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a story about the perfect girl..

My names Kevin, I’m the quarterback of the football team, straight A student, and quite the ladies man (if I do say so myself). I’m used to getting any and everything that I want (seen as how my parents are the richest people in town). But as much as I would love to tell you I’ve always been a good looking guy….I can’t. In the fourth grade, I was the tall nerd kid who sat by himself because he had no friends. And that’s just how life was, no birthday parties, no group for projects, no nothing. Until she came in; the new girl. Who also had no friends… she sat by me and we’ve been friends ever since. She was average looking…wild hair, caramel skin, and a smile a little boy couldn’t forget. We grew up together. Now here I am, 6’5, 8 pack, same green eyes, long Hispanic hair (which I will not cut no matter how many times my dad may ask me), well groomed facial hair, and a 10 inch dick. And her? She…wow….just wow. She’s not a little girl anymore, that’s for sure. Britney has her same caramel complexion, beautiful brown eyes, straight soft hair, DD breasts, and the fattest ass I’ve ever seen! Her parents kicked her out at 15 so she’s been living with me and my parents ever since.
“Kevy! Wake up!”
“Brit come on! I wanna sleep…”
“No way mister, You promised we could go to the mall today, and you would get me those cute shoes I wanted. So get up!” she commanded
Ugh, I yawned and I stretched. “Ok ok go get ready!”
“Yayy!” she squealed
She eagerly ran into the bathroom, and I heard the shower come on almost instantly. I looked at my phone and I had a missed call from my girlfriend Caroline. A part of me wondered why Brit didn’t wake me up, but the other part knew why. Caroline and Britney have hated each other since the dawn of time. I try not to get involved. I love them both. In different ways of course. I called her back.
“Hello?” she answered
“Hey baby, it’s me, I’m sorry I didn’t answer before…I was sleeping, did u need something?”
“I just wanted to make sure we were still on for tonight…I have a surprise for you”. I could hear the seduction in her tone, I could feel myself getting hard just thinking about it.
“Yeah baby, I’m all yours tonight”
“Okay then, I’ll see you later, I love you” she giggled
“I love you too babe” and I hung up.
Then I heard the shower stop. So it was obviously time to get up and get dressed. I wasn’t feeling the whole jeans thing today. So I decided to throw on some sweat pants and my favorite black T shirt. Just as I was finished getting dressed Brit stepped out of the shower, with a towel wrapped around her. She looked so hot. I felt a little guilty for staring however. But how could I not? Her breasts were too big for that little towel; you could tell she needed a tight grip just to keep it from falling. She was soaking wet…I could see water dripping down her thighs. I couldn’t help but to think about her pussy. It must be soaking wet too…that hot, tight, sweet, wet virgin pussy. Must be nothing short of heaven itself. As she walked right by me to step into the closet, I got the perfect view of her ass. And I’m so glad that towel was small, because there it was. The most perfect, round, big, beautiful ass I’ve ever seen.
“Hey poochie should I wear my orange tight shirt? Or my red low cut one” she asked
“Low cut!” I called without thinking.
When I finally came back into reality I noticed that my dick was hard yet again and my heart was beating like I just ran 6 miles. I couldn’t let her see it! I ran into the bathroom and kind of just waited it out.
When we got the mall she grabbed my hand and dragged me all the way to dolly dazzle. Her favorite shoe store. She grabbed the pair of 5 inch red pumps she wanted in a size 7. She tried them on and they fit perfectly.
“Kevy kevy kevy! I want em! Please please please” she begged in a baby voice
How could I say no? “Of course brit” I took the shoes to the front counter and I paid for them and we left.
“This is all you wanted lady bug?” I asked
“hehe! Yea poochie”
So we were on our way out of the mall when she grabbed my hand and pulled me into lady seduction. The lingerie store.
“k well maybe I do want something else…you know? Girl stuff…”
“ok ok go find what you want” I insisted
She looked clueless walking around…she hadn’t had much sexual experience…so why did she all of the sudden want lingerie? I didn’t want to offend her by asking. Maybe she had a boyfriend? I doubt it…she would have told me right?
“You know what? Never mind…lets go”
“But ladybug? Don’t you want something?” I questioned
“Well I do but I don’t know what to get. I have never bought this kinda stuff before” she frowned
“Don’t worry I’ll help you” I offered. I mean I wouldn’t say I was an expert but I know what a man wants to see.
I walked over to the rack farthest from the door and saw a black corset with knee high socks and straps connecting the two. I handed it to her in a size I thought would fit and pointed her towards the dressing room. She went in, and I was left to my thoughts. Why did she want lingerie? Who was she wearing it for? For some reason the thought got to me… I was kind of jealous. But I’m not sure why? I love my girlfriend and she wears things like that for me all the time? Why was I so jealous of who got to see Britney in it?
“okay! I’m ready!” she stepped out of the dressing room
…my jaw dropped. Her gorgeous full breasts were spilling over the top of the tight black corset. They looked so round and perfect. I couldn’t believe it.. I mean I’ve seen her in bikinis and her bra before but this was different. She turned around so I could see the back and I again had to catch my breath. Her naked ass was peeking out from the bottom, looking tight and perfect as usual. I could tell she was a little shy…she was twirling her hair and chewing on the end of it…patiently awaiting my response.
“Wow Brit you look amazing! It fits perfectly!”
She slowly walked closer to me and placed her hand on my dick.
“Yeah I can tell you like it” she giggled as she gently stroked my long hard cock. She giggled once more and skipped away back into the dressing room to get her clothes on. I exhaled viciously. I didn’t even know I was hard. I wasn’t paying close enough attention I guess. But wow did she look amazing! I regret wearing sweat pants however…

Later I went to Caroline’s house. He parents were out as usual, so I walked right in…I didn’t see her. Which I found a little strange. I thought we were going to have dinner first but I guess not. I walked into her bedroom, and there she was. She looked fucking amazing. She was wearing a naughty nurse costume. Caroline has small, perky, suck able tits, and a petite body. Her bleach blonde hair was draped over her shoulders and her hands were on her perfectly smooth thighs. Her lips were shinning, and her legs were covered by the knee high socks she was wearing.
“you like papi?” she asked
I nodded and got in bed with her. We started kissing and I just couldn’t help myself. I shoved my tongue down her throat and moved my hands down to her thighs. I felt myself getting hard and couldn’t help but wonder if she was as Horney as I was. I slipped my hands into her lacey panties and rubbed her perfectly shaved pussy. I slid my hands further down into her soaking wet pussy; and started rubbing her clit and she started moaning almost instantly. She took off my shirt and started kissing my chest; she knew I loved it when she did that! I couldn’t take it anymore. I ripped off her clothes and started sucking on her tits. Her beautiful pink nipples were rock hard. I started kissing her lower, and lower until I got to her juicy pussy. By this time it was flowing with juices. I began licking her thighs and listening to her moan, she was quite loud and her back was arched. I moved closer and started eating her out (she was playing with my hair as she did this) my tongue was licking her clit and I stuck my fingers in her pussy. Two fingers, just how she liked it. Then I stood up and looked down at her, there was a small puddle between her thighs. She moaned and sat up and reached for my pants…slowly unbuttoning it. When my pants fell to the floor, she could see my hard cock protruding out of my boxers. I took them off and got on top of her; we started kissing again as my dick found its way inside of her. It felt phenomenal, my cock slid in and out of her.
“faster” she begged.
How could I say no? I did as she asked. I pinned her arms down and started thrusting faster. Slowly but surely, her moans turned into screams and her body started convulsing. She was getting close…I could tell. I picked her up off the bed and held her tightly. I pushed her against the wall and started fucking her harder. At this point she was screaming…it was soo hot, I was about to explode…and I did. My warm cum spewed inside of her. Her hands were around my shoulders and her grip tightened as her orgasm began. It was loud, and sexy. Her breathing was fast and short as liquid began to flow out of her and onto my dick, thighs and her floor. It was everywhere. Now we were both out of breath and I placed her on her bed.
“that.. was.. amazing.. baby” she said completely breathless.
I kissed her.

The next morning, I got a call from my coach. Ugh I hated Saturday practice, but I’m not sure what I hate more; the fact that it’s always unexpected or the fact that it’s always so early? I got out of bed (being careful not to wake Britney), jumped in the shower, got my stuff and left.
The beauty of Saturday practice was that…not everyone was there. Including my cousin Kyle. How I hated him, he had this annoying habit of always wanting what I had; clothes, games, girls, you name it. But my two best friends (mike and Santana) were there.
“hey guys” I greeted them
“hey” they both answered.
“yo do you guys know how long we have to stay here today?” I asked
“why? you didn’t get enough from caroline last yesterday?” they both laughed.
“yeah yeah yeah, speaking of yesterday, something kind of strange happened…I was at the mall with Brit and she asked me to buy her lingerie. Do you guys know if she has a boyfriend or something?” I told them
“Brit?? In lingerie?? Oh! There is a god! That girl is fucking hot! Did you see her in it?!” Santana said enthusiastically
I hated when guys talked about her that way. Mainly because it was true. Britney Danzelli was hot, but when it came to hearing guys talk about her for some reason, I just couldn’t bare it.
“did you try asking her bro? I mean if you really want to know, that’s probably the best way to go about it” mike answered
Mike was always the wise one. But some part of me just did not want to ask Britney about out it. I mean what if she didn’t have a boyfriend? Or just didn’t want me to know? Then there’s always a possibility that she may think I wouldn’t approve of him.

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My body was sore after practice… as usual, my parents weren’t home…as usual and I assume Britney is in my room…as usual. I slumped up the stairs and towards my room door. I heard something. It sounded like…like moaning? My door was cracked open, so I peaked in. Britney was on my bed wearing one of my t shirts. She was grabbing her tits and moaning, she seemed to really be enjoying it, she was biting her lips and had her legs up. I don’t know why but I just had to watch. She started feeling all over her body and all over her thighs. I must admit, I myself was getting a little turned on. I’d never seen her this Horney before, come to think of it… I had never seen her horney, nor had she ever mentioned it. She slid her hand into her panties and let out a huge moan, I could tell she was enjoying it, who wouldn’t? her soft little hands playing with her sensitive little clit. I bet she was imagining a big juicy cock sliding into her, pounding her till she screamed. That sweet little pussy didn’t stand a chance against a 10 inch dick like mine. Wow the things I would do to her! I kept watching… by this point her left hand was in her panties and her right hand was in her mouth; stifling her moans.
“Kevin” I heard her say
Panic surged through me! Did she see me?! Did she know I was there?!
“oh kevin..oh!”
What?? Was she fantasizing about me? I listened closer but she didn’t say anything to either confirm or reject my theories. But she kept moaning, she reached into the side table drawer and felt her way to the bottom and she pulled out a long, thick purple vibrator. I didn’t even know she owned one of those…but she did. She kicked off her panties and spread her legs into a full split. (I guess 8 years of gymnastics will do that for you), I could see it now, her pussy, it was leaking fluids everywhere, even her little patch of hair was soaked in it. She turned on the vibrator and wasted no time sticking it inside of her. Her breathing was heavy and constant…she started going faster and faster and faster.
“guys? Guys I’m home” my mom called from down stairs
Brit panicked, and turned off the vibrator, grabbed her panties and ran into my bathroom. I stood up quickly grabbed my football gear and ran to the top of the stairs.
“uh..hey mom, where’s dad?” I tried to sound calm and as innocent as possible. I also didn’t want to walk into my room yet, and get Britney suspicious.
“Working! But dinner will be ready in an hour okay hon?”
By now I’m sure Britney heard me and my mom talking and was well wear of my presence. I took a deep breath and walked into my room. I called her name, and she answered from the bathroom as I expected.
“hey poochie, I’ll be out in a min”
She was obviously cleaning herself up but a part of me wished she wasn’t. I was laying on my bed when she came out of the bathroom, I was exhausted and a little horney to be honest. She came over to my bed and plopped herself right next to me.
“how was your day?” she asked me
“well, practice was a drain. We had to run 12 laps around the field and practiced every play we know, coach wasn’t happy that kyle wasn’t there but honestly, he’s the only one. We got a game next Saturday and caroline is a little peeved that I took off after we fucked last night”
“yikes pooch” she giggled “but caroline can go fuck herself and crawl back into the volcano she spawned from”
“come on brit…she’s still my girlfriend. Anyways how was your day?”
“so let me tell you about this bitch michelle!!”
Oh gosh. I hated when her stories started like that. That means they were long winded and not made for the male mind to comprehend. But she went on…
“that fucking cunt. I hate her. She’s a fucking fat cow, a slutty fat cow that no one likes! I swear I would rip her spine out and slap her with it!” she vented
“what did she even do?” I questioned
Her facial expression suddenly changed. By this point it was obvious that she was hiding something. But what? And why wouldn’t she tell me? It was starting to frustrate me!
“ok Britney, I’ve known you too long for you to think you got away with this. Lingerie? Late night calls? Whats going on…”
“umm…ok. There’s this guy. Nate. We have chemistry together so we talk a lot. He told me he liked me and I liked him too. And everything was going great. Until he told me he hooked up with Michelle. Then the texts, calls, kisses and attention started fading. I Thought lingerie would be a good way to get a man’s attention. But he made it painfully clear that he has no interest in having sex with me”
She sounded like she was about to cry. I had no idea that she was having this problem. I almost felt guilty for not asking but in all fairness…how was I suppose to know. So I just did the bestfriend job and held her. I didn’t have a response. But I was furious! How dare someone do that to her?
That night I decided to make it up to her. I was waiting for her with a hot fudge Sunday and her favorite movie. I was just sitting on my couch anxiously awaiting her arrival from gymnastics practice. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Who wouldn’t want brit? That sweet caramel body? Those beautiful thighs and big breasts? That guy was a fucking idiot.
The door opened and she came in. she was wearing booty shorts and a tank top that pushed up her breasts quite nicely.
“hey kevy? What’s all this?”
“just thought we could hang for the night ladybug, come, sit” I gestured her to the spot right next to me.
It seemed like she had a good day. She was smiling! And what a gorgeous smile she had. I was reclined on my couch and she curled up next to me, I pressed play on the remote and we began to watch. I’ve seen this movie so many times…I had no interest in it. But she was happy and that’s all that mattered.
Her hand had been on my chest the whole time, but I hadn’t really noticed until she started moving it. She was now rubbing my chest, and to be completely honest. It was kind of hot. Though I felt a little guilty for enjoying it. I was interpreting her innocent action as something a lot dirtier. Or was I? her hand started sliding downwards and ended up at my waist. She was playing with the string on my shorts and her hand being so close to my dick got me in the mood. But I couldn’t bring myself to look at her. The guilt was too much. But that started to fade and her hands slip deeper and deeper into my boxers. I let out a huge sigh as she grabbed my stiff dick. Her hands were soft and warm. Britney started stroking my cock and it was so relaxing. I tilted my head back as my breathing got heavier. By this point my dick was completely outside of my boxers and she was giving me a full on hand job. It was fast and her grip was tight! She definitely knew what she was doing. I wasn’t even looking at what she was doing; my eyes were rolled so far back into my head that I couldn’t really see anything but the ceiling. But I felt everything and that’s all the matters. I felt her hands release from my cock. I was getting close to finishing so when I felt her stop I got frustrated. I was getting ready say something when I felt her mouth on my cock. She was sucking my dick! Oh…it felt so good. I felt my long hard shaft slid in and out of her mouth. From the tip of her lips to the back of her throat, it all felt amazing; I was moaning so loudly and couldn’t control myself. I held her by her hair and guided her mouth to and from my dick. I could feel the sensation in my balls telling me I was about to cum. I was going to warn her but it squirted out of me before I got the chance. Her mouth filled with my warm cum for a moment, and then it was gone. She swallowed it, which just added to my pleasure. She licked the head one more time and then placed my newly soft penis back into my shorts and boxers. It took a moment for my breathing to return to normal again.
“you have a really big dick poochie” she giggled
‘uh..I..uh…thanks ladybug” I’m not sure why but that made me a little bit nervous. I knew I had a big dick but hearing it from her of all people made me feel great and accomplished.

The next day I woke up and didn’t see Britney sleeping next to me, which was odd because she usually slept later then I did. I got up and checked my phone to see if I had a text from her, I didn’t but I had a missed call from mike. I figured I could just call him back later. I walked downstairs and Brit was in the kitchen, sitting on the counter. She was wearing tiny little shorts and her bra, eating a bagel.
“morning pooch” she said with her mouth full
I nodded to greet her and put some toast in the toaster. I walked over to her and kissed her on her cheek. She smiled. I honestly didn’t want to talk about last night, and I’m not totally sure why.
“kev, mike called” she told me
“yeah im going to call him in a few minutes”
“okay well im going to the mall with Courtney soon ok? And possibly a movie too so don’t wait up ok?” she informed me
I nodded and went to go call mike. Our conversation was very brief because I was in no mood to talk after he told me what he had to say. As it turns our Kyle wasn’t at practice yesterday because he was at Caroline’s house yesterday. She told Stefanie that they had sex and being Santana’s girlfriend; she told him who told mike. Great. Fucking great. I got off the phone and went to my room. Britney was up there and was already undressed. I usually stare at her while she did…but not today. I guess she noticed something was wrong and she jumped on top of me.
“whats wrong love?” she asked as her long hair covered my face
“caroline. Kyle. Don’t want to talk Britney”
I guess she knew what was wrong because her expression turned from a smile to a frown instantly. Then she got mad. And she got dressed and left. Which I found odd. But I had other things on my mind. Things I wasn’t sure I wanted to deal with right now. So I went to sleep…

When I woke up I realized I had been asleep for the whole day. It was about 5 PM. My parents were out, and Brit still wasn’t back yet. I didn’t feel like questioning it though. Britney was right, Caroline was a bitch. I should have listened to her, but that’s Britney for you…always right. She is so perfect, every man’s dream and more. Shes beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, adorable, and gives amazing blow jobs! Who wouldn’t want her? Maybe my sexual attraction to her wasn’t too weird. Guys in the locker room talk about fucking her all the time…is it strange that I’ve always wanted to? Strange that I wonder about her pussy all the time? Is it natural to get a boner every time she bends over? I have been denying it for years…but I guess the truth is… I want to fuck the shit out of my best friend. I want her in the shower, up against a wall, on a desk, in a car, on a table…everywhere!
I hated when I got this horny. Having a 10 inch pyramid in my pants…just bulging out of my shorts. Trying to fight the need to jerk off. I know? I’ll just take a cold shower. That usually works.
I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower and set it to as cold as it could go, and that’s when I saw it. It was on the bathroom counter near the sink; Britney’s lacey cheetah print panties. She was always leaving her stuff everywhere and I never usually touch her personal items but today… today I had to. I picked them up…they were warm! She had been home…probably just before I woke up. Touching her panties only made me want her more, they were so warm and soft; she probably was too. I couldn’t help myself, I had to keep touching them; and before I knew it, I smelled them. They smelt like…like…her! All this made my erection grow. I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I reached down and felt it. I was so hard; I grabbed my dick tightly and then loosened my grip. Just playing with it, and for some reason it felt amazing. There was no way to fight the urge to beat my meat now. I turned off the shower and walked back into my room with Britney’s panties in my hand.
I sat on the edge of my bed and held Britney’s panties up to my nose again, the scent turned me on some more…I couldn’t stop! I pulled my dick out my shorts with my right hand and started stroking it. Its been so long since I’ve done this…you know? With my girlfriend being a filthy slut and all. I grabbed my cock and started working it up and down, and at this point I don’t know what was more erect…my snake or my nipples. But what I did next…I didn’t even see coming, I started moaning her name loudly as visions of me fucking her doggy style ran through my mind. I thought of slapping that perfect ass as my long dick entered her repeatedly, while she begged for more.

“are those mine???” a sweet voice asked
“BRITNEY?!” I yelled as panic and embarrassment ran through me. How much did she see? More importantly…what did she hear?!
“Were you…um…thinking of me? I would totally understand, after all I was thinking of you yesterday while I was fingering myself, you know? When you were watching me.”
“You knew? The whole time?” I questioned
She nodded, and walked closer to me. She pushed me back on my bed and took my shorts off. I wass going to ask her what was going on but before I could she pressed her lips to mine and started kissing me. It was a sloppy but passionate kiss that ended with her biting my bottom lip. She started kissing my neck so I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her down so her pussy was resting on my crotch. My breathing started getting faster and deeper. I took off her shirt and her huge tits popped out. She sat back and I grabbed them immediately, at first I was only rubbing them, but that wasn’t enough so I unhooked her bra and started sucking them. Her nipples were so hard. They were beautiful! She was moaning so I kept going, moving my tongue all over them. They were soaked and I would bet she was too. I grabbed her by her waist and rolled over so I was now on top of her. I pulled off her panties with no hesitation and started licking her wet pussy. I spread her legs apart so the she was now doing a full split, and grabbed her ass and pulled my face closer into her pussy. Personally, I had never been that enthusiastic about eating a girl out…but Brit was no random girl…she was my dream girl, and she was obviously loving everything I was doing to her. Fluid poured out of her like she was some sort of waterfall. I lifted her up and put her on top of me in the cow girl position, held her by her waist and put my dick in her.
“oh!” she yelled
Fuck! I had forgotten Britney was a virgin! I slowed down and looked at her to make sure everything was fine
“baby! Please don’t stop!” she begged
Brit had a thousand names for me…but baby wasn’t one of them. I liked it.
I did as she commanded and continued thrusting; each one stronger and faster than the last one. Somehow she ended up taking over and just started bouncing up and down on me. My hands were behind my head and my hips were doing all the work. Her moans turned to screams of pleasure. My cock kept getting harder and harder inside of her…I was sure I was about to nut. But I couldn’t yet. I didn’t want this to be over! I looked up, and Britney who had her eyes closed was biting her lip. Her body started quivering, she had Goosebumps everywhere. Her hair was in her face and she had a death grip on my chest. She then went into a series of fast movements and heavy breaths…she was having an orgasm. I couldn’t hold it in anymore…I was going to explode! My thick white juice filled her pussy, and she liked it. Being filled with it drove her insane as she started bouncing faster and faster. And then it just so happened that she produced her own liquid. She let out one final moan and her pussy squirted her stuff all over my cock.
That was the best sex I had ever had, I just started staring at her blushing cheeks and exhausted body. She kissed my lips again
“that was fun” she giggled
I was still trying to catch my breath, but I nodded
“can we do it again baby?” she asked with a smile
“we can do it all you want” I responded
“great! Race you to the shower!”
I followed her to the bathroom 😉