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I’m 33 now and 2 years ago, I was just a low-level employee and with no advancement options. I wasn’t in any relationship either, my life was dull and I’m centerfold model just a plain Jane. That all changed when the boss 48 needed his lake house cleaned asap and the cleaners, he used usually were too busy at short notice. So, he asked for someone willing to do it for him from his employees. I hadn’t anything to do so I said I’d do it. It meant working the weekend and I thought I’d get the chance for a swim in the lake as well as some extra money. I turned up I already had the keys, and it wasn’t really that bad, mainly dusting and washing the bedding remaking the beds. Once the bedclothes were dried, I remade the beds and went for a swim. I had a quick shower and was dressed and about to leave when the boss turned up. He was happy with what I had done and surprised it was already done. He expected it to take 2 days as was usual with the cleaners, but they took the bedding and had it done by the dry cleaners. He then asked me I cook, as he wanted a cook for the few days his business guest were staying. I said I did cook, but nothing fancy and so I got the job of cook for the three days at the lake house Wednesday thru Friday. I did as I was required and again impressed the boss. His guest left early afternoon and I was going to clean the lake house again. The boss stayed overnight Friday as did I and we got it on. He made a move on me, and I let him fuck me. I got back to my home late Sunday and on the Monday, I was called to the boss’s office. My low-level job was over, and I was promoted to his assistant. Not expected to do anything like a personal assistant, just be available to solve problems like cleaning and cooking at short notice. It came with double my previous pay. Sex well that was optional by my approval. As I didn’t have much of a sex life before I would be willing. I didn’t expect anything more from our relationship. But after a year of regular sex, he asked to marry him and I accepted. We married fairly quickly afterwards and then started trying to start a family and now we have son 3months old.

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