My Booby Bhabhi

Hi, I am Vishal from Mumbai and i am 18 years old. I love all girls who are interested in sex.

Now on the story, there was one of my bhabhi named Rani … her boobs were just like water balloons … her pussy smell was great … her lips and my penis … wow my darling Rani bhabhi …. now on the story sex hungers 😉  Those days I was staying as a tenant in a single bedroom barsati, on the first floor of a house in Faridabad. That was the house of a couple in their late forties. While their elder son was staying in a hostel, the younger daughter was with them, studying in class 3. Since I was alone, while reaching home, I used to spend some time with that family, mostly bhabhi (that was how I addressed the wife of the landlord). Since the landlord was a businessman in Delhi, he used to reach home only by 10 pm, while I used to reach home by 5. Bhabhi was a nice lady who was very warm and cordial. Slowly I got close to that family and I also helped their daughter in her homework and studies. Though bhabhi was not very charming, she was a well-built lady with well-proportioned body.

However, I never looked at her with any wrong intention. One afternoon, while I came back from office, bhabhi was sitting on the sofa with her legs on the stool nearby. Her posture was such that the rose panties she was wearing was clearly visible. As usual, I stood at the door and greeted her. Without changing her posture, she greeted back and we chitchatted for a while. All the while she sat in the same manner. Off and on, my eyes fell on her panties, and she also knew that. But she was cool and we spoke as usual. To be frank, I was really distracted and my tool was getting up. She also knew this and with a naughty smile, she just took her legs from the stool with a smile and said, “You seem to be upset. Why, some problem in the office?” she asked. “No bhabhi,” I said. “No problem, as such.” “Problem hai to solution bhi hoga,” she smiled in a very seductive way. “Where is Rinku beti?” I asked her. “She has gone to her uncle. Will come tomorrow only.” “Hmm,” I smiled. “You go and freshen up, I shall make you tea in the meanwhile,” said Bhabhi. At this I went up and took bath. After bath I wore a lungi and T-shirt, without any inner wear.
As I came back, bhabhi offered me tea and some cookies. As I sipped the tea, she asked me whether I would teach her how to operate e-mails. “You don’t know?” I was surprised. “I don’t know how to operate a computer,” she said. “The mouse does not come in my control.” “I can help you control the mouse,” I said with a smile. “Then please,” she said and led me to the room where the computer was placed. While making her sit on the chair, I stood behind her and taught her house to operate the system and move the mouse.
As I did this I put my palm on hers and moved the mouse. And this sent a sensation inside me and my thing got up. Since I was standing on her back it naturally touched her back and she shivered for a while. But, without expressing any feeling, she kept on doing whatever I said. But I could understand her sensation. After a while, she asked me, “Manu, what all you look for in the computer?” “Me? I look for news and other information I need…” “Only information? Don’t you search for anything else…? “Means?” “I meant that only… the hot thing…” “Once in a while,” I said. Then she asked me where could she find such stuff. At this I opened one hardcore site and showed her something. It was a clipping that showed a man and woman doing foreplay. “Only this much? They should have done much more…” she said. These sites show only promos. For the remaining you will have to pay in dollars, I told her. “If you want to see the real stuff, come to my room. I have some good CDs,” I was also bold. “Really? I thought you are an innocent boy,” saying this she pressed her back on my hot tool. “Then let’s go to your room. I want to see your collections.” “I can show you all my assets,” I said with a naughty expression and she smiled at this.
Then we closed her house and went upstairs, where I switched on my computer and showed her a hardcore movie. It was of a black man making wild love to a white lady. His cock was pretty long and strong while the lad had shaven off her pussy. As he played with her breasts he was also exploring her love box with his fingers and the lady was moaning. Then all of a sudden he moved his head down and started licking her pussy. As she saw the movies, she got excited and asked me, “My god, do then do it like this?” “Don’t you do it?” I asked her and then slowly placed my hands inside her nightie and played with her breasts. “He has not kissed me so far there,” she said. “Really? Shall I do so then?” I asked. “You naughty,” she said and embraced me. By then my hot rod was all set for the action. Embracing her tightly I guided her to my bed and removed her nightie and chewed her breast. Also I moved my finger into her panties and played with her wet hot box. It was hairy and I was out of control as I put my finger in. “Shall I drink the juice, bhabhi?” I asked. “Drink to your heart’s content,” she said. Saying this she made me naked and started playing with my tool. I was so hot that I felt my juice will pour out soon and so I asked her not to play with it. Then I made her part her legs and started licking her clit. “Oh God, it’s so great……….hmmm …. Bite it out you idiot…” she cried wildly.
At this I chewed her cunt strongly and she was all horny and hot. Juice was flowing out like anything. At this I removed my tongue and started playing with my finger and again drank her plump breasts. Then in a sudden move I put in my tool inside her and started thrusting it wildly. “Kill me… kill me…” she cried in ecstasy, even as my movement had gone faster. Then all of a sudden she embraced me strongly and became silent. I knew she reached her climax. By this time I was also about to cum and in the next move my hot lava spurted into her hot box. As my lava fell into her she smiled in contentment. “Your tongue and tool are equally exciting. Where did you learn this? In my 22 years of marriage I have never experienced anything like this. His things are over with just a push-pull,” she said. “These are all theories I learnt and now made practical for the first time,” I said. “Really? So all these while how did you satisfy yourself?” “Jerking off,” me replied. “Want to see how you do it.” “Now the stock is over! Shall show you tomorrow,” I said. “And I want to drink it too,” she said and smiled. “Sure,” I said and kissed her once again. That was the beginning of a hot affair that lasted for almost a year. More episodes coming soon!