My brother in law and me part 3 | incest story from Kunjumohamed

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The members for tour left the house at noon after the lunch. Sister and me took rest until early evening. At evening I asked her what is the menu for the dinner.She asked me what I wanted. I replied ” if I tell my preferred menu,now you won’t be able to provide it. She replied ” Doesn’t matter, let me know” I I replied ” mutton Malabar curry,Vellappam, and black Pomfret thava fry.” She replied ” No problem.The raw materials I will get as home delivery. Only I have to cook which I can complete by 7.30.” I said ” Thank you. But normally I take before dinner two pegs of whiskey. So before completing your cooking, I will go to the nearest bar and have whiskey and return” She instantly replied ” No need, I can arrange that also here only.” But your husband doesn’t drink.

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