door immediately.

Her dad helped me carry my stuff down stairs. “Welcome home buddy.” He said.

“I cant thank you enough for this sir.” I said.

“First off stop calling me sir. Second of all, it’s me who should be thanking you. One day soon you will find out why.” He said.

Corey came down excited as hell that I was there. He kept saying that Brianna was taking a shower. We started to hang out while Brianna was taking her shower. I was getting attached to Corey. He had Downs Syndrome. He was an awesome kid. After a while, Corey had fallen asleep on the couch. I turned the TV down, grabbed a blanket and covered him up.

Soon I heard Brianna walking towards the stairs and her mom stopped her.

“Brianna, what the hell. How do you expect him to behave himself when you’re wearing that?” She asked.

“Oh, I didn’t think about that.” Brianna said.

“Mmmmmmhhhmmmm, remember you two promised.” She said.

“I know mom.” She replied.

She changed and came down wearing pajama bottoms and a pink tank top. Her tank top was cut very low and. I couldn’t help but look. God I’m in trouble, I thought.

“My god you’re so beautiful.” I said.

She smiled and sat in my lap. We started to kiss and I started to get hard again.

“You’re getting hard again.” She whispered in my ear.

“I can’t help it baby, you’re so gorgeous.” I replied.

“Maybe you should go take a cold shower.” She said.

“Yeah I need to.” I said.

She laughed and stood up, go take a shower baby, I’ll wait here.” She said.

I left and took a long shower. Now I know it had been a while since I first laid eyes on her, and we had been together for 7 months. But I was still overwhelmed by how beautiful she was. She was tiny but she had an amazing body. Her little ass was perfect. Her tits were small, lucky for her I absolutely love small tits. She has shown her small cleavage a lot, and every time she would have to remind me where her eyes were. She would always laugh, but I could always tell she liked it. I loved her milky white skin. It was so smooth and..I can’t describe in words to anyone how gorgeous she was. Words do her no justice. While I showered that all just ran through my head. My god how lucky can I be to have such an amazing, beautiful, funny and loving girl like her. My god! I must have done something right. Man I am so damn lucky! The luckiest man alive! I could sit and analyze myself to figure out how a girl like her just happened to come into my life. I however, decided not to. Here is why, I had her. She was my girlfriend and I loved her so deeply. And she, loved me the same way. I have to pinch myself sometimes just to be sure that I wasn’t dreaming. Love like this is very rare. But when it comes, you grab a hold of it, and do all you can to keep it. Don’t ever let it go.

My shower took a long time. All I thought about was her. She always consumed my thoughts. I got out of the shower, dried myself off, and dressed. I only wore a pair of shorts, no shirt. When I stepped out I noticed Brianna staring at me. Her mouth was opened and her eyes were wide. She had never seen me without a shirt. Her brother Corey had awoken and said hi to me. I gave Brianna a sexy smile and walked to the room. I grabbed a T shirt and went to the living room.

She walked up to me staring at my washboard abs and my chest. She placed her hand gently on my abs and rubbed them and my chest.

“Jesus…” she whispered.

“What’s wrong baby?” I asked.

“Oh god, nothing. I never realized you had such an amazingly hot body.” She whispered.

“And your tattoos. Oh my god. Can I take a picture, I have to show you off.” She said.

I grinned as chills started to ripple through out my body. Her soft hands on my bare skin felt amazing. She looked up at me and bit her lower lip.

“And just think, this is all yours.” I said.

“God. I am so lucky. Do you realize that you are every girls dream guy?” She asked.

“How is that?” I asked.

“You are so amazing. You’re funny, you never call me anything other than my name, no matter how mad you are at me. You have showed me nothing but respect. Our fights aren’t even like, normal, which I love since I hate arguing. My parents, they absolutely love you. You have no idea how much they love you. Not to mention, you’re tall dark and so so handsome. You have an amazingly hot body, which I didn’t realize till now. You are a beautiful beautiful man. You’re a really nice guy, but your body and hot looks make you look like a bad boy….yum.” She said as she just started at my chest and abs.

I kissed her said thank you as she ran her hand and softly across my abs and chest.

“Ok you guys!” Her mom said scaring the hell out of the both of us.

“Adam, UH UH, NO! You are wearing a shirt if you’re going to sleep with my daughter tonight.” She said.

“Yeah, how the hell do you expect me behave my self when you look like…well, this?” Brianna asked as she looked me up and down biting her lower lip. Her eye brows jumped a little.

“I’m sorry, I just got out of the shower.” I said.

“Look who’s talking Brianna, that outfit you had on before I made you go change, geez. You two are trying to break your promise aren’t you.” Her mom asked laughing a little.

We all laughed as I put my shirt on. I’ll keep it on.” I said.

From that day forward things returned to normal between Brianna and I. Only this time, we made out very heavily at least two times a day. We did a whole lot of dry humping. There were times that she actually made me cum in my pants, and she orgasmed almost every time. She never showed me her tits because she was afraid that we would loose control. She was on birth control now, but she said that she was still not ready to go all the way. And like I said, I was perfectly ok with that. It got so heated with us that she decided to sleep in her room every night to prevent either of us from doing what she wasn’t ready for.

We also were “arguing” in front of her parents a lot. They had the same reaction Jessica had. Her parents and Corey had started to join in our “arguments”. We all laughed our asses off quite regularly. God I loved her sexy laugh!

As the Summer started to come to a close, their family had a family reunion. I was invited to attend so I went. I got to meet all of her cousins, aunties and uncles. I also met her grand parents. They all greeted me very warmly. Many of them had heard all about me from her mom and were very impressed. They did notice a lot of my tattoos the first day I met them. They didn’t even bat an eye at me, in a negative way.

Brianna and I walk in and a lot of female cousins that she had were ogling me big time. I looked down at Brianna and she and I laughed a little.

“Watch out baby, you’re like the hottest guy here.” She said.

We laughed again as we walked in. She introduced me to everyone like she was showing me off. Then she introduced me to one of her uncles. He looked very very familiar. He took one good look at me.

“This is my uncle Gary. Uncle this is my handsome boyfriend Adam.” She said.

“I know you…where do I know you from?” He asked.

“I have no idea.” I replied.

“Well uncle Gary is a State Trooper. He is a cop.” Brianna said.

I shook his hand.

“I know now. I’m a Fire Fighter EMT.” I said and gave him the name of the department.

“Ohhh shit! I do know you! I’ve ran quite a few car crashes with you.” He said. We chatted for a few minutes. He then asked Brianna if he could steal me for a second. He pulled me aside.

“Listen, I don’t know how much you know about her younger years, but it’s not pretty. I will say that when my sister told me about you, I had to meet you and shake your hand. You have changed her almost overnight. I can not tell you how much we appreciate what you have done for her. She has transformed from someone we were very worried about, to a very bright, happy and great great girl. So thank you sir! Not only do you save lives at your job, you saved a girl that we all love. For that, we all can’t thank you enough. Just know that what ever you need, you let me know ok? He said.

“I don’t know what happened, but I figure that she will tell me when she is ready. And you are welcome.” I replied.

“As far as everyone in this room is concerned, you are family. Don’t doubt that for a minute.” He said as he shook my hand firmly.

I was flattered yet curious as to what happened to her. I was not even going to bring it up. I was going to let her bring it up.

I walked to a group of girls where I heard Brianna’s voice and found her in the middle of the huddle. All of their eyes locked on me making me a little nervous. Brianna laughed at the look on my face just as one of her cousins leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“I know right?!” Brianna said.

I walked up to her and kissed her really good using my tongue.

“God you gotta quit doing that to me.” She said slightly out of breath.

That was all done to a lot of girls aws. We ended up having a really good conversations. Then her mom came and grabbed me and introduced me to a lot more family members. They kept saying that they had heard a lot of really good things about me. I actually felt like I was a member of their family. They included me in everything. Many of them told me that I was family.

That night Brianna and I were spending quality time together. Something I always tried to do.

“What did uncle Gary want to talk to you about?” She asked.

“Well, um, he said thank you. Apparently you have been through some really really tough things before we met. He didn’t tell me what you went through, but he said you have been through hell. He isn’t the only one, several of your aunties and uncles have all said the same thing.” I said.

“They didn’t tell you about what happened?” She asked.

“No they didn’t. I prefer to hear it from you. But, I don’t want you to tell me anything until you know for sure that you are ready to. I love you, and I want you to be absolutely sure that you’re ready to. I’ll wait for however long that takes. Ok?” I said.

“Thank you so much baby. God I love you so much.” She said as she snuggled up against me. The family reunion ended and I felt like I was In Hawaii again. I got so many hugs it wasn’t funny. Several of her cousins told me that she was so lucky to have me. We went home and I was in heaven being with my Brianna during my off days. It was amazing.

School was about to start again and I actually took her and Corey shopping for school supplies and cloths. Brianna made it so damn fun! We were gone all day, and we wanted to surprise her parents. They had already budgeted money for it, taking away from their second honeymoon money. I had called my dad and asked him for money and explained why I needed it. He sent me A LOT of money. Needless to say both Brianna and Corey got some very expensive cloths and a lot of supplies. When we got home, her mom was perplexed at what we brought in.

“Where did you get all of this?!” Her mom asked.

“My boyfriend.” Brianna said as her mom looked at her in shock.

“Hey, it was his idea. He just told us to get into the truck and we went shopping for school.” Corey said.

“You took them school shopping?!” She asked.

“Uh yeah I did. I just…I wanted to help. You all have taken me in and made me part of your family. I can’t thank you enough. So I thought I would try to show my appreciation by helping out with this. I hope I’m not over stepping my bounds, if I am I apologize, that wasn’t my intention.” I said worried that she was mad.

“Oh honey…you don’t need to thank us. And in no way over stepped your bounds. If anything you helped dad and I in a very big way. Thank you so much.” She said as she hugged me.

“Did you get them cloths?” She asked.

“Yes he did mommy!” Corey answered. He then proceeded to show her all of his new cloths, some of which were very nice.

Brianna then showed all of her new cloths also and even modeled them for her mom.

We went through the checklist of everything they needed and she looked at everything we got. Her mom then walked off and started crying. She took Brianna around the corner into the kitchen.

“Brianna, I swear to god…I will not forgive you if you don’t marry this man.” Her mom said quietly no knowing I could hear her.

“Don’t worry mom. Remember when you said that I would know if he is the one?” She asked.

“Yes honey I do.” She said.

“I know I’m only 16, but I just know somehow that he is the one. I am going to marry him someday.” She said.

“God I hope so.” Her mom said.

Neither one knew I could hear their conversation. Brianna walked back in glowing and smiling. All I could do was smile. I also knew that Brianna was the one. I knew that someday I was going to marry this amazing amazing woman. So the fact that I basically had her mothers blessing, made me so happy that I couldn’t stand it. When her dad got home from work, he had the same conversation with her. Again, they didn’t know I could hear them. Me my Brianna and Corey were all laying on my new king sized bed watching a movie when her dad came calling for her. They stood right outside my bedroom door.

That night Brianna slept with me. God it was so nice sleeping with her in my arms. I watched her sleep just stunned. I was amazed that I had a girl like her who loved me as much I loved her. Every time she told me that she loved me, I could feel it, not just heard it. The way she constantly looked at me always sent chills up my spine. God I loved this woman!!