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My older brother I’ve always thought was a loser, nerd and dull. My younger brother and I use to tease him growing up. But he went on to graduate with honors and got a great paying job. I married instead of going to university and had 2 children, my husband was on good money, and we spent it as it came in. Then my husband had an accident and died, I soon realized I was in trouble and needed help. Our parents were unable to help financially or with housing us. My younger brother was in the air force and overseas, so I had to ask my older brother for help. He of course was willing help me and my children and paid for us to join him. I hadn’t kept in touch with him over the years and had to get his phone number off my mother. All I knew he had done very well, we arrived at his home. It was located outside the town he lives in; first sight was a shock to me. The house was huge 8bedrooms, 4bathrooms plus a large master bedroom with Ensuite. He wasn’t home on our arrival his wife was I hadn’t met her before and had assume she was like my brother and was totally blown away by how gorgeous she was. My children met their 2 cousins for the first time. My sister-in-law was very nice and got us settled, my brother got home several hours later, and I was warmly welcomed by him. My dull, nerdy loser brother was doing very well in his career, and I finally realized, I was the loser of the family. Now months later we’re still living with my brother and his family and I’ve a job working with my sister-in-law as her assistant. I got the job using my family connections, as I’m not qualified to anything that would pay enough to support me and my children. Luckily, I get on very well with sister-in-law, I feel secure living with them, and my children love their uncle, aunt and cousins. I’ve also realized my brother is a focused person and does everything to help his family and mine. Next month our parents are coming to live on the property as our father has major health concerns and my brother built a cottage on the property for them as the best specialist in the country is close by. My other brother has returned from overseas and has moved locally with his wife and child. I’m officially the loser of the family, but only I think that as my older brother never would say that about anyone and especially not about family.

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