My Boyfriend Corrupted Me

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My name is Tara and my boyfriend got me addicted to gangbangs.
I am naturally submissive and had just turned 19 when I met my boyfriend, who was 10 years older than me. He played in the local football team and I was smitten when I first saw him.
Growing up I was a little on the chubby side but I have slimmed out as I got older. Unfortunately, my tits didn't grow much as I'm only a size b cup. Anyway, because of certain circumstances, I became a bit of a slut. Well a lot of a slut haha. I would get invited to parties as the guys would say "hey invite Tara. She's always good for a fuck at the end of the night".
Combined with my submissive side plus I had always gotten on better with guys as I didn't like the bitchiness of girls, I kind of became the local slut. Naturally the girls liked me even less and I was always accused of sleeping with other girls' boyfriends. In many cases this was true as I saw using sex as a way meet guys, get closer to guys and felt they would protect me.
Back to my boyfriend. After a game I was at, I noticed him coming off the field. I had never seen him before. Anyway, I walked over to him when he was ordering a soft drink while still in his football uniform. I told him I thought he played well (not that I noticed how well he played) and I asked if he could by me a Coke. He said "sure, but it will cost you" he said smiling.
I smiled back a cute innocent smile and asked, "cost me what?"
He replied "Not sure yet. So, what's your name? I'm Dave."
As we were drinking, we made small talk he asked if I was going to the local hotel for drinks later. I said, "sounds like a good idea" so we both arranged to catch up at 8:30 pm for drinks. I went home and got changed into something a little bit slutty. I got to the hotel early and knocked back a couple of quick drinks. I was ticking along a bit and chatting to a couple of the local guys I fucked had before. They were telling me how hot I looked and if I wanted to 'catch up later for some fun.' I told them "it depends on how my night goes."
There was a band playing so I walked up in front and started dancing. Dave came over from out of nowhere and danced with me, putting his hands around my waist. As I was a little drunk, I pressed up against Dave slowly sliding up and down. His eyes lit up and we kissed but it was just on the lips.
I was wearing a flowing dress that swirled as I danced. It was a pretty short dress and as I slid down, my dress slid up a bit showing my 'G' string. I heard one of the girls that walked past call out "slut!" Dave straightened up my dress and asked me to sit down and he would buy a round of drinks.
He asked if it bothered me that a girl waked past and called me a 'slut.' I replied "no. She's a dog anyway and if I'm honest I am a slut so, whatever. It's just a word said by an ugly jealous bitch."
At the end of the night Dave asked me what I wanted to do. I replied, "Your place for some sex sounds great!" That was the beginning of our relationship. Things kind of moved very quickly and even I was a bit shocked. After two months I moved in with him.
For about a year we had sex just about every day, sometimes three to four times a day. It was great! Dave introduced me to anal sex, which I was curious about but a bit scared and he made me squirt for the first time in my life. That was an insane experience the first time, especially for a 20-year-old. He would also have me squat in the shower while he pissed over me and gave me a golden shower. I was keen to try it all.
It was at this stage that Dave asked me if I wanted to fuck other guys. Of course, I said no and that I only wanted to be with him. He then explained that he didn't want to break up with me and that he wanted to watch while I fucked other guys and then he would fuck me afterwards. The thought of this excited me a lot but I wanted to be sure we would still be a couple. He assured me we would still be a couple and then he said he would "love me even more" if I did this for him. I asked him "how many guys?" He replied, "as many as you can handle or want." I smiled, said yes and then we had a deep and passionate tongue kiss.
Dave arranged for us to meet a guy call Graham who did swinger parties at his home. There were two other women there and 11 guys. I was the youngest as I hadn't yet turned 21. One woman was about 35, the other about 40. Both were dressed very slutty. I had on the same dress as I was wearing when I met Dave. It was his idea.
Graham asked the all guys for $20 each, except Dave as he had bought me along. Graham gave $50 to each of the girls and kept the rest for himself for 'providing the location and clean up costs'.
I was sitting on the couch with Dave and the guys walked towards me hanging their cocks out near my face. I looked across at Dave. He nodded so I started sucking cocks. He grabbed my hand and place it on his cock. He was rock hard. The two other women we already being fucked on mattresses that Graham had on the floor so I thought I would lay back and spread my legs. One guy moved my 'g' string to one side and slipped inside of me. I had been waiting for this. It was so exciting! A complete stranger who didn't even talk to me was fucking me! Dave moved around so he could watch. He was smiling and playing with his cock.
It wasn't long before a felt a warm explosion of cum inside of me. I wasn't sure if this was ok with Dave, but he came over and rubbed my clit straight afterwards. The next guy was straight in fucking me hard. The 40-year-old woman came over and stroked Dave's cock. He stood up and shoved his cock in her mouth as she squatted next to me, rubbing my clit. I had never been with a woman, but this was exciting. The second guy came and a third one started fucking me. This was just amazing and surreal. I was watching my boyfriend being sucked off and had two loads of strangers cum in me. I wanted this to keep going forever.
After the third guy had cum in me, Graham, the host wanted in on the action. Graham was huge! Like bigger than Dave and the other three guys. He was as a thick as a coke can. It felt amazing and after about five strokes I squirted. Graham pounded me hard after that and I squirted another three times. The mattress was soaked, and everyone was watching me. Dave had grabbed the 40-year old woman's head and was obviously coming in her mouth. That made me cum, but Graham kept fucking me. I loved it.
Graham pulled out without coming and asked if "someone else wanted a go". Another guy took Grahams place straight away, but it wasn't as good as Graham. He had stretched me, but good! I must have still felt ok because this guy had cum quickly. That was four loads. The next guy slid into me straight away. He whispered that he would last "a while" as he had already emptied into the older chick". I don't know if was trying to impress me, but he was the first guy to talk to me except for guys commenting saying "she's hot, what a whore, I wanna fuck that" and "wow she's young".
Mr "a while" didn't last that long as I felt the fifth load empty into me. Then Graham was back! Yay! He slid straight in then after five minutes asked me to get into 'doggy position'. He held my hips as he pounded as hard as I have ever been pounded. For a moment I thought I had lost my vision. I squirted a couple more times and came. Dave came around to my face, waving his hard cock in front but I couldn't suck him due to Grahams pounding.
A while later Graham pulled my hips in hard and I felt him cum deep inside of me. He groaned and was covered in sweat. I rolled onto my back as a mass of cum ran out of my swollen pussy. It was heavenly. I smiled up at Dave who was wanking his cock and he smiled at me. He asked if I was happy. I let out a sigh and said, "fuck yeah." The guys in the room laughed. I asked for a drink and sat crossed legged on the mattress watching the 35-year-old being fucked.
I fucked a couple more guys and then Dave fucked me last. He kept whispering "I love you" and "your cunt feels amazing" as he was fucking me. For my first gangbang I took nine loads including my boyfriends. I was sore but very happy and was looking forward to my next one.
Tara. xxx

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