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This story is for Brigette in Germany who asked that I write something in the Mother/Son category. This theme is not new by a long shot, I have written several before, this simply takes a different twist that she requested. I trust it meets her expectations.
Any and all engaging in sexual activity are 18 or older.

My Boy
It felt good to lounge on the couch without a care for a few hours. I had gleefully gotten rid of the bra and was in a mid-thigh nightie with comfy cotton panties. They were a bright pink and were slightly visible through my nightie, being by myself I wasn't all that concerned with how I sat. At the moment I was in the corner of the loveseat with my right leg bent and against the back while my left was outstretched with my foot on the floor. Though the air conditioning was on it was a warm night and felt good having my legs spread completely, the cool air across the gusset of my pink bikini panties was refreshing.
My right forearm was laying across my thigh, my hand was on my mound, resting, not playing, I would have loved to have a man's hand there instead of mine, but that was not to be anytime soon. I had a son I needed to see graduate and into college before I could consider a regular sex partner. What do they call them now, friends with benefits and fuck buddies? I didn't need either one. I'd had Ricky when I was in high school, being foolish enough to mistake lust for love, I gave birth four weeks before I started my senior year. With him now 18 I was still somewhat of a catch at the age of 35, well at least I thought so.
My breasts have a bit of droop on the bottoms but are firm everywhere else, the nipples still stand out, they are extremely sensitive and still get hard just from the movement of a blouse if my bra is thin enough. My hips are the stereo typical mommy hips that come with a baby, legs are long, waist is narrow but not small, I still manage to garner the occasional look when out and about. All too often it's by guys who have one thing and only one thing on their mind, pussy. I find it easy to ignore them as I walk by.
I'm not a wine drinker, when you're brought up poor wine is always for someone else, I like a cold brew on a hot summer day, but my normal evening treat is a glass of apple juice with lots of ice. I had just refilled and sat down when I heard his key in the front door lock, it was only nine fifteen, way too early, something must have gone wrong. I moved my legs together and covered my intimate parts, the nipples were hard from the movement of going to the kitchen and back, no way to disguise the blouse beetles standing firm against my nightie.
Though I had from time to time walked through the house in a slip and bra it wasn't a normal thing, he had seen me in panties and a bra just a few weeks earlier when I thought I was alone. He looked at me for the longest time, in fact until I turned into my bedroom. As he closed the front door I heard him sniffle, in my world even 18-year old nerdy boys don't cry unless something tragic has occurred. Ricky is not a big boy, he was born preemie and never really grew very much, at 18 he was only five foot five, relatively short for a male. His eyes were red and puffy, when I reached out to hold him the dam let loose.
It reminded me of when he was so little, if he got hurt playing with the other kids he never cried in front of them, he would come home, bury himself on my lap and let the tears flow. I had my arms around his upper body, the side of his face was against my breast and while it felt good that's all it was, a gentle warm feeling. His breathing was returning to normal, he took a deep breath and exhaled as the tears stopped, tried to sit up but I held him to my body and with a free hand rested his head back against my breast.
"Tell me what happened Ricky, you haven't cried for years. Did someone do something to you? Are you hurt?"
Forcing himself to an upright position he turned to look at me, I noticed his eyes went immediately to my nipples. Being a gentleman, he averted his eyes knowing that had he been home all evening I would have been covered with a bra or robe.
"Mom, do you know who Becky Wilson is?" I nodded and waited. "She's the captain of the cheerleading squad and has been for three years, normally she wouldn't pee on my head if my hair was on fire. Two weeks ago she suddenly sat at my lunch table, considering I'm not one of the "cool" kids I usually sit alone. I was shocked that she sat across from me, she was friendly that day, and continued to be until tonight."
"What happened tonight that changed everything?"
"I had been invited to her home for pizza and movies, when I got there it was only she and I. When I asked about the others she told me they would be along shortly, while we were on the couch in her basement she kissed me mom, kissed my lips. Then she told me she'd show me her tits if I pulled down my pants and showed her my penis."
As his mother I was surprised but not shocked, my baby boy was 18, he was old enough to begin experimenting, at least that's what I told myself mentally while attempting to maintain a straight face.
"And did you do that, did you show her your penis? I guess I should also ask if she showed you her boobs?"
"She did mom, she lifted her blouse and bra just long enough for me to see how pink they were, they looked so soft. She wanted me to stand and pull my pants down. I had the snap open and the zipper down when I caught a glint of light in the darkness to my right, I knew what it was right away, it was a digital camera. When I put my pants back together the other girls from the cheer leading squad came out of the darkness making fun of me."
He sniffled again and caught his breath, "They kept saying I was afraid to show them my tiny dick and what a loser I am. Mom, I don't have a tiny one, I see guys in the showers after gym who are taller but have a smaller penis. I was so embarrassed, and I'm sure by Monday they'll have something posted online to humiliate me."
Drawing him back to my body I cuddled him in silence for the longest time, he lifted his head slightly as he looked at me.
"Mom, your boobs are so soft. Are all girls boobs soft like yours?"
"Well honey, I think most are. When you were a baby you would have your tiny hands on them when you nursed. When I stopped breast feeding you, I did, and didn't miss that, it was a lot of work nursing you daily, it was time to wean you when I did."
He turned his head slightly pushing his cheek into the side of my breast, "Gosh mom, I never thought about how warm and soft your boobs are. I wish I were a man and not your son so I could touch them."
I let that comment hang in the air, between his soft tender face being against my breast and his lips so close to a hard nipple I was having a difficult time not moistening my panties. They weren't flooded, but they were darned sure damp and sticky, this needed to end post haste.
"It sounds like we've both had a long day son, why don't we call it an evening and hit the rack?"
Going in different directions to our bedrooms he kissed me on the cheek like he did every night. Watching him walk away brought to the forefront the reality that my boy was no longer just a boy, there was a man emerging ever so slowly. True, he was only five foot five and one hundred thirty pounds, but what he had was solid. Was he a first-class nerd and an introvert? Yes, no denying those things, and yet there was so much more to him. He was polite, respectful, he showed affection and compassion, he was empathetic toward others causes and though we were just barely above being called poor, he was always willing to use his meager allowance and help someone in a jam.
My small boy had become a man in ways many guys older than him never would. I lay in the dark not able to turn my head off and go to sleep, the way he had been humiliated bothered me, it kept gnawing at my inner peace. What if he did indeed have a small penis, he would certainly be embarrassed, he needed to be reassured that no matter what size he was it was alright. I rose and walked to the other end of the house where his bedroom was located, we always kept our bedroom doors open an inch or two unless we needed privacy, it was just something we did.
Standing outside his room I could hear him tossing and turning, talking in his sleep, mumbling things I couldn't understand. Enough moonlight was illuminating his room that I could see he was covered with a sheet only, knowing that he slept in the nude, I had a devious idea. I would crawl in bed with him, play with his cock until he hardened and then make a big deal about how nice it was, regardless of the size. I slipped into his room, slowly lowered the sheet and damned near fainted, that was no boys dick, for someone his height he was what I considered above average. Laying soft it had to be four to five inches, I imagined what it would be like when he was hard.
I quickly took off the nightie, if he wanted to play with my tits a little I would let him, after all, he had commented if he was a man he would touch them. As I ogled his cock, in my mind there was no question, he was all man. He stirred slightly as the mattress moved from my weight, making sure I stayed at the end of the bed I moved forward between his legs which were open, his cock laying sideways across his abdomen. My first thought was to take it in my hands and stroke, but that made me think it might startle him, pulling my hair back so as not to tickle and awake him I turned my face to the side and gently sucked the head into my mouth.
It had been years since I'd had a cock in my mouth, and here I was with my son's in it. I sucked gently, moving my head up and down, his dick completely filled my mouth and it wasn't fully hard yet. With my lips pursed, tongue along the bottom for added stimulation I began, I had been holding his cock upright with the suction of my mouth, when he hardened it stood on its own. I could feel the excitement as I imagined how I looked, an older mommy with her son's young cock stuffed in her mouth. With his cock stiff and pulsing he moaned several times and sat bolt upright.
"Mom. Mom, what are you doing?"
Pulling off his glistening cock I pushed him back and lay on his body.
"Quiet now, let mommy make you feel better."
I raised up and as I did his hands immediately went to my breasts, squeezing, shaping, kneading them, pushing them almost flat and then letting them fall into his waiting hands. I'd forgotten how good it felt to have a man's hands on my tits, he was smiling as I lowered myself to put a nipple in his mouth. Being three inches taller than him I was at the right height for him to wrap his lips around a nipple as I moved so my body was in line with his. My nipple made a loud POP as it left his lips when I raised myself, his hands were on my breasts, I raised a leg, pushed my panties aside and aimed his cock at my pussy.
Though I knew it was wrong in the eyes of society, slowly burying my son's cock deep within my cunt felt good, I was determined to take all he had. As I lowered onto his rigid cock he groaned loudly, squeezing my left breast harder while pinching the nipple on my right. I was as wet as I had ever been, sliding down his dick felt wonderful, I wanted his cock deep within me and sat up straight, wiggling my hips, adjusting my pussy to accommodate his lovely large cock. I smiled to myself as I envisioned having my baby boy's meat stuffed inside every night if this worked out.
With him buried to his balls I was sure it would push into my lungs it felt so deep, considering nothing had been in my pussy for over ten years beyond my bright green five inch dildo I was surprised he hadn't hit my cervix. The head was thick, spreading me open to the point I found myself grinning. I was thinking about how pleased I was now to having had the foreskin removed as a baby, my reward was his lovely wide cock inside me. With me sitting upright on his cock his hands remained clamped to my breasts, the boy obviously liked tits, he wasn't letting go as I rocked back and forth, smashing my clit against his protruding pelvic bone. I lifted about half the length of his dick and dropped again until my ass touched his thighs.
He was trying to speak between groans and gasps, I put my finger across his lips and said softly into the darkness, "Shh, shh, shh, let mommy make you feel good, you need to fill mommy's pussy with cum. It's okay honey, no one needs to know, this will be our secret."
As I rode him I thought about how big his dick must be, for a man of such short stature he was at least six and a half inches long with a comfortable girth, I could fuck this piece of meat endlessly. Bouncing up and down I could feel his dick begin to swell, I took his face in my hand and whispered.
"In my pussy Ricky, in my pussy. Give mama all your cream."
As he stiffened his cock began to spew what felt like a tin can worth of sperm, I found myself shuddering as the feeling of his semen hitting my cervix took me over the edge. My body shook, my head was back and I could hear myself emitting loud Uh's over and over. I had girl cream and his baby juice running out of me onto his cock and balls, along his ass crack onto the sheets. That orgasm had both of us out of breath, I slumped forward laying on his small but firm chest with my head alongside his.
He needed to know he'd done a good job, "Oh baby, that was so good, those girls have no idea what they were saying. Your cock is long, fat and shoots lots of joy juice, you made mama's pussy quiver and feel so good baby boy. We'll keep this to ourselves but I want more of this if you do to."
"Oh my god mom, I would have to be insane not to want more of your pussy. Will you put me in your mouth again? That was awesome mom, I've always wanted a girl to suck me."
I chuckled softly, "I'm no girl but I'll gladly suck your balls dry with my mouth. In fact, we should do that often, I like the taste and creaminess of sperm. It's like having warm tapioca pudding injected into my mouth, I like the feel of it as it slides down my throat. Yes baby, mommy will give you lots of blow jobs, but then you have to learn to eat my pussy in return."
"Anything you want mom, anything. Just tell me what to do."
A fanciful thought ran through my head, 'Well sweetie, I've always dreamed of having my pussy eaten right after a man dumped a load in me, but most men don't want to eat their own cum even if it's mixed with the woman's. Would you be willing to do that for me?"
"Like I said mom, anything, tell me what to do."
Cum was dribbling from my pussy as I scooted forward, with my butt on his chest I moved the panties aside, he grabbed both leg openings and ripped them from my body, my panties were no more. Moving up I gently placed my labia against his mouth and proceeded to tell him how to eat me. Slurping and sucking and licking as I told him to do I could feel a massive orgasm welling up within my body, I realized that him eating our combined cream pie was a first, the first of many to come.
With my body shaking, my toes curling and my breathing all but stopped I slumped forward against the headboard, I was one happy mommy. I would take care of my baby boy from here on, fuck those silly ass schoolgirls, now that his cock had been in me he was mine. When my body settled down I moved my leg over him, spun and took his softened dick in my mouth, licking it clean, just as he had done to me.
I heard him laugh softly as I cleaned his cock with my tongue, I lifted and asked.
"What's funny?"
"Oh, I was just thinking about how much I love your furry pussy, it kinda tickled my nose when I was licking you. Mom, don't shave it off like the women in the porn movies do, I like it like this."
I had no intention of shaving or even trimming, if a few wild hairs stuck out the panty leg I could care less. I had no one to impress other than me and now that I knew Ricky liked a thick bush, that was what I would make sure my young lover had. We woke to daylight peeking into his room, I was naked and wondered when my panties had come off, oh yes, he ripped them from me as I prepared to sit on his face. Ah well, one pair of ruined panties was well worth the fucking I had received the night before. I looked to the right as I stirred finding his eyes piercing mine, he spoke before I could.
"Mom, would you suck me again, I can't get that feeling out of my mind."
I patted his face, smiled and lowered myself until my mouth was directly over his rapidly growing cock, seeing it in the light of day erased any doubt I may have had as to whether it was above average and thick. No wonder the inside of my vagina felt like it was being stretched beyond normal, it was, the head was so big it looked like a mushroom. Thus began my routine of waking him with a blow job at least once or twice a week, I learned to do it early enough for him to eat me as well, something he insisted on, many a day I went to work with a tingly satisfied dripping pussy.
After our first morning blow job he wanted to fuck again since it was Saturday. I suggested we wait until after supper and he could fuck me all night if he wanted, only from here on we would do it in my bed. To say an older woman who has a young man as a lover is blessed is an understatement, he could reload and be ready to fuck two or three times a night, which he did the very first Saturday starting twenty minutes after we'd eaten supper.
As he was removing my clothes and mauling my tits he uttered, "It's after supper, I need you mom."
That night I taught him doggy, flat foot doggy and on my tummy with my ass pointed to the ceiling before his balls were completely empty. I didn't let him know, but I was happy when he said he had nothing left, I was sore and swollen to say the least. The kid came every time and never went less than twenty to thirty minutes in any of the positions I taught him that night. We went to breakfast Sunday and then lounged around the house the rest of the day. Neither of us were in the mood for sex of any kind the next day when he left for school and I left for work.
That however changed when I got home to start supper, his arms were around my waist from behind, his hands were cupping my breasts squeezing gently, his lips were caressing my neck as he nibbled. Lifting his head slightly to whisper in my ear I knew supper would be later than usual.
"I need you mom, really bad, it took all my will power to not beat my meat waiting for you to get home. Can we fuck mom, please?"
"Yes baby boy, mama wants to show you a new position that I love and I'm sure you will as well. It goes so deep inside me and every inch of your lovely cock will feel wonderful as my pussy sucks your balls dry."
We slowly undressed each other, taking time to play and squeeze and caress and nibble, with a suck and lick or two thrown in for good measure. I had his young cock so stiff I could have hung a rug on it without bending, he in turn had my pussy dripping with anticipation. Falling back onto the bed I pulled him with me spreading my legs, bending them at the knees.
"Put it in mommy, get it nice and wet and stop."
He pushed forward bottoming out with one long slow stroke. I shuddered and he groaned as he held himself in place, I wiggled my hips and moved my pelvis seeking to have him in as far as possible. I kissed him then told him to sit up straight but to stay inside me, when I lifted my legs so I was ankles on shoulders he smiled and leaned forward, my pussy was as wide open as it could be. Slowly he pulled back and then forward until we were both ready to get the show on the road.
I moaned to him, "Now Ricky, pound mama's pussy hard baby boy. Make mama scream when she cums. let me have all your warm creamy spunk."

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