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tagIncest/TabooMy Best Mistake Pt. 04B

Please don't give me grief about how 4A ended. I told you this was a two part story, It's difficult to blend fact and fiction without completely going off the tracks or repeating yourself. Hopefully the two parts will make a coherent whole. An integral part of a story, wrested from the depths of the perverted mess that comprises, that which for lack of a better word, I call my mind. I wrote it this way so I could hopefully bring this story full circle. As well as respond a little more clearly to a few emails I received…I was surprised by a couple of them. I have received many from guys telling me how they wanted to fuck their sisters or moms or maybe they had convinced themselves that their moms and sisters wanted to fuck them. Or they want to fuck me. Or watch me fuck my sister. But I also received a couple from women or at least they claimed to be, explaining how they too felt certain forbidden feelings for a sister or daughter. All in all, my own beliefs/desires are not meant to tell you how to live. Only meant to open doors for you to step through and explore your own sexuality.
After I finished the rough draft of my first story, I got a call from my sister. She was coming to visit me and Tammy. I was excited and happy. I was also really super nervous and horny as hell. My girlfriend, my partner in crime who I will call Tammy, has been a dream come true. It is Tammy who indulges my naughty incestuous fantasies. It was Tammy who encouraged me to write down these stories. It was Tammy who has given me the love and support needed to finally acknowledge my own desires. So it wasn't long after that phone call that I was face down ass up over the couch with Tammy fucking me up the ass, calling me her dirty little sister. I don't think either of us wore clothes for the next 5 days.
Thus I return to fiction. This picks up where Pt. 3 left off.
After I masturbated for my Mother, things turned a little awkward between us. We both spent the remainder of the night in our respective rooms. My Mother, seemingly embarassed by the whole thing, kissed me goodnight on the forehead and retreated into her own room…where I know she spent the rest of the night masturbating. I on the other hand stayed put out of fear that if I did leave my room, I would end up in my Mother's bed.
So I laid there reflecting on my recent life choices. What the hell is wrong with me I thought! Wasn't it bad enough that I was fucking my sister. But now I wanted to fuck my Mother as well? Was I working my way through the whole family? I had a sudden vision of the next family reunion. All my relatives, male and female lined up outside my bedroom door, while my Mother acted as a receptionist and my Sister ushered in my next relation. Now serving number 12! Tiffany will fuck you now!
The sad thing was I was still extremely turned on. My throbbing pussy dripping, wet with want. Forbidden thoughts bouncing around in my oversexed brain. I had reached a point of hyper horniess. So turned on, that one orgasm wouldn't be enough. Hell maybe a dozen wouldn't be enough.
That is exactly how my sister found me when she slipped into my bed.
She played with my pussy while we spent what felt like hours just kissing. Finally she lifted my leg and slid down between my thighs. Holding my legs up she ate my pussy like she was starving. Her tongue slid up inside me like another apendage and I was so wet that my juices were running out between my lips and over my little asshole, which she licked as well. My hands were on either side of her head almost as if I were trying to force her whole face inside me, my legs up and my own head thrown back. I was flying. My first orgasm was quick, short and explosive. More! I wanted more!
"Oh god, Sarah! That feels so good! Please… please…" I was humping my body towards her mouth.
"Please what?" she asked. "What does my little sister want? Huh?" Her tongue bathed my asshole lovingly, even penetrating me.
"You know!" I groaned.
"Mmmmm…Do I?" She inserted a finger in my ass. Her tongue came up swirling around my clit. "I guess I do! Come on little sis, cum in my mouth baby. Cum for your big sister! Squirt for me!"
And I did. Again! My juices gushed out of me in a torrent, bathing my sisters beautiful face and soaking my bed. I had an irrational thought that my bed was going to end up being ruined if Sarah and I kept this up. Then I gushed again.
Like lovers we laid in bed talking. I told her about my disaterous argument with Dani, as well as my conversation with Tammy. I did skip over the whole incident with Mom though.
"Sorry it didn't work out with Dani, Tiff. But what about this Tammy? She with the tasty pie?" She laughed.
"What about her?" I asked absently. My fingers were lightly stroking my pussy.
"Oh come on! She was totally flirting with you! Talking about how good her pie tasted and everything!"
"I'm not dumb Sarah. But I think she was just trying to cheer me up. I mean she's gorgeous, sweet and funny… if in a corny sort of way. But she's also sexy. She looks like that cheerleader from the that tv show…the one about the heroes…"
"You mean Hayden Panettiere?"
"Yeah. Innocent and sexy all at once. Completely out of my league!"
"Are you kidding, Tiff? You're beautiful and hot. Any girl or guy for that matter would be happy to have you! Let's meet there tomorrow. I want to see her. Then I will let you know if she is good enough to date my little sister."
I shook my head. "What if she's not working? And what about you? Are you still dating that guy?" I tried but couldn't keep the bitterness out of my voice.
"Look Tiff, I meant what I said. Don't put your life on hold for me, ok? Scott is fun and sweet. I love what you and I have. And now that you have turned me on to eating pussy, I don't think I could ever look back. But I still like guys. I mean…its complicated. I love the taste of your pussy and when you and I are together I feel close to you in ways I could never have imagined before. I feel like I can be completely honest with you and you will accept me no matter what. I can experiment and be silly and it just feels wonderful that there is no pressure. You know? I wonder if I would have the same connection with a different girl. I certainly haven't felt this with anyone else. Guy or girl, but I think we owe it to ourselves to try. Don't you?"
Spreading my legs. I really went to work on my poor little pussy. Maybe Sarah was right? I thought. Should I say screw it and just have fun? I had never been one to sleep around. Hell I had only been with 2 girls before Sarah. So how come I was struggling with the whole idea of being Sarah's fuck buddy? I was pretty sure I knew. Deep down it had to do with trust. How could I start a relationship with someone if I was fucking my sister? And how could I fuck my Mom without telling my sister? As the saying goes there was no easy answer! I began rubbing my clit in little circles.
"My god…you really are insatiable!" Sarah shook her head and climbed back between my legs.
The next morning I left for school before my Mother got up, thus avoiding any more awkward moments with her. Not to mention sidestepping the inevitable moral conversation that was bound to happen. However all through the day I found myself thinking about out mutual masturbation from the night before, especially the part where she cleaned my fingers with her tongue. When I wasn't thinking about my mom, I was thinking about my sister and our conversation/sex marathon from the night before. Between my Mother and my sister I was so horny that I almost snuck off to the bathroom. By the end of the school day, I was a complete mess. My panties were completely soaked, my nipples achingly hard and I was sure I could smell the mouth watering aroma of my wet pussy. If I were to touch myself I was certain I would squirt right through my skirt.
I pushed through the door to my house, so preoccupied with my own needs that I didn't see my Mother sitting at the kitchen table. I hurried to my bedroom and some much needed relief.
"Hey you! Where are you going in such a hurry?" My mom looked up from her files.
"Oh hey Mom. I'm meeting Sarah at the coffee shop. I thought I would freshen up." I started to head to my room.
"Wait a sec you don't have a few minutes for your lonely old Mom?" She asked while stretching her back. She became more serious and looked at me closely. "Are you ok? I mean about last night?"
My nipples were poking through my shirt, my pussy juice was running down my legs and I was breathing heavy through parted lips. Oh yeah I was fine. One hundred percent! Just fucking peachy!
"Of course Mom!" I meant it to sound chipper and to keep the frustration out of my voice. Instead it came out sounding sharp and terse. I took a deep breath and relaxed a little. "Are…are you?"
"I…I don't know. I feel like things are kind of out of control around here. I mean with you and Sarah, your Dad getting married and then with what happend last night. I mean what kind of Mother does that to her own daughter?"
My heart went out to her. My Mother was the sun the rest of us orbited around. The fulcrum that kept the rest of us balanced. Her influence and steady calming nature was one of the things I had come to rely on. To see her unsure of herself like this really struck me. The fact that I was the cause made me feel ashamed. I guess you should be careful what you wish for. Standing behind her I rubbed her shoulders, her head falling back against me.
"Mom I'm so sorry. It's all my fault! You are the world's best Mother!" I rubbed her shoulders harder. "I don't know what's been happening with me lately! My feelings for Sarah. You. Daddy. Where I'm going. What I'm doing. I feel like I'm overwhelmed with everything! Last night was beautiful! And erotic. And I don't regret it one bit! "
"Oh honey its not your fault. Life changes and evolves. You can't help that. No more than you can change who you are attracted to. I think it's normal to feel overwhelmed. I know I do…sometimes. With my career. Trying to raise you kids to be responsible and well adjusted adults as well as balance my own personal life. With you graduating in a week and starting a new journey and with everything else going on, It's only reasonable that you should feel that way. I want you to know that I love you honey and would never do anything to hurt you! Last night…I shouldn't have taken advantage of the situation like that!"
"Thanks Mommy, you could never do anything to hurt me! The truth is…I liked it. Alot!" I said softly.
"God help me but so did I!" It was barely above a whisper.
My fingers dug a little deeper into her shoulders. "You got all kinds of knots in your shoulders, Mom"
It was somewhere between a moan and a groan. She leaned back more comfortably against me. Her left hand was in her lap but her right hung down by her side. She arched her neck and groaned? Moaned again?
"Last night…last night was so hot. I enjoyed watching you. Watching you play with yourself while I played with myself. Hmmm! Then you cleaned my cum from my fingers. I heard you masturbating after you left. I touched myself listening to you." My Mother moaned again. "I waited. Hoping you would come back. But you didn't, Sarah did. Oh God she ate me out so good, I came all over her face, Mom."
I was still so ridiculously turned on that I wondered if she could smell my arousal. She leaned forward so I could work her back. I felt her right hand come up to cup the back of my leg and then slowly slide up under my skirt. I guess it wouldn't matter if she could smell my arousal, now she could feel it. As soon as her fingers touched the wetness running down my leg she moaned even louder. Her fingers caressed the damp material of my panties and now it was my rurn to moan. She turned around and looked at me. It was a look of pure desire. Of unbridled lust. A smouldering look designed to set me afire and I was the candle ready to burn. With a moan, her mouth found mine and our tongues swirled together like a pair of starving lovers.
"Oh God baby! What you do to me!" She breathed. "This is so wrong, but I can't help it!"
"You can't help how you feel but you can certainly feel what you do to me Mom!" Her hand was rubbing me through my panties Looking me in the eye she she slipped her fingers under the waistband of my panties and then into my pussy. It was just too much. With all my sexual fantasies from the day, not to mention our steamy make out session, I was ready to pop. "I'm sorry Mom but I'm going to cum!" And I did. It squirted out of me in a torrent, drenching my already soaked panties, my Mother's hand, my legs and the floor. I would have collapsed had she not grabbed me and eased me to the floor.
"Oh Tiffany. That was unbelievable! Do you always cum that fast or so much?" She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them.
I couldn't speak, it had been that powerful. As I knelt there watching my Mom lick my cum from my fingers for a second time in as many days, I couldn't help but wonder how this would affect out relationship. Not to mention what would we tell Sarah? That was a subject for later. Right then I knew what I wanted to do. Sitting up I kissed my Mother deeply, tasting myself on her lips. I slid my hands up her thighs. She was wearing stockings and her skirt had ridden up enough to show off a spreading wet patch on her light pink panties.
"Tiffany…?" Her voice quavered. "I…"
"Shhh!" I kissed her again while sliding her skirt up. I grabbed the waist band of her panties, Mom helped me remove them by lifting her butt up. They stuck briefly against her wet pussy and I frantically pulled at them, hearing them tear, before finally revealing their prize. Her pussy looked absolutely mouth watering. A small patch of golden red hair accented the shapely valley cradling her beautiful slit. I could see moisture clinging to her lips, like dew on a flower. Her pussy was open and engorged
"Ooooh so beautiful!" I took a few moments to gaze on the slippery wet orifice that had brought me into the world 18 years ago. Her smell was intoxicating and the first swipe of my tongue quickly left me wanting more. Wanting to savor it I slowly licked up one side and then the other.
She gasped. "Oh God Tiffany!"
"Mmmmm you taste so good, Mommy!" I said wanting to push all her buttons. When Sarah would say similar things to me, it would alway turn me on even more. I laid back pulling her on top of me so that she was straddling my face. "Come here and ride your little girl's tongue!"
"Oh God!" She exclaimed.
Her pussy was similar to Sarah's. Small and tight with long lips that did nothing to hide her prominent clit and a slightly more tangy taste than Sarah's. My tongue parted her tight folds and I…I was in heaven, it tasted so good!
I cant't believe it, I'm eating my mom's pussy! Oh my god! This is so surreal. Damn she tastes good! These thoughts raced through my head as my mother's juice flowed freely onto my tongue and she started making small whimpering noises that got higher pitched and louder the closer she got to orgasm. Her hands slid down to my head, grasping me firmly while she rode my tongue. Her legs were sliding open and close on the floor while she fought for traction in the throes of an ecstasy neither one of us had ever dreamed of before. I was trying to use all my skill to lick her pussy better than anyone else ever had before. It seemed somewhat silly but I wanted her to be impressed by my pussy eating skills, whether to leave her wanting more or perhaps so she wouldn't regret what we were doing later on,I wasn't sure. Either way I was sure about one thing. My Mother had never had her pussy eaten like that before. A woman's intuition I guess!
"Oh shit baby! Feels so good. Nobody has ever eaten me out like this before!" She cried.
"Mmmm you taste so good Mom."
"Oh God baby. Oh God. Oh God!" She kept repeating over and over. She had unbelieveable control of her hips as her pussy slid over my tongue front to back only to raise up and start again. I was licking deep inside her feeling her body tremor while she ground herself on my tongue and face. Then finally her whole body tensed up and she began to shake. "Cummming. I'm cumming. God help me I'm cumming all over you honey!" It felt like it went on for minutes but was probably only 10-15 seconds before she finally collapsed exhausted. Her legs were still shaking and every once in awhile so would her upper body. Finally after several minutes she sat up still straddling my face. Looking down at me she gasped, "God I so needed that! Thank you honey!"
"Mmmm my pleasure, Mommy!" I smirked watching her body quiver. Looking at the clock I realized I was suppose to meet my Sister in less than an hour. "Shoot I'm going to be late!" I scrambled out from between my Mother's legs.
"But..but…" She looked dejected kneeling there on the kitchen floor. "I didn't get a chance to…?"
"What? Lick my pussy, Mom?" I said with a naughty grin.
"Have you ever eaten another woman's pussy before Mother? I mean, I know you had experimented a little before Dad, but…?"
"Uh…No. Not directly!"
"Don't worry Mom, you will!" I reached up under my skirt and peeled off my soaking wet panties. "In the mean time, here!" I dropped them in her lap and leaning down kissed her, enjoying the knowledge that she could taste herself on my lips and tongue. "Those should keep you until you get your chance!"
"Mmmm I can't wait!" Was her soft reply.
I was going to be so late, but I also wanted to look good. So I put my hair up and changed clothes. My clothes were what my Mother called my Britney Spears outfit. I tend toward the Taylor Swift vibe myself. A grey plaid skirt and white top. I comtemplated not wearing panties but decided not to push my luck, since the skirt had a tendency to flare up in even the slightest breeze. Sarah called me while I was doing my makeup to let me know she needed to make a stop and was going to be late meeting me. Which was good since there was no way I was going to make our original time.
I finished up and headed out, stopping by my Mother's room before leaving. She was in the tub, glass of wine near her hand. She looked as relaxed as I had seen her in a long time. A mindblowing orgasm will do that for you I guess. Eyes closed, she floated gently in the water.
"You know if you keep staring at me you will never make your date!" She smiled opening her eyes. "You look beautiful honey."
"Thanks Mom! So do you! And very relaxed I might add." I was staring at her pussy.
"Hmmm…Thanks to you!" She laughed. Seeing my stare, she opened her legs. "See anything you like?"
"Oh yes!"
She laughed. "I…this is so strange. I feel so guilty about what we just did. Yet I also feel closer to you than I ever have before. And that is saying something, considering I felt we had a great relationship before. Part of me says it was so wrong, but another…I don't know…a more naughty part! Loved it…and wants to do it again. Is this what you and Sarah feel?"
"Yes. Originally it felt wrong but so right. Like we were meant for each other. The…I don't know…fact that it was so Taboo? Makes it that much better…it's hard to explain!"
"You better get going. We do need to talk later though Tiffany. About everything, but kiss me first."
Leaning down we kissed and I could taste the wine on her tongue. "Bye Mom!"
"Bye!" Her response was a sigh.
Sarah was sitting at the same table from which Dani had ripped me a new one not 24 hours ago. After just coming from my Mother, pun intended, It was easy to see where Sarah got her looks. God she was gorgeous.
"Hey you!" She said giving me a beautiful smile. "You're late!"

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