My Bhabi Jaya

All this while, my fingers were fingering her pussy, desperately looking for the opening. “Where on earth is your opening?” I asked the amused Jaya. She gave my tool a strong jerk and exclaimed, “you are a fool in not finding the place, and how do you then propose to enter me?” I was in no mood to listen to her and insisted that she should please guide me in locating the slit. She then told me that “I should carefully part her pussy hairs and then only will I be able to locate the spot”. I did as she instructed and carefully parted her dense pubic hairs, which were rather wiry to feel. Then lo behold, her pussy lips lay exposed – big and fat and brownish in hue. There between her pair of fat pussy lips, ran her slit right down between her legs and up to her ass hole. “Part the pussy lips apart” was her next command. I did so and there lay exposed her folds of inner lips dark brown in color, joined at the top but thicker in the middle (just like a paddle) and opening into a yawning hole at the bottom, just above her ass hole. Between this opening and her ass hole was a thick lining of flesh that separated the two orifices. “Just rub my clitty” was her next command. “What on earth do you mean?” I exclaimed, “I don’t know what this clitty thing is and where it is situated”. Jaya gave a small laugh and rubbed my cock even harder. “Idiot, find it where my inner lips meet at the top” she told I did as told, and parted both her fat outer and fibrous inner lips. There just at the junction point, I saw a small piece of flesh jutting out of a sac like structure. As I touched this place, Jaya gave a squeal and squirmed in pleasure. I knew that I had found the place, and proceeded to give it a hard rubbing.

All of a sudden, her pussy became watery and wet. I thought that she must be peeing and exclaimed out “Jaya, you naughty girl, you have started to piss on my bed?” She reacted that I could not understand that she was not pissing but was letting out her love juices in abundance. This was something new to me. So I asked “that means all this juice is coming out of that great big hole down there?” She nodded in agreement. I then asked her from where does her urine flows. She again laughed and asked me to look at a spot below her clitty and above her big love hole. I looked carefully and spotted a tiny hole just as big as a pinhead and I learnt that was the opening from where girls urinate. Suddenly she blurted out “Pro, do you want to watch me take a piss?” I readily agreed and we both fully naked walked up to the bathroom. Her two buxom buttocks, now naked and exposed, swayed with each movement sexily. In the bathroom she commanded me to lie down on the floor. “Why” I asked, “should I lie down?” “Because I want to piss on your face and you can watch me doing it close up” was her prompt reply. I obeyed her orders and lay sprawled on the floor my dick standing up straight and hard and my balls dangling below. She slowly lowered her buttocks with her legs on both sides of my head. I could see nothing but her dense jungle covering her pussy. She gave a small sigh and suddenly out shot her piss with a hiss.

She had aimed it straight at my face and the jet of warm liquid squirted out on my face and in my mouth. It tasted sour and salty and my word, it smelled a lot. Her pussy lips were opening and closing on their own with each gush of her urine. When she finished, she stood up from her squatting position and it was her turn to squat down on the floor. “Now its your turn to piss on me” she ordered. I was also feeling pissy by then and taking my cock in my hands I aimed at her head and pissed. She shut her eyes as my urine was getting in there and opening her mouth, she gulped my shooting piss eagerly. Then she again ordered me to lie down on my back with my cock in an upward position. I never imagined what would happen next. She again lowered herself down on me, this time just above my tummy and her pussy hairs came in contact with my tool. She caught hold of it in her hands and gently guided my cock into her pussy hole. It was really tight, and my foreskin came in the way. But nevertheless she forced it into her opening, and I knew that I was now fucking Jaya, my own bhabhi. Up went her body soon to come down heavily on my crotch. My own pubic hairs along with those of hers acted as a cushion between the contacts of two groins. She went up and down and all the while, she squealed and grunted in pleasure.

I then understood the meaning of all those noises I had heard coming from the adjoining room immediately after my brother’s marriage with Jaya. Suddenly, I could take it no more and I felt that I would explode. I begged Jaya “please dear, do get up. I will be discharging my load and I don’t want to do it in your cunt because this will get you pregnant.” But Jaya was in no mood to listen; such was her level of ecstasy. “Don’t worry about me getting pregnant, as I take pills regularly even if your brother is impotent, in the hope that one day he will pick up enough courage to fuck me.” No sooner had she said it, I felt my balls explode and my sperm juices came gushing out and poured themselves into the deep orifice of Jaya’s love hole.

Both of us lay exhausted on the bathroom floor, out guts totally pissed out. My cock was limp again and she lay still, her lust having been quenched. In the subsequent days we had a number of bouts of intense sex, including oral sex and fucking of her ass hole. But those are other stories, which I will narrate later.

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