My Blind Sister and I: Chapter 4

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By J Hello and welcome to Chapter 4 – ENJOY.

Throughout Monday and my math exam, I couldn’t stop thinking about what me and Mia had done. Not only did I see her naked, but I fingered her to orgasm and then she gave me another handjob. It felt so good but still kinda wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this stuff…but it wasn’t hurting anyone. It was doing the opposite if anything. The rest of the week was busy, exam after exam. Friday came and that meant two things:

1. All my exams done.
2. Date night for mum.

Mum had started to go out with someone and told us about him last week. I didn’t think too much about it, mum was young and so it made sense for her to eventually start dating again. Mia was a bit shocked, for obvious reason. She was close with dad and so she hadn’t really thought about mum dating anyone else.

Friday came and mum left around six o’clock. She told me to watch Mia and to make sure she is in bed for nine o’clock. I agreed, gave her a hug and wished her all the best. She left and I went into the living room to find her listening to her Harry Potter audio book, she had just finished the fifth book.

Me “Hey, good book?”

Mia “Yeah…but so sad! Sirius died!

Me “I know, I’ve read and watched the movies. I cried during that scene.”

Mia “Me too.”

The audio book ended.

Me “So, what now?”

Mia “Wanna play a game?”

Me “Sure, what did you have in mind?”

Mia “hmm…truth or dare?”

Me “Yes! We used to play that all the time.”

Mia “Yep, so I’ll go first?”

Me “sure.”

Mia came over and sat down beside me.

Mia “Truth or dare James?”

Me “Truth.”

Mia “hmm…have you ever had a girlfriend?”

Me “No. I’m kinda scared to talk to girls.”

Mia “Yeah, boys usually are.”

Me “Truth or dare Mia?”

Mia “Truth.”

Me “Have you ever had a crush on anyone, if so who?”

Mia “Not really…no. There was one boy, Will, in my class who has a really nice voice. He helped me pick up my books one time. He was nice.”

Me “I remember him, yeah. He is a nice boy.”

Mia “Anyways, truth or dare?”

Me “Truth.

Mia “Again? Okay. Have you ever kissed anyone?”

Me “No…unfortunately not.”

Mia “me neither.”

Me “truth or dare?”

Mia “Truth.”

Me “Have you ever played with yourself?”

Mia “You mean…with my fanny?”

Me “Yep.”

Mia “Once…or twice. But never as much as you did.”

Me “Oh, I didn’t realise you were as grown up as that. I guess I still see you as my little sister.”

Mia “I still am. Truth or dare?”

Me “I’ll do the first dare.”

Mia “I dare you to kiss me.”

Me “O…okay Mia.”

Mia leans in and purses her lips. I do the same and our lips touch. We hold it for a few seconds and then let go.

Mia “that was…nice. I liked that.”

Me “Me too. It felt lovely. Truth or dare?”

Mia “Dare.”

Me “French kiss me.”

Mia “what’s that?”

Me “it’s mean with tongue.”

Mia “oh…okay!”

Sounding excited Mia leans in and I lean in also. Our lips meet and I slip in some tongue. We’re both inexperienced so we used our tongues together for a few seconds and then broke the kiss.

Mia “that felt even better. I feel all warm inside.”

Me “me too. That was, very nice.”

Mia “Okay, truth or dare?”

Me “Dare.”

Mia “I dare you to grab my boobs, through my jammies.”

Me “oh…sure.”

I reached out and placed my hands on her chest, and squeezed. I felt her small boobs, so soft, and her nipples already starting to harden. I squeezed one more time and then let go.

Mia “that felt great…I think my nipples have went hard.”

Me “it sure felt like they did. Truth or dare?”

Mia “Dare.”

Me “well, since you dared me to grab you. I dare you to grab me.”

Mia *sarcastically* of course, it’s only fair.”

Mia moved closer to me and placed her hands on my thighs. She slid them upwards and reached my crotch. She felt for my cock, found it and then squeezed hard. It felt so good and I couldn’t help but moan.

Me “Mmm….”

Mia “you really like that don’t you?”

Me “I really do.”

Mia started to rub my shaft, feeling it harden in her hands. She grabbed it and squeezed it a few times, getting harder with each one. She then did something else, she moved her hands down and grabbed my balls, and squeezed those. It felt incredible.

Me “oh…God…mmm…”

She let go but didn’t move back.

Mia *laughing* “okay, truth or dare BIG bro?”

Me “dare.”

Mia “I want to see if it feels good for me also. Grab my fanny.”

Me “Of course.”

I moved my hands down to her crotch and felt around to find the outline of her panties, and then squeezed. There, obviously, wasn’t much to squeeze but there was enough to cope a feel. I squeezed and she squirmed around, smiling and enjoying what I was doing.

Mia “oh…mmm…that does feel great!”

Me “Told ya. Truth or dare?”

Mia “Dare.”

Me “Wanna take this up a notch?”

Mia “Sure.”

Me “Okay, I dare you to take off your t-shirt.”

Mia “huh! You just wanna see my boobies again, don’t you?”

Me “Well…maybe.”

Mia “Naughty brother! I kinda like it.”

I watched Mia lift up her shirt, flashing her boobs and then pulling it back down again. She giggled and then took off her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra so I could see everything.

Me “They’re so cute Mia. I love them.”

Mia “Thank you James. Now, truth or dare?”

Me “Dare.”

Mia “I dare you to take off your trousers.”

Me “Easy.”

I stand up and take them off and then sit down again.

Mia “Hehe. You know I have to check if they’re off or not.”

Me “oh…go right ahead sis.”

Mia placed her hands back on my thighs and slides them up to my crotch. She feels around, grab my cock, squeezes it once and then lets go.

Mia “Yep, they’re definitely off.”

Me “Good. Your turn, truth or dare?”

Mia “Dare. And make it a hard one.”

Me “Okay, in that case. Take off the rest of your clothes.”

Mia “Okay but let’s go into the bedroom. More privacy.”

Me “Good idea Mia.”

We got up, walked down the hall and into Mia’s bedroom. I sat down on her bed and she stayed standing and removed the rest of her clothes. She did a little twirl, showing off her bubble butt ass and then sat down beside me.

Mia “What do you think?”

Me “I think you’re beautiful Mia. I’ve never really looked at you this way before but you are beautiful.”

I watched as Mia went red in the cheeks.

Mia “Thank you James!”

Mia suddenly embraced me in a hug. I hugged her back, feeling her boobs press into me. She broke the hug and sat back down.

Mia “Okay, truth or dare James?”

Me “Let’s keep going with dare.”

Mia “Good. I dare you to get naked.”

Me “I guess it’s only fair.”

I stood up, removed my socks, t-shirt and went to take for my boxers when Mia shouted at me.

Mia “Wait! I want to take off your boxers.”

Me “oh? Okay. Go ahead.”

Mia stood up, walked towards my voice and placed her hands on my stomach. She moved her hands downwards, got to my waistband and pulled my boxers down, causing me hard on to bounce out. She kept pulling them down, so I lifted my feet and allowed her to take them fully off. She stood back up and grabbed hold of my cock.

Mia “Yep, that’s them off for sure. Hehe.”

Me “mmm…yep. Your turn. Truth or dare?”

Mia “I think I know what the dare is gonna be bro. Let’s sit down on the bed.”

Me “Okay sis.”

We sat down on the bed and she took hold of my cock again. She grabbed in tightly and started to stroke me again.

Me “mmm…I can’t believe we are actually doing this.”

Mia “me neither but I really like it.”

Me “Me too…”

Mia “Good.”

I closed my eyes and let her play away with me. She was enjoying doing this and so was I. A few minutes of pleasure went past and I suddenly felt a hot and wet sensation on the tip of my cock…it felt so unbelievably good. I opened my eyes in shock and looked down to see Mia licking my tip.

Me “Oh…god…why did you do that Mia?”

Mia “I don’t know…I just couldn’t help myself. Should I stop?”

Me “Please don’t. It felt incredible. It’s normal for girls to do that, by the way.”

Mia “Really?”

Me “Yeah, girls like to suck on it too.”

Mia “well, it tasted good. Like your cum.”

Mia licked my tip again, causing me to squirm. She giggled at my reaction and licked it again. I squirmed again and she took it in her mouth.

Me “OH…GOD…that’s amazing!”

Mia *muffled* “Hehe.”

Mia kept the tip in her mouth and started to lick it in circular motions. As I said, it felt incredible. A minute of this passed and she started to take more of me in her mouth, surprisingly she got 4 inches in before she gagged. She must have had some natural instinct because she started to go up and down, sucking me off, whilst stroking me at the same time.

Me “OH…FUCK…that’s unbelievable Mia!”

A few minutes went by and I felt myself getting close.

Me “MIA…I’M GONNA CUM SOON…you can stop sucking.”

Instead of stopping, she sped up; increasing her grip and stroking me even after all whilst sucking and licking me. She was a natural at this. A few seconds went past and I felt myself explode in her mouth, shooting rope after rope of cum, filling up her mouth. She couldn’t hold it all so it was spilling out the sides of her mouth.


What felt like forever but was only about 30 seconds went past, and I stopped cumming. She took my cock out of her mouth, but kept stroking, and took a deep breath. She was smiling and looked almost proud of herself.

Mia “Fuck…that was incredible James. You cummed so much but it tasted so good!”

Me *breathless* “Yeah? That’s good. Thank you Mia, that was…my first blowjob.”

Mia “blowjob?”

Me “Yeah, that’s what people call it when you suck a cock.”

Mia “I like that name.”

She squeezed my cock again.

Mia “Your cock feels so big James!”

Me “Really? It’s only average size.”

Mia “It’s fucking huge!”

It felt funny hearing Mia swear. Once I got my breath back, I sat up and looked her in the eyes.

Me “Your turn sis.”

Mia “Really?” *sounding really excited*

Me “Of course! You made me feel so good, you deserve the same.”

Mia “Yay! Okay.”

Mia laid back and started to smile, waiting on me to touch her…but I did something else she wasn’t expecting. I bent down and licked her slit.


Me “ Just wait, hehe.”

I started to lick her again, and slipped a finger inside. She was already so wet and hot. I licked and sucked away on her clit and she started to moan hysterically.


A few minutes of this went past and I felt her getting even wetter. I knew what was coming.


Me “Good. Just let it happen sis, cum for me Mia!”

I felt Mia cum instantly, her juices drenching my tongue and face. I slurped up as much as I could, it tasted great! I kept licking and sucking for another few minutes and then sat back up. Mia looked tired, sweaty and in so much pleasure.

Mia “mmm…that was…incredible!”

Me “Good. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Mia sat up suddenly and embraced me tightly in a hug and I heard her start to weep. I hugged her back even tighter and held for a few minutes. She then broke the silence.

Mia “Thank you James. I’m so happy you are okay with us doing these things, I’m glad you’re my brother and best friend. I love you.”

Me “You are my sister and best friend Mia. I love you too.”

We held the hug for another minutes and then let go. We smiled at each other.

Mia “we should probably shower before bed, we’re very sweaty and covered in our stuff.”

Me “Good idea. Wanna share it again?”

Mia “Yes please!!”

Me “Okay, let’s go.”

We walked into the bathroom and took a shower together. We didn’t do anything but she did wash my cock and I got hard again. We got out, got changed and then went back into the living room to start the next Harry Potter audio book.


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By J #Incest #Teen