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I was always making fun of my brother (29) married with child to his wife. He has a great career and was doing great and lived outside a small town with his wife 27, son, mother-in-law 46 and sister-in-law 24. I decided during a break from university to visit my brother as he had a couple horses and I like riding horses. I was welcomed warmly on my arrival and saw my nephew for the first time, I then then introduced to my niece, I had no idea he had a second child. But thought I had missed the news, but I then suddenly realized his son had just turned 1 and they said the daughter was 10 months old and I knew she couldn’t be from his wife. But I soon found out without asking as his sister-in-law was breastfeeding my niece and as they say the penny dropped. My brother was fucking both sisters and the way their mother was so close to him I reckon he was fucking her as well. I went home before returning to university and asked my mother when my father was at golf, and she said they knew about my brother’s harem as she put it. I’ve great respect for my brother now.

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