My brother

Hi guys this is my first story so I would love some feedback….. Also please do not post my story anywhere else much appreciated… So this story starts with me I’ll explain myself my name is Damian and ever since I was little I have never really been very boyish and I’ve always leaned towards girly things and as I grew older I started growing out my hair sharing everywhere on my body to look as much like a girl as possible. By this point I feel as though I should have been born as a girl and because of me being slightly over weight it made me look like I have tits well that pretty much all me so now onto my brother my brother Chris he is a tad younger than me and he is decently built but he is the son of my mom’s boyfriend and he only moved in recently and when he walked in the door I froze and I can’t believe it but I blushed he was in my eyes so hot so I started to get to know him and I slowly fell in love with him so I decided to open up to him about my gender and my feelings about wishing I was a girl and he was surprisingly ok with it and I asked him not to tell anyone and he said ok and I said thank but the worst thing happened my parents started asking me questions about it I was disappointed and angry I couldn’t even look at him the same so I stopped taking to him for the most part…… So now I find out that me and my family are going camping and to my luck I’m sharing a tent with Chris I was angry but I dealt with it. When we headed to the campsite it was a nice drive at this point in my life I looked like a girl so I was wearing a skirt and in the middle of the ride Chris put his hand on my leg with his fingers going down to my thigh I was blushing and I grabbed his hand and just put it on top of my leg instead of my inner thigh and he left it there and was slowly rubbing my leg I looked at him and whispered to him to stop but then he whispered to me why it’s fine isn’t it and I just sighed and looked away I didn’t know how to tell him to stop so I just ignored it… When we got there we went straight into setting up camp all the tents were fairly separated mine and Chris my mom’s and dads and my sisters due to my strength me and my brother went to go get fire wood so we walked a way off to where there was some good fire wood when we got over there he stopped me and he suddenly grabbed me in a bear hug and started groping my ass so I pushed him away and slapped him so he stood up straight and grabbed my wrist hard enough to make me kneel I started crying it hurt so bad then he pulled me up to him and he said sorry and let go. Then we started getting firewood when we got back to camp mom and dad had started making dinner when it was done we all sat down and ate and weirdly Chris sat very close to me and when we started just talking after eating the whole time he had rested his hand on my leg again so I reached down and shoved it off and my mom asked what’s wrong he grabbed my thigh and made me wince and I said in a breakup voice nothing’s wrong and she looked puzzling at me and said ok I guess as we kept on talking he started moving his hand towards my crotch so I closed my legs as hard as I could so he started grabbing my leg and digging his nails in my leg so I reluctantly opened my legs and he directly put his hand on my crotch and a couple of tears fell down from my face I wanted to say something to my mom and dad but I didn’t want there to be a fight I was scared so I just kept quiet and he started caressing my crotch all I had on under my skirt was an thin pair of panties I started crying a tad more because it felt as though I had nothing on under the skirt it was like I could feel him touching my smooth crotch directly with his finger so I looked at my mom and dad and said I’m tired so I’m gonna go to bed if that’s ok and they both said yeah that’s fine so Chris finally let go of my crotch but at the same time he told my parents he was gonna go as well and they said ok but my mom mentioned to him to make sure I was ok because he’s been acting weird all day and Chris said yeah no problem and he headed to the tent I had already settled in there and he walked in and started taking off his shirt and I asked him if he would mind wearing his shirt and he said he does mind and he layed right next to me he turned his body towards mine and he extended his arm and put it on me and pulled me over to him and I yelped and his said don’t worry I just want to hold you and I whimpered he started to drape his arm along my torso his hand being by my nipples and his elbow by my stomach I was so small compared to him he was 6 ft tall and well built and me in his arms was nothing 5ft2 and my girly physique was nothing and I couldn’t even move out of his arms so he said to just go ahead a go to sleep I kept on trying to move away but I couldn’t so I gave up and just got comfortable in his arms and started to doze off and to my surprise I felt safe in his arms so I fell asleep…… In the morning when I woke up he still had a tight hold of me but I got startled by his hard on it was in between my legs still covered in his boxers so I tried to wake Chris up and he said what’s wrong and I said please take care of that as I pointed to his dick that was sticking out on the other side of my legs and he said he wanted to sleep a bit longer and his dick suddenly thrusted upward and hit my dick and balls and stayed there the head of his penis was at least three times the size of mine and he went back to sleep so for the next while I was stuck there with his dick thrusted into my balls and after a while my efforts of waking him up finally worked and he started getting up and he tried to come over and hug me but I told him not to touch me and he said why what did I do and I told him you violated me you practically dry humped me last night and he said oh ok and he paused for a second then he suddenly pushed me over and pinned me under him and he kissed me and turned my head away to stop him from going on so he climbed up on my chest and stuck his cock and balls through the hole in his boxers and said look at this…….

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