My Bhabi – 2

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I was stunned to hear what she had to say and only then I realized what was the cause behind the tension between Sudeep and Jaya. I felt sorry for her, but I expressed my helplessness in the matter. Then she drew closer to me and lifted her feet up upon the bed. Her fingers started playing with my hairs and my word what a pleasurable feeling it gave me. She then came forward with a question that I least expected. “Pro, have you ever been touched by any grown up woman?” She asked. “No” I replied truthfully. “Then I will show you what a woman’s touch can mean,” she explained “so that you will appreciate my feelings better”. I did not know how to react and I kept quiet. Jaya then drew herself closer to me till her body was touching me and her left cheek was resting on my right cheek.

She started fondling my head and with her sweet pink lips, she kissed me on my cheek. It was feeling so good. She must have applied some perfume, as she smelled really fine – Jasmine, I guessed. Her legs were lifted across my body and her boobs were pressing against my sides. They felt soft and spongy like no other experience before. She whispered in my ears as if afraid that someone might hear her “Pro, why don’t you touch me also wherever you want and get the feel of what I have?” I reacted “but Jaya, this is all wrong. How can I forget that you are my elder brother’s wife and it is only he with whom such things can be done?” She retorted, “don’t mention his name to me any more. Did you not see how he battered me last night, all because I demanded that my sexual desires be satisfied? You are my only option now. Do you want that I take to the streets just to quench my lust?” She was panting and her eyes became watery. By that time, her intense touch had aroused sufficient interest in me and I had started to get a hard on. Her hands had in the meantime entered my vest and were caressing my hairy chest. She pinched my nipples lightly and I started having an intense sense of pleasure. At this point I need to mention, that till then the only exploits I had were to masturbate and nothing more. My penis which when normal was around 2” long, swells to 5” when having a hard on standing out of my very dense and thick pubic hairs. My balls are brown and are well covered by hairs. My foreskin is tight and while normal, I can draw it back, it becomes difficult to do when my penis is erect.

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I could bear it no longer and I embraced her and took Jaya in my arms. My word, she was trembling in heat and excitement. Her lips touched mine and soon her tongue was licking my lips, gradually prizing them open. As I opened m mouth, her tongue entered and started to explore the insides. I responded equally and our saliva entered each other’s mouths. Her saliva felt so sweet and I guess that she also found mine to the same. After a rather long bout of kissing that left our lips sore, I started exploring her body. I squeezed her boobs and through her blouse I pinched her nipples hard. “Ouch” she squealed. “Pro, don’t you want to see me naked?” She asked. Obviously the answer from my side came as “yes, if you will oblige – as I have never seen a naked grown up female before, and by that time I had developed that intense desire. “Then dear take my clothes off, will you?” She exclaimed. I waited no longer and soon had taken her blouse and skirt off. She obliged helpfully. She was now clad in her plain white cotton brassiere and white panties. As I reached behind her back to open her bra’s clasp, she asked me to wait a moment. Then she took my shorts down and since I was not wearing any undies, out sprang my dick in its full glory. I had my vest off and was fully naked. She gasped as she caught hold of my dick and jerked it hard. Then she gestured me to take her undies off for her, and I soon obliged.

My word, what a sight met my eyes. I never saw any thing like this before. Her boobs were majestic, round firm and tapering at the center. Her nipples were bark brown in color jutting out of dark brown circles constituting her aureoles. Her tummy was flat as a pancake punctured in the center by her deep navel. But what was far more wonderful was her private part. About 2” below her navel had started a dense growth of black curly and thick pubic hairs that descended below and disappeared between her legs in a black triangle. It resembled rather like a French Cut beard on a gent’s face, the only difference being that it was situated on a woman’s crotch. So thick was the foliage (it resembled like the Amazonian jungle) that even in broad daylight, I could not see Jaya’s slit or opening of her cunt hole. I whistled aloud and exclaimed “Jaya, so long I used to pride myself for my pubic hairs, as they are so dense and thick. But after seeing yours, I realize how I over estimated myself.” “I could never imagine that girls too have pubic hairs and that too as dense as yours.” She called me an idiot and opened up her legs for me to have a better look. The hairs had covered her entire pussy lips and had even descended lower down right up to her ass hole. She lifted her legs lying flat on her back and revealed her puckered ass hole covered by the hairs.

I was squeezing her tits hard and pinching her nipples with one hand while with the other I was trying to find her slit well hidden by her dense growth of pussy hairs. She asked me to suck her boobs and taste her droplets of milk. “You will like it she exclaimed.” My mouth fixed itself on her boobs one by one and soon I was sucking them hard with my teeth biting her nipples. Obviously since she had no children, there was no milk formation but her mammary glands had started their secretion of a sweetish liquid and my word it did taste fine.