My Best Friend’s Obedient Mom

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“Mom, I’ll see you later. Pali and Akanksha are accompanying me to the mall “As she approached the back door, Meera yelled. “Som, hello. I didn’t notice you enter. Do you have any plans for the day?” As she entered the kitchen, Meera inquired.

“Nah. I just came in for a quick bite to eat. This afternoon, I’m going to go shoot some hoops at the Basketball court “Som grinned in response.

“Alright. I’ll catch up with you later. Enjoy your time.” As she rushed out the door, Meera waved goodbye.The first week of summer vacation had begun. Meera and Som had just completed their senior year in high school and were looking forward to a relaxed summer before starting college. They had known each other their entire lives and had been great friends until the previous several years. They were still close, but their hobbies, intrest and friendships had taken them in different directions over time, and they had began to drift apart. It hadn’t always been this way.

Meera Jadeja lives with her mother as an only child. She had never met her father because he died when she was only a year old. Pursom Malhotra, also called by his pet name of som from friends and family. His family had recently moved in next door about the same time. Som and Meera became fast friends because they were only a year apart in age. They did everything together, even attending the same school. Som’s parents, on the other hand, ran into financial difficulties when he was ten years old, and were forced to sell the house and relocate to another section of town. Som and Meera’s friendship remained strong, but as they approached adolescence, things began to shift. Meera blossomed into a stunning woman throughout that time.

Despite the fact that she was only 5’3″ tall and weighed 53 Kg, she was proportionately well developed. Her auburn(reddish-brown) hair was wavy to shoulder length and she had dark almond-colored eyes. Her high cheekbones and charming small nose, topped with a few freckles, gave her the innocent look of a ‘girl next door.’ Her dimensions, aside from her height, were those of a model. She had wonderfully shaped breasts that fit neatly into a ‘B’ cup bra, a narrow firm waist, and a flawlessly rounded ass, all supported by a pair of slender shapely legs. Overall, she was a stunning package.

Som also developed, although not almost as pronounced as Meera. He stood 5’11” and weighed 80 kg. His hair was short and black, his eyes were brown, and his facial features were average. His physique was toned but not bulky. He was ordinary, at best and was not particularly gifted in any particular area.

Som’s feelings for Meera began to change as they approached puberty. He became enamoured with the beautiful woman she was growing into and developed strong feelings for her. He was too shy to tell her how he felt, so he stood on the sidelines and watched her as they drifted apart.His feelings for her became an obsession, as the years passed and the distance continued to grow. They were still good friends and saw each other practically every day, but it became more and more difficult for Som, as he watched her date other boys. Meera’s mom was like a second mom for Som, and she welcomed him in their home anytime. He would often just walk in, sit down at the kitchen table, and her mom would make him some something to eat. He was like another member of the family. Mrs.Sugandha Jadega didn’t mind, since she knew Som’s parents were still having financial and marital difficulties. So Som would look for every opportunity to get out of the house, and away from that situation.

Som’s obsession with Meera took a dark turn, as he began to conspire for ways to get information on her, and, hopefully, get her to notice and start taking an interest in him. He devised a plan which, he hoped, would give him some form of leverage to use against her. Two days ago, while hanging out at the Jadeja residence, watching some TV, he put this plan into action. He slipped onto their computer, while Meera was out with some friends, and Mrs. Sugandha was in the kitchen cooking supper. Som quickly installed the invisible ‘key logger’ program he had brought with him on a memory stick. The program was designed to silently log all keystrokes made by the user, and would also take periodic screen shots and then e-mail the entire package, every 5 minutes, to his e-mail address. All of this would happen in the background, without the user ever being aware.

The first night was rather unremarkable, and mostly involved Meera talking with her girlfriends, on Fb Messenger, about their plans for the upcoming weekend, but the next night something happened, which was so unexpected and unbelievable, that it set in motion an event which went way beyond anything Som had ever imagined possible. After eating supper at the Jadeja’s again, Som indicated that he was not feeling well and was going to go home and head to bed early. He of course ran home and quickly logged onto his computer expecting Meera to get on again and begin talking with her friends. However, unbeknownst to him, Meera had got a last minute call from one of her girlfriends asking if she wanted to come over for the night to watch a couple of movies with the girls.

After about a half hour had passed, Som’s account began to receive e-mails from the key logger program. As he began to read through the first e-mail, Som was beside himself with excitement. The e-mail showed that Meera was Googling pornographic websites – specifically sites which catalogued and stored sex stories. As he checked the screenshots and the text which was being typed into the search bar, he found that she was looking for stories which dealt with S&M, dominance and submission, bondage and humiliation. The next e-mail had a screenshot of the story that she was apparently reading, since the next several e-mails all had screenshots of the same story, just pages later. Som hastily typed in the website information and quickly navigated to the story in question. The story was entitled “My Pet Teacher” and was about a young female teacher who got blackmailed into submission by one of her grade 12 students. The story described numerous sexual acts which were designed to punish and humiliate the teacher. The story was hot and was a tremendous turn-on for Som. He had never really considered going that far, but the thought of it intrigued him.

As the e-mails continued to come in Som saw that Meera had moved on to another story called “The Making of an Office Slut” which dealt with a female office executive, who was also blackmailed into submission by her secretary and was forced into performing various sexually degrading, painful, and humiliating acts. As he read through the second story, Som couldn’t help but begin to masturbate as he imagined Meera doing the same thing as she read through the story.