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I wasn’t in any relationship and had been engaged, but it fell apart. So, at 31 and living alone, my boss decided I would be perfect. My boss I call Marion 51 widowed, had a son who I’ll call David 33 single and she wanted me to seduce him and make him a man. I was shocked at first and all I could think to ask why me. She said she believed she could trust me to do the right thing by her son and her. I said you could hire a hooker, or a therapist and she said she wanted him to believe it was because he was wanted as himself, not because they were being paid. Then adding she wanted grandchildren, and this was her last chance as she saw it. I then asked why don’t, I seduce him and get pregnant to him, I was being a smartass. Her response shocked me, she said would you that would be so wonderful. I was at a loss for a response, but finally said I would think it over. That night I was thinking it over and thought I wanted children and that goal wasn’t on any horizon I could see. So, I decided to agree with conditions, namely access to the child and I told such. Her response again was unexpected, she said of course you will as that’s a wife’s job looking after children. I hadn’t thought I would marry her son and thought it was a get pregnant and that would be all. But she then added she wanted children, not a single child and only wanted to go thru the process of wife finding once. I agreed as it meant access and a better life for me also, I was made her personal assistant. Not for the company she owned but for her family matters. I also moved in with her and her son, he had been in the accident when 13 that killed his father and it had traumatized him. He was nice and polite and kept quiet even around his mother, with her help her son and me were together every chance we could make. Finally, I joined him in his bed and after an awkward start we became lovers. After several weeks I was pregnant, then a quick wedding followed. My now mother-in-law Marion hadn’t been idle once we had started having sexual intercourse, she started planning the wedding. She was even more delighted when we found out I was having twin boys. Not because they were boys, but because it was two first off. My husband improved slightly but improved a lot more with the birth of our children. I’m not taking any precautions and will get pregnant as soon as I can again. I’m still her personal assistant in charge of breeding. I also think I love my husband and not just fond of him as I was at our wedding. Our boys turned one last month and I stopped breast feeding in May. So, I could get pregnant anytime soon and hoping for a girl this time, twins wouldn’t be unexpected either.

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