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I have been working all day and you have called me a couple of times to tell me Happy Birthday. You tell me you have a surprise for me when I get home. I ask what it is and you won't tell me. You send me pictures of your breasts and a message that says Happy Birthday. A little while later I get a picture of your butt and another message that says Happy Birthday. Just before time to leave work I get a picture from you that says Happy Birthday and it is a picture of your pussy.
When I get home you are wearing a beautiful red negligee with a red lace cover up. You meet me at the door and take me by the hand then lead me to the bathroom. You have the bathtub filled with hot water and ready for me to get cleaned up.
You help me get undressed and then into the bathtub. I lean back to soak in the hot water and you begin washing me. The soap lets your soft hand slide over my body with ease. The softness of your touch makes my desires climb higher. You take my erection in your hand and slide it up and down. You finish washing me and help me out of the tub then dry me off.
I put my shorts on and we go into the kitchen to eat. You keep doing everything for me and telling me that it is your turn to take care of me tonight. When dinner is done you tell me that for the real surprise you will have to blindfold and lead me to it. You place the blindfold over my eyes and lead me to the bedroom. When we get into the bedroom you tell me I have to keep the blindfold on and you pull me shorts down. We kiss passionately and you put your hand around my erection. As we kiss I feel someone kissing the tip of my erection. I step back and remove the blindfold quickly and your best friend is on her knees wearing nothing as all.
Completely surprised I just stand there with my mouth open and not knowing what to say. You laugh and tell me happy birthday. You put your arms around me and kiss me tenderly and she takes my erection in her hand as she kisses it. She puts he lips around my erection and sucks it into her mouth.
I pull her up and we all three kiss passionately then get on the bed. She kisses my erection again and slides it into her mouth. I pull you on top of me and have you put your pussy in my face. As I kiss your pussy softly she slides her mouth up and down on my erection. Gently I slide my tongue up and down your lips. Sliding my tongue up and down your pussy I feel your clit getting hard and swollen. You begin moving around as your clit rubs against my tongue. She slides my erection in and out of her mouth faster as your moans get louder. You start trembling as our excitement climbs higher. Our bodies tense as we erupt in a wonderful orgasm.
You move between her legs as I kiss her passionately. You slide your tongue up and down her pussy as she moans lightly. I kiss down to her breasts and make circles around her nipples with my tongue. Putting my lips around her hard nipples I gently suck the as you start sucking her clit. She reaches down and grabs your hair to hold you against her pussy and I bite her nipples lightly. She is moaning loudly and starts to tremble. Her body tenses and she shakes as her orgasm rocks her body.
You get on top of her and put your pussy in her face the lean down and suck her clit again. She slides her tongue over your clit and rubs it gently. As she rubs your clit with her tongue I move behind you and push my erection inside your pussy. You suck her clit harder as I slide in and out of you. She puts her lips around your clit and sucks it as I hold your hips and push into you harder. Our passions build higher as we all begin to tremble. We are out of control as we explode in a beautiful orgasm together.
Exhausted we lie down beside each other. We hold each other and tenderly kiss as we softly touch each other and drift off to sleep.

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