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Just out of university and wanting to fast track my career, there was only one option go aboard. The politicians here are too busy playing crap politics, nothing is getting done and so I went where it is done. I got more experience in a month than I would in 3 years back home and not on tiny little crap projects, but major projects like we use to do back home before the politicians went mental. Anyway, I was almost 26 went I arrived here and not much of womanizer before. But as I got use to the place I started socializing and was lucky English is a second language here and most speak it fairly well and some better than I. So, getting to know local women was easy, bedding them not so much as they are marriage before sex mostly. Some do let you fuck them, but they charge you for the pleasure. Anyway, I met and fell for a nice woman 25 who worked in our offices in a low paid job. I asked her out and always got knocked back, I was told her family was having troubles as the father had died and the rest of the family was struggling. Last thing they needed was being scene dating a foreigner and having no man of the house to vet him first. They were an old school family and not the norm, but I was still very interested in dating her once at least. I enquired and found I had to go thru the mother 43 and follow a strict procedure if I was to date her at least once. So, I met her mother and the daughter and her 2 sisters 23 and 20. I got on really well with all and if I failed with the older daughter her sisters were also great looking. Their mother was strict and let me start seeing the daughter under her watchful eye. One mistake on my part and it would end faster than you could say I. My information was slight off and I wasn’t moving towards dating her, I was moving towards marriage. Once it was corrected by friend at my office, I wasn’t deterred in anyway. I thought marriage that was acceptable, and I decided to press my courting further. When asked was I willing to marry her daughter by the mother I answer yes, I really do. Then the large roadblock suddenly appeared, dowry my future bride had none, and her family couldn’t afford a basic wedding let alone a dowry. Before I stuffed everything up, I stopped and thought it thru. Luckily, I realize saying I a dowry wasn’t required would dishonor the family and a shame them so bad I wouldn’t be able see any of them again. They owned nothing not even a cat, anything I could say was acceptable, well not a cat that wasn’t a thing anyway. Also marrying the eldest daughter meant caring for the mother as she got old and paying for the sister’s weddings. I said I would marry all of you if I could and staying away from the subject of dowry and paying for the wedding. I didn’t expect any response to that, but I got one. It was simply accepted as a proposal and was accepted by all of them. But in the old times multiple wives was a thing under Arab rule and some people still believed in the custom. My bride’s family being some of them, also it wasn’t legal. But as they say there are ways and there are ways. Simple first marry the older sister and then go to a small village or town and marry the second sister and then the third sister in another village or town and finally the mother last of all. All now were legally married to me, and the certificates of marriage was kept in those small towns and quirk of their record keeping only the name of the married couple went to the central registry not every detail of the bride and groom. I used my full name marrying my first wife and left out my second marrying my second wife, it wasn’t required for the certificate and changing the spelling of my second name for my third marriage (like using Barrie instead of Barry) and the fourth just an initial for the second name all were acceptable at the local level. At the cental registry they process many forms daily and unless the computer flags something it goes unchallenged. Only my family know of my marriage to 4 women, and they won’t say anything and that includes my parents and siblings. I started this family of 4 wives in 2018 and have since had 5 children and 2 more on the way 2 to my first wife 1 to the second and 2 to the third. But I’ve notice one thing about my large family, it works perfectly well. My first wife is also my assistant and travels everywhere with me. My other wives keep the house and look after the children. All have sex with me when I want sex not all at the same time, but I asked if anyone of them want sex with me and at least one will agree to have sex. My second wife is getting close to having her second and my first wife has just tested positive to being pregnant. I earn good money in my job and the Medicare scheme of the country is also a great help. Especially with free hospital treatment for my large family. My mother-in-law come fourth wife also enjoys sex and is very willing to provide me with sex but is passed having children. My parents are coming for another visit next month for the birth of another grandchild. I came here for my career stayed for my family.

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