My Bio Teacher Vijitha

This is Ram name changed and hear is the story which held a year back with my bio teacher and I am 5.8 height and athletic body as this is my first story if there is any mistake please forgive me. I am from south India that is Tamil nadu, Coimbatore and this incident happened when doing my +2 as I was a average student in class and poor in my biology.
I was asked to come for the tuition to my bio mam Vijitha name changed sorry forgot to tell about her she is a typical Indian woman who covers all the body with her sari with 4.7 height and structure is 36’ 28’ 36’ perfect women with perfect structure and she is married even though she look young and unmarried because she does not have any children as many students take tuition under her I was regular and my marks also increased.
My mom and Vijitha mam have become close and weekly Saturday and Sunday me and my mom would go to Eroad district because my father is working there as we go Vijitha also will come because her husband is a teacher in that areas as she could not get transfer she did not go. One week my I said my mother that I have exam on Saturday and this week.
I will not be able to come because I have study mom said ok and left me in the home and went to see my dad and that day night I was surfing in face book I saw that my class boys have taken picture of every teacher and uploaded in it and some of the pictures were morphed and put in a nude in that my bio mam Vijitha was also there. Till that time I did not have any intention to seduce her and I masturbated 2 times thinking of her.
Next week I was asked to attend the tuition to her because my board exam was coming near and my mom also accepted ant left me in the home and went to take care of dad and on Saturday I was asked to come for the tuition by her but I dint go I went to tuition on Sunday by 10:30am she opened the door and she was as sexy as in that nude picture because she was wearing chuddar without salwar she asked me why I did not come yesterday.
I said I was having fever so I took rest in home, immediately she touched me and said still I am having fever and asked me weather I had my breakfast and tablets I replied not have to have after the tuition she said today you don’t have tuition and asked me to take rest in her home and I refused it but she called my mother and told everything and got her permission to look after me.
She gave the breakfast to me and some tablets and asked me to take rest in adjacent room as there was 2 room one was occupied by her and another one was left free and I went there to sleep she came near me spread the blanket over me at that time she bent I saw her 36 cup shaped boobs when I say that immediately tent started to build inside my pants. She saw that and smiled at me 2 days later.
I went to tuition as usual and my exams are going to start I went there to ask a doubt in she greeted me and called me in I asked a doubt in she said I will teach you this briefly during your holidays now I will tell you just keep it in your mind. She stared with female part virginal and said when you insert the male part penis I did not understand but I dint ask her because I was busy seeing her breast over the blouse.
She saw that and asked me weather I under stood what she told I said yes she asked me to explain what she had told me I can’t say she said I think you need practical and she removed my pant atook out my sunni penis and I got shock and feared she said wow evalavu pariya sununni yen purushanathuvida parisa iruku how big it is it is bigger than my husband’s I got shocked and immediately.
I kissed her she refused and told that I just said that but I did not mean I need this I understood her feeling that she needs me but she does not want it now I said sorry and left the house. I wrote my exams well and went to dads place leaving the house back to the owner few days later I got a call from Vijitha that the results will be published on this day so that you and your mom can come over there and stay in her house and look out the result and get the mark list signed by the principal. 
I asked about this to my mom of it she said I have work hear you go and get everything done in the school as my mom told I went there at 7:45 pm Vijitha opened the door and greeted me with the a smile I entered in to the same room where I was slept last time during my fever I kept my bag there and came to hall and she was sitting and watching TV I asked her what are you doing mam for that she replied don’t call me mam hear after as you’re not my student any more.
I said ok then how to call you she kept silent a under stood what she was thinking kept on asking her what to call her she said call her by her name I said how can I call you by your name because your elder than me then she said then call aunt I said ok Vijitha aunty. She smiled and changed the Chanel and it was news channel in that they said that they have post pond the exam result after today because of some uploading problem.
I asked my mom what to do she said you be there and finish everything and come I agreed and my Vijitha aunty also agreed to it. She had our dinner and we went to sleep. Next day morning aunty woke me up and asked me to come with her to some stuffs for her as she is not a good selector. I agreed to her and got ready and went to the mall, at that time she was wearing chuddar and looked like my girlfriend.
We went to a dress shop first and there she selected a sari which was good and transparent blue sari it had a matching blouse then we went to shop where they get their bra and panties there also she selected a perfect one and asked me choose the color as I like black I choose it. She also got everything and we went to a film there was an only couple sitting in the theatre we both went inside and called her aunt for that.
She replied don’t call aunt hear because what will all think a also accepted her request and called her by her name Vijitha and we went back to home at 10:30 after having our dinner in hotel after coming home I went to see TV when I switched on the TV I saw hero and heroine kissing at that time Vijitha also came I immediately changed the Chanel she came near me and told tonight I am going to explain you what you asked me before the exam.
I said I am tired mam you teach me tomorrow because day after tomorrow is only the result she also agreed and we went to sleep next day morning Vijitha wore that new sari in which she looked like a sex goddess and I asked her why she wore this she replied today was her birthday and I greeted her with a hug her huge melons crashed on my chest after having breakfast she taught me everything and asked me weather you understood or not I said I understood and said tonight you have a big gift.
She asked me what it was for the whole day and at the end of the day an ac was fixed to her room and she was happy to see it and greeted me with a kiss on cheeks. I switched on the ac and came out to watch TV at that time she was sitting near me and I asked her can I sleep in your room because u have ac and the weather is too hot and she thought for a while and agreed. When we enter in to the room it was frozen cool she came near me with shivering and asked can you please reduce the temperature.
I immediately kissed on her lips first she struggled to get away and the she loved the kiss it lasted of 20 min and she said I love you very much for a past 3 months and I asked permission to get fucked by you from your mom. I was shocked to hear that how mom agreed to it then only I came to know that they are lesbian friends from college and her husband is not satisfying her and they are not having kid.
She then removed her Magalasutra and gave me a new one from the cupboard and asked me to tie it and do whatever he want because I am her new husband now and I then stared to kiss her again and stared to press her boobs from top of the sari and she told me to remove it and do it because it is costly sari I removed her sari now she was in the petticoat and blouse I said her to remove my shirt and pant. I started to play with her boos on bolus and without her instruction.
I removed her blouse and petticoat now she is in her new bra and panties I am in on my trunk she bend down and started her blowjob and I was in heaven as she was my first woman in life I chummed in 15 minutes and she swallow everything without wasting a drop and now we both laid on the bed in 69 position it was new to me she asked me to remove her panties an lick the shaved pussy walls she stared maoning ahhhhhhh mmmm dai nalla nakuda naku lick she also cum.
I was about to come but I managed and dint let my cum out but her suck made it come out of my penis we laid there for a minutes and I started pressing her boobs harder and harder she started to maon again ahhhhh mmmm she said dai unnoda sunniya yenoda pundaikulla vittu attu da sikaram da take your penis and put in side my pussy fast dai first mathuva viduda first let it slow dai speed da adi da vagama vagama vagama do it at full speed she was shouting loudly that dai vagama innum vagama.
I was about to come I asked whether I can cum in side or in her mouth she told cum inside itself I need your baby and I will tell my husband that is his child and I will get fucked by him in this week again. Next morning we got up and saw our result in net and I score 170 in bio and she was happy with everything and that night my mom asked me is everything gone well for that she replied that everything is good and he was a good companion than you in the college after a 6 months she called me and said she is pregnant and her husband knows about their affair before itself. Will let you know what happen with my mom after this matter please comment this story.